Haifaa Younis – Defend our Prophet Campaign – Day 10

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of resuscitating someone's actions and feelings to strengthen their faith in Islam. They outline three ways to defend their actions and feelings, including learning their sun billing and obeying their supervisor. The speaker emphasizes the need to build faith and trust in Islam.
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Bismillah you're loving man you're walking

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I will say this to myself before anyone else get up

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or resuscitate his love in you or necessitate his actions in you. resuscitate is a status in you resuscitate his sunnah in me and you and in my home and in the street, in the in the grocery shop anywhere, anywhere, any action, any decision I want to make, does have a Swati Salatu was Salam come to me, does it come to me what he will have done if they if he was in my mind if he was in my position? This is what we need to do, how to defend and I'll summarize what I shared with you. Number one, I had the belief Allah sufficed him. This cartoon, this words this Smoking will change nothing from the status of Rasul Allah sort of sound with Allah. Nothing would change Khalid or

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Rama, the most beloved to Allah. But you and me, what should we do? Have this faith, Allah is the Protector. This is a message from Allah to all of us Muslims. Wake up, wake up early examine the relationship we have with our with our Rasul Allah salatu salam. Three, three, learn his sunnah. Learn his sunnah. Learn all of us

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and sooner what he did what he didn't do what he said what he didn't say what he agreed what he didn't agree upon. For don't belittle the Sunnah.

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If you belittle the sooner you're belittling him at a Hisar to set up hasha

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don't ever, ever this is my nephew. This is my weakness. It's common tell me it's only a son. My response should be this is the path of the most beloved

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human being to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And five, obey Him, obey Him in everything and don't argue, obey Him. He is my path to Gen. Ali his Salah torsina

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