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Defend our Prophet Campaign – Day 08

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Haifaa Younis

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Bismillah your man you're mocking

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Allah subhanaw taala says, What after your law, what to have a school fit into our late farlam and Mr. Sunil Bella will Moby. I saw to remind you that chapter five, and the verse is 92

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and the order came from Allah. What are three Allah obey Allah? What I'll do Rasul obey Rasul Allah Hisar to a sinner painter will later if you declined if you turned away, no valuable no, and no mana Suleyman, but our movie, our Prophet alayhi salatu was set up his job. What we want him to do is to deliver the message after your la ha, what I'll do Rasul obey Allah and obey Allah Rasool. I need to start from today. And I am very upset we all are, what's happening, I need to defend him, he allah how I defend him, obey Allah and obey your Swati saw to sir and Allah said you don't want to do it. He's he delivered the message. He was I meaning Allah what Allah subhanaw taala once from Roswaal

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risotto Sam to delivered the message that he delivered the message. Allahu beloved Allahumma fish and he said this Elisa to set up in his last ceremony in hedge and he said yeah, Allah did I delivered the message. And I want all of you answer me Did he delivered the message? Yes, he did. And he saw that yourself. I and you and we did not take it seriously. His message is sooner his way his path.

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We didn't alter law what the order was