Haifaa Younis – Defend our Prophet Campaign – Day 09

Haifaa Younis
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Bismillah your man you're walking?

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He said, How do you still have to sit up and this is in a Sahaba. He said law, you know, I had

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a corner. But

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meanwhile IDI mobility, or NASA, Gemini,

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let's translate. He said, None of you, you and me and all the Muslims, none of you will reach the state of EMA meaning the perfect state of Eema. Until and this is where we need to learn, until I are also highly sought to a sinner become more beloved to that person than

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his father, his children and all human beings. What does that mean? When the choice comes in this choice comes in between something he did that he saw to a sinner, or something he liked, or something he told me to do. And let's say my father, let's say my child, let's say the people,

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they will not be happy, if I did it. Usually what do we do?

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Then he is not the most beloved to me.

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Then my Eman needs to be resuscitated

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to the sign off to faith, true faith in Allah, they are killing in Allah is that I follow rasool Allah Hisako, that awasu LASR to Assam, meaning he himself as an individual, but more importantly, what he told me to do or not to do, is not it's like think of our relationships with people. Right? Someone comes to you and all the time say I love you, I love you, I love you. You're happy, I'm happy, all of us will be happy. But at one point, at one point, you and I will need to see it. Show me show me this love. So show me in actions. So our faith is not complete. Unless Arasu la salatu salam he himself and everything he came when to do or not to do is way more important priority than

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parents, children and all people. Let's take this hadith and let's look at it in my daily life and you and tell me how how much we are applying this

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