Defend our Prophet Campaign – Day 07

Haifaa Younis


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Bismillah you're loving man, you're mocking

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me, I can't fight for him physically,

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but I can fight my neffs me inside me who really myself inside me is finding it very difficult to follow his sunnah. I need to fight this feeling if I am truly, truly in love with our soiree south or south, if I truly, truly want to defend him, or Hisar to have set up, I need to find my inclinations. I need to find my unique fight my weaknesses. That is so difficult for me to follow sooner. So difficult for me to fast Monday.

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Very difficult for me to say the morning and the evening at car. It's a sooner let alone the tour card before Fajr or the third retour cart after my herb or follow his footsteps in how he forgave people. So I need another way of how I am gonna respond to what is happening around me and I am living 1000s of miles away and I don't have the power to do things. But I do by me changing fighting all the weaknesses inside me that prevented me from following his sunnah to follow his sunnah.