Do You Have to Obey Your Parents

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Salam aleikum. Welcome to this very first episode of this series in which we will be discussing selected narrations from email and bodies book and different. There's an intro to this series. If you haven't watched it yet. I'm going to leave a link in the description. Make sure you check that out first. Okay, so in today's episode, we're going to be discussing a narration that deals with kindness towards a non Muslim parent.

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In narration, number 24. From a Lutheran said it'd be waqqas or the Allahu Allah and who says nonetheless via Ayah 10 min Kitab Allahu Allah. He says there were four verses revealed in relation to me from a law's book, and actually we're only going to be discussing the first verse that he mentioned. So he says, cannot only hellephant and not akula voila, Tasha had the ofera Mohammed and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says my mother swore that she wouldn't eat or drink until I left Muhammad Sallallahu I didn't send them meaning I left Islam so he says but and that a lot wiser why Jen to Allah revealed and now he mentioned verse number 15, from Silla Lockman were in Kerala and to

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shreeka be Molly silica be here in Fallout otehr Houma Warsaw Hey, Bahama dunya mera alpha, if they push you or urge you to worship besides me, meaning Allah, that which you have no knowledge of, do not obey them, however, accompany them in this life with goodness. So there's actually a few things that we learn here. First of all, even with the high rank that alone is kind of what the Allah has given to our parents in Islam, we do not obey them, we don't listen to them, we don't follow them in something which is bad or wrong from the disobedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala as the prophets that I send them said, Now thought I do my caloocan female Seattle holla there is no obedience to

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the creation if it means disobedience to the Create tour, meaning Allah and this is not only our parents, but anyone we don't obey anyone or listen to anyone if it means doing something wrong or bad. Second, we learned that disagreeing with someone doesn't mean that we are disrespecting them. So we're supposed to respect our parents and actually respect everyone but disagreeing with our parents doesn't mean that we are disrespecting them. Some parents when you disagree with them, they may accuse you of being disrespectful disagreement on its own is not disrespect. disrespect, is our attitude and our behavior towards them how we treat them. That's where disrespect comes from. So no,

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we don't have to agree with them. But we do have to be respectful and good towards them. And that is what loves panda what Tiana said find out that Homer do not obey them. However, we'll saw Hey, Bahama, dunya moroka accompany them in this life with goodness or kindness. Number three, the importance of being good to non Muslims and specifically our parents, our parents have been given a high rank in Islam, and that is regardless of them being Muslim or non Muslim, just them being our parents means that they have that right and that rank upon us and not only our parents, kindness is actually a human right that humans have upon us regardless of their fate regardless of whether we

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agree with them or not. Our character and behavior should still be good towards people even if we disagree with them and Allah subhana wa tada knows best I will see you in sha Allah Giada in the next episode a sit on one Aiko, what happened to LA he wanted to Hey, you're still here watching this video, the video is over. But I'm glad you're watching. Thank you so much for watching that video. And thank you for watching all the previous videos that I have done. As you may have noticed, I've been a lot more active. I've actually had a lot more time to make and upload more content to this YouTube channel. And I appreciate all of your support. You can continue to support me by

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sharing these videos with other people. And also subscribing subscribing helps a lot. There's actually a lot of people who watch these videos who are not subscribed to the channel, so if you aren't subscribed, go ahead and do it. Now subscribe to the channel and I look forward to presenting a lot more new content in the days and weeks and months to come inshallah Tada. Have a good one. Take care.