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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now begins to discuss one of the most fundamental chapters in the history of Islam – the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah. This was a stepping stone of sorts to the conquest of Mecca which is also called ‘a clear victory’.

During the 6th year of the Hijrah, the Prophet ﷺ dreamt that he was doing tawaf, wearing ihram and shaving his head all of which depict the Umrah. So, the Prophet ﷺ took this as a sign from Allah and shares his intention to do umrah. The Sahaba display intense excitement and they leave from Madinah to Mecca on the 1st Dhul Qa’dah, 6H.

The Prophet ﷺ reaches the miqaat of Madinah called Dhul Hulayfah, and he offers two rakat there before heading towards Mecca after which he assumed the state of Ihram. Then he consecrated the animals, and sent a sahabi Busl ibn Safwan al Kazaai to go to Mecca and gather information on the Quraysh. Busl informs the Prophet ﷺ that  they have armed themselves and have sent Khalid ibn Waleed to camp near Kumayn – which is a plane right outside Mecca.

After having spent the entire day walking and well into the nightfall do they finally reach Hudaybiyya. This is when the camel of the Prophet ﷺ refuses to budge and everyone comes to a complete standstill. The Sahabas complain of the stubbornness of the camel. But they are rebuked by the Prophet ﷺ on their thought and instead he says that it is a sign from Allah and hence, should be adhered to strictly.

Hence, they camped there and went to the well of Hudaybiyyah where, the water had completely dried out which sent the sahabas into a state of frenzy due to lack of any more water with them.the Prophet ﷺ then showcased a miracle and with that water began to fill the well. The entire camp of sahabas of 1400 people drank from that well.



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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Anwar Ali he was so happy about. So we now move on to one of the most significant one of the most interesting lessons in the seal of the prophets of Allah Allah He was setting them and this incident marks a turning point for Islam. It is the precursor to the conquest of Mecca. And in fact Allah subhana wa tada calls this incident a clear victory in for the Haneda Tambo Vina, we have given you a clear victory. Many Muslims they consider sort of further activity for the conquest of Makkah, but this is not true. So that that further came down at the Treaty of Arabia. And so, the

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fact that Allah refers to in for technological phenomena, we have given you a clear victory. This is a reference to the incident of poor davia which is what we are going to talk about in shallow today and for the next few series or lessons and the Treaty of Abia or the incident of a BIA. This is especially relevant to Muslims living in the West. No doubt the wholesaler is important, but especially the incident of a BIA. There is a market significance for us living here in the West. And we're going to come to this one when the time is appropriate. But in a nutshell, basically, the Treaty of Abia demonstrates that at times, political alliances, or treaties or agreements that we

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have with others, it forces us to allow other states to do injustice, other empires to get away with unjust policies. And all that we can do is to turn to Allah subhana wa tada for help. We can't do much beyond this. The Treaty of Abia shows us that sometimes for the Muslim community to simply make dua to Allah against the oppressor. This is all that we can do. And sometimes we go beyond this. And of course, when we do each one, when do we make do and don't do anything and when do go beyond this, this is something that scholars of each era and each land and each community will decide. But as we will see, in the Treaty of Abia, clearly, unjust injustice happened. Clearly, the Irish did vote

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upon the Muslims and the Prophet system because of an agreement he had, he could not defend those particular Muslims. And he had to sacrifice a few for the benefit of the larger or the more. And of course, Allah took care of both the the few and the more. By the way, the mic seems bad. Is there something you hear you? Do you hear something, I think,

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tone it down a little bit. And by the way, just FYI. So

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the first lectures of Sierra I ever gave more than

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15 years ago, I forgot. It's been a long time, the first lectures of CSI ever gave dealt with two stories. And those are the first two stories that ever gave a public lecture about the zero is the slander of Asia and the story of Abia because both of them are very relevant and very pertinent to society. We already talked about the slander of Arusha, and how slandering is something that leads to so much evil. And also one of the earliest lectures of Sierra I gave is the incident of the Treaty of Abia. Now, the first issue, what do we call this incident? Because some of the books reference it as the Treaty of Arabia, and some references as the expedition or the husba of Arabia

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and Arabic soil health would they be? Or what would they be? And both of them have their, their if you like pros and cons, most of the later writers they reference it as the Treaty of Arabia, or the peace treaty of her debut solo helper davia. However, the Sahaba most of them referenced it as Waterloo DB and this is interesting. Why is it interesting that they called it hospital hedeby? Why is it interesting?

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Why is it a little bit abnormal? If you like a little bit?

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There was no less well, there was no husband, what is the husband?

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Generally speaking of us, one means one, the process and foster Remember we said the difference between a city and Alaska, right? And there was no actual battle that took place. And yet most of the Sahaba call this because what will they be? And we find this in the Hadith, for example, have celebrated and acquire the famous Hadith we did many, many, many months ago, in which he said that I participated in seven classes what with the Prophet system, and he began to list them until he finally said number five, because what would they be? So he called it a reservoir to liquid AB, even though there was no actual battle that took place and others have also called it has what to do. So

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why would they call it a hustla? Well, because the fighting didn't actually

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take place, but the Prophet sysm and the Sahaba were came a hairs with close to actually fighting. And they were prepared to fight. And they took the covenant to fight. So it is as if they might as well have actually fought. So they had the determination, they had the resolve to fight. So they call the husband also, it can be called the Roswell because this expedition or this incident of her baby is so significant politically, that it really references more than just the incident of her baby. So some scholars say it actually makes more sense to call it the husband because it was one means there was a conquest, and Allah has called it a conquest in nephrotic. Over time, will be now

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what was the cause of this cause work? What was the reason why the process of left Medina sometime during the sixth year of the hijra, we don't know exactly when the Prophet system saw a dream in which he saw himself doing throw off around the Kaaba and being in Iran, which means he's an armada and shaving his hair, which means he's finished tomorrow. So he saw himself doing all of these rites of aroma. And he interpreted this because as we know, the dreams of the prophets are all true. he interpreted this that Allah subhanho wa Taala is commanding him to go to Makkah and do Ramallah. And this dream, it is not mentioned explicitly, that the process of saw it but what is mentioned is that

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when her debut is going on and after her debut references are existing to the dream for example, the Quran itself references the Quran itself references la causada por la hora de la Roja. bellhawk verily the dream that you saw, Allah will cause it to be true lehtera hulan al Masjid al Haram, you will have assurity in the future. So Allah says you saw a dream is going to be true, but it will happen in the future. I mean, in a more jalapeno circle, you will be safe and secure and you will have had your hairs shaved off and also in the famous editor, Bahati as we will come to the moment, Bob came up to the processor and said Yasuda law, did you not tell us that we would be doing so

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often shaving our hair? So where did you get this information from? Allah told him through the dream and the process and said, I told you, but did I say was going to be this year? No, it could be next year. So clearly, then there are references to the Prophet system, having seen a dream. And so the process announced his intentions to the Sahaba. And to the surrounding Muslim tribes by now it's the sixth year of the hindraf. So but that has taken place, it has taken place 100 has taken place, the Islamic Republic or the Islamic if you like,

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political area has become relatively large. So the surrounding their areas are also Muslim. So the profitsystem announces his intention that he will embark on a omura to Makkah, so everybody who is able to join should join. And all of the historians, all of the Sierra experts agree and this is amazing that they actually agree on the date, because usually they don't agree. Even the Battle of Oxford is debated him in the Battle of so many battles that have been Battle of hand up as a huge debate when it took place. The Battle of

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all of these battles is a huge debate. For some reason. This battle is pretty much unanimously agreed the profitsystem left Medina on the first of the little card in the sixth year of the Hydra. So this is pretty much unanimously agreed, in fact, I don't know of any difference of opinion amongst all of the classical scholars of Sierra that the process that I'm left Medina on the first of the little corridor, and he had made the announcement to the unsought to the Maha junoon to the surrounding tribes that you would be performing the umbra. Now we can imagine the Sahaba have not seen mecca for six years. And the excitement would have been so high as well, the anticipation as

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well, the nervousness what's going to happen. And when the news reached the Mahajan answer they immediately prepared is going to be at least a month, a month and a half to go do O'Meara and come back and Allah knows what's going to happen. They're preparing us for the Bedouins. As for the Arab around Medina, they refuse to participate. And the Quran References This and also books of Sierra and tipsy references that Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions in Surah Fatiha that those who remain behind from the Arab from the Bedouins, they said shahadat, Mr. Luna Luna festival for Lana they gave an excuse to the process them and they said our properties our money and our families they

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prevented us so ask Allah to forgive us were not able to go Shahada while doing our hoonah festival Elena, then Allah expose them your una be acidity and malice if you could obey Him. They say with their tongues what is not in their hearts. And Allah azzawajal tells us this is sort of Fattah verses 10 onwards. What was the real excuse? belvin anthem, Alan john oliver rasuluh. Well, Mona Ella, him Abaddon was una dyadic of Yoko Lubich, Madonna, Anton Banda, so it will

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To komamura, you thought that the Prophet system and the believers will never return back alive. And you thought the worst thoughts of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And you were a wretched people, that your, your opinion of Allah is so cheap and so that as if the process is going to die, the Sahaba are going to die. So you made an excuse, and a lot expose their excuse in the Koran. And we have also in the books, some of the books of the year that these are all of these Bedouins, they said that this man, meaning the process of them, wants us to go to the very nation that came here to kill us, the Battle of butter, the Battle of oil, they came here to kill us, surely, this is not going to

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happen, we will not go marching to our debts, let us make an excuse and just tell him something else. And this is exactly what they did. They invented an excuse, and Allah subhana wa tada exposed to them, and Subhanallah there excuse and their laziness and their fear prevented them from upgrading themselves to have the highest honor, after the Battle of butter, as we will come to later on the Sahaba are not one level, the Sahaba have ranks and the highest strengths, or we can say the highest rank as I showed on mobile shadow, these are the 10 the second highest are

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better, and the third highest are how would they be better read one, right? And we see here a causal relationship, those who are brave to go Allah subhanho wa Taala bless them with such an immense blessing that the process have said to them, when he gave them a good one. He said, no one on earth is more pious and righteous than this group in front of me now that the process and praise them in this manner. And that is why anybody who was present in the red one, he gets an automatic upgrade from the Sahaba. That's really second only to better. So but it is the highest liquidity and then the one who participate in the third one and ask for these people that are Rob because they were

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hesitant, so they deprived themselves of the blessing of a law. And of course this is a well known principle of Islam. The more to what could you have in a law the more Allah subhana wa tada will bless you. In the end. The books of Sierra mentioned Buhari and others mentioned 1400 companions left Medina for mcca. Now notice here, every single battle or every single has what the numbers are increasing, what is the show us more and more Muslims are embracing Islam, right? But it is 300 something that gets up to 700 something right? Then hand up we estimated maybe there was like 1000 or something men, right? So slowly but surely we see. Now unfortunately, the books of Sierra they

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don't fill in all the details, but we can extrapolate the very fact that 1400 men are going out for the oma clearly shows that now the Muslims Mashallah tabarrok Allah are numbering in the 1000s. Now hamdulillah the tide is turning even in terms of quantity, so 1400 of the Sahaba they left Medina for Makkah, and there are a number of reports. Now here are the books of Syrah different this is the big controversy. Were they armed for battle? Or were they not armed for battle? There seems to be both opinions found in the earlier books, we'll see. Some books mentioned that they were only wearing the fighting swords, the swords that so they had different types of swords, there's a sword

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that you use for animals and just to protection, then you have sorry, not fighting swords, defense swords, excuse me. Then you have fighting swords, and that is the sharper sword that is used for actual battle. You have the fighting gear, you have the helmets, you have the armor. Now, scholars have different or early pull reports have different did they have the armor and weapons or not? Some books mentioned they did some books mentioned they didn't. And one way to combine these two. And this seems to be the position that inshallah is the correct one. One way to combine these two is that they were not wearing these weapons and armor, but they had them in case they needed them. They

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had them in separate caravans or in separate, you know, the camels are carrying on with it, but they are not wearing it. Now, obviously, they are not wearing it for another reason. And that is because they're in a head on. And when you're in a home, you really cannot wear weapons, you're not allowed to wear, you know, these types of things. So in the state of Iran, it is difficult and it is not feasible to wear these types of things. So Allah knows best those people who said they weren't armed. They're saying they weren't wearing the arms. And those who said they had arms means they had them in the caravan if they needed them. And this in fact, makes sense because the profit system

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would not just walk in blindly not knowing what is going to happen. His whole Sierra shows us that he took every reasonable precaution. Now, another interesting thing is that the profitsystem left MCC on the first of the little cards.

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This is an interesting point here, the first have a little harder. What is so interesting about the first little slider? Because

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I showed him Chrome, or the sacred months, they start from the first of the slide. You all know the sacred months by now. What are the sacred months?

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Where's the Ramadan?

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Mashallah, okay, good trick question. Okay. There is no Ramadan is not a sacred month, there are four sacred months right minha arvato total in the Shahada in the law, his natural child on the Kitab Illa, Yamaha la casa Mata auto minha, arbeiten, hyrum, suta Toba, there are 12 months of the year, this was what Allah had decreed the day he created the heavens and the earth, out of those 12 months, four of them are sacred, or borrowed from them. And this was the religion of Ibrahim. And so the Arabs of jelly had adopted that, but they made a big mistake or not a big mistake, they made a big treason for these months, what did they do? They mix and match, they change them around, they

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would if they wanted to go to war, they would say, Okay, let's pause a shoulder Hold on, instead of calling this little card, let's call this show while we'll deliver it to the next month, right? So they kept on swapping back and forth. And so Allah subhanaw taala said, this type of swapping back and forth in nemenhah ce o z additude filco. For this is the essence of blasphemy, you're playing with the law of Allah. And then just as a footnote, a tangent here. So when the process of did had to adapt on the process, and it had to adapt, it's so happened that the restructuring of the year made it back to the original 12 order. And so the process that I've said that in this year, the 12

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months have reverted to the original order that the cycle was when a lot created the heavens and the earth. So let there be no more swapping around. Right? Because you see, after so much swapping, there was confusion now, what month is what can you imagine for centuries, they're swapping back and forth. So the people were getting confused. So it's just a yearly and by the way, this is one of the years they couldn't have one of the reasons they could not have a calendar. So from that year of hedgetrimmer that up until our times the I should have been set in stone the way that all of us wanted intended. So what are the sacred months a little harder than hedger? moharram back to back

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and then.

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Sure, well, Shaban Raja Raja Raja. Okay, memorize this. This is basic, basic stuff, a little farther down hedger, Muharram. And then, Roger, these are the four sacred months now, the process of them left Makkah on the very beginning of the sacred month. So literally, he is delaying his departure until the total harem begins. And this is clearly intended, it's not a coincidence. Right? Whenever he saw the dream, we don't know. But he's waiting for the first little card, and literally, and it happened to be a Monday, Monday, the first of the Carter the process and leaves Medina. Why? Because he wants to send the clearest message possible to the kurush that I have no desire for war.

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I have no desire for war. I'm leaving peacefully. I'm wearing a home and I'm going peacefully to Mecca. Now. Of course we understand or if we don't, then I'll clarify here. This was a huge gamble or risk. And obviously the process was putting his trust in Allah when he's doing this risk, but it is a risk. Why is it a risk? Well, technically, technically, the khoresh are supposed to allow everybody to come to America in the sacred months. If an Ibis himself says that in the sacred month, and in the autumn, the murderer, sorry, the one whose father was murdered, would see his father's murderer doing toe off, but he would not touch him.

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This was the law of Jamelia, the law of Ibrahim obviously, that the law of God that the Quraysh prided themselves on that once they are shorter Elohim is announced and the people of Makkah know and the people of Arabia know it is now the sacred months. So there should not be any fighting. And remember, we talked about the incident right before the Battle of bunded when the Sahaba they had the little bit of a expedition outside of Makkah, and they killed one person on the first day of of the sacred month. What happens the people of Mecca the Polish raised a huge hue and cry, they kill in asheboro. Right. And yes, aluna kind of shouted out almost Italian fee. Allah revealed in the

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Koran they asked you about fighting in the sacred months old Italian fee Kabir fighting in the sacred month is a Kabir and this means in Islam, anybody now this obviously applies to nations and states. Anybody who engages in offensive war in the national harem, this is Kavita Tomita about it. This is a major sin that Allah subhana wa tada for wisdoms that are some of which are obvious and some of which Allah knows for political stability for the economy. of the

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The world, there should be one fourth of the year, everybody should be at peace. And if there needs to be a war, that is offensive delayed to a time that everybody should be on guard, everybody should know. So four months of the year, there should be complete peace, and therefore the process of leaves on the first little corridor, so that everybody can be sure that I am leaving in the state of Iran in the month of harem, to visit the land of the harem. And technically, the arrange are not allowed to prevent anybody from entering Makkah during a shorter term. And in their history, they have never done so. There's always a first there's going to be a first now, right in their history,

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they have never done so. And this would be the very first time in the history of the whorish that they would disobey the law of Ibrahim and knowing it is the actual harem announcing it is the actual harem. Still they do not allow the pilgrims access to the Kaaba, and this is going to happen in a few days. So the process of them leaves on the first of the corridor, and he reaches the mid part and the main part of course of Medina is otter Medina is the alafia River. And it is the Sunnah to pray to the gods in a fight is well known it is the Sunnah. And to this day, pilgrims who leave Medina, they will stop and don't leave and they will pray to the gods. And we talked about this in

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the fifth of Hajj. And to reiterate, the two lockers are prayed because of the valley of relief. And not because of the ROM, many people have the position and this is a position that the football have held, but there's no basis for it, that you pray to the gods every time you enter the home. And this doesn't seem to be the case rather the cases, the process of trading the labor because he said this is a sacred valley. And so he prayed to the cause because of the value of the labor. And so he prayed to the cause. And then he put on her arm, and he also consecrated the animals. The consecration of animals is something that unfortunately, the Muslim oma has almost lost in its

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entirety. And this is a practice that was instituted by Ibrahim alayhis salam. And it was very common up until recently in history when people stopped bringing camels and animals

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for Hajj, for ombre. And by the way you can you can take old here in hajj and umrah because the process of them is going for O'Meara, and yet he has with him animals. In fact, in one report, he took 70 camels 70 camels is a fortune, and Subhanallah this year he took 70 had yet to die, he took 100. And this shows us that another point we benefit, the process of always wanted to increase when he did something right that he was going for O'Meara, he takes 70 he goes for Hajj, he takes 100 that whenever he wanted to do something, again, he didn't want to do it the same way he wanted to do it even better that every year every instance is moving up. So this year he takes 70 camels. And

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when you enter a room you consecrate the camels, what does it mean? consecrate the camels. And this is

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in Arabic is called a lol. And a lol means to basically put special decorations, garlands different types of signs that these days is very rare to see, you put it on the animal. And the reason why you put it on the animal is to designate this animal has been dedicated for the fukada and masakan of maca. And we are going to take it as a token to present basically, to allow us to pass out the meat to the Quran. And Allah will you know, last part that will bless us for that. And the Arabs of old all of them. And this is something Unfortunately, it is now lost because people don't do it that often. When they would see these animals. This is a sign of piety. It is a sign of a man and they

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valued this. Why? Because you have all of these camels Now technically, once you have consecrated an animal, you're not supposed to use it

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unless you have to. So if you only have one camel,

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and you have consecrated it, then you're allowed to ride the camel to Makkah. But if you have two camels and you've consecrated one you are not allowed to ride that camel, because you have dedicated it to Allah subhana wa tada you have dedicated to the Torah. So this is a sign of sha Allah, this is a sign of one of the signs of Allah subhana wa tada and Allah says with regards to these camels, woman you alvim Sha it'll life and guru. Whoever shows honor to the symbols of Allah, then showing honor to the symbols of Allah comes from the taqwa of the heart, and the context of these verses in certain Hajj is a direct reference to these animals. By the way, have any of you seen these animals

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these types of consecrations is a common unboxing anymore. I don't know. It is now.

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Okay, that's so you decorate them in this way? Exactly. Yes. That's the point. Yeah.

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Yes, exactly. That's the consecration. Exactly. I was wondering is this so? Of course it is. I mean, when we did hedge when I did hedge

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With some local Arabs not going with the tour, see when you go with the tour, what happens? You stick with the tourists. Right?

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You do it when you're taking the animal to Makkah. Right. That's a different issue. But when you're going for Hajj and Umrah then you're supposed to show the people that these animals have been dedicated to Allah subhana wa Tada. Right. And oh, by the way, I mean, I look up into this issue, but I'm not saying it's wrong, by the way, but the point of consecration is, it is the heavy it is the old here that you take to the Gabba. Okay, so the profitsystem had all of these 70 animals, consecrated, dedicated, if you like. And if you remember, for those of you have heard the story before, towards the end of this story, what happens, he shows these animals, he demonstrates he has

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all of these animals to some of the emissaries that have come from the aurash. And this softens the hearts of some of the emissaries. And they say, all of these animals for the for Allah subhanho wa Taala, it is not allowed to stop these people from going to the carpet. Right. So he use this as a tactic as well to soften the heart. And obviously, the Nia here is not to do this, but he's using this later on to soften the hearts of the enemies in the orange, that too, because it was a part of their culture. And there's a part of our culture, that these animals are meant for Allah subhanho wa Taala, to be distributed to the four corners of Makkah to the Hajaj to the pilgrims to people in

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Makkah, so nobody should touch them to stop them. They now have a sacred status. So the process of constant criticism will animals at the door. And it was advised her later that he chose a Sahabi by the name of Buster Urban's of one a Jose to go to Makkah and find out what the Irish are doing and come back and report to him. Now. Again, and again, we find the caution of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam again and again, that his tawakkol is so perfect. He knows a lot xojo will take care. But he does everything in his power to make sure that the plan is perfect. And we see this throughout the whole series. That what could means you do everything you can and then you leave the rest to Allah.

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He's sending a spy which spy did he choose? Nobody famous. Nobody knows him from the kurush. He's not even from the, from the unsought or the Mahajan. He's from the Hosea. And the Hosea is a neutral tribe. He is a Muslim, the tribe is neutral, the tribal cuisine is neutral. Why is this beneficial? Because if he sent an oath or a husband, right, big trouble, if you send a mohajir everybody knows all of the Maha doodle. So he sends somebody that nobody knows has converted yet. And his tribe is a neutral tribe. You go to Makkah, you find out what's going on. They're gonna hear that I've departed Mecca, Medina, excuse me, they're gonna hear what is the reaction of the chorus, come back and tell

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us, right. And this also shows us that the process was expecting opposition. Unlike his other military expeditions, he didn't give another area that he's going to you know, it was common for the process from wherever he's going, if he's going north, he'd exit the city south. If he's going west, he'd exit the city East so that the new spreads Oh, he's exited east, and then he's going to double back. This was common for most of his expeditions. When it came to this incident of Abia. He went straight to Mecca. And this was also to demonstrate I have nothing to hide, I don't have a double agenda. I'm leaving in Iran in the month of of sacred must have them in order to go to the bottom.

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And he sent booster as a final design. And we will see what booster will come back within a few days. As he was proceeding, news reached him that there was a group of riders in an area called the lay of cause and area a little way off the path. So he thought this might be the kurush sending a contingent, so he sent a small group to verify who these people are. Turns out it wasn't the quarter he was a false alarm. But an incident happened that the books are filled love dimension is not quite relevant to the politics of A, B, and C at all. But the books are filled. In fact, every single book of Hadith Bukhari Muslim without telling me the desired image, every book of Hadith mentions this

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particular incident. So let me put it in here in here, even though it's not politically relevant, it is relevant for the fifth club, something that happens. So in this mini expedition, and by the way, this also shows us that the process of him has guards around the Army or around 1400. He has convoys, he has spies. He has everybody not spies, but lookouts is a better term. We're not spies, but lookouts that people are scouts to is good term, your scouts. He has scouts around the army. So when they see some group in the distance, the scout comes back tells him there's a group, he sends a contingent, make sure it's not the Polish, find out what's going on. And it turns out, it's another

00:29:56--> 00:29:59

group, not anything to worry about. And on the way back, as we said,

00:30:00--> 00:30:02

An incident takes place which is interesting for

00:30:03--> 00:30:46

what happens was on the way back there were a group of Sahaba, probably 1015 a number. And amongst them was Abu Qatada al Ansari, and I walked into a non Saudi, for some reason that the books do not mention, I looked this up as much as I could I could not find anything. He was not in Iran. Why? I don't know. But for some reason he was not in Iran, and everybody else was in Iran. Now it is also mentioned that Qatada was put in charge of the sacrificial animals. I don't know if this have anything to do with it or not. But for some reason, he was not in Iran, he was just a company, the army. So what happens that's related to on the way back, the Sahaba see a herd of zebras, or in one

00:30:46--> 00:31:29

reporter herd of gazelles. Now we know that in the harem, you're not supposed to hunt. We covered this many times. You're not supposed to hunt. So when the Sahaba saw and zebras or gazelles, by the way, there were zebras in Arabia. At the time of the Prophet system, there are no more any wild zebras. In the time of the process. There were wild, wild zebras, and the term for zebra is Hammad and washi. And many English translators they completely miss translate him out of white shoe to mean a wild donkey. And they say Mr. Earley, a domesticated donkey is a big mistake, her model where she is a zebra, and the Sharia has allowed zebra to be hunted, and it has forbidden donkey. And the

00:31:29--> 00:32:15

provinces have explicitly said in the Battle of conquest of Makkah. He explicitly said Allah and His Messenger have allowed our hormonal washy, and they have made how long and hormonal and so donkeys are held on to eat. And zebras, if you hunt them properly, are held to eat, and they are apparently a delicacy for the Arabs at the time. So the Sahaba saw a flock of zebras, none of them moved, none of them gave any motion to the zebras. And they didn't even tell Abu Qatada that their zebras over there, because they didn't want him to see, because it's how long for them to hunt zebras. abakada is not in Iran. And this is why this is interesting. In fact, now what do you do if you're a group

00:32:15--> 00:32:55

that's half in half not in Iran? Can those in Nottingham hunt for those in Iran? Now, this is quite irrelevant for us, we're going on five star packages from MK, and our meals are provided, we don't go bow and arrow into the desert hunting. Once upon a time, this was a very crucial fifth issue for all your judgment around the world. Right? We think a lot that technology has changed and whatnot, that we don't have to worry about this anymore. But you can see why this was very important for all her jobs around the world. So Abu Qatada, he eventually saw the zebras, the Sahaba did not motion to him, there's zebras over there, he saw the zebras, and he didn't have his his bow and arrow. With

00:32:55--> 00:33:06

him, it was in the back. And so he told us a hobby and he's on his horse, he told us that we're walking said Hand me my bow and arrow. And they refuse to do so they said we are in the state of Iran.

00:33:07--> 00:33:32

And it's not allowed for us to hunt. So they didn't hand him the bow and arrow, he jumped off the horse, got his own bow and arrow, jumped back on, and then started galloping towards the zebras managed to catch one of them and slaughter it and comes back with zebra meat. The Sahaba said, we are not allowed to touch this. We cannot eat because we are in the state of Iran.

00:33:33--> 00:33:43

And so they returned back to the camp. And they asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that was this meat allowed for us to eat or not.

00:33:45--> 00:33:55

And the Prophet Sessoms asked them Did any of you motion to him? Were the zebras were? They said no. The process and asked them Did any of you help him?

00:33:56--> 00:34:15

in capturing or hunting the zebras? They said no. So he said in that case, eat and if you have any extra meat bring it to me as well. The process of loved meat the sooner that Alhamdulillah I definitely follow. So is that any extra meat bring it to me as well. And so he ate of that meat. Now,

00:34:16--> 00:34:59

you all understand the fifth here that's not relevant to us. And that is if a non mohiuddin amongst people in Iran, in and of himself without any help, and scholars say even nudging somebody in winking, there's an animal over there, right? This is helping, because you know when you're in the desert, choosing an animal in the distance, right? Even just pointing or handing him a spear handing him a bow and arrow in our times handing him a hunting gun or rifle. All of this constitutes Furthermore, him helping but if the one not in a harem goes of his own accord. And he hunts without having been told or helped. And he then gives

00:35:00--> 00:35:01

The hunted animal to

00:35:02--> 00:35:28

those in the harem, obviously, the animal becomes highlighted. Okay, so this is the fifth point which is not quite relevant to us for those who are going for Hajj or whatnot. I don't think you're gonna apply it. This hedgerows Allah knows best. But what I find very interesting so pantalon will lay it really is Pun intended food for thought over here. very profound here. We find the cautiousness of the Sahaba. how careful they were.

00:35:30--> 00:35:33

No doubt. The Sahaba wanted that meat.

00:35:34--> 00:36:15

No doubt it is a delicacy. For sure. They have not eaten meat for a while. They're on an expedition. They probably have dates and water. Right? Yeah, nice Impala. I'll speak for myself. And I know many of us in the room are the same. We don't have meat on the dinner table. We don't have dinner on the table. Right? I can't imagine two days without meat one day with great difficulty. Right? Two days. It's like the whole law nightmare. Right? The Sahaba have been on an expedition they're eating dates and water. There's this delectable exotic meat and they do nothing to capture it. When it is presented for them cooked on a table equivalent. I'm being metaphorical here. Still, they say what?

00:36:16--> 00:36:59

No. Well, like what a man is this think? Right? And so panela Let me be very frank here. How lacks we are especially about food and drink. How lacks we are about our income. Who cares? Ciao Lalo forgive or you don't even think is it halal or haram and the Sahaba This is really a sign of taqwa and Eman. They want to make sure every look every morsel of food is halal. Because they know the big sin of eating haram or processing them said that the flesh that is nourished through the harem will not have any chance of entering gender and our process and and basically told us in that famous Hadith that the one who eats how long his daughter will not be answered. So there were a no doubt

00:36:59--> 00:37:23

one who is cautious in his food and drink. No doubt this is a sign of a man and taqwa no doubt. And that's why one of the outward signs of Islam in Soho audience I Muslim masala Salatin, I was stuck in our academy had an affair, radical Muslim, the outward sign of Islam, whoever prays our prayer and faces our keebler and eats our beha masala salah and I was stuck with a clip with no

00:37:24--> 00:38:04

further de como una Muslim, that is the Muslim who has the protection of Allah and His messenger. So we find over here a remarkable example of the piety and this is the laws are ambiguous. They don't know maybe it's halal. Maybe it's not. Can you imagine if they know for sure it's how long? They don't, they're not going to eat until they asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And this is what happens over here. And then the Prophet says and tells them that it is Helen. So the Quran the process and continues to go onwards, until finally busua. Jose he returns back booster has gone to Mecca. He has pretended basically he's a regular person to pilgrim. He's not told them that he's

00:38:04--> 00:38:41

a Muslim. He hears what the horatia planning he comes back and at this point, the process had reached an area called ice fan. And if you're driving from Medina to Morocco, you will find a big sign that says as found on your left hand side here, he reached this area as found around mid midway between Mecca and Medina. And boozer informs him that the aurash have heard of his departure that they have armed themselves, and they have worn their leopard skins. Now what is this leopard skins, they would wear it as a sign of war, they would have leopard skins, and they would wear it literally as a sign of now we're going to go for war, and they had even taken their woman and children with

00:38:41--> 00:39:28

them. And this is again a sign of we've talked about this and but when they did this, and excuse me when they did this, that they wanted to show their strength. So they've taken their women and their children. And he said they have sent Holly Waleed to camp at humane and humane is on the road right outside of Makkah. When you're coming in from Medina. When you're coming in from Medina, there's a plane and that plane you have to pass it if you want to get to Makkah so hard to worry this camped right there with a force that's meant to block you that's meant to protect you. Sorry to attack you. When the process of him heard this. He said way how Quraysh woto kurush they have been consumed by

00:39:28--> 00:39:53

war. They're war hungry, the war drums are beating what would they lose Masha Allah him What would they lose? If they let me and the other people meaning? Why do they have to get involved in my affairs if they hate me so much? Let the other Arabs deal with me. And then the process of said if the other Arabs attack me, and when they will get the result they want which is what?

00:39:54--> 00:40:00

The process is not there anymore, right. And if I win over them, the honor will

00:40:00--> 00:40:01

There's How so?

00:40:02--> 00:40:27

Here's Qureshi. And if the processor wins the victor, then automatically the orange will also basically bask in that victory. So what does the orange think will happen? What do you think will happen by preventing me? For By Allah, I shall continue to fight them with what Allah has sent to me until Allah either grants me victory, or this neck of mine is cut off.

00:40:28--> 00:41:12

Look at his resolve. Right? And Subhanallah here the process in a weak sense here, the anguish, the pain, Why are my own people hating me so much. And this clearly demonstrates he did not want to fight his own people. This clearly shows us what is in his heart. He does not want to fight his own people. He loves his people with the love that everybody will have for his own nation, his own thinking his own blood relatives, why are they doing this to me, it's a win win if they leave me and it's a lose lose if they fight to me, basically, is what he's saying. It's a win win if they leave me meaning either the other arrows will consume me and so they'll be happy scot free, or I will win

00:41:12--> 00:41:49

over them. And so the chorus shall become part of my victory, right? win win for them. And if they want to attack me, it's a lose lose. Whoever wins we're killing one another. kith and kin, blood relatives are killing one another. And this really shows us the inner thoughts of the process of our process them did not like war, he did not want to fight and shed blood. That's not what he was about. And this is a clear indication against the islamophobes against those who are you know, reading into the seat on this matter are processing only fought because he had to fight and he did not want to fight his own people. So the Prophet says and when he heard that the Orisha army, he was

00:41:49--> 00:42:04

sorely disappointed. He didn't like this, he did not want them to fight him. And so he stopped the caravan. And he camped in a shaded area. And he addressed the entire group. And he began by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala. And

00:42:05--> 00:42:46

doing the whole debate that usually does a football manager. And then he explained to them what is going on. And he said that the orange have sent out an expedition holiday minorities camped at such and such a place. And so what do you think we should do? Oh, excuse me before he's asked them. He said he gave his own idea. What was his own idea? He said that we should attack the surrounding tribes that have also sent men with the whorish because they're not going to get to Morocco because Hollywood is stopping them. So if we can't get to Makkah, let us attack the tribes that have also sent men because it wasn't just the chorus it was the surrounding tribes as well. Let's waylay let's

00:42:46--> 00:43:27

waylay those tribes surprise attack them, so that the Quraysh will then be forced to be drawn into this conflict or this area. But then he said, What do you think we should do? And at this abubaker is so difficult to love Thailand, he gave his opinion. And he said, er rasulillah you only left your house, intending the house of Allah. Your Nia was the carrabba tawaf Roma, you didn't want any war or any battle. This was not your near. So let us go where we had initially intended. Let's forget about war, let's go straight to the Kaaba. And we will only fight if they fight us.

00:43:28--> 00:44:13

And so berker gave another opinion. And that opinion was, let's not start the battle. Let's do as we had initially planned to do, and we will only fight if they force us to fight. And so the profitsystem liked this plan. And he said, omo or let us go forth Bismillah heeta, Allah, let us go forth in the name of Allah subhana wa Tada. And this shows us again and again, the concept of Shula in Islam, that the process of them never enacted something without consulting the people. And this is the sign of a true leader. Because if a leader invokes his veto power, if a leader says obey me, because I'm the leader, the people will even if they obey, they will do so, half grudgingly, they'll

00:44:13--> 00:44:53

do so not too happy. But when the shooter comes involved, and everybody agrees to a plan, and everybody's, you know, back and forth was heard, now there's going to be genuine enthusiasm. And notice here the process of changed his mind. He had a physician aboubaker gave him another plan. And he found this plan to be more reasonable. And this shows us whereas our brother here who always wants to go back and forth, the HD heart of the prophecies and very clearly, remember we had this controversy a few months ago, does the process some have wished he had from his own or not, this is a clear cut example. Right? That the processor has his he had an Allah allows him he had right and

00:44:53--> 00:44:59

either way we have to follow the Profit System. But he changed his own he had when he saw another position.

00:45:00--> 00:45:42

No workers position made sense to him he said okay, let us do this Bismillah let us go in the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And it is said that, at the same lands the same plane as fine, he prayed, Sadat to hope because there was a fear that the Quraysh would attack them. Now here there is a big controversy that we're not going to get into, because it really is advanced and not that relevant for us. The controversy occurs Was this the first time so lots of hope was prayed or not. Remember last week, I said that there was a battle the Battle of Buddha Han, where some scholars say that the salata hope was prayed over there the for the first time. Okay. The other opinion is that

00:45:42--> 00:46:18

the Serato hope was prayed for the first time at her debut, or in this incident of her debut. And frankly, it's a very trivial issue. The difference is like seven, eight months before between this and that, some say that battle, some say this battle, and there's pages and pages written. I think there's not that much point going into this tangent, but you should know that many scholars say the first time that salata hope was prayed, it was in as fan on their way to her debut. In fact, it would be correct to say this is the majority opinion, it would be correct to say this is the majority opinion. So if you're asking a quiz, when was the process the first time he prayed? So

00:46:18--> 00:46:38

let's hope you should answer here, you will probably be correct in terms of the quiz answer, because they will go look up the popular books. But technically speaking, there's actually three occasions where scholars have said he prayed. So that'll hold for the first time, the majority say it was over here. Now, since Khalid had blocked the path. And a worker has said we're going to go to Mecca.

00:46:39--> 00:47:20

What's going to happen, they have to find an alternative route road road to Mecca, they cannot walk straight into college army, because that's asking for war. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked, Who can take us amongst such and such a path. So he knows of another path, but he doesn't know how to get there. And Subhanallah we really don't think of this too much. But the fact of the matter is, there were well known highways, in the time, pre modern highways, there were well known highways, clear markings. And you find, you know, there would have been the same thing, small establishments buying and selling to the traders, water spots, food spots, just like we have in our times, and

00:47:20--> 00:47:57

there was well known pathways that the major caravans would take. And this is something that we really don't think about. But the fact of the matter is, yes, this is exactly how things work. And to go down another road, you really needed to have an expert guide. And the Prophet system said, Who amongst us can take us down, and he mentioned the path name, the other path. And so somebody stood up and said, I know how to get through yours. Well, I know how to get to the other path from here, because the other path is not from here, it's on another road, I know how to get from point A to point B, I can guide you there. And so the Profit System made him the scout or the leader in terms

00:47:57--> 00:48:27

of the guide, and this man in order to get to the other to the other highway, if you like they had to pass through an entire valley of thorns and a volcanic rock. So they had to go through an entire plane that caused them to bleed their feet to basically become sore and they're walking through this. So much so that the processor encouraged them by saying this valley that we're going through now for you is like the door was for Bani Israel. He

00:48:28--> 00:49:09

What is this door for many Israel, who the whole Baba suggestion was to help button not for lack of Hayakawa centers either mercy. And he then recited this verse, and he said, No one shall pass through this valley, except that all of his sins will be forgiven. It was so difficult, and their feet are bleeding and their shrub is now going against the you know, their, their shin and their ankles and everything. So the process of Eventually, he said that going through this valley, all of your sins will be forgiven. And this gave them immense motivation. And it gave them the impetus that they needed to, to go through this entire valley because it would be a forgiveness for the sins. He

00:49:09--> 00:49:47

said, No one shall go through this valley except that all of his sins will be forgiven. Except for the man with the red camel. He made one exception, the value of the red camel, his sins will not be forgiven. So they began wondering who is the man with the red camel? What is going on here? And so they found one of their men, the 14 101 of them. He was announcing at the back that I've lost a red camel. Has anybody seen it? I've lost your red camel. Has anybody seen it? So they came up to him and they said that? Why don't we obviously read them and use the red camel here? Why don't you come with us? Let us go to the process of them. Perhaps he will include you in the forgiveness as well.

00:49:48--> 00:50:00

Whatever you've done this asked for. And so it turns out this man was a clear Bedouin with nofap in his heart. His response showed this, he said for me to be searching

00:50:00--> 00:50:05

My camel is more beloved for me, than to go to your companion to have my sins forgiven.

00:50:07--> 00:50:28

So the process of God told him basically there's one man, he's not going to be forgiven, because he's not there for the right reasons. And Subhanallah This is a very deep theological issue that we have to be very careful about that people don't misinterpret, but not everybody who was physically with the Sahaba was a Sahabi.

00:50:30--> 00:50:31

And this is actually mentioned in the Quran.

00:50:33--> 00:50:46

Right woman in Arabi that Allah Samantha says munafo no man Holden Medina t Moreau do an FLV lotta Mo, Mo, right? Woman man How come in and out all the woman, Medina de nada do identify that Allah

00:50:47--> 00:51:28

that Allah says amongst the better ones, there are many who have nifa you don't know them, we know them right? Now, obviously, why is this problematic? Because the other group, the non Sunni group, they jump at these texts. You understand this point? Right? And they say Allah azza wa jal clearly says that there are more Inafune amongst those who are around the Prophet system, you understand this point? Right. And they say, therefore, the other you know, the major Sahaba were not stopped for the last little while. Now, this is not the time to go into detail to refute them. But it's very easy, that Allah subhanho wa Taala clearly says, That woman man how Allah committed

00:51:29--> 00:52:15

that those who are around you have the Bedouins when I feel called, and then some of them are also living in Medina. As for the major Sahaba, there is no delta to Iran, and so now has praised them specifically, indirectly and directly. So we don't take a generic verse, that there aren't enough physical and use it to negate specific evidences that a worker is in gender and what is in gender, or if mine is in gender, it is in gender, that a worker is this that and what is this that idea? Is this that earthman? Is this, we don't take a general verse, there are someone off at home and use it to Trump explicit specific verses, you understand this point? Right? And there is no question that

00:52:15--> 00:52:54

those whom they accused of, I would have been a hypocrisy or Cofer. Really, whoever accuses them of hypocrisy, really, that person ends up being a hypocrite, really, this is the reality, right? You cannot accuse Abu Bakar and Arusha and Omar and this man of having evil except that the evil is in your heart rather than theirs. This is what we firmly believe. And that's something that is clear in the Quran and the Sunnah, we don't have any ambiguity in this regard. So the point being this hadith shows us or this incident shows us a reality that we already know that there were some unknown we don't even know his name. There were some minor players if you like, physically present, but there

00:52:54--> 00:53:35

Nia is not for Islam, whatever his Nia was some business transaction, get some booty, whatever the business his Nia was, it's not for the sake of Islam. And when he's worried, where's my camel gone? And he's looking for his camel, the Sahaba say come, we will ask the process to forgive you. Says for me to be hunting, my camel is more important than going back to your Sahib uchumi said, your companion, the hotel hotel. Where is the amount of this heart? Obviously, that's a clear indication of why the process of them said everybody will be forgiven except the man with the red camel. So they spent the entire day walking through this valley. It was a very difficult journey. And by the

00:53:35--> 00:54:09

time they exited the valley, the night had just begun to fall. The night had just begun to fall and they had reached the plane known as are they be now they reached the plane of her debut. Okay, so this valley of thorns this this this difficult Valley was basically between them and the main highway. When they finished there. They finally get to Philadelphia and her davia leads directly to the road that the process of wanting to get to right from Philadelphia to Mecca, there's a direct road that the process of wanting to get to this is not the road from Medina, but Abia is actually on the way from Mecca to Jeddah

00:54:11--> 00:54:51

and not from Medina to Mecca. Right. The debut is on the way to from Jeddah to Makkah, so it is West, and the process is going down south. So he has to go across all the way to the west. And obviously Why is he doing this? Because he doesn't want war. Because he wants peace. He doesn't want to fight harder than worried. He goes around all of this way, and the night begins to fall. And as soon as they enter who they be. This is one the process of camel, the Prophet salallahu sedums camel refuses to move. And in fact it sits down. It sits down. And of course when the processes camel doesn't move, nobody else is going to go in front of him. He is leading the way. Nobody's gonna go.

00:54:52--> 00:54:59

And so the Sahaba began yelling out to the camel hell hell, which is what the arrows would say to the camel to stand up and go

00:55:00--> 00:55:03

Right, just like every, you know, animal has a certain

00:55:04--> 00:55:45

quality that you give it right every single animal. This is the way so they had something for the camels had it had, which has come on move, let's go, let's go giddy up as they say to the horses right now. And the camel did not move. And so they began getting angry at the camel because you're blocking everybody you're stopping all of us. And so they said, cost SWAT has become stubborn. A SWAT was the name of the process, and it's come, a SWAT has become stubborn. And the profitsystem said, Botswana has not become stubborn. And neither is that in her nature. It's not in her nature to become stubborn. Rather, habits habits will feel that the one who stopped the elephant has also

00:55:45--> 00:55:46

stopped her

00:55:47--> 00:56:25

habits habits will feed the one who stopped the elephant has also stopped her. And it was at this point in time as well, that they ran out of water. They ran out of water and they complain to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about the lack of water because they were not expecting to go away from the main road. Remember, we had said the main road has the stations, they know exactly where they can buy and sell. They know where to go for the wells. Well, they're not on there anymore. They've gone to another road. And now they're at this point of her debut and oh by the way, what is Could they be and why is it called her they be? So who they be most of the scholars say that

00:56:25--> 00:56:45

it is without a shadow who they be and a minority say there is a shudder who they be Yeah, trivial difference, but both are valid. So both are mentioned who they be and how they be both are mentioned. And it seems as if the name who they be it comes from the Arabic term had

00:56:46--> 00:56:59

and had the bat to the Arabs here know what that means. Is it a common Arabic word or is one of those classical words that is lost? Ah, very good. So you so there is something half the Arabs don't have they don't know.

00:57:01--> 00:57:49

hunchback hunchback, right. Okay. So had the bat is what they call a hunchback. Right. And apparently, there was a tree in this plane. That was like a hunchback so it was going down. Right there was a tree going down and there was a well next to the tree. So initially, they called this land today be the little tree that is crooked because we're the AVM and Revit does lead for a to Jubail to sleep today be the little tree that is crooked and then that name came to be the well and then it came to the plains. So who would they be is this plane and in our times per day via is called a shoe may see a shoe may see and next time you guys go for omura your plane will land in

00:57:49--> 00:58:29

Jeddah you will drive to Makkah keep an eye out around 10 minutes 15 minutes before you get to Mecca keep an eye out and you will see a sign that says a shoe may see to your right. This As you may see is her debut and our times is closer maybe because obviously place names they change over time in our times for some reason they call it a shoe Macy and it is 20 kilometres outside of Makkah right on the road from Jeddah so if you guys are coming from Medina he wants to show Macy on the road from Jeddah to Makkah 20 kilometres outside of it before you get into Mecca, you will find a shoe Macy and 20 kilometres is basically the distance that you know they will do in a few hours you know, so

00:58:29--> 00:58:51

it's what they call one mohalla one journey that once you go riding, you're not going to stop till you get to Mecca one journey away from Mecca. Now from this we gained some benefits before we move on. First and foremost, the name of the processes is camel swap, look at how much details has been preserved that we even know the name of his camel.

00:58:52--> 00:59:28

And this shows us that if we know the name of his camel, so Salem, we know far more important things about the process and those who say the student has not been preserved those who say how do we know what happened? So Pamela we know the number of white tears in his beard. We know this unnecessarily. Malik said I counted 14 white tears and the beauty of the Profit System is literally sitting there counting the white tears Subhan Allah, again, the detail that the Sierra has been preserved. So the process of EMS mule is called dual dual. And his Campbell is called a swap right? And historically is called this and his shield, they would name their swords and shields in those days they would

00:59:28--> 00:59:35

name them and so all of this is known to us. We also have over here, some handleless amazing point here.

00:59:36--> 00:59:38

When they criticize the camel,

00:59:39--> 00:59:42

the prophet system defended the honor of the camel.

00:59:44--> 00:59:46

This is not the characteristic of crosswalk.

00:59:48--> 00:59:56

It's not the nature of US law. So if the honor of a camel deserves to be protected, how about the honor of a Muslim?

00:59:57--> 01:00:00

Look at what happens when you jump to conclusions and you

01:00:00--> 01:00:41

Smear somebody smear a camel, right? The process and protected the honor of the camel. Neither has a SWAT become stubborn, and nor even is it in her nature to become stubborn. She's a gentle camel. Don't Don't get angry at her. Right. And so this shows us that next time you hear somebody smear somebody else, remember, even a Campbell's is asked to be protected, especially the camel of the process of how about another human being? Also here notice the beautiful linkage that the process of said that the one who stopped the camel is the one who stopped the elephant. Well, now how perfect how apt is that? How eloquent Is that right? In both cases, there are animals going into muck.

01:00:41--> 01:01:20

Right. In the both cases, the point is to honor cat the cab. And by stopping these animals, the cab was going to be honored. Right? So the process was saying the one who can stop a bigger animal than plus one. And that's the elephant. That is the one that has stopped my animal. And just like there was a wisdom for stopping a Buddha has elephants, so too, there's a wisdom for stopping a swap. And so let us put our trust in Allah subhana wa tada and realize there is a wisdom over here. So where the camel stopped crosswalk, that is where they set up camp. And they went to the well of her debut, there was one well over there. And lo and behold, the water had basically almost dried out there's

01:01:20--> 01:01:58

just some, some, you know, little bits into at the bottom of the well, it's supposed to be at the top, rather the world has already dried out and it is just a little bit left in the bottom. And so they're complaining to the process and we don't have any water out of water. Our animals are thirsty. We have been in the valley the whole day. You know, we we need water. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam went to the side of the world, and he sat on it. And he told some of the Sahaba to jump in or to help make their way down. Some scholars say that some people buy a turban they went down. And so they went into the well. And the Prophet system handed them some of his

01:01:58--> 01:02:22

quivers. The arrows from the quiver excuse me, he took out some arrows from the his quiver, and he handed it to them. And they also raised up the little bit of water that they put in a bucket, and he gargle that water into his mouth, and he threw it back into the bucket. And he lowered it into the well. And the Sahaba said that the water just began to gush out.

01:02:23--> 01:02:33

After he had put his arrows after he had thrown his multimodal into the well, the water just began to gush out and the ones in the world they had to rush out so that they don't drown.

01:02:34--> 01:03:18

So they had to rush out so that they're not drowning and the entire camp of 1400 people they drank and they continue to drink as long as they were in campton or they be their animals drank to their fill. And this was one of the many many miracles of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam of taking a small quantity of food and making it into a large quantity, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam now that he realized the whole us negotiators are going to begin that maca is one stone's throw away, that thing is going to happen. So then the process they made an announcement that will law he I swear by the one in whose hands is my soul. The aurash will not ask of me any condition

01:03:19--> 01:04:02

that the signs of a law are respected, except that I will give them that condition as long as we avoid bloodshed. Pinilla notice here, how keen the process of them is he doesn't want fighting to occur. Any condition they put, as long as that condition has Sha Islam, right, sha Allah as long as there's nothing How long? Anything that they put, I will agree to it. And why did he agree to this? Why did he say this, so that the Sahaba realized as well, that I am willing now, as long as we get to the Kaaba as long as they allow us to go. And as long as there's no bloodshed and everything is peaceful, whatever conditions they put, I will be willing to do that. And this is a prelude to some

01:04:02--> 01:04:41

very harsh conditions. conditions that even Oman and others they could not understand at the time. This is a prelude to prepare them mentally to prepare them. And the camp. He settled on to the camp hottie the Midway lead, obviously now 1400 people when they go places, they cannot go and secret. And so the scouts have had his army come back and tell him the process is not coming from here. He rather he's going from who they be at his camp to over there. So Khalid was forced to return to Makkah and the orange then, you know, had to change their tactics. And they began a series of emissaries, which we cannot start now. Because that would really be I cannot start that right now.

01:04:41--> 01:04:59

Because that would be the whole you know, I have to stop in the middle. This is a good place to stop even though we have some time. But now is the negotiations are going to begin and that's going to be shallow data next Wednesday in shallow data, so we have 10 minutes for q&a a bit longer than usual. Usually I'm rushing to the end, but today I thought

01:05:00--> 01:05:05

Let me actually purposely finish a little bit early. So we leave some time for q&a inshallah. Yes.

01:05:15--> 01:05:33

So the brother is saying, how could a boy Qatada hunt a zebra in a short film which is required the response of a Imagine if you lived in the desert or any, any land other than a city, and Allah had told you you're not allowed to hunt for four months.

01:05:34--> 01:05:37

This would mean you don't have food sometimes for four months.

01:05:38--> 01:05:42

There are no prohibitions for hunting in a showroom.

01:05:43--> 01:05:44

None at all.

01:05:46--> 01:05:52

What is how long is aggression against humans? Not aggression against zebras.

01:05:54--> 01:05:54


01:05:56--> 01:06:01

In Iran, wherever you are in the world, and in the harem of Mecca,

01:06:02--> 01:06:24

in the harem of Mecca, by the way, not the harem of Medina, by the way, the harem of Medina and Mecca have over 50 differences. I gave a paper about this once a long time ago. The Harlem of Mecca and Medina have over 50 differences. One of the differences one of the main differences, hunting is only haraam in the house of Mecca.

01:06:25--> 01:06:39

Right? Whereas the Harlem of Medina is allowed the Harlem of Jerusalem there is no it's not even hold on. Technically. They say hold on a third, a third, the the three heroines, there's no such thing. There's only two outcomes in Islam. But anyway, that answers your question as hell yes.

01:06:50--> 01:06:51


01:06:53--> 01:06:55

He wants to know, can I beat somebody up if somebody beats me?

01:06:58--> 01:07:23

any act of defense had at any time of the year, we're talking about war of aggression. word that you begin, that sometimes what this nation calls pre emptive wars, right? So these types of pre emptive that there is no imminent threat, you are going to attack. This is what is prohibited. As for individual fighting, this has always held on

01:07:24--> 01:07:42

to Muslims are never allowed to fist fight or fight with weapons. You know, it's something that is always hot on. Right. And only if somebody attacks you, are you allowed to defend. Okay, so we're talking about an aggression against one political state against another political state. Sisters, any question from the sister site?

01:07:43--> 01:07:44

Back to the brother site?

01:07:45--> 01:07:46

Another question? Yes.

01:07:52--> 01:07:53


01:08:06--> 01:08:22

The people who were left behind were credit. The question is why were those who were left behind considered sinful when the process of did not command them to go? The response is they are criticized for lying. They're criticized for lying.

01:08:23--> 01:09:03

Not every Sahabi went for for a hospital had a beer. But some might have had other excuses. But the reason why those are all those bedrooms are criticized is because they blatantly lied. And they thought something very evil. And they thought bill wanted to Millennium caliber of sudwala manana Elohim Odin was una delic if you have to become woven into oneness. So you thought a very evil thought. And that evil thought, of course, was that they thought that the processing would die. Okay, so this is why they were criticized, they lied through their teeth. They lied and they said, Shahada, Mr. Luna, Luna, our money and our families have prevented us whereas that wasn't the

01:09:03--> 01:09:07

reason. Okay, there was a hand raised your hand. Good.

01:09:33--> 01:09:39

Yes, aluna kind of shadowed her on the patelin fee multitone fee ish. Hello.

01:09:40--> 01:09:43

Hello photography. cabbies

01:09:44--> 01:09:46

was subdued and subida he will go from being

01:09:48--> 01:09:49

a borrower in the law.

01:09:50--> 01:09:59

So the brother is saying that in the incident I refer I referenced once it will be will cost killed a person and he took two capitals and he came back to the process and so

01:10:00--> 01:10:41

He is saying that didn't illustrate that I say that it is okay to fight in a showroom. No. We talked about this at a lot of detail before the battle the budget, and we said, Allah subhanho wa Taala gave blame where it is due. And he did say that fighting in Ashura Haram is a major sin and they should not have done this, that it wasn't the right thing to do. But Allah says who does the right thing it is to criticize saddam who cos for they have committed far worse sins. For they have prevented people from coming to the masjid out on Forget it. They have prevented Muslims from worshipping Allah in much admitted at home right. That was sudden and sybilla will go from be well

01:10:41--> 01:11:02

must show that a sudden anniversary the home to prevent people from coming to mercy the alarm. baru in the light is bigger in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Allah did not say fighting is headed. Rather Allah said it is Kevin. It is a mistake. But who do you think you are? Oh, courage to criticize the Muslims for anything after all that you have done.

01:11:04--> 01:11:05

final questions?

01:11:06--> 01:11:07


01:11:18--> 01:11:35

So first question that if you visit Jeddah must you do omura? No, not at all. In fact, I know this sounds bizarre to many of you. But technically speaking, you don't even have to do ROM ROM if you visit Makkah, much less Jetta.

01:11:36--> 01:12:16

Even though one would say How could you possibly go to Mecca and not do omura. But there might be some businessmen. And this is common, by the way for those who are living around Makkah that they have to deliver goods in Mecca. So taxi drivers is a classic example. So here you are in Memphis, thinking How can any Muslim visit Mecca and not do it tomorrow? But how about the taxi drivers nightlife in Jeddah, right? They go between mark and Jeddah maybe five times a day. You expect them to do it more every single time. Right? So technically speaking, you can even enter MCO without a harem. Without doing what? Right. Even though people like us who go there once every few years,

01:12:16--> 01:12:51

right? Then obviously it really is a lack of adapt not to do tomorrow, right? So even if a businessman who goes once a year is going, we tell them what llahi This is not appropriate for you to go. But it's not how long it's not sinful. As long as he's done or unhedged. And he's going for a legitimate business or whatever reason he's going then we cannot criticize him but we will say it's not appropriate as for the one who's going regularly obviously had we been in his shoes we do the same thing as well. Okay, and with this inshallah, any question of the sisters Mashallah quiet day for the sisters, Mashallah. Okay, we have a question here. Hmm. Where? Yes, go ahead.

01:13:01--> 01:13:02


01:13:17--> 01:13:23

So the sister is saying that she doesn't understand how is it possible for the Prophet system to

01:13:25--> 01:13:33

grant forgiveness to somebody. And the response is that the Prophet system did not grant forgiveness, rather Allah told him

01:13:34--> 01:14:18

that this valley will be such a big blessing for all of these people because they're struggling, they're bleeding, they're whatnot. So the processor was told that this valley to you is like the door was to the children of Israel. When Allah says in the Quran, enter the door or the huddle Bab humbly and ask Allah to forgive you, Allah will forgive all of your sins, you know, the story and sort of that abakada for the children of Israel. So the President said, this valley to you is like the door to the Israelites, right? And all of you shall be forgiven. Meaning at this point in time, maybe this man of the red camel became better later, Allah knows. But at that point in time, his

01:14:18--> 01:14:59

crossing over the valley would not get his sins forgiven. Right, except for the matter with the red camel. Is that clear? He's not telling sorry, he's not granting forgiveness. He is informing them, that alized religion has blessed them except for that man and we clearly saw what was in his heart, that he did not deserve that forgiveness. And inshallah with that, we will pause for this and come back next Wednesday. For those of you who didn't attend on Tuesday. So we have started the cyber hottie class, and we'll be starting our first cyber hottie. Heidi's actually have the bulk of the next Tuesday, and I asked any of you who wants to attend please register with brother loosely

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01:15:00--> 01:15:13

We need to print out the binders and and distribute them or actually sell them at cost price next Tuesday. So we need to know how many binders we need and with that Giacomo lokalen can give you the advantage and pray and show