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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now begins to discuss one of the most fundamental chapters in the history of Islam - the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah. This was a stepping stone of sorts to the conquest of Mecca which is also called ‘a clear victory’.

During the 6th year of the Hijrah, the Prophet ﷺ dreamt that he was doing tawaf, wearing ihram and shaving his head all of which depict the Umrah. So, the Prophet ﷺ took this as a sign from Allah and shares his intention to do umrah. The Sahaba display intense excitement and they leave from Madinah to Mecca on the 1st Dhul Qa'dah, 6H.

The Prophet ﷺ reaches the miqaat of Madinah called Dhul Hulayfah, and he offers two rakat there before heading towards Mecca after which he assumed the state of Ihram. Then he consecrated the animals, and sent a sahabi Busl ibn Safwan al Kazaai to go to Mecca and gather information on the Quraysh. Busl informs the Prophet ﷺ that  they have armed themselves and have sent Khalid ibn Waleed to camp near Kumayn - which is a plane right outside Mecca.

After having spent the entire day walking and well into the nightfall do they finally reach Hudaybiyya. This is when the camel of the Prophet ﷺ refuses to budge and everyone comes to a complete standstill. The Sahabas complain of the stubbornness of the camel. But they are rebuked by the Prophet ﷺ on their thought and instead he says that it is a sign from Allah and hence, should be adhered to strictly.

Hence, they camped there and went to the well of Hudaybiyyah where, the water had completely dried out which sent the sahabas into a state of frenzy due to lack of any more water with them.the Prophet ﷺ then showcased a miracle and with that water began to fill the well. The entire camp of sahabas of 1400 people drank from that well.


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