CoronaVirus If One Gets Infected

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This mean your Walkman you're walking.

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Look at it hasn't Muslim law protect everyone if somebody gets infected? Look what he said. He said latter krahula belisle Walker. Don't hate. Don't hate the calamities that's happening when no matter how the end the new test,

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new trials

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Hello, Robbie. Hello. I'm Ron Takara who pee in a jar talk could be something you don't like. You don't want, it will be your saver.

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Something you don't like it could be your saver will unload, zero Hu p or r p. p halakhic. And it could be something you really want. And you're eager to have it. It will be the result of it will be you will be perish.

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So remember this, remember this? How do we go back to our last pantalla This is very important. glorify Allah do what he wants you to do stay away from what he doesn't want you to do. And to work Korea law you took all these you took all these you took all these measures now rely completely on Allah, leave it to him and you say your Allah, I did everything you want me to do I leave it to if I will be tested that if I will be saved. That's right. That's the most that's a two hour course. Yeah, kill her. What's our call you all know this. Tie your camel and rely on a law. Tying camel is magically an islamically topical you don't say I'm wearing a mask I'll never get sick. Then you're

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not you're relying on the mask.

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can love put a hole in the mask and you will get it?

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Absolutely right. And I relied on a loss handler but I forgot I called somebody called and I was not I was very close. I forgot to move back. And I said your love Please protected protect me I forgot and he protected me and I put a barrier.

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That's what we need to learn. As simple as this. And don't live in it. Don't live only with this. This also reminds us of very important thing that we can be tested in in a minute. can get sick in a minute. We can die in a minute. This earth can go upside down in a minute.