CoronaVirus Reestablish My Connection With Allah

Haifaa Younis


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Miss Miller, you off?

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What do you remember? What are the

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powers to Allah?

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Allah, Allah, decisions and wisdom is to Allah, we can do nothing. Nothing here do you? Are you and me and millions? Billions? Are there a small thing that we don't even see it?

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paralyzed our life.

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So how Allah

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paralyzed our life?

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Who else will remove it? other than Allah?

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No one else but Allah, what should I do?

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re establish my connection with him early in force, reinforce my connection with him, strengthen my connection with him. Stay away from anything and everything that will sever this connection that will weaken this connection that will push me away from this connection.

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We are these days helpless, we can do anything. He is forcing us out of his or her to bring us back to him. Our voice is different now. Our supplication is different. begging him is different. asking him to protect us is different. And this is not now individual. You one person gets sick one family gets sick. This is a global superpower.