CoronaVirus How to Protect Yourself as a Muslim – Believe & Rely on Allah

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This mean, you're

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okay? What are their pandemic at the time of Roswell is what was in their stomach history? The answer is yes. Then what you should be

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number one, your belief, your email, your faith is going to show up.

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What should I believe?

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Here I am, I'm hearing it's all over. I could have heard of someone I know got affected what my belief teaches me What does Islam teaches? Number one

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it's all from the Quran.

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Online you see vana inlier macatawa la hula. hula Juliana was a law he paliotta What can emo mean? This is unsorted Toba? The first thing you have to have this believe you will walk in the streets. You are in your home you're listening to the news wherever you are with this belief and this is shouldn't be 24 seven. But I'm talking specifically when these comes up. Online you'll see a banner in the market of alarm saying nothing will affect us except what Allah has decreed on us.

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That's number one. Number two in the same aisle because this is conducted

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loosely, loosely by Isla maka, tabula Halina, right, who am Alana He is my protector. Well ally and upon Allah paliotta we're calling

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upon Allah rely on Allah, the believer will rely on Allah. What does that mean? translate? translate, I have this belief that the only one who will protect me

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is Allah. I have to have this belief that no one will protect me except Allah pantalla. We don't have that.

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Or we have, but sometimes we do. Sometimes we don't, you really have to have this belief. And why I'm starting with this because a couple of the Prevention's that I'm going to share with you is all depend on this one, you have to have this yochanan this certainty, that no one will protect me except Allah. I keep saying this to myself, who allowed this virus to move from the animal to the human being, who allowed this, absolutely nobody else but Allah, Who allowed it to separate from one human being to the other is Allah who will prevented or stop it or kill it.

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Allah, you really have to have this and you have to engrave it in you number one, and everybody in your family, you have to show it is not a word, you have to show it. So number one, rely on a loss pantile number two, also in this concept, what should I do? What should I believe? What should I believe in?

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Well, my your talk Corolla law, he has spoken. The person who truly rely on a las pantalla truly rely on a las pantalla Allah is enough for him

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as How should I rely on a law?

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Again, I'm coming to it in a little bit. My rely on a law is how sincere I am in my supplication to, and I'll share with you a couple of that. So number one, number one, is I need to have this belief that what will be for me will never miss me. And what will miss me will never be Follow me on a soiree. salatu salam said this year with me while imoca Karima he said he said Abdullah nobis he taught him a long Hadith and what I learned and know if the whole oma own nation came together to harm you. They will not harm you except with something Allah have decreed it.

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Literally, this is how I have to live in any time I'm going through a calamity, let alone something is becoming global.