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The speaker discusses the Legacy Institute, a study of the Quran that aims to bring the light of sacred knowledge to Muslim women globally. The Institute provides three essential aspects of the study, including a study of the title of Islam, a study of the Sun statement, and a study of the title of Islam. The study is designed to help women learn to live the message of Islam in their daily lives.

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to a believing heart. Jana represents tranquility, happiness, comfort and ultimate success. In the life of this world. Jana is experienced by a heart that knows Allah, a heart that lovingly submits to his command and surrenders to his decree be essential prerequisite to taste to Jannah in this life or in the Hereafter is Elma knowledge. 10 years ago, a few woman get together

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in St. Louis, Missouri, in fact, in my house, and we decided that the time has come in to start

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educating and spreading the word of Allah subhanaw taala to the woman of St. Louis to start with, and we had a goal that inshallah by his will and by His grace, this will include woman everywhere. A year later, Jana Institute was born.

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So what is Jenner Institute, it is a global effort to bring the light of sacred knowledge to the homes and hearts of Muslim women all over the world. Whether it is through the year of knowledge program through the homeowner tours through the on site programs through the Tuesday night. Hop it has been it's one of a handful of platforms run by women for women. The foundation of the study of Islam is the study of the Quran. Jana Institute presents three essential aspects of Quranic studies reciting the Quran in a proper and beautiful manner, exploring the linguistic beauty of the Quran, and learning to live the message of the Quran in our daily lives. The programs we offer stem from

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these three foundations. And we have two departments. By 2020 These departments became very well established. We had Quranic studies department and we have Islamic studies 2020 That's when this is Tomic study department become structured. And Allah subhanaw taala when Linda Hill has gifted us with a program called year of knowledge, what every Muslim woman should learn.

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Jana Institute I have found has been the best when it comes to female scholars who knows exactly what we're going through. They have equip themselves with the skills with the knowledge they need to be able to teach us in English remotely, literally anywhere around the world. And it will be a very difficult road if we are to do this on our own. We've touched the lives of over 1300 students from across the world, from youth aged eight to seniors, our programs cater to women of every age. Our goal, what we are absolutely our dream is to touch the hearts of all those moments, wherever they are, equip them, that's the most important thing is give them the strength and the ability to

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succeed both in this dunya and the hereafter. And this only comes for the study of the Quran and the Sunnah of a soiree sort of surround. I personally and on behalf of all the Jenner Institute team, I invite you to check out our website join our social media, we have a YouTube channel and also we have Instagram and Facebook channel and in that we share a lot of information and a lot of knowledge may Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us may Allah subhanaw taala forgive our shortcomings and male was pantalla make us a tool to spread the knowledge of his deen and the knowledge about him. Subhana Desikan love for you