Haifaa Younis – Benefit of Istighfar

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a situation where a woman named Sal claims to have caused a assault on her step m Ma'am. The woman refuses to admit to the assault and refuses to apologize. The woman refuses to admit to committing a crime and refuses to apologize.
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Bismillah your Walkman you're more

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so last portada declared in the Quran more than one place and the other one is assaulted me Sal. And Allah says

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I'm sorry to interrupt bacala levina Amira su ob Johanna tiene su metab mnemba d Radhika was slow in bacala

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tell them that those people who have committed sins ami Lu Su, done bad

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with your holla for ignorance and ignorance means not necessarily I didn't know this was a cent. I was ignorant at the moment I did that sin. Because roswaal a thought was said I'm said, the believer will never steal and he's a believer.

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And that scholar says, but he was a believer. They say at that moment, at that moment, when I backbite when I act with arrogance, when I say something not pleasing to Allah, that moment, I am not I'm a DJ, I am an ignorant. I'm an ignorant, so anyone Allah saying this, did something, commit a sin with ignorance, then repent and ask Allah for forgiveness, Allah has a foothold.

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And even there is the meaning of that somebody will say, I will keep repenting, I keep making mistakes, and I keep repenting. He says yes. Or sorry. salatu salam answered, Yes. I think this is the meaning is when he says, I do a sin. ask Allah for forgiveness, and then I do it again. He said, Keep doing, keep doing what you're doing. Allah is more forgiving than your sins.

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But this is not an open invitation. Okay, so I'll do whatever and as I suffered a lot on my tongue because this if it is sincere, it will prevent you from committing the sin. So allistic four is an amazing thing a lot pantalla gave us and another thing that we

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misuse, or we I wouldn't say abuse, but we don't use

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