Characteristics of a Hypocrite

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Bismillah Ar Rahman your

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ask yourself, let me ask myself first. How often I lie?

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And don't tell me again please Why are white lie? I didn't mean it, why it just a slip of a tongue. Yes tip of a tongue slips every now and then but not on daily basis.

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How often rely

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then if I have it, that's a character then I have a character of a monofocal I need to work on this. And again it doesn't matter if we live in a culture of lining. Again, on the day of judgment, I'm standing in front of Allah alone

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are to multi Amati for everyone coming to Allah on the Day of Judgment. Single by themselves alone. Allah said this is what Maria chapter Mary had detected. How often we lie. There is no excuse to lie.

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Very few, very few. But if you look at the majority of the reasons why we lie,

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Cipolla sometimes we even don't know why we lie.

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We don't know why we lie.

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Work on this had this occur the

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way that

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when he or she promise, they do not keep it the usual. You know when you say about something, you probably don't believe me because I normally don't keep my word. Bla bla bla bla. That's a sign of hypocrisy.

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Why the weather tune in your hand. When you are entrusted with something please don't say this to anyone. You go out and say to people,

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that's a sign of hypocrisy.

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Whoever a friend, your children, your husband, a co worker, your boss. Don't say it. Especially when people come and take your opinion for something or let's say they want to vent their we always use this they come to you and then you know what i like I need your opinion. I'm really sad about marriage. But it common happens between friends. You know, and I really need your opinion. And please don't say this to anyone, please.

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And next thing everybody knows about it.

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Doesn't mean you've said that to everybody. You said that to one person. But one other person. That's it.

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That's a sign of hypocrisy.