Reflections – Unmatched Unity and Selflessness

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Bismillah he was Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad.

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One of the most common topics that features in social discussions of Muslims is unity. And

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we all desire, hope, Aspire and have this dream that one day the oma can be united. But we also need to realize that if I cannot go across the road and reconcile with my brother, and I cannot reconcile with my sibling, then it is quite far fetched to imagine those on the hierarchy, that the Muslim leaders in their capacity can overlook their differences and unite for the AMA. When we want to really understand the true meaning of unity, of closeness of proximity of our heart, then we have to go back to the golden era of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And again, look into the impeccable legacy of the seal of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I take you back to

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that historical moment. When he sallallahu wasallam arrived in Medina right he arrived in Medina Lam Terrell Medina to yom and mithila. Medina in its history, never seen a more great cyprian an amazing day than the grand arrival of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. People had climbed on the rooftops Fie atomic Medina, and they said, Jonathan, you're larger and maybe you're larger than a V of Allah sallallahu wasallam has arrived, the word the mind freezes to begin to imagine the joy, the ecstasy, the jubilation, the excitement, the euphoria that had envelope the Mennonites on the grand arrival of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, one of the first things that he sallallahu

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alayhi wasallam had done after he arrived in Medina in the first six months in the first six months. In the house of Anasazi, nomadic karate Allahu anhu, he established this amazing unity, he established this amazing unity, and this unity was established on the grounds of a man, it had no basis on your color, on your ethnicity on your tribe, on your complexion, nothing desperate to be here for worry could never be one lonely Well, one fella Taka dama, whether you are in NaVi Maru at a taco, it was piety and nobility, that that was the criteria through which a person could Excel other than that everyone was equal. So just to share with you few names between the the immigrants

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and the helpers, the immigrants were the people of Mecca who migrated and the helpers were the residents of Medina who were based in Medina. Allah speaks about it in the 28 years of the Quran, while Athena turbo da l a man I mean cubberly him you have bonamana hajra Allah him that those who were staying in Medina was sincere in their Eman. They loved the influx of the immigrants so there was no xenophobia. There was no xenophobia because they welcomed those that came into Medina. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam took 45 Mahajan, and paired them up with and saw there was no objection to his parents. There was no reservation there was no counter argument. He said Abu Bakr

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radi Allahu anhu is paired up with hijab in Zadar, the Allahu

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Allahu anhu is paired up with a to burn when Malik radi Allahu

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Allahu is sped up what's sad when Robin or the Allahu?

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Allahu anhu is paired up with Salama bin Salama, the Allahu

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Allahu anhu is paired up with Osama bin servitor the Allahu anhu but having Obaidullah the Allahu is paired up with cannot be Monica the Masai Mara the Allahu anhu is paired up with a bow a tube and sorry Khalid bin Zayed radi Allahu

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Allahu is paired up with a bad bimbisara the Allahu salmaan first year of the Alon is paired up with Abu Dhabi Allahu anhu, or a man been ruined or the man who is paired up with Abu Hasan radi Allahu benard raba Allahu anhu is sped up with a boo ha ha Abdullah bin Abdul Rahman Al Hassan radi Allahu

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so many Sahaba one after the other were paid up in this amazing union. And you know, what was the most amazing thing about this union was the selflessness the selflessness of one form or another, so sad been

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narrow for the alarm manual says I was fed up with the sideburn lobby or the alarm and I was fed up

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What's sad been rubbing your loved one who.

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And when I came sad when Robbie and Avalon welcomed me in his house in Madeira? And what did he say to me? Wow, this was the grounds of unity, my situation today and one of the hurdles and the setbacks and the impediments that we have. So we have this this very rosy theory, we have this very rosy theory that we can, you know, rescue the planet of its crisis. And the challenge that we face why we don't make progress, and it's only theory is I believe, the world will change the day you change, and you believe the world will be a better place today I change. So I feel you must change you feel I must change and nobody feels he must change. So nothing happens is this these topics and

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discussions and these great debates and nothing productive comes out of it. But no, each person was selfless in his own capacity. And in the oma can only take this message of selflessness our destiny will be different. I often say in my dogs, that

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some of us have decided to live a life of luxury, the price of which others are deprived of necessity. Some of us have decided to live a life of luxury, the price of which is deprived of a life of necessity. And yet somebody else had very amazing. It's not how much of your wealth you will give a lot. It's how much of Allah as well, you will keep for yourself. It's not how much of your wealth you will give Allah, it's how much of Ella's wealth you will keep for yourself. That was the line. So I've dropped my name now says when I came to Southern rabine Allahu splays. And I was paired up he said, I'm happy to inform you in the etheral Ansari mala from all the residents of

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Medina and the wealthiest of them all. Well, if I had that muscle and wealth, I'm going to conceal it camouflaged Why must I disclose it? Why must I tell him I can do the basic and the average and the common I don't have to tell him all my assets and my wealth. He said for oxymoronic and his family. As of today, I will distribute half my assets exclusively to you. My brother, did you hear that? My sister? Did you grasp that? My young child did you absorb that? Let me say this again for oxy Malacca. Our kid as a child as a toddler grapples to share his toys with his sibling. As the child grows up. Our child has a difficulty sharing something basic with the child in the

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neighborhood. And then we grow up and we think we calculated and methodical individuals and we grapple and over inheritance or over sharp or over God over land, there's a dispute and then we don't speak for years, I often go that very profound, or do a poet poem in which the poet says bachpan may appear by said didn't met thus martaba large a mugger Sony Sep La la la got a burrito k Joe egg martaba la toda Sol tech button he got there. When I was a kid, I would have 10 feuds with my sibling in the day. But before we retire to bed, I forgive him and he pardons me and we embrace each other and we retire to bed. And that was life. And then we grow up and we evolve and now one

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argument separates us for a decade. That is why the other poet said what bachpan kitten kitten a whole bunch panco didn't kitten a whole but a job Dong Leah Jordan so those of you who are currently at up top gun a melee combat the Manasa Katana he jati Those were the glory old days when you tapped your finger you tapped your finger and you became bosom friends, and you became bosom friends and close, you know to each other. Now you embrace each other. You rub shoulders yet the hypocrisy doesn't leave. And yet the third poet said and I'm just having an influx of these thoughts in my mind at this moment. won't budge panda won't budge panda job Saba Cava Sham who are karate upto Suba

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gavazzi de la gente here, those were the glory old days when there was morning. And then there was mud morning. And then there was noon, and there was mud noon, and then there was evening. And then finally it was the night nightfall. And then there was darkness. Now we live in a time where it's the brightness of the day, and immediately thereafter it's the darkness of the night. There's no meaning there's no closeness, there's no proximity. So anyway, he said I'll distribute half my assets. And then I have to have my sponsors wonder as to how you can modestly glance. If you are attracted to anyone as well to the Ganga. I will then step down. And once she goes through the

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period, you can then weather my word. It's just beyond. Even in theory, we grappled to imagine that people lived on this earth with such selflessness. We've become so selfish. I was saying to my spouse the other day, that one of the reasons why we cannot help the world or we do not help is that I went

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Help without compromising my life. So my my holidays must not change my eat out must not change. My lavish lifestyle must not change. My exclusive furniture must not change, my books must not change. And if there's anything beyond that surplus, then probably maybe occasionally, if I really feel the need, I might assist. So that unfortunately is not going to help the crisis that's not going to help the crisis.

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So Subhanallah that was the selflessness of South Bend Ravi.

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Baraka Allahu Allah, may Allah bless you helped me to configure the data, just you know, you are my Isaiah in Medina, can you show me Is there a marketplace and it says yes, we have the marketplace of Tinapa. It says desert kala, I will go there and I will trade and it goes to the marketplace. he borrows some money and he purchases one two items for a bit. It was sermon, he purchased some butter and some cheese from metabo and Voodoo. And then he started going daily and yeah, I want to exhort my youngsters out there that if there's anything Islam disapproves and dislikes and something that is repugnant in the eyes of Allah is to sit idle is to sit idle, I believe in Him is rooted in.

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In the law of his origin affairs. I love your harmony. Daniela harmony la hora. If there's something I despise is a person not doing anything constructively for his material world on offer his spiritual afra So in other words, keep yourself active, be focused. He didn't have anything he started he moved his hands and legs. And then the wealth started growing. It wasn't long after he got married. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said there's a word of Ramana you married he said yes, I came to Medina. He didn't have any wealth. He didn't have any acid. He didn't leech off his brother. Although his brother was offering him everything. He didn't exploit the generosity of his brother.

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And that was the uniqueness selflessness from South Bend, Robbie, and self restraint from Abdurrahman evening, which created the best of bonds created the best of bonds. I'm saying to you, my brother, and I'm saying to you, my sister, selflessness, let's move from selfishness to selflessness and our homes will become a paradise.