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As you all have been hungry let

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me know now that the chef has recited and completed for us the most favorite solace to a lot of us here today especially people shipped from Pakistan and India and Bangladesh they love the solar so that's

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it's such a very real sort of I understand I remember when I and I think people formula and has and I had this kid coming to me crying because he missed first up when they told him that even was like

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he was crying with tears. I've missed a lot of demand from shifts today's in that day, so

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today inshallah we're gonna cover a walkout all the chefs will come and walk out and Hadid mudra and

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Tatiana I think so 123456 songs that shall be covered tonight inshallah data Oh my man is a murky sola

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also called another title of sutra and others

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are I chose

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the bride of the Quran. That's another type of subtle human I also call

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this surah my brothers and sisters. It really not only talks about Allah, but to learn about Allah through His Nan to his blessings, learning about Allah azza wa jal through his Allah so you have this idea that keeps repeating itself, which you all know for the Arabic OMA to get the bang for the

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ribbon and then when this was revealed, the Prophet Muhammad told the Sahaba Why don't you say it like the genie said? Why don't you say what did you say? They said that was Allah What did you say when they heard this? This is better? Yes, we did. Indeed we are we are grateful to the blessings of Allah subhana wa Tada for be allowed because you can even look at the window don't build we don't lie or we don't deny any of the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah Allah. So the Sahaba started seen as the curmudgeon we're saying, Furby

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took a demon and then Allah zation talks about his Nan first All right, man.

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I remember the very first novelization mmm for Allah's version has not only revealed

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it to you and I and to the to the revelation and then Allah subhana wa Tada approximate some other the end and Holika insert Allah holy by Yan, another name of Allah is

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the creation of mankind the creation of an AI ai lemahieu not only

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created us just in vain, but he I limited by and you know, he taught us this to differentiate between these these these languages. He taught us how to talk how to comprehend versus let's say animals but you and I we can talk and then from Vienna as well and then move on. And then Elijah just talks about you know, other than the atoms like what's sama Allah

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I'm not a coffee the reason why I came with was the

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reason a summit has uplifted the Evans Allah's version has uplifted and then he put down Amazon, the way the balance alerted how Phil Meezan came when was the new festival season, do not Allah Subhana Allah Allah says

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do not

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have observed the measure and don't

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miss it here is the bannos is to be just is to be just in our audience and whatnot. You know, so be be just in your affairs. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about Jana and he talks about hellfire. It's a beautiful song when Allah azza wa jal talks about Jana some of the things you mentioned is the agenda and a description of Jana fie human in Cooley Sadie Hawkins ocean and then you can say for the ecological Steven Avery foods Association it has it bears you know everything that has been Jana in Paris in Paris in Paris for the people magical event and then he talks about his bill mentions in Jana you your palaces you Jana the trees in Jana, I didn't talk to you about

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women in Jeunesse love feeding the customer to puppy love Vietnamese Hoonah in front of the home Wallah.

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For the

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rebel these names in Jana who have not been touched by men by insulting me that it will become a ticketed event. So much so latinfeels here so is as you say in all the holy right, well, sorry, yeah, well how are our holidays in Arabic Holland aid, they are the maze of agenda but sisters just so you know, insha Allah Who Tara from the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad as a sinner that the women of this dunya they will be say that to have the code they will be the queens of now

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Aisha, once you heard this, she had Aisha, she heard the singing from the Hadith with Bhavani that into like, in the his

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and the student in the in this hadith that was reported that the whole the sink, national holiday dad, so they were singing and singing and then when she heard that, and then she says she was saying she replied to what the hell was saying she says nothing almost only sounds like the Mona nanomotors some fella said Dr. Mona Now Simon tuna and then the product manager says what are they up to up to the eyes? Are you better than her? You're better than her. She was saying we used to fast your holiday never fasted.

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We used to pray you never prayed. We used to give sadaqa your holiday never gives up and the promises are you better than her? Yeah ha ha you're better than her. Yeah. So this is a little bit about solar.

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And then Allah has recently moved to South walk out I mean sort of human How can I give you a translation of a little bit of it in maybe two three minutes so that the brothers and sisters sort of walk out

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it's a further talks about the the RP diet talks about the the anchor it talks about our outfits and what's to happen in the in the in the in the hereafter he talks about the Day of Resurrection is what best and then Allah azza wa jal talks about three groups these vary the concentrate here because these are the only three groups out there in the Day of Judgment Eliza she talks about us having made How have we made many teammates have made and that was how we measure the amount of how much it was sort of your point aside their phone or their economic advantage or not in the number one us how we may not know who are they

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but why did you raise your left

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that's your left

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that's right

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I'm I'm still fasting

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the people have the right has humbled me man and then Allah talks about the people of the right and then Elijah talks about what's happened Mr. Mr. Mr. Ward as

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anyone that is just not around in this left right, so the people on the left and then Eliza shoeboxes Mills was gonna say

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to Ola, you can move hoverboard region narrative

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The people of the back

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assign the bonus that they own a one

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the four runners the foremost racers those who come in quick What do you hear tomorrow the 27th fundraising who's gonna donate $50,000

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Raise your hands the first ones raise your hand you from the survey for the study on our boat fishing net in name.

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And then started describing again the beauties of China was that he had he made higher when it makes the home that's why if you go in Morocco and some Western countries, the people who who actually revive the son of the Prophet Muhammad, when you go to their homes, they bring you fruits first. And then after fruits they bring you your the meat like the chicken or goat or whatnot. They sell as much of this as foods in the first then he measures fact you have first effect you had the matter how you would actually buy remember the home well hold on I didn't bring your phone the only

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and then the you know the fluids and then

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the meals

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were shown on

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the moon was totaled a cat I'm sorry. Maknoon jsrv Mercado Yama, maroon Dyess, Morona, 300 thema in Lafayette and Sudan, Sudan is only a hidden gem that Sudan, Sudan, Sudan, Sudan is the house of Sudan, Sudan. IntelliBeam is the house of peace in general Inshallah, who, of course, also talks about the people of a female that people have had file fees that moment or her moon, you know, everything in fire from fire and head, we must have started headed quickly so that the heavy steel

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it's sort of brothers and sisters to empower our email and he talks a lot about donation. It talks about a lot about giving charity if you can and read the surah Tiller thoughts and Holly for instance, talks about he says ameobi Lay what he wants you to remember.

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And then he says Subhanallah what the adamant the lady

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who's willing to give Allah alone so Allah azza wa jal is talking a lot about donating and giving, you know, and giving charity for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And then there's a scene here which I want to take maybe 30 seconds to talk about this the scene about the hypocrites

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In the hypocrites as they were about to cross the setups y'all may have voted for them on

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the day when the hypocrites from male and female they will address the people you know the believers as they're trying to cross the the salad and they will say to the believers on the on this middle income they will be following the believers the believers are going and crossing you have this know this life that they're going to pass the setup and then all of a sudden ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will put a barrier between these believers and between the hypocrites and they will turn into that darkness so the hypocrisy will call the believer in Israel over the lunar overlord Oh no wait for us next servicemen Laurie going to blow some of your lines it's darkness now all of a sudden we can see

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anything Yeah, Muhammad Ali Isaiah wait wait, let Can I borrow some of your light on the left of his Malika kill me So Nora, go back and find ways behind you will hypocrite she used to fool you think you're into for us? You are fooling yourselves. They say I'm not good Marco. They will see what we with you. We prayed with you. We invested with you. We were done with you. And

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we were but they were hypocrites with people with 1000 faces. So let's remove that that second one.

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It's also called sort of semi semi Allah Who oh that integer you look at these OEHHA with the Shaquille Allah two three. No, I think it's something nicer than this because who knows?

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Who knows the name of this lady sahajiya who came to our show Allah complains about her husband. You say all the Sahaba complain about their husband? No

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no, not all there was this woman Sahaba who came after which advisors are staying down this is how long

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they're complaining.

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I know Allah has been so bad because I'm not giving them shorter than I think I could give this to the sisters because they're already complaining I heard all the complaining you're giving structure to men and to women in all your other extremist

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terrorist gender by gender bias so we'll give them a shot. Now this is yours you can you was the name of this lady. Okay. How long into it?

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Your name is

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Howard of introducing how CODA and you said that never so how can you

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write it says right he's the one who said

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are you

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here we go. You said here how am I going to sell it? What's the name of her husband

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how does the right man butter her husband

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Jeff says oh simplify it. So he what happens he this is this is because this probe has also come when some sometimes I think it's fun in some way Allah forbid they don't the out of community sometimes when they issue a divorce and on the man he swears not by Allah by by divorce. I shall divorcing people do this. So this man he says you are like me like You're like the back of my mother meaning in terms of intimacy. You're like my mother. So she thinks your confidence will assume Allah, Allah and my husband and you are married. Isn't this what that is because Haram has become when he said that he's become and then Allah has revealed semi Allahu COVID-19 to Jeju, Kaffee

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Xhosa, Oddish Tiki la Allah and then sort of Hush, hush the you know the surah very beautiful Surah talks about the devil passionately talks about the scenes on the day and it talks about the husband's mental.

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The has war against the Jews of battle. Nadine, when they were kicked out from Medina. And then Allah azza wa jal at the end talks about the Beautiful Names of Allah. So Allah, Allah Allah, he know who Allah who led de la ilaha illa, who was shahada

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and medical Contoso celibate as you get to know Allah through His name subhanho wa Taala find any brothers and sisters. So what

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it is called Swarthmore to hang out on empty hand in the hand, the women that came from Makkah migrator, from Mecca to Medina, they have to be tested. So not the hand of the hand and in Arabic means a test. And among those in one setting, the model the theme of the solar is at Walla Walla,

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in Arabic, whatever bought meaning, the belief of allegiance to the believers and the renunciation to the non believers, believers, those who are enemies of Allah, I should not love them, I should not be friend of those enemies of Allah, but those who are beloved by Allah those are should be my my friends and whatnot but as the sisters and I have that will change your life.

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One minute and I that will change your life. Verse number eight, verse number 18. So hello

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Verse number 18 says, Allah Subhana Allah Allah says,

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Allah will have some pandemic, what type of law in non law the government will own all you who believe in Allah will turn up at them and this is sold look upon what they have done for tomorrow what the formula and feel Allah in Allah has given back to me when Allah knows that what you do whether it's your sisters what you have now in your movies and it has an e book of records is it enough for you to be able to cross the setups for London have some academic look at what you have done for tomorrow is what you have now will save you from salon will save you from from she said would save you from hip fire we put more weight in your in your knees and has to let what you have

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now from Salah pm so yeah I'm and whatnot or do you need to do more? I need to do more. I don't think I have enough. This is me. But I don't know about you. So look upon what you have done for tomorrow. What Tacoma what Tacoma in Alaska wouldn't be multimodal Allah He knows that which you do. Now Allah azza wa jal help us to practice to convey up to the podium Hello stuff.

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You know Hamsterdam pretty qualified