Allah is Making You See What You’ve Witnessed

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What you're hearing are stories of, we're here for Alon his masters of Allah on he was on them. We're here for something greater, we are pursuing something greater we can bear greater pain because we seek a greater reward. And that is at the end of the day essential to us as people of Iman and people who aspire to be people of European people of certainty. I think she has a last point I say this to myself. Allah subhanaw taala make us see things here things live things for a reason. Couldn't another Quran rasa I mean Allah has you know, the Sahaba used to say we see the Quran as messages from Allah. Now we have in addition to the Quran is everything else is happening. The first

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question everyone should ask themselves man and a woman why not me?

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Right. We all say when things doesn't go our way you say why me? Right? I look at the people of Gaza and I lackey Robert Allah hochma. Kira be maybe because I'm not going to be able to take it like you can if Allahu nefs and Isla Wasa, but the question first thing I look and I say, why not me? And my answer is what kind of followed by Ali Calima that Grace of Allah upon me, number two is now connect the Sahaba connect the people of Gaza Sahabi yet on Sahaba number one, the focus before tragedies comes in when people go to everyone they went to a senior they didn't think about anything else than pleasing Allah and that's what I think they need to do. When they went to Medina, even when Allah

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subhanaw taala opened the dunya for them, right? Yeah, you want to be equally as you as you can continue to retinol higher that dunya was UNITA this came in Medina, Prophet, tell your wives. Do you want the dunya and the beauty of this dunya come on in I'll let you go no harm feelings, nothing. Just go choose and continue to ignore Allaha whare Sudha who had Darla here, choice,

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this or this? If I and you and all of us at a time of prosperity right now, we have made that choice. And by the way, that choice is harder than when we are under

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the test. I have all the choices of the world I can do whatever I want. And by my choice and Yaqeen and faith and certainty. I chose Allah or or Sula with Darla here and it's not words. You know this is nothing cheaper than speaking then words. But but my actions fill fill the words I am saying I hope Allah then Allah is number one. Well Hebrew rasool Allah show me alayhi salatu salam, show me your son, you're really really dark Lazarus and I am going to sacrifice in this dunya because some things, I want them in this dunya the accurate is going to be difficult. When I live this way, I think this is the most important message will lie I feel and correct me if I'm wrong. If the people

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of us with all the tragedy they are going through and may Allah subhanaw taala make it easy and reward them abundantly. See the result of their tragedy. Not only the victory that we know is going to come but maybe timing isn't Allah's hand, but they see that what Allah subhanaw taala made them go through change us Muslims, what do you think they will say? That's why you said it in the beginning and I'm saying to everybody, we cannot be the same people before October 7. We can't as Muslims as living here, not to only support but our relationship with Allah has to change. Lm El Nino La Nina Arman and Tasha Kulu only the Korea has in time come that they're believers, their

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hearts surrender to Allah pantile Let's all make the choice. Let's make a law or a Swati salatu salam and the Dar Al Acura is our priority my let's live the dunya Alhamdulillah they live they lived in Medina, all the wives of Rasul Allah saw Tucson, but the choice was always please Allah. So when they are tested, and again the tests came in Medina you know that the the answer comes very easily exactly like the woman was there you see them right now. Right? They are sad, they're crying, but their their focus is on Allah I know Allah will reward me I know I'll see you in Ghana. You don't say these things unless you really believe in them or submitted Allah when you're seeing your

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children. And may Allah subhanaw taala make us like them I always say we make them like that like them. Don't test me. Don't test me because I don't know what I was gonna How long can I but make me like them when the dunya is in my hand. And when the dunya you decide to take it from me make me steadfast and say you aren't what pleases you?

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You are salaam no fear of Him. Allah caught along that encounter that after I had an eradication

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otter Hain dollar jet and Viva la for the living you habla Afia yeah now if you have guided someone to a particular rank through test then guide me to that rank or grant me that rank Bill Afia with with ease you don't ask a lot for the test. We're not We're not asking a lot to be tested like the people of us that we're asking Allah to have the blessing of the opinion of the people because