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Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The host welcomes attendees to a youth meeting and introduces Shama accelerator, Anna, who is bringing in volunteers for outreach programs. The host also reminds attendees of the upcoming Day of Judgment and emphasizes the importance of patient and patient behavior in achieving success.
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Hello July 1, we have chapters of how the joining us and today the July the 15th We have one more person who's going to start Inshallah, as your love brother you share events has moved to Dallas and today is officially his first day. So on behalf of the residents scholarship yesterday, I remember the themes that budget and above all, all of the community in the youth, I'd like to welcome. I'd like to welcome our youth and outreach director whether you should events, I'm going to invite him to say a couple of words. I'm looking out there he is handling the ship

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu very short and sweet inshallah who tireless or if the viewer can do his thing. It's my pleasure to be here with you guys. You've heard enough for me over the past couple of weeks now it's time to get to work. I am no longer nomadic between here in Minnesota and officially in Dallas and hamdulillah it will take me you know, a couple of weeks to get my self acclimated and my feet up under me. But we will start rolling out youth and outreach programs and then inshallah hooter, Anna within the next couple of weeks, we will roll them out for scale. There are some exciting things to come and Shama

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Jota, Anna, we pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala accepts our affairs and grants us access for dunya will occur. And anyone who wants to be involved in these programs, we need your help. We need volunteers for outreach. We need people who want to be involved in social services, people want to be involved in taking the message of Islam, outside of this Masjid into the community through the service of Islam and helping serve this community. And with the youth we need as many of you as possible to make this happen. I am one single human being there is very limited resources that I have ended up myself, it takes all of us so anybody who wants to be a part of these things, reach

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out to me reach out to one of the board member reach out to the community, you can reach me at my official email Yeesha dot Evans at Epic Say that you want to get involved let me know what you can lend your service to to help service your community and Shama BarakAllahu li comm Jimmy I look forward to seeing all of you very regularly now. Insha Allah Santa Monica.

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I don't know. Whether you

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like whether McMahon said the full house the all the masala people in charge are here. hamdulillah before we just mentioned the quick cartera tomorrow in sha Allah officials at 545. Pleasure tomorrow at 545. And tomorrow, like I mentioned yesterday are the three white days of the month of the tether. So please do your best to fast. So we started on Thursday. Why? What is the ECMO of hash and we said that one of the hikma of hash is who's going to remind us

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what did we say on Thursday?

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It reminds us of the Day of Judgment. Today inshallah Tada mentioned one more or maybe if I have time I mentioned to Subhanallah all that a Baghdad Salah cm zakat, they are here to remind us what does Islam mean to remind us that you are the hub? I cannot pray Fudger whenever I like it, no pleasure it has to be between the time it comes till the sunrise after that it's out you have to get up Allah subhanaw taala said, get up at that time you say something in our planner. When fasting comes I cannot break your fast on answer or five minutes before Maghrib No, you have to finish the whole thing. So no, well, Phantom. When you have the resolve and you have the hound pass, you have

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to give this occurred somewhere in our con. Similarly, the hedge comes every year to remind us of Summit. What Aton why seven rounds around the cab summit no upon Wi Fi is on the ninth not on the eighth summit in Atlanta. Why do I carry seven stones and I throw them somewhere and if you are, if you are in Missouri for and you take somebody who is multimillionaire in America, he has so many companies and you see him in alpha with two pieces of cloth are in was deliver and he's picking up stones from the floor and you tell me a chef. What are you doing? He said I'm picking up some stones what you're doing with these stones to what I'm going to throw them on a stone. So you're picking up

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the stone throwing it on the stone. And after you finish you're gonna go around the stone and if you're lucky, I'm going to kiss the Stone

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Summit and now we listen and we obey all that all these lessons from hedge is to teach us that when we come back to our countries wherever we come from, stay away from river sand. We have the semi final Steven haraam Business Summit in Atlanta, respect your parents summit in Atlanta. This is what the hatchet is all about. It's not about just going around and doing this and doing that and coming back the same thing, same guy again. This is one of the lessons quickly another lesson. Sabra one of the main lessons of hedge is that it teaches us it teaches us patience. Extreme patience to mind trip.

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Eight hours, seven hours

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You want to you're making fun of a guy behind you is pushing you. Woman behind you is poking you Alhamdulillah along Malecon ya allah I'm so grateful that you picked me to be here. I'm so patient, you have to be extremely patient. So when you come back from whatever country you went from, you will be very patient with your wife, you will be very patient with your family. You will be very patient with the people who are working for you. You will be very patient with your children. This is what one of the lessons of hygiene so the first one teaches us at remind us of the Day of Judgment. Second, it reminds us that we are here to say something Aparna, whether we understood the

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ACMA or not we say some internet Wattana third, and it teaches us patience insha Allah to Allah, Allah kept us alive to Thursday. I will mention a couple more inshallah. Is that gonna Allah here, welcome Luffy come Subhanallah come down with the handshake, Michigan de la Rocha and a Toby lick

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