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alumina shaytani rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam O Allah sherlockian mursaleen Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala le you also have big mehreen beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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operation to Allah subhana wa tada the Most Merciful, the most kindness should of Allah either hate a lot of a witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhana wa Tada. We send our love our greetings and salutations to beloved Nabil Mohammed sallallahu sallam, to his pious and pure family to his companions and all those who follow his student until the end of time, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us in this box of jamara ask Allah subhanaw taala to kill all of those of us who are ill, Allah Graceffa to all those who are ill, to Allah to alleviate the hardships and the burdens of anyone across the world of all the muslimeen the people in Syria in particular are

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going through a tough time Allah subhana wa tada system melotti turn the reins to us and forgive our sins, and guide us amin Al Hamdulillah. Al Hamdulillah. inshallah, today will conclude with our series on knowledge that we began at the beginning of the year. And we actually started the series to remind us that as bad as the state of affairs of the oma is locally, internationally, the beginning point is

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the beginning point is education. Even when you look at, for example, the budget speech when we looked at the government, when they look at how we're going to transform our country, from a from a secular perspective, the focus is education. Education is really the answer to all the problems are most of the problems you have, this is where it needs to begin. A lot began with in Accra, Allah transformed, a people who are backwards knew nothing to become masters of the world. And that's why we need to become an oma of Accra once again. And over those few weeks, we discussed the importance of knowledge, the blessings and the virtues of both both Islamic knowledge and secular learning. We

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spoke about our rich history of Islamic academia and the great contributions are Allah made so much so that Al Hamdulillah. Today, our Deen is without, you know, fundamentally with in terms of the Quran and the Sunnah, we know what Islam is, we don't have that kind of divisions. This was a massive effort done by our scholars of the past. And we said that thinking that methodology of authenticity of evidence of proof, it actually was inherited by the scholars have of the of the worldview sciences. And from there, we had many academics, we basically laid the foundation for over 1000 years of development in science and technology. We spoke in detail about the achievements of

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this oma, it's vanilla, there was a time when the whole world looked at us with solutions for the problems. The whole world looked at us as people of, of learning and knowledge. We were the people that were lightyears ahead of everybody else. Everyone looked at says, You know, I will ever catch up with these people. How will we ever match them? This was the legacy that we once had. And Alhamdulillah, our you know, you know, as bad as things are, we know that we are always positive, we can always return to the way things were. Then we spoke about a bit about how things are the unfortunate state of the oma, we spoke about how both from a secular perspective, our countries are

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backwards, inferior. And this is very for made us vulnerable to external influences. Because we have, we have moved away from learning. And we depend on others, and we should we Muslim countries, depend on other countries for the food, for the energy for the medical,

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the medicines, and therefore, when you come when you are completely dependent on someone else, you're enslaved, the chains may not be the the shackles may not be there, but you're enslaved. And therefore we can see politically, there's nothing you can really do we have numbers, billions, more than a billion people. But what does that mean? What the real, what influences that have been when you don't have knowledge.

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And we spoke about them a little bit about the system, how the system of learning how it evolved when it changed. And basically secularism we see the rise the religion of today, the religion of this time and age, the challenge we have is not as we said, Our challenge and our threat to our Islamic ideology is not Sufi to Salafi suitably, he's a wild beast, that's not the problem. And he's not even she has an idea, you know, you know, six outside of deviations in our theology, it's not even other religions. This is not what threatens us and threatens our kids and must keep us up at night. It's the secular Western world that we live in this ideology, a ideology of

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its anti religion. And that is the challenge that we live in today. That's the challenges we live in today. So our question was, we've listed these problems. How do we get back to being an owner of ekra? How do we get back to and removing gehele from our minds?

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We said that in reality, if we look at socially how this world is, in terms of technology, it's more advanced than ever before, right? We have more knowledge today than we mankind has ever had. We have gone to the stars, we have gone, you know, outside of this planet already, we have cured diseases. But if you look at society, it resembles the gel Society of Islam. The morality, the insignia, the human spirit of, of this world, resembles that of the Jay Z, a time where one group of people 1% owns half half the wealth of a country where a small group of people controls the race, where there's no key or concern, where we produce enough food and water to feed everyone on Earth, but

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millions die of starvation. How is it possible, where we will rather destroy excess produce to keep a price high enough to feed people who can't feed themselves? That is not where we invade countries, on mess and kill civilians indiscriminately with the most advanced technology for resources. This is Jerry Lee, this is Jerry Lee, the methods have become sophisticated, but the person the human has gone backwards. So when we look at this, the world we live in, what do we do put up our hands and say, we just think about the past and cry and make sure that law keeps us safe and hope for a better we know we have to work on building a better future. So how do we remove jail? How do we move out of

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the state of jelenia?

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Five Points inshallah. And these are not answers to all our problems. But these five points in sha Allah is for something for us to reflect and to think about five points to remove general from myself and yourself. Number one, we need to change our attitude, change our attitudes towards knowledge, knowledge needs to become a priority in our life. And you know, what's a priority in your life by looking at how much time you spend on a thing? And how much money you spend on a thing? How much money do you spend on learning? How much money do you spend on knowledge time you spend on knowledge, your courses that you have books that you buy time spent reading, at the end of the day,

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that's what's important if you spending most of your money on entertainment, most of your time and entertainment, and that's what's important in your life. That's your priority. And all of us needs to look at that and say, Well, what is the priority? So we know, at the oma basis on a massive basis as oma by and large, the majority does not give knowledge, the time and effort and money it deserves.

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So, collectively we failing, and therefore each one must look at Part of that collective, my i'm i'm also to be blamed. And if not, if not for yourselves and for your kids, you need to change that, that mentality in them as well. So from an Islamic perspective, by and large brothers and sisters, you know, without you know, without sugarcoating it, the amount of importance Islamic knowledge is given to our kids is not enough. As I said, Our kids are basically illiterate. islamically illiterate islamically they can't do the basics that you know, a, a new Muslim will learn within a new Muslim will learn all the things that we take, you know, in a lifetime to achieve. Basically, in

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one month, a new Muslim can learn to perform Salah, they can learn the basics of how to recite the Quran. And that's it. That's where we are. And how do we think our kids are going to face the challenges of the world? So islamically our basic Islamic knowledge is not the

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we don't when they get to high school, we said we take them out of madressa but there is to begin with it's not it's not great. We don't fund the madressa properly we don't appoint and the best people, we spend more on maths tutors, ballet lessons, then the Malema and and you know the person that's going to teach your child that will get that child to general janam we spend more on ballet lessons. That's the reality. The reality when it becomes when anything pops up a holiday exams, a concert where you don't have time for Marissa Now, next week, inshallah. That's the reality. That's vanilla. And therefore there's no, there's no don't, don't be surprised when we reap that 10 years

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when a child is a teenager, and there's no Islam lift in that person.

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This is what we need to change that, that the importance of knowledge, and this is life and death. This knowledge is life and death. It's going to save me. And then of course, we're not only talking here about Islamic knowledge, we're talking about secular knowledge as well. We push some of us, Allah if you are Al Hamdulillah it's a good thing you push your kids. I know Alhamdulillah I mean, I know from certain areas and experiences, even from a secular perspective. Our kids don't have any much objectives. We had a Dora we a bunch of youth from all over Cape Town we're we asked him what do you want to do with your life, the moment

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This answer was, I don't know. I don't really know. Our kids have no objectives leave the Acura the dunia at least at least say, I would like to live in Clifton. I'd like to drive a sports car. I like to be a billionaire and hunter at least that's an objective. But we have no objectives. That's the problem.

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We a person's potential the abilities that Allah has given them is wasted. And it's us as parents as teachers that needs to guide them to, to at least dream. If you don't even dream about something you don't even have aspiration, then that's that's a problem for us.

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Whether it's a problem for us, Oh man, this thing is, is pervasive. It's throughout all communities. It's throughout all you know, throughout the Muslim Ummah country, not only us here in Cape Town, from Morocco to Indonesia, that's the reality. That's the reality and experience. So don't talk about the oma just talk about your own family. What is going to become what do our kids aspire for? So remember, we an omen that begins with Nia, a prophet is teaching I saw sanlam begin with an objective begin with an aspiration a dream? Why am I doing this? Why am I doing this also. And then as for those of us who haven't Rila, we pressurize our kids. And it's good, you have to pressurize

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them to study that we don't accept mediocrity that you can do better.

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And we know no doctor or lawyer or anyone that has gone and study for 25 years did so except with hard pressure from a mother or father, or both parents, if left to their own devices, none of us would want to go to school. It's not easy, right? We were forced into that, and all the great orlimar that we have Abu hanifa Imam Shafi the they had some role model that encouraged them and keep them need to study until they got to the point where they themselves wanted to learn. But our kids, when we push them to learn, and those who do learn and those who do Excel, why do they do that? We have learned we learn, and we qualify ourselves for a better life for ourselves. That's the

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reality we want to achieve. A lot of you know, we want to qualify and have many degrees and not for the sake of learning and knowledge.

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We do it so that we can buy ourselves a better lifestyle, nothing wrong with that nothing wrong with that's good. But if we only learning so that I can have more, then society doesn't grow. If you look at the philosophy of learning, that in a sense, the Europeans, they learn, they study the research, not for the sake of of themselves benefiting but just for the sake of contributing to the world, to make the world a better place to develop to answer questions, why does things go up? Why do things go down? Why is this like that? I want to find an answer to that. So many of our, our professionals, if you're used to your Hamdulillah, you found the importance of learning and you actually went to

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learn and you've acquired knowledge. Why did you get that knowledge? And what are you doing with that knowledge? It's not enough that I'm it's it's not enough that I'm an encyclopedia of knowledge, but I don't benefit anyone besides myself financially with that. And that's a big difference. It's a big difference between Muslim lands. And, you know, I found this when I studied with Europe overseas, and a lot of my peers were from Pakistan, India, Egypt, we competition is very, it is a big competition to get into university. And they don't want to study in India, Pakistan, I want to study at Harvard and MIT. Brilliant. So they work hard to qualify, highly qualified, what are you

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doing with it? No, it's just so that I can develop my so that I can have a better life standard of living, I don't go back to Indonesia or Bangladesh and uplift my community. That's not my concern. So it has given you the tool to solve community problems. But it's not being used for the community for yourself. And I think that's an attitude change. And we should we should instill that in us. For any person that is in the community that works for the masjid a little bit. Alhamdulillah The only reason why you put effort in the community is because you had a grandfather or father that instilled that in you, that you do you your obligations for yourself and your deen and your family. But the

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community also has it all. You need to support the community. That's what's important. So I'm going to come naturally. So just as we teach our kids to go to school, and to earn a good education, we need to teach them also that you learn for the sake of learning and you learn for the sake of loving knowledge and you learn for the sake of helping others. How many of us has paid a royalty to Mr. mohar his family for the contribution He did? Imam Shafi Why did they travel the world to acquire knowledge, they weren't employed by anyone. They did this purely for the sake of the oma to get something obviously for the archaea as well. But for the sake of others, they can be bitter. That

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kind of thinking is very sparse. Very few people do this. Even we all have to take that responsibility. shala are near as we change that actually.

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and also the fact that these in a manner that all of us need to acknowledge that Allah has installed and has placed in us each one year. Allah is not put by mistake by chance or by luck. This is a reason you need to be here. And you need to ask yourself, Am I fulfilling that reason? Am I fulfilling? The reason was I meant to do this?

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And the only way you answer that question is by learning who you are, what you are capable of doing, and what you're able to give back. So when you stand before Allah, you said, Yeah, Allah these were all the the abilities, the opportunities you gave me. This is what I did. Was it Alhamdulillah? I've passed my Amana everyone needs to have that that question. Why? Because Allah the Hadith says, of the things you will be asked specifically on kiama about your knowledge, I was gonna ask you about your wealth, your time your health. So in addition to all the questions, there is a special question piano. What about knowledge?

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Did you learn? Didn't you learn? If you learned why did you learn? Who did you? What did you do with that knowledge? How did you contribute? That's the questions that I was going to ask all of us now protect us. Allah protect us to answer the question. Number two Alhamdulillah. I find that many of us this perhaps more relevant from an Islamic perspective. So I want to then share enough preaching now. Alhamdulillah I want to learn now, you've been begging me for the past six weeks about learning and knowledge. I want to learn where do I start? How do I begin learning from I'm talking from an Islamic perspective. Obviously, from a secular perspective, there are many classes and courses your

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matrix is difficult XYZ, it's ugly, but from an Islamic perspective, how do I begin learning? And what should I learn? Should I go sit in a Tafseer class? Which check must I go to must do it online must listen to lectures from Mufti so and so and so and so? who's right who's wrong? The sick? This one says don't go to that chef. He's a why we don't go to that one. He's a Sufi. How do I start? It makes you despondent. We say, you know what, I don't even know anymore. Let me just not learn how do I start learning? Number one, as you learn from Nabil musasa to Salam learning is a system that is going to it requires if it is going to be difficult, Allah does not parked with his knowledge for

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free. Never is he going to give anything for free, it's going to take time, and therefore it's systematic. You need to learn in a system you need to start with, and this is how our Deen works. You start with the fundamentals. And then you work your way up. You start with basics in a person enters into Islam, we don't open a book of Tafseer we don't open a book of inheritance, we start with how to perform Salah how to clean yourself, and then we move when we move forward, and you keep moving eventually you you know the pinnacle, there's no end to it, Islam will never end that journey will you will die before you get to the end of the destination of learning. So you have to learn

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systematically. So if any of you are hungry law, you've got to the point in your life and usually it's when people become young parents, they want to learn about more. I want to know more about my Deen just on a side note to my own sophomore, I don't like to speak about my own personal experiences. I studied, you know, Islamic Lee Islamic knowledge formerly Why? Because I was tired of just having to be dependent on, you know, on whatever the shift tells you on Friday. I don't know if he's right or wrong. But I just followed him for the past 50 years. If he if he's if he's lost, time lost, tired of just being dependent? I'd like to know what I'm learning is correct. I'd like to know

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when people talk about bizarre and she has at least I have an opinion, I have an idea what's happening. So at least I can make an informed decision for myself. I have questions that my parents couldn't answer. Well, if you have those questions, then you have to learn those things yourself. So just for my own personal sake to remove for myself, that uncertainty that anyone should want that. This is your dean, ultimately, this is your future after Gen janome is at stake here. So you must want to answer those questions. So how do I go forward? Well, as I said, our Dean is about the basics. start with the basics. And find the teacher that's going to the teacher that you trust, a

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teacher that is safe, a teacher that is not going to be controversial. A teacher, and every teacher will have biases, every teacher will be imperfect, no teacher is perfect. Every teacher will have mistakes in the character mistakes in the teaching methodology. But find a teacher is going to teach you the basics. So what are those basics? What are the what are those basics? Well, the basics are, as we said, the fundamentals of of Islam. That hadith of gibreel when the video came to the Prophet Solomon said, Tell me what is Islam and the Prophet peace be upon him said the five pillars of Islam.

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Meaning, you need to know who is Allah understand Allah and understanding Allah is a very deep discussion but have a basic understanding of what is the difference between my theology and the Trinity, my theology and the theology of the Hindu religion. There's some basic stuff you need to know. know understand, for example, the essence of the the do's and don'ts of Salah for example. Salah has 14 pillars for

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pillars if you miss them out, you need to everything after that miss out, you need to start over you Suja How is it gonna work? Can you list those 14? Or to give you a piece of paper? Can you list the 14 pillars of solder? Then this, like, you know, 12 yg. But if you make a mistake that you make a switch, you sell, and so on and so forth. That's sort of that's basic. That's why no one bahara before solid comes cleanliness, what breaks my will do all those things. And of course, because you're older, you're not kids here. Why are the differences with the Hanafi Shafi just for my own sake not to not to debate anyone, but for my own sake. Then you move to soccer, what money is

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acceptable? What income Do I have to play soccer on? fasti hedge the same thing? So those basics you must know and that's for I mean, anyone who's McAuliffe must know that mean, you move forward with what? You know Tafseer of the Quran is just recite everyday, the do as I recite every day, what is that? What does it mean when I say these things? You move to them the pillars of Eman, six pillars of humanity. These are basics you don't every Muslim must know this. Who were the what the angels? What did they do? What are the functions? Who were the MBI that Allah sent all of them the stories, the names, the the teachings, this is fundamentals of pull of man, the books that are lost in the

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events of tiama the prophets of Salaam, his life, not the nitty gritty detail, but you should know the events of brotherhood. This is fundamental prophecies and was seen for that reason, what do we learn from him. And then of course, they still in three will cover and cover. It's a very deep section, but you must have an idea about that. Those are these are the basic fundamentals that you need to learn. So find yourself in a course where you learn these things. Find yourself if you don't if you're not up to scratch with that, search for a teacher will teach you that search for teacher will explain to you what does the Tafseer of Surah Fatiha mean

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analyze when you have to be left with stand before Allah. And I said I recited Surah Fatiha like you know, 20 times a day. But I don't know what ear canal Buddha yaquina Stein mean, I don't know what to do barely want to know who they are what he said I was angry with the worst of the ones I was pleased with. It's a mosquito, it's a problem. And it's a no it's inexcusable. There's no excuse for that to stand on the piano, especially when you have degrees and PhDs. You don't know that. Right? That's basically Islam, how to recite fluently the Quran. That's basic, if you want to move forward now, as Islam is vast, so many things you can go into Hadith history, sciences, so many different

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vastness and the idea is not to get overboard not to get into avoid controversial topics.

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Again, focus on the the sciences stuff, see, understand, interpret the Quran, focus on, don't get bogged down when you learn. How do I know besides for Besides, for Salah there are certain thick rulings which are applicable to you. Like what the minute you get married, you must know the rights of a husband the rights of a wife.

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If you're a business person, then you need to know something about transactions and contracts. Is my money halaal that I'm earning? We never saw corporate people Yeah. Do we even ask that question? Is my money permissible? My time spent? Am I going to be punished for the eight hours I spend in the money I use? You have to learn a little bit about Islamic You don't have to be a Muslim in Islamic finance. But you need to know the basics. So these questions are fundamental, basic questions. And once you answer that, once you go beyond that, then you go into more deeper stuff. Also a V part of learning systematically for us in the time we live in is about authenticity. In the past, there were

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very few scholars that you could go to you have to travel far to find them today. Ah, you have access to like 1000 websites, you know, you know, so many lectures 1000s and 1000s of lectures, one website will have 10,000 lectures on the How do I know if what this man is saying is authentic or not. And that's one of the reasons why you need to learn so that you can have a baseline of knowledge that when you get that WhatsApp message, you can say okay, should I forward this or not? Does this hadith Make sense? this hadith makes sense. Someone actually asked me in this week, how do you know I was listening to a lecture How do you know what that shift is saying is correct. So I

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said obviously, I don't know everything, I have to go back to the source information. You know, America had it, but some information you know, already off the bat, this is fabricated. I I don't have to go to the because I know this doesn't seem right. This can't be right. It goes against very clear ahaadeeth. And yet, so you must have that baseline knowledge. You filter because you're going to be bombarded with ideologies today on your WhatsApp, all of you probably received like three four Hadith today. The prophets have said is the writer of I don't know should I forward it if I don't for the 10 years in Jan number, the four to 10 people I'm going to channel for ever. So now I just

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forwarded it and you're accountable for that. So your baseline knowledge needs to be the what Islam is shooting

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For example, what constitutes schicke? What is said Allah says in the end of Surah Surah Kahf at the end of silica also, should I tell you who's the biggest losers on piano, the one who did haraam oceanic, where you see Luna and know that you that he thought he was doing good isn't a common kiama proud I was doing all these good deeds, and also you were commenting chic the whole time. That's the big, he loves the dunya and he lost the afro, at least the guy who enjoyed his dunya so you're not going to Jana, but at least I'm gonna make this dunya my paradise. Those things, what nullifies my Islam, those things are very important.

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Okay, so focus, and for most of us, that's where we are, learn those basics. Find a chef that you trust, and it's not complicated to learn those bases on hamdulillah over the Salah fees and the soup establishes, we all agree on the basics, we all perform Salah, we already say the same Quran, we have the same depth See, we all go back to Heidi at hamdulillah. So you don't have to worry. But now when you move forward, and unfortunately, this is how it is the reality. Many of us know more about the controversial stuff than the actual basic stuff.

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And we do need to be an almost critically thinking we need to ask and explore and ask questions. When we take pride that we will never in the we will never and mother just do what I say and don't ask questions. Maybe we fell behind maybe one of the reasons we fell behind was when our nama and our scientists are doing that, that we said was the mistake of the church. The church said for example, God created the world was 6000 years old. This is what we find fossils 60 million years ago. How is this possible? Don't ask those questions, you blasphemous we're gonna burn you keep quiet. Islam is not like that.

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Once you have the basic knowledge Now remember, that's a prerequisite like never Moosa with hidden it is to keep quiet. Don't ask me any questions. Initially, you have to learn. Once you've gone a little further and you're the more advanced polyp. Now you're a student, remember this, to get the title of an expert, that's very difficult to get there when you really know what's an alum. Only when you started writing volumes and you've contributed new knowledge, can you say I'm of the aroma, but we all just do lab searches of the dean, once you've now gone beyond being an army, a lay person, and it's not an insult. I'm a layman. Once you go beyond that, you have to be critical in

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your thinking, and also in your secular world as well. be critical in your thinking, you know, contribute to knowledge, learn for the sake of learning to understand things. The difference is we live in a world there's always differences, but we want to find solutions to things. So be critical. While you learn the basics without questioning you get to a certain level be critical. challenge your mama respectfully, obviously, but challenge your llama. When it comes to Dean, I know I saw this this is a picture of a Masjid where the guy goes into the mosque and he puts his shoes down and his brain down as well. He goes to the masjid like that, you know, my I switch my brain off when I

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come to the masjid problem. You need to be critical about the world you live in. You have to be critical about what I am saying challenge me you see the mistake Alhamdulillah I love the brothers who emailed me and said You said this, can I get the Hadees reference you said this isn't but this goes against what that they and I have to explain how much good means the person is listening and thinking. Don't just take it blindly. You won't do that with your money. You won't do that with your core even. So you Dean as well be critical doesn't mean disrespectful. But be critical and explore and ask why be inquisitive about your deen. And naturally by asking questions, you'll enter into

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controversy. You're going to enter into controversial areas. We unfortunately live in a time we can't ignore controversy anymore. We can't say put your head in the sand and the shears will go away. But you're in the sand and the atheist will always know when you put your wake up. It's even more, it's worse. So you need to address these things for the new layperson. If you haven't done those basics we spoke about if you can't answer those basic questions, who are you know, Subhanallah just again, I speaking, I'm doing a course and she has a mammogram.

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And the big contention is between the Sahaba are one of the big areas of differences between a hallucinogen man here is with regard to the Sahaba. Now we get very worked up they don't love the Sahaba and the curses Sahaba. But if I ask you who are the tin ashrama Bashara, the 10 greatest Sahaba promised you can list those things. So then why are you getting upset about people who are insulting people you don't even know?

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What's the point? How do I speak to you about Shiism? And how do I tell you abou VEDA no giraffe, why you're such a good man. Well, you don't have never heard this man before.

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Right so Subhan Allah, that basic knowledge must be the before you into the Nicene that to them. I as I was giving the lecture, and I started mentioning the names of the Sahaba and people were blank. So they can't we can't move forward like this. You need to go back and do a course and Sahaba go back and do Sierra and I'm a very, you know, spawn a lot of my own bias. But if you want to start and you really want to enjoy yourself. Yes, you're called the Sierra and I love learning about organifi of the profits of seldom you will learn the basics in a video

00:30:00--> 00:30:16

And story format. And when you're done with learning the Sierra, every one of you two fundamental really to know the biography of the prophet SAW. So now you have to know that you will learn about the Sahaba you will learn about the seed you will learn about from his life, everything from his life, that's why he was there. So

00:30:17--> 00:30:34

if you can avoid controversy in your beginning is avoided. But once you have gone beyond that, now you need to approach by it, you know, you have to be informed about it. Be wise enough to understand that your opinion or the opinion of your teachers is not the only opinion

00:30:35--> 00:31:15

that everyone even as as crazy as the views of these some evidence that they have. You need to understand that if you can't avoid controversy, deal with it respectfully, we have an oma and one of the big problems with our learned people. When they when they get controversial, they resort to becoming thugs, they fight with one another curse one another one another. So is that thinking of, you know, academic discussion, no matter what people say, ultimately, you know, we don't want violence. So Allah don't talk our learn that our the learner don't talk to one another. They talk about one another, they can't sit around the same table. So even those with knowledge, it's not

00:31:15--> 00:31:55

moving the oma forward. And that's how it's it requires a lot of respect. A lot of wisdom in Are we going to deal with controversy is required to run away from it anymore. We can't ignore it. We need to deal with it wisely. So for the student who's learning, avoid your controversies. When you get the understand there are multiple opinions. Learn what you say, learn your method, learn you what you're gonna teach you learn that without disrespecting the other scholars, and once you strong enough, and once you're confident enough, now start understanding what's the opinion what's Why do they say that? And it'd be really speak, respectfully disagree. Okay. And then lastly, so from

00:31:56--> 00:32:35

changing your attitude, to start to learn the basics, and asking proper critical questions, and then being respectful and wise in terms of controversy, this must now result in a change. It must change you your knowledge and this is the thing the first four yeah the BLM Allah protect us. Unfortunately, the first people will go to Jana, the firewood the Blitz of Jana will get the fire going is who the alum The one who learns by any acquire the knowledge, but he didn't do anything to use it for the wrong reasons. He did it for fame, for his name to be, you know, posters for his name. That's number one person in general, Allah protect us.

00:32:36--> 00:33:09

So you have to learn, if you don't do anything with that knowledge in problems. And if you say I don't want to learn, then I'll just say jail. Also problem, it's not going to be an excuse, either. There's no way out here. There's no way out. The only way is you have to learn and then do something with that knowledge. It must bring a change in you if you if you've learned the Islamic knowledge you practiced in your life. You practice it to be a better person. We don't. This Deen is not about qualifications or Islamic knowledge not about qualifications. There's people behind all that have more Eman and more Deen in them that have never sat once at the feet of a chef, right? We know so

00:33:09--> 00:33:44

many people like me. There's so many people that have so many qualifications, but they still need to learn the deen. Right. So from a sonic perspective, this Deen must change you. This demonstrates you. Again, just a personal anecdote, I was got a cut at the Baba next door, the Pakistanis. And they've traveled about trying to find job and he says well lie. This is I tell you the best people on earth is the Muslims in Cape Town. I've never seen they've been in Bangla. They've been all over the world. They said, just the luck that they see. That's Dean, that's what we're talking about Islam, that you don't need to learn that in Lumo madressa. That's basic knowledge that we need to

00:33:44--> 00:34:18

know. But we have to see this change. And the more you learn, will give you a love for learning will humble you, you realize Subhanallah I've learned this whole book, but there's so much things I didn't know about the field, you would actually you will refrain from you, it will humble you, it will refrain you from criticizing others. You know, one scholar he was teaching is great. It was teaching students and someone came in as a very basic question. And all the students went through jump up and answer the shift set for like a long time. And he gave an answer this chair, you know, that's such a simple question. We all could answer it. So he said you don't you know the knowledge

00:34:19--> 00:34:54

but you don't understand the weight of that knowledge. I'm giving an answer to someone, it will change and affect that person's life. I need to be comfortable. I don't see that lady in front of me I see a lie in front of me. You ready to answer that question? and knowledge way for as Allah says and perhaps to conclude with us, Allah says in the Maya shalom in a birdie Allah, that verily the scholars of Allah, those who have knowledge may say Allah, we don't mean the image, etc, whatever it might be, that verily those who have knowledge it will make them more fearful, conscious loving of Allah, so that knowledge must translate in action. Similarly secular knowledge. If you've learned a

00:34:54--> 00:34:54


00:34:55--> 00:34:59

it must improve your society. We all we have a new president, that

00:35:00--> 00:35:34

Mississauga to lend me a hand. All of us needs to lend a hand for our community. It's part of our Deen and there is the results will be in the dunya Allah will give you in the dunya but in Africa it will be so much better. So Allah return us in sha Allah to be an oma ekra Allah grant us to see a better future. May Allah subhanaw taala bless that from us and from our offspring. We become an oma of learning lit Cape Town with this community be known for a community like we are known for our Quranic knowledge of hamdulillah. It does have expertise here, people look at us and admire us for our learning of Islamic knowledge and secular knowledge. And let us you know, improve the world

00:35:34--> 00:36:06

through that. I mean, just a few announcements insha Allah, a number of our students and brothers here are quite new. So make the program the chief operations from Allah Grantham q and a speedy and a swift recovery. I mean, some classes that are happening so as mentioned at the Mowbray measured in sha Allah, we do a series on the six of Islam myself and shad Siddiq, we beginning with Shiism, it might become two different groups we heard about the name Salafi, Sufi, whatever, perhaps in the series will discuss those things, you know, maturely academically with love with respect.

00:36:07--> 00:36:23

Number two, this is not a course here. But if anyone inshallah I'll be off for about two weeks I'll be going to Australia, I'll be teaching a course on the wives of the Prophet, the mother, the mothers of the believers and gender issues, why Islam allows for husbands for wives, you know, no, not for not for us. Not for

00:36:25--> 00:36:59

not for husbands for wives. Why about what about female slavery? find so many ways in the Quran, what you or I can possess, you can have intercourse with, what does Islam say about the slavery? So these kind of questions inshallah, hopefully this course will also come to Capetown. But if you have anyone that you know from Australia, let them know. Spread the word inshallah. We will continue our classes on Tuesdays from six to seven. So inshallah six to seven we'll meet up we doing the biography of the rightly guided caliphs, Abu Bakr, Siddiq rajala. And so please join us in sha Allah. Any questions or concerns with gmail.com Zack Luffy Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh