Haifaa Younis – There is Strength in Modesty

Haifaa Younis
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modesty doesn't mean I'm weak and strong, doesn't mean I am not modest. This is we need to redefine, honestly. And we need to make clear Islamically what is modesty? Right? So if I am soft spoken, that means I'm weak. Or if I am loud, does that mean I'm strong? On the contrary actually, if you're loud

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most people will say why she is shouting. Right or why he is shouting even for the same for both gender. So basically what modesty is follow Allah subhanaw taala rules

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period. What did he say? Dress ABCD dress ABCD right and he said for example, no Hello between man and a woman in the workplace. No Hello mature man and you have a meeting with the door open. Period right? Lotta vulnerable code fair Tamala lb Mauro don't speak not softly only but in a way suggestive way than the person. This has taught the wives of Russell de Santos. So the person who has a sick heart will feel desire. This can be anybody this could be me. It could be any man. This could be any person. So I need to as a woman, I need to put these boundaries. The way I speak. I speak soft. I speak gentle, affirm. Right and I always make sure I have this pride I call it private

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space. private space around me private space even in discussion, professional even if there is a time for a joke there's a time for a joke but even the joke is with higher is always the higher it's Hello call Islam. The Annie l higher oil Eema Corina Jamia and HYAH is modesty, bashful? No, there is not a word to translate modesty, bashfulness humbleness, right? And Iman faith you have together. If one is left the other holy, that's hadith of Roscoe Santosa. So I can be strong. Absolutely. I can be assertive, I am my opinion, but at the same time, I am a Muslim woman.

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Once you define this Muslim woman clearly in your dress code in your interaction, I can tell you from my own experience, people will respect you even more

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