2018 ‘Ilm Intensive Detroit MI

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A customer named Haifa is hosting an in festival program where they will be sharing topics related to learning about d earn, praying, and purification. They will be sharing personal experiences and experiences related to their religion. The customer will receive a chance to learn about their spiritual and spiritual experiences.

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So hello caller Hello cartoon. My name is Haifa, Jonas, I will have the pleasure and the honor of joining the in festival, the program that we are going to have inshallah, in July, end of July in Detroit. And I would love for you to join us and the question, why should I come? And my answer will be Why not? We go everywhere. So how long are fine for learning everything about dunya? And why not learning one week, few days, few hours? Learn about how to really love this Deen is not just because I'm a Muslim, how do I really love this religion love Islam, I want to be a Muslim, I want to be proud. As a Muslim, this doesn't come unless you learn everything you do, you need to learn you need

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to study about it. And the same thing for this handler, this is an amazing opportunity. And if you look at the topics, and I highly recommend, go on the website, check it out. And you're going to see the topics is that is very relative to my daily life. And what I am going to be sharing with you is why should I pray? And why should I feel? And why am I why I'm not praying? And am I praying, right? Why do I pray one day and the other day I'm not. That's one. And the other thing to remember the only thing I'm not going to do only the practical part, we also render the spiritual part of what a lot wants from me when I am praying. Second thing I'm going to be sharing with you is about

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purification. How do we are and you become a better human being internally before externally. And this is related to Islam or even outside Islam. Because if you're a good proper Muslim, internally, externally, you're a good human being these again, you need to learn. So come and join us few hours a day, few days of the year, and then you will see how it is the main thing that puts the law of learning inside me was when I attended one of these, it was a few days. And then I met amazing people Amazing, amazing teacher. And I said your law, like you taught me medicine. I want to learn this and give me the resolve open the opportunities that 100 level. Blimey, it's available. It's

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there. So please join us love deceive.