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Contaminated Ocean and Polluted Air – Protect the Environment

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Mufti Menk

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The maker did not just make human beings the maker made animals to, and not only animals, and birds, but plantation to the plants, the sea, the ocean, everything you would be concerned about your ecosystem because that ecosystem is made by the maker. If I were to just destroy the ecosystem, what love have I shown to my maker who made that ecosystem? The oceans contaminated the air polluted, and I'm claiming to love Allah and I don't even care. True love of the maker extends way beyond just your five daily prayers, way beyond just giving a charity and forgetting about your character, your conduct refining yourself.

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If we are people who are not allowed to harm others downstream, if we are upstream with the water that is going down. Do you really think that the almighty would let us be without consent without being concerned about others, or the animals? I'm sure you've heard of the narrations where a man entered paradise simply because he quench the thirst of a dog.

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A woman entered paradise for a similar reason. And there is another narration to say a woman was punished because she punished a cat

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Subhana Allah