Abdulfattah Adeyemi – Editing your Universe #5 – Happiness is worth praying for

Abdulfattah Adeyemi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of happiness and how it can be sustained through various factors such as love, money, intelligence, and luck. They encourage people to pray for happiness and let it happen around them to achieve their goals. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of happiness for everyone and offers suggestions for how to achieve it.
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Now listen to me I want to I want you to answer this question. There is love in marriage, right? Okay, and there's money also, what percentage do you think money should carry in marriage? for a person to be happy?

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Can money buy loan?

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Which can try?

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You can try.

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Okay, what what can money sustain love?

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Okay then can money, sustain happiness?

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Can money maintain happiness?

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Can money innovate happiness?

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Can money rejuvenate happiness?

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And can lack of money kill happiness?

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This money thing says, maybe we should just let happiness thing we should look for the money first. This is a good idea.

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You need happiness to get money? All you need money to get happiness?

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There, let me ask you this one now? Is it possible to bring about another person's happiness?

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them is can you make somebody to be happy? Is it possible? Then Can somebody make you happy?

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What you don't want to be happy?

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Somebody who doesn't want to be happy? Can you make the person happy? Let me ask you another question. Does happiness in life? Let's generalize now? Does it depend on the person you marry?

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Do we inherit happiness? from our parents?

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If we do, what are your own children? Good, Harry from you?

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Is it possible for us to actually cut off or stop certain things from happening?

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So that our happiness can continue? Is it possible?

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I wish we could.

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What sometimes some things happen to us well?

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Should they remove our happiness completely? That?

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What are the what are the things you can do to cultivate the habit of happiness in yourself? Because no matter what happiness is better than sadness?

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Now let me ask you another question. Does happiness depend on intelligence?

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Does it depend on how much school you have gone through?

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Does happiness depend on education?

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Does it depend on ignorance?

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you've answered my question.

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Let me ask you again. Does happiness depend on intelligence?

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Are the happiest people the most intelligent people?

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Does it depend on education?

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The access to food those with PhDs? But does it depend on ignorance? Are the happiest people the most ignorant people?

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Are they the most stupid people? Bududa many smart people are sad.

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Sometimes it is a sad smartness that the cause of our sadness. Some of us are too intelligent to be happy.

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And some of us are too neat to be happy. Some of us are too wise to be happy.

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Some of us are two disciplines to be happy.

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Some of us we are too perfect to be happy.

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And so we want everything to be perfect before we can be happy. And we cannot even enjoy simple things because we are too smart.

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Things don't know logon because laugh because we are too wise.

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We no longer sit down and enjoy company of people because we are better than them intellectually.

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If your intelligence doesn't make you happy, you are not better than a foolish person.

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If you cannot convert your education, to what can make you happy, you are not better than someone who has never been cheated in anything. I want to ask you now, should we pray for happiness?

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Is it worth praying for

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you to ask for happiness seriously is a serious matter.

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If you don't

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who else will give you happiness?

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Think about it. Who else is in or somebody who has seats that can give it? Someone who has more happiness? How can you expect that person to be done to make you happy, and some of us, we placed the all of our hope 150% on human beings to make us happy, yet when they disappoint us, we start feeling bad, it's your fault.

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So we all agree, happiness is worth praying for. Pray for it. Oh Allah, I want to ask you to make me be happy.

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Make everything around me to be sources of my happiness make everybody around me to be sources of joy to me, make me be a source of joy to other people. Let people simulate this and become happy and let me see everything around me and let them be things that will make me to be happy Don't let my happiness be depicted in any way by sadness by trial by war is by soldiers

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will let everything that happens around me contributes to increase in my happiness and lead this happiness give rise let it give birth to every other good thing in life that's good to sustain this happiness for me. Let me feel it that you are pleased with me. Let me feel that we're happy with me. Let me be happy with you and let you be happy with me rose via can muddy the data. I want to be pleased with Allah Allah to be pleased with me and I want my spouse to be so for happiness to me not a source of sorrow a source of sadness.

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I want my children I want to see them and let them make me happy

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let me know see disease and death all around me

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like the housefly

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let me not perch. Let me not feed on Agatha.

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Like the mosquito does suck people's blood give them disease yet produced not

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let my eyesight be the eyes that will see what the bees see in flowers.

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And let me enjoy the sweet nectar of this flowers. And when they are sweet in my mouth and I ingest them, let the byproduct of this beer honey, Mickey. Mickey

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happiness is

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