Hacene Chebbani – The Major Signs Of The Hour Part 3

Hacene Chebbani
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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Sina, Mohammed Radha, he was sorry he he may

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for you.

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We will continue in sha Allah with our program, talking about the major signs that will happen before the day of judgment. And tonight we'll be talking as promised before about the return of Rio de La Silla. The return of Jesus Ali Sara

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned his second coming, or his return. Among the 10. Major signs, as I told you before Salah Salem did not use the word measure, he used the word is, which are signs. But most of these signs are supernatural, they are miraculous. They are huge, they will affect a big number of people and our solar system and put them together in this hadith. hadith of Hosea, see the referring in Sahih Muslim. So I told you before the Sahaba were talking about the Salah, and he said that our will not happen will not take place until you see these 10 signs. And he mentioned one of them, the return of Risa alehissalaam. However, some Muslims denied this concept is

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part of our faith.

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And so Muslims who are actually the are, they are known for their knowledge for the scholarship, some of them and he tried to reject this app either. Not all of them are our knowledgeable or our scholars, but some of them and they said they made claim some of them made a claim that the ahaadeeth are ahead about the new Zulu free Sally salon, or the return of Jesus. And they said some of them This concept is foreign to our faith to our aqeedah it is something that was introduced by the Jews or the Christians. So it is something that is borrowed from other beliefs from other faiths. That is the claim that some people did. And as I said, they said that they had either I had

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they are not mature water. Because there are some Muslims who believe if the Hadith is not whatever it is, I had had that was narrated by a couple of hobbyists, then it should not be accepted in the matters of al Qaeda. But the majority of Allison ojama believe if the Hadith is authentic, whether it is if it is mutawatir is a done deal. It is no disagreement about and we said it, mutawa the mutawatir Hadith is a report that was narrated by such a large number of people, that they cannot be expected to agree upon a lie all of them together. This is mutawatir. And had is any Hadees that was narrated by a number of people

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whose, you know, by a group of people whose number did not reach that mortality, so they are less, there is no specific number that was mentioned by the scholars of Hadith. But we said if we reach a number, where when we cannot be expected, it's impossible for them to agree upon a lie. Like he cannot imagine 40 people to come together from different areas from different places to come together and fabricate a life, let alone the Sahaba of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, whom Allah subhanho wa Taala has praised in the Quran and he said he's pleased with them. Could you imagine that? 25 so hobbies would come together and fabricate a lie about Rasulullah sallallahu

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wasallam. It's very difficult. It's impossible. When we talk about the Sahaba it's impossible, you know, to imagine this. So that was their claim. So the first claim is that I had ether I had the second argument, research Rasulullah saw cillum said that Lana v Abadi, Allah inauthentic Headey, there will be no prophet after me. And Allah, Allah says in Surah Al Asad Makana Mohammedan. ahead in marriage, Alico Malachy Rasul, Allah will hurt them and they've been so lost rattler said in Surah.

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That Mohammed is not the father of any fewer men. But he's the Messenger of Allah and the seal of the prophets. So if he's the seal of the prophets, and he himself said in authentic headies learner we about the there will be no prophet after me. How can you say that Risa Ali Salam will come back at the end of time and we know that

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He's a prophet. So if he's a prophet then there will be a prophecy after Russell lies SLM, it sounds very difficult right to solve.

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We'll deal with it at the end inshallah, maybe later. And the third argument that they used is that there is nothing mentioned about the second return of our Isa Ali Salaam in the Quran. That is their third claim. There is nothing mentioned in the Book of Allah subhana wa Taala. About his second coming. Now let's deal with the Quran. Let's start with this last argument, which is the Quran the Quran mentioned anything about, you know, the second coming of a Salah Salem on the return of research to Earth. The Quran actually mentioned there are some ayat, some of them are very strong, they are very clear one of them is sort of the sort of Allah subhanaw taala said in this ayah in the

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Surah Surah 261. We're in hula in moon Lisa, after talking Allah subhanaw taala was talking from 57 to 65. In this ayatollahs, pantalla. We'll be talking about an ISA La Silla and the different groups who will have different views about the nature of resale a sinner, was he the Son of God? Was he God himself who came to earth in the shape of a human being? So I was trying to tell I did not mention these different ideologies. But he mentioned that different groups have different views about the silent killer, but in the middle of this passage from 57 to 65, exactly the eye 61 you can check it by yourself. He said we're in the hula at the Mona Lisa. fella Tim terranova, whatever only had a

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Serato stuck him in a different era. mutawatir we're in hula Allah Melissa anomalisa falletta Tarun nebia so Allah subhanaw taala, saying, oh, the ruler Maggie said al Melissa here, these are the last pantalla mean that Jesus or Isa will be a well known sign for the hour in here or alum, it's a sign for the our alum flag. It's called the flag item in Arabic because it is a sign when you have a flag posted in one place, that people will see it it is a sign for something. Right? So Allah subhanaw taala use this term or in for annum in a different era. We're in hula, Allah, Melissa. Indeed, Risa will be assigned for the hour. So be not in doubt about it, of it. And don't be in doubt of the Day

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of Judgment, it's coming. Prepare yourself for it. This is the message of Allah subhanaw taala and follow me or this is what Allah told Mohammed Salah Selim to tell his ummah, or to tell all people, so follow me, this is a straight path, you know, following the manner of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. As I said, the word alum, the other camera is more meaningful

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when indicating the meaning of a sign that Isa La Silla will be assigned for the Day of Judgment. If you tell me, you know, he came 2000 years ago, so then he's coming is close, very close. We'll leave at the end of times now. And also loss excellent said about his mission. It is one of the minor signs for the Day of Judgment, and his death, the death of Rasulullah assassin and one of the minor signs, and between us last SLM 600 years, so he could be assigned from that perspective. So the ruler man, he said, No, I mean, he Sally said, was 600 before so like I said, if he was one of them signs he would mention him. Among the signs when he mentioned his death valley, salatu salam, when

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you mentioned his death mentioned his death, and the conquest of Jerusalem, and other things that will happen after his time Rasulullah Silla, he didn't mention anything before he's coming at salado center. So he started the Rasul Allah says in Amman talking about the minor signs, with his mission with the advent of Islam, and then his death, and then the conquest of Jerusalem. And then he talked about a plague that took place at the time of the Sahaba. Around 18,000 people passed away that time, and he talked about some other things. It's not our subject minor signs. You know, talking about minor signs is not our subject here. We will focus in Sharla on the major science in a in a

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different sort in NASA, and this is the understanding of some servers.

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But they'll tell you about another idea and of this halaqa that is in sort of Iran, but now we'll do a deal with these two is the second iron sword in Nyssa. And this is an understanding of the Sahaba so the Tafseer in Surah Nisa, Allah subhanaw taala said we're in min Ll kitabi. Till Allah

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never hear kablammo talking about a Sally seller? Well, malkia matea coolala him shahida. So and there is not from the people of the book, but he will surely believe in Jesus. This this translation is based on this famous understanding of the Sahaba of this ayah. And on the Day of Resurrection, he will be a witness against them. This is a a 159 in Surah Nisa chapter four. So, since I have a zero the law and one of them is over, I used to believe that this ayah means that it is about the people of the book that will live after the Second Coming over Isa alley seller, and majority of them will believe in him as a messenger of Allah not as a son of God. That is the understanding of social

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habits. As I said, one of them is Abu hurayrah, when he narrated the headache of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam will never be enough cvad look at the Hadith many a hadith talking about esala assalamu che will live in fcbd which means by he, in whose hand is my soul, so colossal, Allah trying to confirm this meaning one law he in a different meaning by Allah, the son of many will come down. So what I'm trying to confirm this concept, and yet we find some Muslims who ignore and neglect this hadith. It's like yeah, and he also laughs I sell him is swearing by nothing. That's almost I send me swearing but Allah subhanaw taala that the son of Mary will come down at the end of

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time. Yes, it is miraculous is coming. I mean, saying there for 2000 years. In the second heaven. Rasulullah saw Selim, he said he's in the second heaven. I met him in the second Heaven, heaven, and he will come down, resting on the wings of two angels. It is miraculous. But is it difficult for our last antenna to do something like that? When NASA tells you that they in this universe, there are 1 billion galaxies we believe it right? Science, it's NASA talking about science. But is it difficult for our last panatela to send one of these profits resting on the on the wings of two angels if we believe in the existence of angels that it won't be difficult if we believe in the power of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala Is it difficult to believe that Allah strangle is able to send a human being? Or is it xlm at the end of time to be assigned a major sign for the Day of Judgment. So in this lesson loss in this room is confirming the meaning one let enough cvad will live in fcbd by E. In who's in whose hand is my soul? laoshi cannot an Ian Zilla FICO may be new Maria mahakam and adlam that Isa will shortly come down amongst you talking to the owner for hematol align himself amongst you as a just ruler, as you're just a judge. And this is very important when talking with dealing with the one of their arguments, those people who deny the coming of Jesus, the word of the hack, I'm an

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adult and as a just ruler for zero solly sola Saxena he said he will break the cross. So he will tell the Christians who believe that he was crucified or the Jews or the people of buku believed that he was crucified will tell them this salib is false. I was not crucified it was taking up to heaven. Allah subhanaw taala took me up to heaven for zero Saliba, after all sincere and they said a soulless SNMP will kill the swine tally, it will be haram this ruling will be well established on earth no one will be will come near the you know pork people will not stop consuming pork at this time. Whatever it is, yeah. And he will abolish the jizya tax the jizya that is, you know the tax

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that that non Muslims are supposed to pay when they live in a Muslim society when they are under the protection of a Muslim state. By the way, there are many Muslims who believe that this is not fair. But if you think about it, this is actually very fair. When you compare between the payment of this tax and zakat.

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This varies this tax is a standard

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Muslims, they have to pay zakat in a Muslim country in a Muslim state. And if a Muslim is extremely wealthy is very wealthy, he has to pay 2.5 of his wealth, which could be a big amount of money. At the time of Omar Malhotra. The tax was one one dinar for each non Muslim who lived in the Muslim land for the end for the state because you are protected by the state. There is nothing there is no injustice here. I mean, we live in Canada, like the rest of the Canadians who are paying taxes. So in a Muslim land in the Muslim land, the non Muslims are not supposed to pay zakat. It's not fair to tell them to pay zakat because they are not Muslims. Zakat is a burden. It's a monetary obligation,

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but at the same time

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It's a bad it's an act of worship. So you cannot force a non Muslim to perform an act of Riba. So what is the alternative? They want to live for free. I mean the state is protecting you is the state is providing some services so you need to help you need to contribute. So but in the media here when we talk about it, it's like something that is humiliating that non Muslims if they live if they live in a Muslim land, they have to pay this tax but Muslims are paying Zakat you don't think about this. Anyway, so Marisa Ali Salim will stop this payment, so he will not accept anything else besides Islam.

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Were futile Malhotra Li acapella who had done and then what will be abandoned, and he no one would accept it. No one will accept Well, no one who accepts that I don't need sadaqa I am fine, I'm happy, I'm wealthy, everyone will be fine. Everyone will be doing well at the time of salesianum your feeble man, man wolf will be abandoned people will just lose the desire for wealth and collecting wealth at the time of a Sally center. In a different headquarters from Las SLM he said lacunae enough mania is our turn, he will live in St. Muslim it will stay for seven years, there will be no enmity between two people.

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People will love each other people will help each other. Everything will be fine at the time of Isa. And really, this is the promise of Allah Subhana Allah that Allah will make his religious victorious, peace will be established an earth and his kingdom will be established in earth. By the way, Christians we believe in the same thing in a different way, that he is the Son of God will come on establish the kingdom of the Lord and peace will be established an Earth. So we have similar you know, similar,

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you know, beliefs but there are some, of course differences, especially when it comes to the nature of ERISA, La Silla, this is a big difference. We believe that he's a prophet of Allah subhanho wa Taala many of them believe that he is the Son of God. Anyway, so and also last SLM, said in this hadith in Sahih, Muslim Hakuna surged to LA Haider to hire and Mina Junior mafia until one such there will be better than the whole world one session will be better than the whole world. So I don't I don't exactly know what you what is what what is the meaning of the statement. It could be that you know, people will, I'm not sure I don't want to give my personal interpretation here. I'll

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just leave it here. Then I will write out the Allahu anhu Carla at the end of this hadith when he narrated this Hadith, he said the Crow and Cheatham breed if you wish.

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Were in min Al Kitab la la mina de la Mota, well multi Amity akuna Allah him shahida. So this is so he narrated the Hadith. And they said this is the meaning of this ayah that he will come at the end of time. And majority of the people of the book on all the people book who's still alive they are at his time, they will believe in Him before his death and that he will be a witness against all of them on the Day of Judgment. This Hadith is found in Bukhari and Muslim so it is an authentic hadith. The second answer the head is about his return and not had they said they are ahead they are not motivated. So they are narrated by a few servers we cannot take up either from this idea even

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though they believe that they are authentic. And as I said the majority of Allison ojama scholars Sunni scholars believe if a hadith is authentic, then it should be accepted whether it is a hat or not. But here even even if we go with their statement with their claim that ahead the ruler Matthew says actually they are not had many qualified scholars in the area of Hadith he said a Halley's about the new Zoo the coming of and Maddie. Recently Salam or mutawatir even you can see Rama to La La the famous scholar of Tafseer and Hadith he was a highly qualified scholar of Hadith. Even you can see it he said there were tera Hadees Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, Nova venuti releasably Maria

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Padilla, Yeoman Tiana Imam and eidolon hackerman Occitan, he said the Hadeeth of from Rasulullah saw Selim are much awaited about the coming the second return oferece Ali Salam before the day of judgment as a just you know, judge and a decent governor or a decent ruler. And this is found in tafsir new case here anyone can have access to this book. They've seen a new case here.

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And then so Maria mentioned other odema qualified scholar in the area of Hadith so deep Hassan Han, he's from India, but highly qualified scholar of Hadith. He used to believe that the Hadith about return of a Salah Salama which awatea Abdullah Mohammed is a deacon humare another qualified

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qualified scholar. These are contemporary scholars. The second one a luminary. He's from Morocco. And he's qualified scholar in Hadith. Sheikh Mohammed, Anwar Shah, Al Kashmiri.

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He wrote a book we have it here in the library, about terroir are all the Hadith about the new Zulu for Isa La Silla or mutawatir. He said the three Hopi Matata Rafi New Zealand mercy. That is the title of his his book. Alavi Abadi, another great scholar in the area of Hades, the one who explained down in Malibu short soon and Abbey Road, he confirmed that all the ahaadeeth about the return of rissalah Scylla or mutawatir. And he said, this is madhhab Allison ojama

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chefmaster de el Bonnie who was a qualified scholar of Hades contemporary scholar, he said the Hadith about the emergence of addition and the return of Isa or mutawatir, without uttering meaning, and empower each other, the different stories in this Hadith, but all of them have the same meaning that Isa La Silla that Jesus will come back at the end of the time. This is the meaning that you get from this hadith from this heading from a different headed, different stories, but all of them confirm those meanings, the emergence of Asia, or the coming of humanity, or the coming of Isa and he said, people this is the statement of shekel Advani should not be deceived by those who rejected

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this Hadith, because they are ignorant in the area in this area of knowledge.

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So not everyone is qualified in the area of Hadeeth. We have many branches in the area. When it comes to Islamic Studies, we have the science of Hadith, we have the science of filk we have a soul in fact, we have to see and we have some other areas in the area. So so some scholars could be highly qualified in the area of headings, but they are not great fuqaha when it comes to physical they need the help of other scholars. Some people some scholars could be highly qualified in that but then like hanifa Rahmatullah Ali, but he was not good in the area of Hades. But then we compare between Sheffield and

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Sheffield he was great fucky

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he used to tell him I met you are better than me in Hades. If you get an authentic hadith let me know about it. But remember, it used to believe that the membership fee is better than him in the area.

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And they used to love each other, respect each other, visit each other. There was no Shana no enmity between the scholars, because these are the pious people of the oma of Muhammad Sallallahu and there is piety there is good intention, then people will not will have not have no issues.

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You don't see you know this differences and these problems that we see them. Nowadays unfortunately between people who are involved in our or involved in the area of teaching. Unfortunately, this is very unfortunate. So enamel Advani is saying that these people are not qualified to make a statement of both those Hadees we said none of them has collected all the difference chain different chains of narration, because there are a number of Hades who are qualified in the Hadith, they come to one Hadith, they look at all the different chains of Hadith before they make a final statement. And the chains you know, they underrated any one person from one person from a person until they reach a

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soul of lies Allah Allah sent him this is called the Senate. So they spent their whole life studying this change of narration. It's not like someone who, you know, he's a student, foreigners like our car student of knowledge we take from these scholars, because these people spent their whole life studying this area of knowledge that she could have been used to go to a doctor but Valerie and Damascus and he spent the whole day he would forget that his family brought some breakfast for him. He will forget on a daily basis, busy looking for this ahaadeeth and all the you know those all the books and those older scriptures and bottle tart and trying to verify different chains of narrations

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and he was able to Mashallah produce a great deal of knowledge and he he wrote, he was able to author many books in the science of Hadith, because he dedicated his time his life, for you know for this purpose. And there are many scholars before him. hamdulillah Allah has blessed this filmer with the great scholars who dedicated their life. For this purpose. Some of them used to travel walking, walking from going to Baghdad to the mosque is going to bajada to summer camp, walking, walking in the old days, looking for the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu said, no cars, no chains, no planes, nothing these luxuries didn't have these luxuries some

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them some of them so one of them was facing in all harsh weather conditions he was he ended up a chroma qumola urinating blood. He was Jani, defacing these conditions and these harsh weather conditions feasibility law for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala to serve the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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I must tell a promise to protect his Deen and this is how he protected his Deen until we have now Mashallah Bukhari and Muslim and we don't have the time to go go and pick up a book and read these books. We don't have time. We're busy with Facebook accounts. And with our emails and movies and games, electronic games, and ps3 and ps4 and PS five I don't know if there is five now. So yeah, and he we have other area of interest, our own area of interest.

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So anyway, Sheffield, Albania Rahmatullah LA. He said, if they have, if they did, if they looked into the different chains of narration, they would have found them mutawatir and they will not make such a statement. Like the conclusion that was reached a said like the other experts were able to conclude or reach this conclusion. And he mentioned here, one of those experts, classical scholars, if Mohajer, Roger last Kalani Rahmatullah LA. If you are asked what is the best book of Hades is it Buhari? What is the best explanation? Is the explanation of Alaska land fertile very official zaharie 14 volumes and Mashallah 14 volumes. She has explaining Sohail Buhari beside other books

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that they were able to offer. Anyway among these ahead. These are also Lhasa Salim said this is inside Buhari and Muslim cave and to either unzila Ave Maria Murphy como emammal coming come.

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He said how happy you will be when the son of Mary will decide the sand

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will come down among you. And your Eman will be from amongst you. And we said Who is the man we mentioned last time emammal Maddie so his name is not mentioned in Sahil Bukhari and Muslim and Maddie the word Maddie is not there. But the Hadith is talking about the Muslim leader who will be leading the prayer and Isa La Silla will come down and this was confirmed in many ahaadeeth

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in the different Hadees also Lhasa Salaam said letters Hello party for two min omega you party Luna lol HAC la harina la Oh Piano Bar fnz resub new Maria La Silla aku Amira who suddenly Lana Del Sol Ilana amigo home they mentioned Buhari and Muslim he didn't mention Maddie. But the older man he said it is in Maddie that Amelia the principal for kulula in Nevada comala bottineau merata crema to LA he had the Messiah Muslim. So in this hadith Rasulullah Sallam said a group of my Ummah will continue fighting for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala for the truth is what he said, and he will be victorious till the Day of Judgment. And then Jesus son of May, will come down and they are leading

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will say come and lead our prayer. We mentioned in a different heading that is not found in Bukhari Muslim that was in Maddie, but here in in Sahih Muslim a saying the mayor their leader their prints, and then he will say no, he said he said I will say no, you have leaders among you. This is an honor. Oh, this is the honor of Allah for this for this oma.

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Now the location of his dissent based on different Hadith one of them in Sahih Muslim that he will descend while resting as I said his hands on the wings of two angels. He will descend on the white minaret located in the eastern part of Damascus. And

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many ruler Matthew said this minute is actually beside the geometry. The Umayyad mosque, in the in the heart of all Damascus. If you look at the picture of the Umayyad mosque, it has two, three minutes, three minutes one of them is called the western minute. And the other one's called the eastern minute. And then the one at the back. It's called the bride minutes. I don't know what is the background of this, this name the bride minute, but the one in the left side. It's called the eastern minute. So the owner Murphy said there is no other minaret in the city of Damascus beside this one. So Andy said it makes sense people will be preparing themselves for Salatin fudger so they

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should be preparing themselves to surprise a lot faster in a mosque in a Masjid. So they said it must be this white miners because as well as SLM did not say he will come down in a messy dilemma when I made musk he did not mention this, but he said he will come descend on the white minard in located in the eastern part of Damascus. This

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This is the statement of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam and the roadmap he said this is the only minute that is in the east of Damascus and masa Salaam gave us the description. He said he will be wearing two pieces of cloth light yellow in color. And he gave us all also his physical His attributes physical description alehissalaam in a different head is talking about his hedge that he will make has your camera

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again and also loss so I'm trying to confirm this meaning will levena fcba swearing by Allah by the name of Allah by he in whose hand is my soul? Leo Hillingdon Ave Maria mean Giroux ha halcion amore Tamiya Maria Mata Miran, la offend me and Noma and this hadith in Sahih Muslim so by he in whose hand is my soul, the son of Mary will approach Fisher Roja is called the Rahab pass. It is a place between Mecca and Medina bussola Sicilian passed by it many times when going moving traveling between Medina and mecca for general it's a place between Mecca and Medina. So he said from that place, he will make Tobia

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and make the NEA for has allowed to honor him. So he said he would approach that place to perform Hajj or Umrah maybe he may we'll make Nia before that place. But he will pass by this place as someone who is Yanni who's planning to make Hajj or Amara or both. This is the statement of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this is in Sahih Muslim. Now let's deal with the third argument. What was the third argument? So we dealt with the Quran that and I will tell you about another Ayah very amazing if I left it till the end because I was not able to understand the argument of the scars and the last panatela blessed me gave me a gift with a beautiful understanding

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of this idea that it could be a strong actually proof of His coming at the end of time is eminent I'll tell you about it at the end we'll talk about it at the end. But we we know now that he was mentioned in which sort of Sir I mentioned

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as the number of the ayah

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61 analyst fantana and it said we're in no lair Elmo Lisa the other Kara wine the hula Allah Mona Lisa, and Adam, as I said, is a very strong word indicating sign the word sign it means sign that he's assigned for the Day of Judgment. And we said the their claim that these ahaadeeth are ahead. Many qualified scholars in the area of it said they are mutawatir these people who made this claim are not qualified in the area of Hadith. We don't have the right to make this statement. So this hadith actually are motivated to confirm each other. Many Hadith formers, Allah says Allah talking about the coming of his Allison, what was the third argument?

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What was the third confusion that I mentioned? Yes.

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Now tada

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Yes, yes.

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Nana v about the sort of Lhasa Salim said there will be no profit after me. And in Surah Allah subhanaw taala said he's hot among the bean, that Rasulullah Salim is the seal of the prophets, their own ummah. And if you haven't managed they have a methodology Allison ojama you How are we doing? NEH morona been a dilemma and Kenya is a Muna must have been a dilemma emkin and he tried to use all the proofs

00:33:40 --> 00:34:11

as much as possible and not neglect any one of them because all of them are coming from the solar system. There should be no contradiction between these ahaadeeth because the state they are the statements of one person. If there are statements coming from different people, then there is a possibility for contradiction, right? Everyone thinks differently in my mind is not like Imam Shafi. Moshe is different than Abu hanifa. And Eva is different than Imam Malik. So we have different opinions different but this is Russell SSL.

00:34:12 --> 00:34:30

And he's the one who told us learn to be about the authentic hadith, there will be no prophet after me, but he is the one who told us that he saw a seller who was a prophet and he was still he will keep his status as Prophet he will come at the end of time. So there

00:34:31 --> 00:34:59

it could be difficult right for some people to understand this right. Here the owner map as I said, the admin has in general been a dealer if it is possible to use all the proofs and solve the issue solve the problem, the contradiction, then this is their first priority, before they try to neglect the set Oh, this is a problem we cannot solve it. So we will look which one is more authentic. And we use it and we neglect the other because this is the second option.

00:35:01 --> 00:35:36

When sometimes they cannot solve a contradiction, when they cannot solve it, but if there is a way to solve it, then the key that ahaadeeth and the use all of them because they said these ideas are coming from Russell lies Allah Allah wa sallam, there should be no contradiction. So, they said in this case, there is no contradiction. Why? Because as soon as hasulam did not say that he will come with a new Sharia, he did not say that he will come with a new message. What did he say? He kept saying, land Zeeland, new Murray mfe come hackerman adland He will come as a leader,

00:35:38 --> 00:36:22

as a as a judge as a just judge as a just ruler, as a decent governor. So, he will rule this oma, here we one of the leaders of this oma and Islam is the religion of all prophets and messengers. So there is no contradiction between the message of Mohammed Salim, and the messenger for Isha is Alice mo the other prophets, they confirm each other. So he will come back, actually because people believe that they were able to kill him to crucify him. There are people who claim that he is the Son of God, he should come back before the end of time to correct all these false beliefs about him. That is the purpose that is the wisdom of sending him before the end of times, we'll learn how to

00:36:22 --> 00:36:22


00:36:23 --> 00:36:41

sola Salim capital saying will lie Lindsey Linden, Ave Maria Murphy calm hackerman Addison by Allah the son of Mary will come down amongst you as a just ruler, he didn't say that he will come with a new message. If he said he will come with a new message then it will be difficult to solve.

00:36:43 --> 00:36:55

It will be a clear contradiction between you know between the two ahaadeeth or two groups of ahaadeeth but he and what is approved you will be praying with Muslims. He will be performing hash

00:36:57 --> 00:37:45

and he will be working with Maddie fighting with him and Maddie against the false messiah edition. So it will be one a member of this ummah and Amato Hadees Omar Haider, from Adam alley Sela them the first prophets till the end of time, it's one omega Ummah have to heat the amount of monotheism, the nation the community that believed in the oneness of God, it's one oma is one nation. And that's why it also last Assalam said all prophets and messengers are brothers and their brothers Jani, the the old sent by Allah Subhana, wa Taala, with a message of tawheed there are some differences when it comes to, you know, some Sherry as a matter of Sharia between Prophet, one prophet and another,

00:37:46 --> 00:38:27

because of circumstances and you know, people lived in different times and, but when it comes to the main message, the core message is the same, believing in one God, worshipping only one God, the Creator of the heavens and earth, believing in all the books that were revealed by Allah subhanaw taala believing in all messengers and prophets, believing in angels believing in the Day of Judgment, and the existence of Paradise and Hellfire, same message, all Prophets and Messengers brought the same message. Now the ayah that is in Surah Al Imran I had a very difficult time to understand this ayah as a as a proof for his coming at the end of time.

00:38:29 --> 00:38:31

This is in Surah Al Imran

00:38:34 --> 00:39:19

a lost paradise said in it talking about the angels giving glad tidings to Miriam about a son. His karate mela aka to Maria mo in Allah Hi, Eva shiraki Kelly Mateen Minh, who small messy who have no Mariama was he Hanford dunia will occur at you amin el mo carabin. We can luminesce Phil Matthew aka Alan wamena Salim So in this ayah Allah, Allah said, and when the angels told Mary, honey hustler Maria, that God Allah gives you good glad tidings good news. Have a word from him. Be Kelly Mateen we knew small mercy who is having a Maria his name will be Jesus Christ, the son of May,

00:39:20 --> 00:39:59

was the Hanford dounia how the honor in this life was the envy dounia overfill after a woman l makara. been held in honor in this life and entity of judgment and will be among those who will have a close relationship with Allah. Oh, they will be near to Allah subhana wa attallah to God. So he will be honored in this life. And he will be honored on the day of judgment and he will have a closer relationship with the Creator of the heavens and earth where you can live and these are good news. If someone comes to you and tells you I saw in my dream that you will have a pious

00:40:00 --> 00:40:29

child who will be honored in this life and will be honored on the Day of Judgment. And he will have a close especial relationship with God. If someone comes to you, tells you this is the good news that I'm bringing to you. And this child will be able to talk to people when he wasn't when he's a baby. Because in this sort of early Emraan, this sort of area around the family of Emraan This is the family of Mary,

00:40:31 --> 00:40:40

a family of Mary. They were noble family from the descendants of Abraham and Esalen. Now, Ibrahim alayhis. Salam or Abraham.

00:40:41 --> 00:41:00

Now, the other miracle and the other good news special use that this this, this boy will be able to talk to people in infancy when he's a baby. What cahalane what is gallon? gallon? Frommer, muku hula,

00:41:01 --> 00:41:03

it's middle age.

00:41:04 --> 00:41:08

Okay, what is special about it? If I come to you and tell you

00:41:10 --> 00:41:34

I saw in my dream, that you will have a baby. And this baby will grow up. We reach the age, the middle age, and he will be able to talk to people when he's middle aged. And he told me what I mean everyone is talking 99% point 99 of people are able to talk and speak. So what is special about it here.

00:41:36 --> 00:42:21

What is special about it, there is nothing special. But in America, they are giving good news to many of them. So there must be something special about him being able to speak to people when he's middle aged. Otherwise, it's not good news. I mean, we can pair it with the other good news in the air. He will be held in honor in this life held in honor and the Day of Judgment. He will have a special relationship with Allah. He will be able to talk to people in infancy what he's a baby and he did. When she came with him. They were shocked her family were shocked. And she said you committed a major sin Maria. Your father was not a bad man and your mother was a pure woman. What

00:42:21 --> 00:42:34

happened? He she thought that she had the they thought that she had an illegal relationship with someone else. Because a baby this is the way people get babies. I mean, there is no other way.

00:42:35 --> 00:42:38

malice Jani we try to simplify things.

00:42:39 --> 00:42:59

And then ashara la in sobre la Miranda pointed to him to Jesus, when he was a baby, by Luke even Oklahoma, kind of in Matthew sabia how I'm gonna talk to a baby in the cradle. And other time he talked. He said in the Abdullah, I am the servant of God.

00:43:00 --> 00:43:12

Attorney okitama attorney arquitecto was here and he nebbia he gave me the book and he made me a prophet who was your attorney Mubarak and welcome to and made me blessed wherever I go.

00:43:14 --> 00:43:50

And he made me a softer kind to my mother. He had a very great relationship with his mother he salicylic so Now in this ayah in so earlier in Milan and I and M Ron here, being able to talk when it is when you are middle aged, there is nothing special about it. And Isa Ali Salaam reached the age of 33 Christians in the Bible. He said he was taken up when he was at the age between 31 to 33. Muslim scholars agreed hassanal masuri. He said he was taken up when he was the age of 34.

00:43:51 --> 00:44:02

And sorry to say he said he was taken up to heaven when he was the age of 33. So this is middle aged. So he was able to talk to people when he was 32 and 33.

00:44:03 --> 00:44:50

So now they're older man he said this is a proof actually of his second return. Because it will be miraculous for him to come back at this age and talk to people coming back from heaven again. And talking to people like someone coming from space. This is a miracle here is not about him growing up on earth and being able to talk when you are the age of four. I mean when four to three babies are able to talk there is nothing special about it. When someone is 30 or 33 everyone is able to talk right now are 99 there are some people who are a mute Allah, Allah created them this way. But if 99 people 99% of people were mute, were speechless. And then you come and tell the person you boy you

00:44:50 --> 00:45:00

will be able to talk then it will be a good news. It will be special, right? Because everyone is speechless. Everyone is mute, right? But here everyone is able to

00:45:00 --> 00:45:27

To talk so there is nothing special about it except to to believe that he will come back at the end of time from heaven from space and he will be able to talk that's why last pantalla he mentioned this that He will speak to people at when middle and when he's middle aged gala where you can luminesce Phil Maddy Walker Alan wamena saw the pain and he shall be one of the righteous. This is the news that were given to

00:45:28 --> 00:45:34

to Maria Maria Salaam the angels gave these good news to too many Ariana Selim.

00:45:35 --> 00:46:13

So our odema Masha Allah, Allah when you look at sometimes you don't understand their argument or the way they derive these proofs. But they are very smart. We have to have some confidence in the in their scholarship and their their skills especially those classical scholars. Were able to author of this beautiful books that we have nowadays, but we are not able to, to read and we're not able to, to deal with Miss Allah subhanaw taala and canaliculi her she is a Camilla Hayden Baraka lo fi come for coming tonight and inshallah we'll continue this subject not about a Salah Salaam about maybe Jews and Jews.

00:46:14 --> 00:46:21

Next week visit me later. Kazakh Allah Subhana Allah Mohammed ik shadow ally Nana suffer according to Buddha

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