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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah in Morocco in history, no one

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wanted to be a missionary and fusina we see at a marina de la Fernando de la la

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la la la la owner Shri Kala

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Mohammed Abu Rasool, Lama Saladin Ahmed Mohammed kanessa late Allah Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim A nicomedia Majeed, Aloma vertikalen permitting Radha Mohammed Salah Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim A nicomedia Majeed yeah even live in Amarillo truffle la haka to hottie village Mouton. Illa, one two Muslim. Tonight inshallah, we will be talking about a horseshoe verticillata. What are the three great sinkings of the earth and the smoke. So talking about the major signs that will take place before the day of judgment. And

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the owner, they said, these three disasters, which are the Allahu sufa filata, or the three great sinkings of the earth will take place before the day of judgment, they will be a measure sign before the final day. And Alaska in Arabic is when the earth opens up and swallow what is what was above the ground, it is very similar to a sinkhole or sometimes it is translated as a landslide. But these landslides are happening all the time,

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are happening all the time. There have been many incidents throughout the history. And actually, if even here in Canada, they said, you know, 1000s of them are happening every day, every every year in Canada. If you go to Natural Resources Canada, they will tell you that every year we have these, you know, 1000s of these landslides but these are minor events. And has you know, the you know, the sinking of the earth took place in the past as a punishment we'll talk about some incident took place in the in the past and what are some of the lies I seldom said about it, about some of them that will happen in the future apart aside from these three major signs that will take place before

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the day of judgment

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as your last caller and you refer to La La

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who explained Sahil Buhari when talking about this ahaadeeth he said kahuzi de la hospo female there who said that the sinking of the Earth was found in some places will I can you determine any a Kunal morado will who Sufi Salah cerca De Anza Eden, Allah Mahajan, he said, but it seems that these three may three great sinkings of earth or three sinkings of the earth will be greater and bigger in size. How big Allahu taala alum we cannot, I mean, we don't have knowledge about it. Only Allah Subhana Allah knows. And it It could be the result of an earthquake.

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You know, the sinkings could be the result of earthquakes that will take place in different places. So last asanam told us about the direction but he didn't tell us about the location, the only location that I know we know exactly the Arabian for one of them, that one of them will take place in the Arabian Peninsula, but we will talk about them at the end inshallah. So as I said, you know, these landslides or the sinkholes or the sinkings of the earth have happened before they are happening, this minor sinking are happening all the time. But when Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam includes these three sinkings among the major signs of the Day of Judgment, this indicates

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that this will be this will be bigger, these sinkings will be bigger, and they will have a huge impact on the life of human beings on earth.

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Our scholars are saying that these sinkings as I said, could come or could happen as a form of punishment for those who disobeyed the last panel to Allah and rejected his guidance, and he said that some good people who live among them among those who disobey the last panel might be affected, might be affected. But the last panel, Darla will raise them on the Day of Judgment with their good intention. They will not disobedience like the ones that army that will attack the Kaaba, to arrest the one, the person who will seek refuge in the Kaaba the end of times, and the odema are saying most likely, this person will be and Maddie who will appear before the end of times, so this army

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that will come

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From the northern part of the Arabian Peninsula, and the last hetalia will cause the earth to swallow this army, but will last so long he said there are there will be innocent people among them, people who will do business with them people who will be passing by or talking to them, or socializing with them. But they will be affected by this disaster and a Lost Planet, Allah will raise them based on their

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intention, which means that the last pantalla will not take them to account because they had to mingle with that army at that time, we'll know who to are. But these sinkings rasuna lies, as Ella mentioned them in a couple of ahaadeeth that will, they will happen I'm not talking about the three major ones other sinkings that they will happen as a form of punishment and there are many ahaadeeth I have two of them here in front of me. Howdy, hi, Cheryl do lohana in which Rasulullah Sallam said a coup de aqui rehab Illuminati Hassan

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Hassan woman's Hoon waka Soma Salim Carlota Shankara Rasul Allah, and Allah cofina Sally who at the job I shall the lower left corner Hadeeth Zayn have been to shush and garland

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a lot of manchurian candidate, problematical demonic fusion Jewish mother cannot mean Xena, and aliko Athena Sally Hoon

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for Karna Rasul Allah as I said if he that he can hide his name is Catherine hoonah. He hasn't had a good job but Alicia Shannon is a Catherine has moved up soon and eternity was how old Alberni Rahmatullah honey. So in this head either of us as enemies saying they will be at the end of in the end of the summer, so he's not talking about the end of times.

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And he's not talking about a different nation or a different community, Muslims you need to pay attention to this.

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He's talking about the Ummah of Islam

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and also loss as well I mean, this ad saying there will be in the end of this oma

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sinking, stoning and transformation. Sinking has the earth the last fight Allah will cause the earth to swallow some people and beside their properties and their and their houses and they're like what happened to Carl we mentioned his story today, and stoning Earth, we will be stoned. They will receive stones from from the sky.

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And transformation, which is more dangerous here. Transformation people will be transformed into animals.

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This is something that happened to some some of the children.

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Allah subhanaw taala told us about their story and sort of RF in Surah tillbaka. His story is mentioned in the Quran. Those who disobeyed the last pinata on the Sabbath when they used to Allah subhanaw taala tell told them don't fish is the village that was beside on the beside the sea analyst told them did not catch any fish on Saturday.

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And he played and they try to find some some haven some stratagems to you know to avoid violate the commander philosophy and

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besides some other maybe some other you know act of disobedience and last pantalla told us in the Quran that they were transformed into monkeys does this is in the Quran soulless SLM is saying that this will happen to a group of this woman but at the end of times because he said in the end of this oma sinking and has stoning and cut and and massive transformation into animals. So I made the same question zeyneb probably Alon who made before and Holly cofina Sally how are we going to be destroyed? Well, righteous people are still among us. So these two thought at the time if we have righteous people among us, then we will not be destroyed. But that also last Assalam said yes. If

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evil prevails now I'm either of us. We had even our our Mr. Hussein and Rasulullah saw some coffee had the Roma let me he actually had the coffee had in oma

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atheroma Allah Allah Masha Allah Allah Moroccan Baqarah Matt nevison, Salah mentioned some signs that are prevailing now that are very common.

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Very, very common nowadays. So he said we had my husband was one Warpath for color resolution and Muslim mania Rasul Allah who I met at DEF CON either gohara to painted one as if we should rebuttal.

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So in this heady aroma Halima material, it was a how calendrical Alberni soulless as an endless oma there will be sinking stone

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And transformation into animals. So recently a man from among the Muslims said almost as your ally and when will this happen? So asking about the time, so it also last as in him did not give an exact time but he said one female singers alkanet in Arabic is female singers and musical instruments. It doesn't mean that men are allowed to sing or they know. But this is what Allah says Allah mentioned, female singers and and musical instruments will become popular, and why drinking will become very common or prevails. People will be drinking alcohol, every town in every city. There are some Muslim countries or over people. I was told by a family they said we went to a Muslim city in the Middle

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East, and they were looking for a hotel that doesn't sell alcohol. We didn't find any. The Salah, Salama Rafi. So this had it was collected by materialism other scholars marching around environmental law who was an expert in the science of Hadith. He said it is the Hadith Sahih among the nations the old nations as I said synching was a form of punishment. And this is what happened to our own Koran who lived at the time of Musa La Silla. What did Allah tell us about him in Surah two classes for herself now we'll be dead he for herself and Abby will be there to heal us. So it wasn't until I said and we call the earth to swallow him and swallow his home.

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And in Surah, casas Allah subhanaw taala told us about his story, what was the story of Carl? Carl was the cousin of Mashallah Salah.

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That's why it's a meme. I believe that he might have believed in the message of Messiah or in the last panel to Allah because Ben was right in where the Muslims at that time, were the Muslims of the time. So he was from the people of Missouri actually the cousin of musante Salem, so one of the descendants of Yahoo Valley center

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was the cousin first cousin of musalla center. And he some believed that he was not Muslim. He does not believe in Allah subhanaw taala because the last night that I mentioned him many times with fear around in Hammond fear around is known the dictator of Egypt at that time, and her man was like a prime minister to fit around. So Paulo who was mentioned with them, Why? Because he was working as a vice chair and to figure out overband who Israel but he was watching over them, supervising them in the Quran Academy and call me Mustafa Ali, Baba him he transgressed against he abused their rights. So he was appointed by Farah out to be like an administrator deputy over the to look after the you

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know the affairs of Israel. But he did not he was serving further out and he abused the rights of his own people. This is one thing and he might have disbelieved in Allah subhanho wa Taala. The other thing he became arrogant because Allah Allah gave him wealth, that Allah blessed him with wealth. He was extremely wealthy Karl, extremely wealthy.

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But what did he say about his wealth when he was in a when when they're young, they pious people, the good people in his community told him you need to thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for this name, these bounties and he said Carla innama, Ooty to her Allah and min NT. That was his behavior. That was his attitude. He said, he said about his wealth, I was only given it because of knowledge that they have,

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because of my skills. So basically, I'm working with se hamdulillah. This is a NEMA from Allah. I was given this wall for last pet Allah blessed me with this wall, Grant me this was Alhamdulillah shockula. And the men will always attribute all his favorites and bounties to Allah subhanaw taala. This man, Allah Subhana Allah is telling us about him in the Quran is saying, it was because of my knowledge, my skills. I had a good understanding about business, how to make business and how to make money. And that's it. That was his, you know, his attitude.

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Beside the other problems besides the other problems, that was his punishment, Allah pantalla caused the earth to swallow him and swallow his house. Salas perdana selama haffi by these three sinkings

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their own amount not sure about the timings but a scholar from Egypt, maybe you know him. He's a TV personality Mohammed Hassan, Sheikh Mohammed Hassan, he believes that the believers were not witnessing these events, the sinking the great sinking of the Earth's other odema are not sure about the exact time

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He used to believe or he believed he's still alive. He believes that the other major signs will happen.

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And the last ones will be the last four would be these three sinkings and the fire that will appear in Athens in the southern part of Arabian peninsula, to push people to go and to gather in the area of a sham. He said, Every believer he believes that every believer based on his research, every believer will die before

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the sinking these three sinkings of the earth, Allah will send a wind a light wind, they'll say that it will take away the soul of every believer that in the hadith of Lhasa Salaam, he said, even if the believing man goes inside a cave, inside a cave, this wind will go after him, and it will take his soul away, he will pass away when this wind touches him, or touches her, then they will pass away the believers. And then only those who are like the worst people, the worst of all people will stay. And the Docomo Allah Who says Allah Salaam anafi, these people will witness this evil people who rejected the last pantalla disobeyed the last panel with Allah. And in Hadith, Allah said they

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will be behaving like animals on earth. Those people will witness the Day of Judgment. That is his understanding, will allow to Allah Allah. Here in this lessons, I'm following the order of a useful weapon. He wrote a good book about Ashraf Issa. It was the dissertation of his PhD or master's degree to earn his master's degree or PhD, I'm not sure. It's a good book in Arabic. So I'm following his order here. So he placed you know,

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the three sinkings after the appearance of here as usual, will allow Thailand

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What did they

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say about these three things he said the first one will happen in the east, which means the East often Medina because the reference point here is the city of Medina sama, Salamone talking about them. He was in the city of Medina. So the eastern part of the world from city of Medina includes Arabian peninsula, or the side that side from the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq, Iran, Horus and Russia, till you reach Japan or pass China, maybe the last one will be South Korea and both Korea and Japan. But that could be the last point to allow to Allah Allah. And he said the second one will happen in the West, which means in the western part of the world, but starting from the city of Medina. So

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that would include North Africa or Africa, Europe and North America till we reach California will allow China and the third one, he said it will happen in the Arabian Peninsula. This is what we have as a knowledge about the three the three you know, great Singh sinkings. As I said, you know, many scholars are not very sure about the timing the exact timings of these events, but one of them I mentioned his name, Sheikh Mohammed Hassan, he believes that this, these three things will happen just before the day of judgment will allow you to Allah alum and the believers will not witness these events.

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A Doohan is one of the major signs that will appear towards the end of time and the last time I mentioned the de Haan the smoke in sort of the Doohan, so there is a surah in the Quran, that is called a Doohan the smoke. So in it, Allah subhanaw taala said, talking to Mohammed sallallahu Sallam for Taka, Bo machete semrau, Bihari moving shanice

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alene this Arya 10 and 11 and also Lazarus and clearly mentioned the word at the heart. So here, which means in English, then watch talking to Mohammed sauce and them of course, as soon as assylum will not or any he will not witness this, this event. But when talking to him, when addressing Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah subhanaw taala will be addressing whom he's oma at the same time. So if he doesn't witness these events, now a group of his oma will will witness them or Mahalo to Allah Allah. So he said the N word for the day when the sky will bring a visible smoke visible smoke covering the people. This is a painful tournament. Covering the people you have Shan

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ness that means it will be covering the whole earth will belong to an atom. Now what is the nature of the smoke there are two opinions to famous opinions in the books of Tafseer. The first opinion is a little bit different. The first opinion is about something else that took place at the time from

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So last SLM in the city of Mecca. That was the opinion of Abdullah minimus road and a tuber he was inclined Amanda tabari a great professor was inclined to this opinion. So a venomous route said this is not the smoke rattlers patella is talking about in this area is not the smoke. Right here the difference between opinion he said, when the people of Mecca, disobeyed the Messenger of Allah and rejected his invitation to Islam.

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He also was actually made

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against them asking the last pair to Allah to test them with famine, and lack of resources. See Nina Cassini, Cassini, Cassini Yusuf La Silla. So Allah subhanaw taala answered his door, and they were stricken with famine. This word venomous rude is saying. He said, to the extent that they were able to see something that looked like smoke in the sky, due to hunger and fatigue. And that is, as I said, opinion, once a hobby who's at the Laguna Massoud, and Mr. matahari here, and it was inclined to this opinion, the second opinion. And this is the opinions majority of scholars among the Sahaba leaving the parliament who say that even our best was great professor of the law on whom he married

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if no kefir

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was following this opinion, and the majority of scholars they said actually the smoke the last hunter Allah is talking about in sort of the horn is a major sign that is yet to come before the end of times. And their main proof is that Rasulullah Salem included the horn in the famous ad that I mentioned before, in which he mentioned 10 signs, Haditha per day from New see the difference. I have Muslim, he mentioned 10 signs, one of them is to hand the smoke. So if these nine

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you know the other nine signs, all of them will happen before the day of judgment, and they will be measured science for the Day of Judgment. How does it make sense? Does it make sense for us one lesson was included the harm that takes place over the two co plays during his time in Makkah 1400 years ago. It doesn't make any sense here there is no connection between these nine, because this nine, we all believe that they will happen before the day of judgment. It will be mentioned science, the other the appearance of rissalah Cinema the descent of Risa, a Sally salon did not come, the day shall be the emergence of

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the rising of the sun from the west, at daba, the beast of the land that we'll be talking to the people and these three sinkings that will take place before the day of judgment. So the horn here was mentioned. One of them and in a different Hadith also also lies I seldom mentioned the Doohan among those major included in the hall with these major events. He said Matthew will be a family Seton

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bathroom Bill Mollison, and here also Lhasa mysteric gas actually about some benefits of learning about this branch of knowledge. So he said that it will be Amelie hasten to do good deeds hurry to engage in good deeds. Sit in before six things happen. So here is talking about six things bad you will amor this and the cocktail and try to obey Allah subhanho wa Taala try to increase your good deeds. Try to keep the ties of kinship pray on time gifts other cards, make Hajj if you didn't make Hajj so bad you will remember last minute Allah read Quran

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you know how other people for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala tried to collect his energy as much as much as you can don't wait don't say Silva will do that when I grew up when I do that when this happened. I will do that. There are many people who said if you talk to them about prayer, inshallah I will start after I get married or Hajj method and insha Allah I'll make Hajj after my children, all of them get married. I finished the building of my house and all the plants the worldly plants are done. And then he will only show Allah He will make highs and do you have a guarantee that you're going to stay alive till that time is no guarantee. So Rasulullah sallallahu said is saying

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here bad you Bill Amell hastened to do good deeds before six things happen. And the first thing he mentioned tolo or shamcey Moravia, the rising of the sun from the west which we'll talk about it in sha Allah, the next halaqa but the next half hour will not be next Friday, nor the other amounts will be January 1 inshallah, I will tell you about that at the end. So also la sesamum Satomura shamsuddin maghrebi and number one, which is the rising of the sun, from the

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West, I would do

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all the smoke I would the shell or the shell or a dab or the the land or the beast of the land. Aha, such a heavy commodity cassata haidakhan your own death.

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So, hi Cynthia do good deeds. One of the things that you have to worry about we talked about it last halakha your own death, because if death comes, then this knowledge actually will not be beneficial lemon if your death comes, so you have to hurry and hasten to do good deeds before your medical modes. The Angel of Death will come to you will pay you a visit and it's almost parallel to Allah and your Sina Futterman. And then he says a Llama Llama number six, Mr. lamba. Many Ruda, Maddy said general could be translated in Arabic as general calamity. But many rumors he said it could be the day of judgment, we'll learn how to how to add him. Yeah, and it will allow you to add on. But

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the point is mentioned that the heart in this study among those major signs that will take place before the day of judgment, of course, the your own death could happen at any time. That's an exception. But the other five, there are major events that we take place at the end of time, so at the heart, it must be one of them at a spoke, and there are some Athar that when the hand comes, it will be a punishment for the disbelievers. But the believer will feel like he's having cold bags you can there are some Athar from the Sahaba of the alarm. I know. They said this, the effect of this smoke on the believers will be like cold, someone wanted having cold and coughing and to be light,

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but it will be a punishment for any disbeliever here. So the Han era will be distinguishing between people like the data, you know, the beast of the land will know will recognize the believers and the disbelievers. So these are supernatural events, yani something that he can't understand with your own mind and we try to reason try to understand them or explain them. It's very difficult to find any scientific explanation here. People are trying these days to try a scientific explanation for the rising of the sun from the west. But there is nothing that is well established, and we'll talk about it inshallah. Next halakha people are writing on the internet and spreading rumors that NASA

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has mentioned something like that. inshallah, we'll talk about it next time when we have to, because I mean, we don't want other people to

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hear no to split especially when we write something that we are not sure about it and we spread it and then it doesn't it turns out to be false people just making fun of Muslims and say these Muslims are, you know, spreading silly things and if we have a proof from the Quran and the Sunnah, then we we should not shy away from announcing this knowledge and spreading this knowledge because we have confidence in this guidance in this pure guidance from coming that is coming from the Quran and the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu I never said anything else we have to have either a solid proof as I said from the Quran, Sunnah all solid proof from science and science is difficult for men to you

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know, to say that this is well established. And this is not a theory. This is a fact a scientific fact is not easy, I mean to, but we'll leave it to scientists here we'll try to focus on the guidance of the Quran and the Sunnah will learn how to play Sakuma Lohan, this is what we have tonight in sha Allah. Before you, you leave or before I give you a chance for your questions in sha Allah. I'll give you time for q&a. I would like to tell you that next Friday, we will not have halakhah Friday December 18 it will be a fundraising sponsored by economic relief. And the place is thorncliffe green view Community Association. It is founded on five 600 Center Street Northeast and

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it will be the fundraising will start at six o'clock inshallah. So we would like to encourage people to to go to this fundraising. And the purpose of this fundraising is to sponsor no family, Syrian families who are coming from overseas. So Aigner Canada is planning to sponsor 100 and families all over Canada. And we'll have some of them here. Actually, we have some of them. We received some of them here. Some of them four or five months ago, two families I know personally, two families have been here for four, five months or six months. And there are some families I think who arrived maybe two days ago or maybe yesterday, December 10. They were talking about December 10.

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So our brothers in Aigner are trying to ensure love to sponsor 100 families. So we'd like to help them. This is a noble purpose. We shouldn't only watch the news and cry and feel pain, feel the pain if you feel the pain, which you pocket and try to help your brothers and sisters, and the other Friday, which is December 25. It will be Christmas.

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We don't have a program here because shift Naveed is organizing another program in eighth and eighth. So we don't have we don't want to have two programs at the same time One here and one in eight and a shift and Aveda will be having program about the inner dimensions of salaat. And it will be from five to eight. So three hours, five to eight in eight and eight Christmas night which is December 25 December 26. We'll have another program here which is Saturday. And this is a longer program, it will start from 1230 or after the whole here in this place. It will be Saturday 26th December 26 till seven o'clock, and different speakers will come all of them are local speakers. And

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we'll be talking about the seven under the shade of the throne of man on the Day of Judgment. Those who will be under the shade of Alaska throne on the Day of Judgment, the seven categories of people. So we'll go through this hadith and every speaker will talk about one group of people. So there'll be seven groups of people who will enjoy the runoff last planted on the Day of Judgment they will be under the shade of his throne. We'll be talking about these people and their qualities and I think it's a very important program. I would encourage you to come and shoreline attend this program. It's a long program. You don't have to attend the whole program. It's up to you, but it will be from dawn

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till seven o'clock inshallah Saturday, December 26. So basically we don't have halakhah next week, and we don't have a hierarchal the other Friday. We'll come back inshallah, January 1 2016. We continue this program is akula