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hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim de Sleeman kathira Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayyidina

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Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira a lot of Manas ocular chef I tend to be you know Mohammed in Salalah how it was seldom along with Dr. shefali. Sort of to

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ask Allah Subhana Allah in beginning and end to make us from those who worship him and love him in a way that we worship none other than Him, that we are humbled before our Lord loving of a loss of Hannah went to Anna, seeking of him our forgiveness towards him and our repentance towards and in return to him some kind of went to Allah. We pray the loss of Hannah with Allah increases you and I with an awareness and an understanding of the whole and a lot of managing them enough for any major hinda we ask a lot to increase us in knowledge of the foreign of that which we remain ignorant of with a kidnapping who man who seen that and allow us or allowed to be acquainted with that of it

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which we have been led to forget. We pray the loss of parenting with Ariana Grande says amen nurse and knowledge that is beneficial through its practice. And through our sincerity in purpose and intent in pleasing our maker and our Creator. A lot of blazer subhana wa Tada. This is the final session in our discussion and explanation and study in tafsir of sootel MOOC, we pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah grants us its Baraka and granted it shefa as we studied on the very first session 13 sessions ago seems like a long time ago, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said as it narrated in a number of different Hadeeth of the most prominent of them and the most

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known of them is the Hadees of Abu huraira Raja Raja bla bla bla. He said call out a pseudo law he is on the line he was a lemma in Allah in the field or any surely that there is in the Koran, tell us through now if there's a chapter surah that is made up of 30 verses that shall live it it has it continues to make shefa an invocation to a lot to ask freedom and protection for the one who recited it regularly and in some narrations every evening. Hata yoga for level until it is granted for him ex emancipation and forgiveness. And then the prophets I seldom said where he Tabata can live up the hill Monique? Surely it is the chapter that is Tabata can let the Video Visit the rated buddy

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momentarily and the other compilers have this soon. And meaning I would I would and NASA and imager along with it but didn't really and therefore this is seen as a valid Hadith that is something we hope and pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will make us worthy of it on the Day of Judgment a lot. I mean, we begin with verse number 29, which we discussed last week on Sunday evening and we continue with it again. We begin where we ended our we live in that humaneness shape I know

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where the water wash man will and then de la Ito Can I say Darla Muna Madhavi Bala Lin been say to them yeah, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he is all right, man, Allahu Akbar. Notice how beautiful this sort of comes to an end with the depictions of Allah's mercy Subhana Allah to Allah, and then Navy.

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Make sure that they understand that you are of those who are the first to submit at first to believe while they hit our calendar, and upon Him alone do we put our trust now this is a unique idea and we mentioned a little bit about it last week, but it was intentional for us to discuss it in greater detail this week. Notice Allah subhanho wa Taala introduces our Eamon and then specifies its greatest quality. So the greatest proof of your Eman is your tawakkul upon Allah. The way that you prove that which is in your heart is through the action of the heart call that Tomoko Lima Medina Hanneman Rahmatullah la he says at our, at our aluminum ileocolic tawakkol is entirely an act of the

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heart. It's not demonstratable with your behaviors and your habits, meaning it's something that's deep rooted in the heart and where the heart resides, where your E man resides, is where your telecoil resides. And it's for that reason Allah Subhana Allah says, in a chapter just preceding this, and sort of the prologue which is right before sort of two chapters before sort of Allah subhanho wa Taala says about those who have tough one woman Yeah, tequila Ha ha, Allahu Maharajah. We are a joke whom in high school a woman yet what kilala la Hippo has full the Wonder

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puts his trust in Allah then Allah suffices them. And therefore this becomes a very important segue for you and I to understand the power of this ayah and this surah putting the whole rock man, it is a rock man, the one we believe in. So here Allah Subhana Allah to Allah has brought us full circle. In the beginning verses of this chapter a lot alludes to himself without specifying himself without declaring himself as a law. He says Tebow can levy bless it be he he doesn't say who he is. He's wants us to know who he is through our observable mean through looking around, look into the heavens look into the earth. Look at what's beneath you what is above you and you will discover that none

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unplaced it but he, Who is he, a rock, man, why is he identifiable as a rock man because those who have disbelieved in him, he still shelters, then he still allows them an opportunity now respite to return to Him, pull the whole water off man that is the one we believe in the one we hold. Adherence to is the one who is the ever Merciful the lord of mercy, the beneficence one, the gracious and the most forgiving, sukanya, Medina, M and D, we believe in him. Now this first part of this area, m and b, he is very general, we believe in him. But we also believe in the angels who are created by him in the scripture that he sent in the messengers that he sent in the Day of Judgment. And therefore,

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he man is not limited to one man is limited in a law, but limited to those who are law orders to have belief in. And therefore if I was, if I was to ask you, what is our cadre Eman? What are the precepts and the branches of Eman? You will say a man is to believe in a law and the angels in the scriptures and the messengers the day of judgment and fate is good and bad. But the second part of the is specifies a man the loss of Hannah with Allah says why lay ye and it is upon him alone.

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That we have to work when we don't have to like call upon the angels. We don't have to call upon the messengers. We don't have to call upon the creation, so can Allah and therefore Allah leads us from identifying him as a rock man, who is the one we believe in that that faith when it ascends to a degree of certainty, we become so reliant upon him in a way that nobody else has realized which is what saves us a lot more eco. Notice that this is the area that Allah subhanho wa Taala juxtaposes from the beginning verses in the Quran in surah mulk where Allah Subhana Allah says Leah Beluga comm au Kumar said, I'm going to test you to show what is the best of your deeds, this is the best of

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your deeds. The best of our deeds is our Eman And Allah subhanho wa Taala and singling him only out that our tawakol our entire trust is built upon that relationship of faith with Allah first set on the moon, you will come to know Oh ye who have disbelieved or you have turned away from the majesty of the might of Allah. Men who have you been early moving, who truly is the one who was manifest in error, which was the claim that they were making against heavy metal I sell them it's almost as if the prophets I seldom was saying to them, what good will it do to you if I'm led or right or wrong, everyone is in it for themselves. And therefore you will know yourself you know, your greatest

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qualities and you know the detriments that you've had in your life. You will come to know what it is that will save you and give you grand

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clarity with Allah subhana wa tada and what it is that will be held against you and you will be accountable for with Allah. And therefore our Eman with a loss of Hannah to Anna is an IE man that is not exclusive because he man in a law also typifies the man in the angels in the books and so on. But to whet call upon Allah is only for Allah. So we need to speak a little bit about equity and some handle. I had a talk yesterday about tawakol to a program that is leading into Visionaire, which is an online program that teaches about the importance of urine if you don't know about it hit up chef Muhammad Sharif on his social media you'll see advertisement for it's an entirely incredible

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experience for you to attend. So make sure that you head out and click on those links in general and find out what's happening. But I want you to consider to what can tell what good is an act of the heart that's the first part number two tawakkul is one that is a cycle with a man. So the more your faithfulness in a law grows, the more regular your reliance upon him grows, the more your reliance grows, the more you compound your faithfulness in a loss of Hannah Montana and therefore it is a byproduct of email.

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While he tower Kenda know lots of kind of Allah says in the second verse of sorbitol and fan, which is the eighth chapter of the horror and yes aluna Can they ask you about you know the spoils of war and Family Law one rule of law how asleep become wealthy of a law what else hula hoop enquanto momineen obey online is messenger if you're a truly believers, who are they endeavor and won't be known and levena Eradicator Allah who were jealous palooka whom the true believers are those who when a laws words are recited upon them, and its revelation is made clear to them, their hearts are found to contain fear and anguish of their Lord, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, that they humble and

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have humility before him. way that really led him to who said that to me, man, but when the verses are demonstrated when the Verses are recited when the revelation is given to Mohammed, when they comprehend the orders of Allah, it increases their faith, what is the result of that increase that to me, man, and why not have been the other way around, so they become reliant upon their Lord, Allah Almighty, Subhana, Allah to Allah, a tawakol comes from the word wet cat let to give over to someone who you believe will not lose the trust of what you gave them. Some kind of law, you give over your life to Allah you give over your trust of, of your of your direction, in life to Allah,

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that you make it that Allah Subhana Allah is the one who decides what you eat,

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what you wear, when you will not eat, when you sleep, when you wake what you eat, why you pray, how you pray, who you give charity to for how much do you give it? When is it obligated, that you make Allah Subhana Allah partnered in your life because as a partner in your life, you know that he will not put you in in dire straits, you know that he is the one to depend on, you know, he is our kin. He is the one you can give your Tokyo to without any question the one you can give trust to, without any concern that if we were to trust the law in the way that we seek to the way that he asked for us to trust Him, we would never be hungry, we would never be thirsty and we would never be without

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And therefore to put our trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala is a byproduct of faith. And the greater our faith, the greater I would trust them because we have great trust. We are tested in our faith because we are tested on our faith. Our trust becomes more genuine, and it continues to lead us but that idea becomes really critical because in the verse is right before it. Allah subhanho wa Taala says see at Woohoo, levena capital in verse number 27 two verses earlier, Allah said that those who don't have to work could those who don't have a man see at work a Jew who Latina capital, there will be disgrace and humiliation be given and granted on top of the face of those who have disbelieved in

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a lot. And it's as if Allah Subhana Allah is saying, disbelief leads to failure. While in this ayah Allah says he man leads to tawakkul which leads to gender. And here you see that Allah has mercy begins the ayah Subhana Allah, that the byproduct is not that we get mercy at the end that Mercy is the beginning of the relationship you and I have with Allah, that if you put your trust in Allah and you believe in Allah, you don't have to wait for his mercy to arrive His mercies with you from the beginning, that a law has entered into your life in a meaningful way from the very beginning. Even when you have not yet made all of the changes that are necessary, even when you have not entered

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into it in its entirety, Allah is already with you. And therefore you hear the statement of our Navy Mohammed's ally Selim, where he says that Allah subhanho wa Taala said that the one who gives one step towards Allah, Allah takes 10 steps towards them. The one who walks through Allah, Allah runs to them, meaning it is a step of the heart, that when my heart moves towards Allah, Allah will move my heart towards in 10 steps. It was one in 10 but Allah gives me 10 if I came slowly towards a lot, a lot will hurry me towards him, out of love for me and desire for me to be nearer to a lot because in the genuineness of my heart, that is what I seek of him. But those who have see at Whoo hoo

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Latina capital, those who have disbanded those who have ignored the truth, those who have had cough, that they recognize the truth in their heart and they buried it under their desire buried under their lust, buried and under

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disbelief, then for them, it leads to the failure that is destined for all of those who have turned away from the mercy of Allah and therefore this ayah becomes a closed

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of our understanding of what it means that we seek the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala many people that make this error where they think that Allah subhanho wa Taala is Mercy is unconditional. And that's not the reality. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, what I met he was the Aquila shade My Mercy is greater than all things. Yes, but who's it written for? To activo en de la Vina yet tahune I've written that old expensive awning unconditional mercy to those who have Taqwa to those who have approached me with a piety of heart to those who have sought for me what they cannot see from anyone other than myself, SAP HANA with Allah, and therefore that this idea number 29, is a very simple

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message. If you disbelieve, you find failure. But if you believe you will have hope in Allah's mercy, because you have trusted a law and the law will never allow the one who trusted him to suffer in loss. The final area, may Allah soprano dynamic evidence for us pull out

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whenever I have a hammer or come home, for me to the man in my name, a lover of the island me say Yo Mohamed, have you considered if your water was to be sunken, if it was to disappear from the surface of the earth, then who could bring you a flowing water in its place? So Pamela, Now, you might think that this idea is random. You know, without the context that is necessary. You might eat our advanced stage, you say, Oh, we have desalination plants. You know why, you know, what's the biggest issue? Well, I want you to know that one of the key aspects of human life it's an it's endangerment at the moment is the lack of arable water. And drought is something that is very real. And I want

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you to know that those who believe that water is a resource that will never ever, ever run out. And they look at the oceans and they think that that's all fine and dandy. They haven't looked enough into science to see what is happening into the world. And it's important for you and I to consider that the next war is probably the next major wars that will arrive is for water. The prophets I sell them for told that in the times before the Jed and authentic hadith prophets, I seldom said three years before the John's arrival before he emerges that the earth will be restricted from its rainfall that only a third of the rain The only as a half of the rainfall that normally descends

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will descend. And two years before the general arrives only a third of its rainfall shall descend. And the year of the emergence of the dogen the one eyed falls antichrist the liar the deceiver of humanity who will claim to be the Lord of mankind, on account of of him being able to generate water. On the year that he arrived let him talk to the summer alcatra. The privatised lm said not a single drop will rain down, the climatic changes will be so expensive, the earth will change in its way and it's format from what we see today. Yo Matt to bed out of the way you're on the west semi wide, when the earth will change from the earth that is known and also the heavens that you see. So

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Camelot, those who lived 100 years ago, the ozone layer that was above them in North America and Australia is nothing not an ozone layer that you and I know today

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that that that isn't the same heaven that was looked up at in the days have passed and changes have occurred that are very difficult to undo. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says for Tacoma tech this summer will be too hard in Moby in hodeida Be wary of the day where the heavens will bring about the veiling of cloud and the veiling of smoke and that chapter is chapter called the Doohan, the smoking over of the world, that the sky will be full of smoke in the smog that you know destroys this overhead. I mean, it will be a severe punishment unto mankind. And therefore when Allah Subhana Allah ends this surah by saying all right, um, have you ever pondered? Have you ever considered Have

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you looked into Have you thought about in us the Hi Matt, welcome. If the water you think belongs to you, man, oh, come your water. Notice the context, your water, water that you have said it's mine and I'm not going to share with others waters that you have put waters around, you know, a few 100 years ago, there wasn't this concept of, you know, territorial waters. Water was just for life. It belonged to everyone, man

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Hold on, if this water that you claim is yours, that you you believe you've dominated, that you have the power and authority over a homerun, that you wake up, and you find that it's not as accessible as it was. And the word as I would have means, you know, becomes deep into a mountain or deep under under the ground. And that concept is really powerful.

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You know, when we, when we think about water, we're always thinking about surface water. But of course, there's that underground aquifers. Allah is talking about the surface water, but also the nearby underwater table. And if you put this in the context of the people of Mecca who were first hearing it, they only had two wells, there were only two wells that were in mecanismo government. Of course, the most famous well is the well of Zamzam and the will of mamoon those were the two wells that they used to take their water from and also kind of Allah says what was your condition be? If I was to make the water table where you grab this well water from it on unreachable seven, yet tea can

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be met in Maine, who could bring you flowing water in its place? Now, why are these this verse such a powerful way for a lot to end this surah?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the water sinking down, which is an allusion to cough, what did we say kofu was how do we define cough is that you put your have faith but you push it down into your heart, you push it down to the very bottom of your heart, and you cover it up. The loss of Hannah was Allah saying, in the same way that you have covered up the faith that you need to life. So I want you to understand that water is always the allegory used in the portal and for a man and for life for the faithful life. So think of the word Shetty. I it doesn't mean Islamic law. In its it's common sense. shediac comes from the word shout out, shout out, which means the pathway that is

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traveled to lead you to water, which is life in the desert. So the concept of shediac for a Muslim is the things you use to stay spiritually alive between yourself and God and amongst mankind. And therefore from our shediac is fasting and zeca and Sadat. And so yeah, and the laws that we have in our hijab and all of those things are part of the Shetty eye because the Shetty I mean, the path to life in the desert that without it you die. What is the word soon that mean the word soon that it means a pathway that is well traveled that leads to the water and then necessity of life once again. So all of you know all of the imagery goes around water. And therefore you see that our Allah

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Subhana Allah ends the surah by giving us the illusion that those who have disbelieved in him are those who have made water inaccessible. They are those who are digging down a hole that will not lead them to water, They're digging down into an earth that will not arrive at the water table where they can extract something that will give them life and give them benefit. They're putting themselves into failure.

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On the other hand, those who have faith water comes to them yet to come the mat imagine that water money means you don't come through mining, but it's a flowing I mean, it's not just a spring that bubbled but now it flows towards you and it's a soft cool reflect refreshing water that you're able to drink from it and nourish yourself and others and that becomes such a powerful imagery. There's a statement of Allah horrible al amin is usually conveyed when you hear this rhetorical question man yet to me man who can bring you this water that is varying that will be cool and floats on the surface of the earth. You normally will whisper to us of Allah or Buddha alameen Allah He it is only

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he who is the Lord of the worlds of Hannah Montana. Although there's a statement that this is a Hadith of the Prophet. I seldom I haven't found any narration from our interview Mohammed Salalah alayhi wa sallam rather it is the statement of some of the Imams and some of that roadmap, which is praiseworthy, but if it is not spoken, there's no negligence or harm. And if it is mentioned, there is no specific reward itemized for it. How do we come and conclude the surah with this concluding idea? Well, I want you to look at the beginning of the surah and understand its end of the surah as being interlaced together. So a lot of begins a sutra by saying tabouleh can live via the mother in

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law's hand alone is the kingdom and all of the kingdoms that you know of and that what you don't know of he is the only one in control over everything. And the last area of the surah gives you a practical conclusion of the first assertion that

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It is only Allah Subhana Allah to Allah who can cause your water to disappear and only Allah who can cause it to reemerge. It is only Allah Subhana Allah to Allah who can give us life spiritually, but also, he's the only one who gives us life, physically and materially. And therefore the last area of the sutra, it's almost as if it connects with the first idea that if a law was to sink all of the water that we depend upon to survive, causing it to sink deep down into the ground that is untouchable for us, unable for us to find who can give us water in turn except him go back to the beginning of the ayah tabouleh can let the via the hill Moon is he Allah alone, who in his hand

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alone is the control over all kingdoms and all things?

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Then you look into the second verse of this surah wahoo Aquila, shaden, Kadir, Allah The Hala can mount our higher tele Abu It is Allah who created life and death to test you.

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And therefore the last two verses of this pseudo that we've just explained, they give us the two outcomes of that test. See at widow hula Deena cafaro that there are those who will be phases will be darkened with the dread of knowing their place because of their disbelief is hellfire. And there is the place of redemption and the place of forgiveness. For those who have feared in the levina of shannara. de la Pharaoh to add your own career halfway through the surah. Allah gives us the hint. Those who fear the Lord in secret for them is forgiveness and a great reward at the end of the Surah calahorra. Man tell them he is that Merciful One, the one that they feared without seeing him

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without meeting him level of fear. He has promised them forgiveness. Well, I don't carry around a massive reward. Who is he for the warlock nano M and Navy. That is the one that we believed in him while he hit our calendar. That is the one we put our full trust and reliance in him. And those who believe they develop that hope and trust and resilience and Torah and obedience to Allah Who is the merciful Lord and the one who is worthy of worship because of his mercy and His kindness, and the one who those who have turned away from him subhanho wa Taala is the one who causes them the disgrace that they will experience in this life. And in the next we pray the loss of Hannah to Allah

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grants us purity and ease and comfort in this life and into the next. The loss of Hannah with Allah assists us in all of our affairs makes easy all of our tasks. And then Allah Subhana Allah allows the surah in the Quran to intercede on our behalf along and be an after the intercession of our Navy Mohammad sallallahu alayhi wa early wasafi was settled into Sleeman kathira we pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala grants us the love of soil to the moon, and then he makes us from those who are blessed to recite it in our evenings each and every night. That Allah subhanho wa Taala grants us it's about Okay in this life and in the next and that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah grant has greater

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and greater understanding of it, the more we recite it and the more we seek to study it with others alone, I mean, and I end with a reading of the surah