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The speaker discusses the history behind the hedger rule, including its location and potential effects on the heart. They also mention a disturbing incident where a woman caught fire in the Kaaba and was left untouched by the hedgesville acid. The speaker concludes that the hedger rule is applied to all stone objects and that the holy Kaaba will be elevated.

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Today I want to speak about the hedger rule as well. Now the hydral as what is known as the Blackstone, although is a stone, it's actually small pieces of one stone. When it descended from Genoa it was in one piece, and now with the passage of time over the centuries, it's in eight small pieces. The story behind that which we'll get to inshallah in a few moments, but let's start off with its location. The Hadrian s word is located on the eastern corner of the corridor, approximately one in 1.1 meters above the ground. And we know that the hazardous word comes from Jenna

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and in the initial stages, it was pure and whiter than milk.

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And because of the sins of mankind, it has become black. Ignacio Hara, Rahim Allah, Allah says that if this is the effect of sins on a stone, imagine the effects of sin on the heart of men of law what therefore, one should try to abstain from sins wherever he is, whether he is at the Holy Land or any other part of the world, because the sins of a man has an impact on his heart, the words of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, which is also recorded in Buhari, that when a person commits a sin, then a black spot appears. If he makes Toba then that black spot is removed. However, if he continues to sin, then his heart is overpowered by darkness.

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So we know that the hedgesville acid was pure and white, whiter than milk and because of since it has become black.

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When Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam was building the Kaaba, the hedgerow a sweat was hidden in a mountain nearby known as a big codebase jablow via Cubase, the mountain of Cubase. Now in this mountain, the Hedgehog Episode was housed and ready Brian Murray Salatu was Salam was building the Kaaba at the time of placing the stone dubray salatu salam came down, was through the Blackstone and presented it to Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam.

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Now, how did it end up in pieces?

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Well, there's a story behind that in 64, H. Abdullah, Roberto the alota, who took shelter in the harem, and him along with his men had erected many tents around the Kaaba. At that time, one of the tent caught fire. Now the reason why he took shelter in the Kaaba or around the Kaaba is because whoever takes protection or shelter here will be granted safety and assurance. Therefore, nobody can harm me more taking to the extent if you know that somebody took your father's life if you have to see him by the collar, you cannot harm him because of the sanctity around this place. So Abdullah is where are they allowed to Milan home and his men erected many tents around the karma, and at that

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time, one of the tents caught fire and the cargo was damaged. As a result, the hazardous was also split or shattered into three pieces.

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Then, in the year 317 h in the third century, after hegira. Another incident took place where they occur ramita laid siege of the Kaaba and they uprooted the hedgerows as well. And you won't believe for 21 years the hedgerow was missing. People made the walls around the Kaaba without the hedgers where they made the steel on but without the Blackstone there. And it's also amazing how the hydro suit was then returned to the Kaaba. They came to the allamah. And they said, How do we distinguish the Blackstone from the other stones because it's mixed with the other stones. And it is found at the moment in Bahrain. So the orlimar said that you should, you should throw all the stones in the

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in the fire all the valuable stones and you will see that the black stone will be untouched it will be unaffected because of its quality that it is from gender.

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So when they did that they found that the hygiene, sweat and the broken pieces were

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left untouched. They took those pieces and once again they returned it back to the holy Kaaba and in its place Mashallah.

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We know that the vegetal acid

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is a very blessed stone also in the sense that when a person kisses the black

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Stone. Allah forgives his forgives his sins and Allah subhanho wa Taala wipes the slate clean.

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We also know that the hairdresser will be lifted before the hour of piano because whatever is from Jenna will be returned back to Jenna. That is the principle applied bellossom handle Tada. So the hydrated password prior to clear ma will be lifted. May Allah Subhana Allah give us a tofik to kiss the Blackstone and also give us a tofik to visit the holy Kaaba again and again. Armenia will elevate