Mohamad Baajour – Purification of the Heart #09 Fifth Sign of a Qalb Saleem

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a man who wants to test his heart and family, and prays to God to make it easier for his family to get rid of alcohol. He also talks about his deceptively prayed to God to make it easier for his family to get rid of alcohol. The group discusses acceptance of certain people in the media and expresses concern about their personalities and behavior. They also mention a woman who recites a statement about Islam and is upset about a coworker's behavior.
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So inshallah Tata will continue with the,

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the SIFAT the characteristics of the alkyl Salim we mentioned few of them

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and the last one we mentioned was that this club, the owner of this club, the owner of the heart

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find that extremely

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heavy if they miss a bad if they miss an act of worship they feel like as if they committed the crime

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as if there's a mountain on their back

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and today's sofa suffer. Today's characteristic is that the owner of the colobus Salim cares more about the quality of the animal than the quantity of DAMMANN.

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Allah subhanaw taala said in three places

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Lea blue accom a EUCOM us and who am Allah

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Allah subhana wa Taala wants to test us who is us and who amla who is better enamel not X or Y Mullah, not who is doing more.

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You then retain that Allah He was asked a beautiful question. He said

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yeah, Sheikh, is it better to pray to rock out TM or 100 RCAF pm or 50, Raka, Yanni many records?

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Which one is better?

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So some of us here if I asked you that question. Some of the to some of this will say 50. But listen to the answer of his color. He said, Pray wherever you find your heart.

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Pray that if you find your heart in the Torah, the toolkit is better. If you find your heart in the 50 Rakhine and the fifth chakra is better. Where do you find your heart? Where do you feel the quality?

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So this person with the colobus Salim, he cares about the quality more than the quantity and this he cares about five things in all his airmen listen carefully are one because we beg Allah to give us a cold saline before we leave this word.

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Number one

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because all these are analogical number one, all his Armelle

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are strictly and sincerely for the pleasure of Allah azza wa jal, he struggles before he performs any annual why? Why am I donating? Why am I praying? Why am I fasting? Why am I beautifying my voice? Why am I doing he asks himself, why am I sitting in the Halacha? Why Am I growing my beard? Why? Why am I wearing the hijab? Why? He wants to make sure the owner of that heart he wants to make sure that every animal is strictly for the pleasure of Allah azza wa jal that's number one.

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Number two, he also or she are so cautious that all that our men are according to the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had a sizable culpa Salim he is concerned about his loss and he wants to make sure that the family is doing are there in the Sunnah he did not come up with a new Amyl he did not make any better and the dean he is in any he's very careful not to invent an ad to the dean hamdulillah our dean is complete a Leona committed to the convener. The dean is complete we do not need to add anything. Let's finish what we have already and hamdulillah Subhanallah so this person wants to make sure that this animal is according to the Sunnah third Subhanallah all his

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armor well, he does them so I will call this Salim with

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his the back of his mind. Allah is watching me.

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Every homily does. Allah is watching me. Allah is watching how I treat my my spouse.

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Allah is watching how I treat my parents. Allah is watching the salaat I just performed. Allah is watching if I'm cheating in my fasting. Allah is watching is that amount correct about my zakat?

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Allah is watching Why do I go to Hajj? Allah is watching every single animal the bad of Morocco Baba is capturing that person's heart. Cybil colobus Selim he's always thinking so he has a loss following the Sunnah he has maraca and listen to the fourth one.

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After all this

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he gives them in to Allah

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Cibulkova Salim the owner of the colobus Salim believes that all that happened because Allah permitted it not because of him.

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He was able to memorize the Quran because Allah permitted it he was able to attend Fisher and Jamar because I

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Allah made it easy for him to attend. He was able to have a good child because of Allah azza wa jal. Many people try to raise their children properly, but they don't. That reason my child is a righteous son or a righteous daughter is because of Allah azza wa jal. I did my best but at the end of the day, it's all from Allah, he brings back everything to Allah, He never brings it back to himself. Never.

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So he has a class and he follows the Sunnah and he has the maraca of Allah and he always gives them in

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the favorite goes back to Allah and listen to the last one. After all that

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the owner of the colobus Salim constantly feel he's not doing enough

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he feels that

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I could have done more was the 25th night

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I definitely could have done more. This Ramadan is almost done. And look at this Subhanallah I finished the Quran only once and twice. I only donated this much I definitely could have done more.

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And he's always worried.

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Well, Edina, you tune in to watch Hulu boo hoo Margiela when this idea was revealed, I showed the Allah Allah came to us Allah I sell them because this is saying and the ones who give

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and their hearts are trembling, or the ones who do things do a by that and their hearts are trembling, or they do actions that by that they do actions, and their hearts are trembling. So I show the hola Ana she came to us and said you had a Salalah are these the ones who drink alcohol and steal and commit Zina? He said, Nah, I've been to Sadiq, no daughter of this deal. These are the ones who constantly fast and given charity and pray and their hearts are trembling, whether Allah accepted or not.

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So Sahil culpa, Salim is always worried

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about the COBOL he's more concerned about Daemul being accepted than the AMA itself. This is what earlier the allaahu and he said, he said, we should be more concerned about the animal being accepted than the animal itself. They said Why? Why your annual meaning? He said, Didn't you hear what ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada say, in nema? Yetta? Kabul Allah who again?

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Didn't you hear that? Allah says in surah.

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Allah only accepts from the Moroccan

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and I cannot claim I am with Turkey. Well, that was a coup and forsaken. Who are Allah Modi man Tucker, do not ever praise yourself.

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Because Allah knows who is the turkey. So if I say was 100% accepted, I am claiming that Turkey because in nama at that hustle exclusively Allah only accepts from the Moroccan and if I say my family has accepted that means I am not Turkey.

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I always don't get me wrong. We always hope and have personally done biller that I'm in sha Allah Miami is accepted. Right. And that keeps us on our toes to keep working hard and hard. So Subhanallah look at this characteristic of the colobus Salim the person is always concerned that our men are only for the sake of Allah. I do not care if you saw me come to Azure. I do not care if you know I am a half is

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I remember we had a brother that visit us in New York he used to have looks like you know, had contracts he come every once in a while.

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And he's three four days. And then he travels back to his another state. So every time he comes the Imam used to love him so much and why don't you lead his beautiful voice? Until this day? I have no clue. This man has a half as because he keeps reading from everywhere in the Quran. Every time you ask him, Are you a half is is Allah he met ESRM Al Quran

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I memorize what Allah gave me the ability to memorize

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to Hafiz

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because that answer Subhanallah he doesn't want anybody to know he's a Hafiz, or he's not a half I don't know. But I'm saying look at the answer. I don't really care if anybody knows or not all my concern is Allah on my donation? I don't know if the whole community knew or did not know.

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a va is registered. That's all I care about. That's all I wonder and worry about is that that Allah accept this or they worry about Subhan Allah. Is Allah pleased. The way I treat my spouse is that Allah pleased the way I'm raising my children. Is Allah pleased with the job? I have?

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this guy you will never find this guy doing any haram job or any gray area job. Forget about black. No way no how he because our beloved just decided, well if he says

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here is token want to own

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and Arabi Best Buy bedwin was passing by and he heard the chef's reciting this I

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explained to me this i What does that mean? He said that all our risk, all our provision is with Allah subhanho wa Taala he says Allahu Akbar, he had a camel he slaughtered it and everybody passing by he stopped giving the meat immediate instantly. Heresy doesn't need to let's discuss is there an another another opinion what is the Hanafi opinion? What is the Maliki

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he heard that in the summer is my risk he's cluttered the camera and distributed he said Allah subhanaw taala will never let me down Allah will definitely replaced it. So he saw him again.

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He saw the Allah we saw again the man after a while and he recited the AI right after after it for our Besana

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in hula Huck Miss lemma in a contemporary Quran.

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So he said man of Allah.

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He said, The ayah means by Allah subhanho wa Taala himself is swearing by himself. Allah azza wa jal does not need to swear yeah what for worship be summer it was Allah saying that your risk listen carefully for the brothers who are going through financial financial hardship for work Besana you will risk well our inner hula Huck, your risk is Huck, your risk is a must. It's coming to you. Just like you have no doubt that you can speak. Anybody have doubt that they speak. Just like you have no doubt that you can talk. Your risk is 100% Come to coming to you.

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So the man said who angered

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who angered the Lord of the heavens and the earth for him to swear.

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Why would Allah need to swear Subhanallah so this is the culprit, the colobus Salim The culprit is always concerned about the pleasure of Allah subhana wa Taala I beg Allah in these last days I plead to you your Allah for everyone here and everyone who's watching us here Allah grant culpa Salim grantee CircleUp Salim because this is the only ticket to Jana in lemon at Allah convinced Salim I love you all for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah Allah Allah

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in Mussolini now almost Lima Do you want to know meaning Mina quantity now look on it. The more slowly been our slaw, the bond he was a slob eating I was slaving a lot do you want to follow Sherry You know wonderful she

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wouldn't call Shireen. I want to call she is the one who tells one BP now one downside the party was all evening I was all in

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one heavy Lena photo gentleman one half of what it was good enough. Guess

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what's going on? I don't know who

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was a gentleman I lean

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