Lauren Booth – World Cup Fans Shocked By This

Lauren Booth
AI: Summary © A woman named Sharon Anal) talks about her experience as a free woman of the West and how she is hesitant to visit Qatar due to social and political arrangements. She discusses the challenges faced by female football fans in the region and how they have had a mixed message on the topic. She also mentions the upcoming World Cup and how it may be a safe experience for fans.
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Salam Alaikum Peace be to you. I pray this finds you well and blessed wondering, what is that experience like, of being a free woman of the West and unrestricted woman of the West coming to a place with social expectations on women. Ellie Mollison is a British campaigner for improving matchday experiences for female football fans. She was made so concerned about visiting Qatar that she actually asked her dad to come along as a chaperone. So what does she say? I've got to say, coming here to Qatar has been a real shock to my system. There have been no cat calls, no wolf whistles, or sexism of any kind. I think the media has been very, very harsh, because not good for

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you and quite cool. I hope the video show that is really a freak issue. So I don't think crime exists here. She's talking about women's safety in the public spaces, and I used to go to games, you were going to get touched up drunk and man in a mob formation, you're going to be what would now be called assault. We just used to call it a little bit annoying. female fans from across the world are finding Qatar stadiums to be more hospitable and welcoming them back in their home countries. We should be celebrating this as the safest World Cup yet. And that's what the figures starting to come out are telling us go enjoy Qatar. Go and enjoy the different experience of sobriety. Make the most

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of this moment because you may never have such a long period in your life where people are not drunk around you. And when you yourself are not being encouraged to drink I celebrate what Qatar is offering and this unique and different World Cup ceremony come see you next time in Sharla have a safe and beautiful world cup all up on

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