Nouman Ali Khan – The Ayah of Ramadan – Part 2

Nouman Ali Khan
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Now alesse has three things about the Quran, Allah is describing the role of the Quran, this is called Han in three ways. And let's let me just, instead of being very technical, simply describe what he means. When you say, for example, a green car, or a blue, you know, a blue wall or something, you're describing a color of an object, it's an adjective or a quality of something, right? Or a tall man. When you say something like a tall man, whether he's sleeping or standing or sitting, he's still tall, right? So that's not a quality that gets affected. A heart is not something that's a permanent quality that is dormant, meaning it's, it's kind of embedded inside and

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it's there all the time, a Harley, something that's living, for example, if I say a man walking,

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a man walking is not a permanent quality, it's actually something you can see it's an action, it's something taking place. When something is described in grammar as a hand, it's not just a quality of something. It's a living, experienced thing. So what I'm getting at here is the three descriptions of the Quran your hand that doesn't just mean their descriptions of the Quran, that these are qualities that the Quran has, but these are experiences that come from the Quran, they can be experienced, they can be you know, they can be seen, they can be seen in action. Right? So what are these three things that Allah describes as one of the Quran? He says, who then leanness? That's the

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first one, that he says we have a unity Milan Buddha, that's the second one. And he says, well for God, three things. And so over the next three days, we'll stop at each one with a Lynas, then the Unity middle Buddha tunnel forgot. So let's talk today a little bit about holiness, simply translated guidance for people. So what did I mean by hand? It means the guidance of the Quran isn't just some quality that it has, it's something experienced, it's something alive, it's something in action. It's as if it's not, it's like a living book. And its role is to actually serve as guidance. Another technical language thing that the grammarians talk about, that's very hard to understand if

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you're reading that seed, but I'll try to make it simple for you is that when you say there's a person that's going to give you directions, one says one says to you, I'll take you there, that person is your guide. That person is your guide in Arabic, you would call them a Heidi, a guide. But that person is not your guidance. There's a difference between guidance and guidance. The one who's guiding you is simply a guide, but not guidance itself. guidance is a much bigger concept. The Quran is our guide. So the expected word is actually how the N word le na si will be.

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orderliness, Isla de la Koran haidian as a guide, but he says as guidance now What difference does that make when the infinitive is used? In Simple English, what that means is that you can possibly get guidance anywhere else. This is it. This is the only guidance available this is the ultimate guidance available, this guidance overshadows any other guidance. There may have been some guidance before in some other places. But it's like the Arab says Allah subhanho Misbah. Like, when you have the morning when the morning comes, there's no there's no purpose for the lamp left. I'm sure you read Lighting a candle at night, it has no purpose when the day comes, right, that's all the other

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forms of guidance become irrelevant, because this is their. So this is the ultimate guidance. That's the first thing to note here. The second thing to note here is very important that Quran makes a distinction, a separation between knowledge and guidance. Somebody knowing a lot of things, if you have a lot of in, you have a lot of information, that doesn't necessarily mean you have a lot of guidance. It's the same as you know, you have, you have the the app on your phone with all the directions, you have the maps on your phone, you have ways you have Google Maps, whatever you have, you have it there. But if you don't use it, and if actually you're not actually looking at it, turn

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by turn by turn, then all that information is useless. It's sitting there, it's inside, but it's not being put to use. Somebody can have a lot of information inside them, they can learn a lot. But unless they're looking at that information, constantly thinking about a turn by turn by turn, it's not guidance. So a lot of times we confuse the increase in knowledge, with the increase in guidance, they're not the same thing. increasing knowledge is helpful if we actually use it for guidance. And actually sometimes you have people that have a lot of knowledge and never use it. And you have some people that have very little knowledge, but they always use it have little little bit of knowledge,

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but whatever little they know, they put it to use tech to seek guidance and Allah guides them like I'm reminded of the story of the Bible gap in the Quran. So the gap, right, the people of the cave, these people are not scholars, these people didn't even know about any prophet. These people didn't know about any book, no revelation, nothing. All the only guidance. The only knowledge they have is there is a God and the only God that should be worshipped is one. That's all they know.

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And that's enough for them to get committed to that one thing that was enough for their guidance against the most impossible opposition. So that's the first thing here when Allah says Koran is guidance, meaning a lot of times when you say I'm learning Quran, we emphasize the learning of the knowledge of the Quran, the grammar of the Quran, the, the seed of the Quran, the realm of the Quran, the, you know, the subsea studies of the Quran, the academics of the Quran, but in the in the month of Ramadan, Allah azza wa jal says, I sent this book as something that you will use at every turn in your life, and it will come to life at a return in your life, like counsel, like you know,

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for some of you, whenever there's an important decision that has to be made you call a friend, Hey, I just got this call. What should I do? Here? I received this email, how should I respond? I have this offer, what should I do? Should I take the job or not take the job, you have someone in your life that you go to at every important turn, you text them right away. That's the kind of role cron wants to play in your life in my life. There's a choice that comes I'm going to look at Elizabeth, what would you want me to do? And that guidance will come to life, it'll actually come to life. That's actually the role of a less book who then in us, now the last portion of this which is

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Linda's for people,

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Ally's describing here, you know, some people as they get closer to religion, they think, well, if I come to the Quran, then things are gonna get harder for me. Because Quran is gonna want me to do things that are hard, that are my feelings go this way, or Quran wants me to go that way. Right? So it's going to be uncomfortable, it's going to make things more difficult. Allah says in this ayah this guidance that Allah has offered in the Quran is for your benefit. It's for the benefit of all people. And that all people is so important because the devil comes to people and says, you know, Ron is good for that person, that person, this religious person over here, this guy has a long beard

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is good for him. But you know, I have a different problem I Quran can guide me is for them. You know, I have a different situation. Allah says this is guidance for all people, Muslim, non Muslim, religious, not religious, knowledgeable, not knowledgeable, practicing, not practicing. It doesn't matter unless sent this book to guide the hearts and the minds of anyone who wants to seek its guidance, and it will come to life for them. And it will be there for their benefit. The Lamb here is for benefit. In other words, whatever guidance Quran gives you the guarantee is, that is the better road for you. That's actually it, no matter how painful it looks, no matter how excruciating

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it looks, no matter how much you tell yourself this, I can't possibly do this. This may be something somebody else can do. I can't do it unless every single human being can do what I'm asking them in this book. They're capable of it. They are capable if they were not capable of it. Allah would not make Koran for all of humanity. Allah would make Quran for some people.

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But let me put on for all of humanity, all of them at whatever level they are, however far they are from Allah, however close they are to Allah, Quran is still guidance for their benefit, so long as they are breathing, Allah has not given up on them. Quran is still alive for them. Some people might say, well, you read the Quran, and you might get guidance. I don't think I don't think a lot will give me a lot just open the invitation. Allah said this is something that will be alive for you constantly. Now, this this this one short piece that I want to add to this on, Linda's on for people, for the benefit of people.

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You see, the way we give guidance, the way we offer the message of the Quran, we have to think of one thing before we think of anything else. How is this going to benefit someone else?

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Allah his priority is the benefit of people is the benefit of people, which means your priority and my priority should constantly be what the benefit of people, if the conversation is not going to be beneficial, then you shouldn't be having a conversation. The way in which Koran is presented, the way in which we share its message needs to be a way in which that people can see that you're saying this for my benefit. You know, when you're yelling at someone, when you're insulting someone you say I'm doing this for your own good. Nobody thinks you're doing it from my goodwill. If you were doing this for my good you wouldn't be talking so badly. You see, so when a les says it's for the benefit

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of people, there's a mercy that entails in it out, here's the last thing, the month of Ramadan, the Muslims are very focused on themselves.

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Worship, fasting, if our Torah we you're constantly around, some people take off from work, who's and I'm not gonna go to the office. I'm not gonna talk to my friends. I'm not gonna do anything else. Did Allah say that this is this is a month for the believers. This is guidance for the believers. Allah said about this month that this is guidance for who all of humanity, you know that the devils are changing this month, right? The shelter change, when the shelter change, or they change only for the Muslims or for everybody.

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To change for everybody. They're changed for everybody. Which means there's somebody who if you shared the message of Allah with them in this month, shellene will not bother them. They'll actually listen, their heart will be closer. This is an opportunity to share the message of the Quran in this month, in this month, the angelic presence, the Divine Presence, the special blessings are so powerful if there was ever

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time you would share something about the Quran with your non Muslim friends, from the friends that have distanced or drifted away from religion, from those with those people, if you were ever going to share something for their benefit from Allah, where's this would be the month to do it, this would be the time to do it, because this is for all of humanity. This is a love comparing us to the Israelites when we saw in the surah before because they believe that our art and the guidance is for who just themselves, nobody else. You know, this is not for anybody else, even within them. It's just for the rabbis. It's just for the scholars. It's not for everybody. And but the Quran came and

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said, No, it's for everybody. It's even for these mean these people that are not that have no education, none whatsoever. Don't be intimidated by the Quran. seek Allah's guidance. And of course, there are going to be levels of learning and that's what we'll talk about tomorrow when we talk about being anatomy alhuda because the question that I leave you with, that we think we think about for tomorrow, is people say well, okay, fine, you want me to get guidance from the Quran? Fine, but I don't know Arabic. I don't know anything about the background? What if I interpreted incorrectly? What if I read your translation? I get my own crazy thoughts. And that's not what it actually means.

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What do you want me to do then? You know, and that's a very real, practical question. I mean, if you want me to just open up the Quran and start reading it, and how am I supposed to get clarity or guidance from it? That's the question that will be answered and Allah says will be enacted, mean alhuda that's the second role that the Quran plays right once again, Quran plays three roles in this ayah The first of them was the one we talked about today. holiness, tomorrow inshallah Allah will be united minute Buddha and the third day for law permits for con barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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