Habib Bobat – Relationship With The Quran #4

Habib Bobat
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the guidelines for reading the Koran and emphasizes the importance of choosing a suitable time to read. They stress the importance of reading every day at a suitable place and learning laws and spending time learning the meaning of the Koran. The speaker also advises practicing letters and app recommendations for better reading, and recommends specific apps for iOS devices. Practicing is a habit and a matter of practice.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim continuing with our discussion on the level of the novel. And today we look at some general guidelines. The first thing that we are going to discuss is the time, which is the best time to read the novel Koran. So if you look at the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam the Hadith speaks manado no mobie Lane, that on the day of glioma, the Koran will intercede on behalf of the reciter arguing that Oh Allah, I stopped him from sleeping at night. Therefore accept my intercession on his behalf. So from me the other deduce that this hadith is making reference to the night which means that the best time for Quran tilawat is the night and from

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amongst the night, the letter portion with 100 is read that time is the best time to read the Arnold Kareem. And the reason why the Quran the Quran should be read at this time is because the heart, the mind and the soul are extremely alert and receptive. And number two, there is no distractions at that time.

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You are solely discussing and communicating with your Creator and reading his book, Mashallah. There's nobody distracting you at that moment. There is no phone beeping, there's no phone ringing, there's nobody coming in every two minutes to talk to you. Therefore, it's a very unique time of the night where you are talking to a lot through the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the night is generally reserved for Quran and Kareem. Having said that, if one is unable to decide the Quran at night, for whatever reason, it may be, he can always rely on it any other time of the day also,

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the important thing is to select a time where you are comfortable and where you can live up to that commitment every day of your life. So choose a suitable time It shouldn't be at one day you are eating in the morning, one day in the afternoon, one day in the night, one day you skip.

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Generally if there's a routine, then it's easier to follow through with the noble Koran, and it's a recitation. So that's the first thing. The second thing is that how much should I recite? The Quran says fakra omata surah mineral Quran read however, much is possible for you to read. Now, there is no blanket rule here, every person is different according to his capabilities according to the time available according to how he sheduled is looking like. So the main thing is to work according to how much he can manage with every day. But the principle is that he must choose that much which he can read every day of his life, which takes me to the third point and that is to read with

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continuity with perpetual, perpetual at every day, as the Heidi's mentioned in a have been our murder Illinois and one more what in color, the best of actions in the eyes of Allah is that action which is done with continuity even if it is little.

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So, select that much which you can manage on a daily basis, even if it is four pages or five pages. If it is one part that you can manage every day one juice every day, then let it be one juice, if it is half a juice then let it be half a juice, if it is quarter, let it be quarter, whatever amount you are able to read every day select that much. And number four, as far as general guidelines is concerned is that we should beautify our recital was the rules and the laws of Madrid. Say even Adi are they allowed to and who is to say that what is the essence of

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the essence of Madrid is

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modified to help the reader hooroo formada to cough is to recite every letter from its proper Muggeridge meaning from its proper origin. And number two, to learn the laws of stopping. So you don't just stop in the middle of diet, nor do you just not do just continue reading and then abruptly stop. But you will stop at the appropriate place without changing the meaning. Likewise, you articulate every letter from its proper massage from its proper origin. So that takes you to the aspect of Nigeria which means that every day we are ought to spend some time

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Even it is even if it is just four to five minutes rectifying our recital.

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So let's say today you are focusing on the pronunciation of the letter board

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and you are taking the exercises and the next day you're going on to another letter and the following day you're going on to another letter and slowly you're improving on the recital. The message is that till the end you got to continue with the exercise you got to continue with the practice you got to continue improvising on your till hour and you got to improve everyday. Mashallah. So, that's another point to keep in mind. As far as the pace of tilava is concerned, you know, people ask, How fast do I read or how slow do I read. So generally speaking, that there are three modes of recital.

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One is 13. The other is the wheel, and the other is header. 13 basically means to read slowly, what we are accustomed to listening to how they feel how he reads, that is called 13.

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And then the wheel is moderate, not fast, not slow, it's a moderate paced, and Heather is

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a swift pace. But in all modes of reset a recital, the important thing to keep in mind is that the letters are ought to be pronounced correctly, and the rules of the droid should not be compromised. So if you read in header, if you read in fast, it's fine. But it shouldn't be that when you are reading, whether you are eating up the letters, or you're not pronouncing certain words properly, because of your paste, if it is impacting on the recital of the letters or the words then you have to reconsider your pace. The other point to keep in mind is the place.

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Psychologically, if you get into a particular routine and a particular place and a particular environment, you are able to get going much easier than as of just reading Quran haphazardly. So choose a place in your house or wherever you are reciting the Quran, make it a conducive environment, free from clutter free from distractions, and an environment that encourages you to read the Quran and reflect upon its meaning. So choose one spot in the house focus on that spot and read your Quran everyday at that particular place in the house. Choose whichever place you are comfortable with, but choose a specific spot and psychologically this will get you into the mode of

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or unrecycled whenever you get into that place. It will remind you of your Quran it will remind you of how to recite Mashallah. And the other point to keep in mind is distractions.

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When you are reciting the Noble Quran, make sure that your phone is turned off, make sure that the notifications are off, make sure that there are no vibrating sounds or there is no calls coming through while you are reciting because it can disturb the momentum and the rhythm of your Coronel Karim. So therefore, distractions should be minimized to the best of your ability when you are reciting the Quran because you want to be devoted when you are deciding on May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us and assist us all. And the last point I want to share with you today is that there are many apps. Sometimes we look for excuses not to read the Quran, Allah I don't know if the Quran

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in front of me, or my Quran is at home. So we look for excuses. But if you consider how you can use your phone also as a tool to read the Quran. And Mashallah you could no excuse not to record. There are many apps available, I'll recommend two apps. The one app is

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called on 13 line. And this is designed by common apps that q A M a r comma apps. It's a 13 line Quran a color coded or on it's a beautiful responsive app that you can download on your phone and it's internet free. That means Once you have downloaded, once everything is there, you don't no longer internet connection to read it. The second app, which I would suggest is for an Kareem or an Kareem and this is specific for the iOS devices. The first one that I just suggested that is available on both platforms on Android, as well as iOS the second one

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and carry is only available on the iOS platform. This is a black and white 13 line Quran but also very responsive and a beautiful layout of the app. So these are general guidelines as far as the thilawa. The first right of the novel Quran is concerned. May Allah bless us all.

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