Omar Suleiman – It Actually Starts With Tahajjud Khutbah By Dr.

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The importance of worship in the spiritual realm is highlighted, as it can lead to healing and a " sweat of joy" in relationships. The need for individuals to build a culture of peace and individuality is emphasized, along with the importance of finding a society with a sense of individuality. The secret ingredient of achieving victory is discussed, along with the importance of laughter and laughter in the face of crisis, and the potential for distraction from social media usage. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a social media product.
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We begin by praising Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and bearing witness that none has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is his final messenger. We ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him and those that follow in his busted path until the day of judgment, and we ask Allah to make us amongst them Allahumma I mean, your brothers and sisters, typically when we talk about the effect that we are having on the rest of the Ummah, there is this sense of introspection that's lacking,

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what role Am I playing at the spiritual level when it comes to everyone else. And so you can talk about the role of sins and bringing about burden. Or you could talk about the role of duet and bringing about relief. But Subhanallah there's a very specific act of worship that distinguishes us, from everyone else. And many people would think that this act of worship is for the small group of people. It's for the elderly. It's for the small group of friends of Allah subhanaw taala, that not many people can do. And some would even say that it's unwise to even talk about this act of worship, when people are struggling with the bare minimum. So someone might say, why would you talk about pm

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and Lille? Why would you talk about the night prayer when most Muslims are struggling to even pray five times a day. And I'm going to tell you exactly why and why it's so important in this moment. If a person is not praying five times a day, then it could be that they are a source of sin upon this ummah. But if a person wants to be a source of strength for this ummah, then that's where pm comes in. That's number one. Number two, it could be that in that night prayer that Allah subhanaw taala provokes in you a sweetness in your talking to him in your relationship with him. In those moments of being alone that actually transforms the quality of your five Salawat. If you learn to enjoy your

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Pm, if you learn to enjoy to rock as at night, that can actually transform all five of your prayers during the day. Because you actually would have had some meaning in it and you're not thinking about everything that has to come and everything that you have to do in the NASA to lelee here I shall do walk on water Aqua Maquila Allah azza wa jal tells the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that Verily the night and in the night, it is a time where you can develop greater strength, and you're less distracted, because in Melaka, fitna, howdy subhanho, wa ala, there's so much that you have to do during the day. And so the quality that you gained from to rock as at night can transform five

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prayers of the day. But there's something else that I really want us to get to. And I say this, by the way, subhanAllah, that this is something that we should all aspire to starting with myself. This is a deed that we should struggle with. And this is a deed that I am struggling with. And this is a deed that I hope all of us will struggle with Bismillahi tan that in this moment in particular, there is nothing that can build us for the moment like pm as individuals and as societies. There is nothing that can give us victory over those who oppress us, like this particular act of worship. And I want to take you back to the moment that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam comes to Medina,

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and he gives his inauguration speech. And you've all heard this many times, but I want you to pay attention to the only thing that differentiates the speech, or the main thing that differentiates the speech from anything that anyone had ever heard before. Or you heard us he gathers all the people, the Muslims, the Jews of Medina, the polytheists of Medina, the people that maybe the few Christians in Medina, people of all different backgrounds and faiths, right? They're coming around here what this man is going to say sallallahu alayhi wa salam in Medina, when he finally has a platform, he can finally speak because in Mecca, they didn't allow him to speak in public.

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SallAllahu it was somebody persecuted him. I mean, salatu salam in his own home, au Hannahs Oh, people of Shia salaam spread peace. Now, if you're not Muslim, you can appreciate spread peace of Salaam and of course we have the specific greeting as salam or Aleikum. But it's more than that, because so many Muslims say As salam or Aleikum, but they intend everything else with except for Salam when they give it to you. They say As salam o alaikum peace beyond to you but everything under the words of Salam is not Salam right so salam ala and econ is an intention towards your brother as well as said Mr. Aiken peace beyond to you and intention from Sister to Sister as well As salam o

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alaikum. Peace be unto epsilon spread peace not just with your words, but with everything else. All right, if I'm if I'm someone who's hearing the prophets, like some for the first time, I've heard something like that before. I'll tell you more Quran feed the port

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Beautiful. Salem is what Jesus peace be upon him used to say in the Bible right even now peace beyond to you. This is the greeting of the prophets as Santa Monica. feed the poor, we can find this noble trait in multiple ways of life. Of course we want to excel with it and we have a different push towards, but feed the people and especially the poor.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, while seated or hum and connect your families establish the ties of kinship. This is a beautiful trait, a beautiful quality that has a universal manifestation. Then he says sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was suddenly the lady when Estonia

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pray at night while other people are sleeping. Stand up and pray at night when everybody else goes to sleep. To the huddle Jana to be Salam. You'll enter paradise in peace. This is different. It's Pamela and the narration of Abdullah I'm gonna ask Colleen salatu salam with Rama worship Allah man who is a woman never heard about Ramadan before the Most Merciful worship of Ramadan and epsilon delta mataram, and so on so forth, spread peace and feed the people. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying that the way this society is going to be established and distinguish itself, the secret ingredient beyond what we already know of the good things that Allah has put in us to

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naturally inclined towards the secret ingredient is going to be that those same people that are spreading peace, those same people that are feeding the poor, those same people that are working, are not making an excuse for themselves, to not fight with their bodies, and stand up to replenish their souls at night. This is what's going to be your secret ingredient to building this society, oh, unsalted in a way that no one has ever built a society before. This is where it's going to come down to the characters that build the culture of Medina or soluable. Lady when Estonia tetrahedral Jana B salaam, a very specific group of people stand up and pray at night when other people go to

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sleep Subhanallah there's a connection here. The first address in Medina that the Prophet salallahu Salam gives to the people is stand up and pray at night. And the first address that Allah gives to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam in Makkah, in his most devastating times when he's alone in society is yeah, you are Muslim men call me Leila. Illa kalila of the first words, Oh, you who was wrapped up, stand up at night and pray except for a little bit. Push yourself oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because in Medina, you need to build a society. But in Mecca, you need to build a character, you need to build a certain type of spiritual resilience that's going to allow you to

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deal with oppression. In Mecca, you have to resist the society that wants you to be something you're not in Medina, you have to build a society that no one has ever seen before. And the secret ingredient of both of those is going to be your willingness to stand up and pray at night. Because you're going to nurture something in those moments that no one else can nurture. You're going to kindle a fire in your heart in those moments, that no one else knows what it's like to Kindle, but you have to be willing to put in that sacrifice before Allah subhanaw taala made the five prayers obligatory. He made the MLL obligatory on the prophets of Allah on Islam, he made the night prayer

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obligatory on the prophets lie some and the believers by extension, then once Allah revealed the five obligatory prayers, then the second part of animism mill was revealed as a shuttle the Allahu Anhu said, which turned it into a voluntary prayer. So you won't you will not be punished on the Day of Judgment, for not praying, damned if it's not obligatory. And I want to make that very clear. But in this moment, subhanAllah you want to build yourself as an individual, you want to build a society, it's the secret ingredient, it's the secret ingredient of victory. When Allah subhanaw taala talks about the Battle of bedroom when the Muslims were outnumbered by those who had no good

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intentions towards them and wanting to do all sorts of things towards them. Allah subhanaw taala does not attribute the victory that came to them through the archers or the way that the prophesy son was able to develop a scheme where he could deal with, you know, this genocidal group of people that outnumbered him. Allah Subhana Allah says is tested he threw in a rock back home faster job at the victory came last night when you were in the temps. And you were making your art to Allah subhanaw taala you were supplicating your Lord is testily through and Allah confessed the diabolical that's when Allah answered you. When you were in the tent the night before. It wasn't what you put

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together the date of it was the night before. And we know the famous story of Salahuddin at a UB Rahim Allah when he was dealing with the Crusaders trying to retake Jerusalem from the Crusader

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What does he do and how clean? He goes through the tents? Not yet? Not yet, not yet. But when he sees the lights on in the tents, now we're ready.

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When he sees that these people who are dealing with the brutal conditions of war against the Crusaders of all people who have seen horrors that none of us can even imagine, even in this time,

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and he goes around and he sees them by themselves, waking up and praying at night. Now it's there. Now that ingredient is there, in our personal lives, do not is an arrow dua is a connection between you and Allah subhanaw taala over those who commit violence against you.

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And on a community level due out is an arrow that we have against those who oppress our ummah. It is a connection from us to Allah subhanaw taala. It is the secret ingredient, it is the distinguishing factor. Now again, someone is like, I can barely pray five times a day.

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I'm struggling with budget. I'm struggling with Aisha, I'm struggling with Asana in the middle of my workday. Why are you giving a hoot about TM? The brothers and sisters, we've all adjusted ourselves in these last few months in some way, I guarantee you that your social media usage has probably gone up right as you're as you're consumed by what's happening, I guarantee you that your thoughts have shifted, I guarantee you that your emotions have shifted, your priorities have shifted, your perspectives have shifted. What better time than for all of us to say you know what, I'm going to take on this habit once a week, twice a week.

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And if I taste the sweetness of it, it might inject the sweetness that I needed in my salah. And it might give us the victory that we need over ourselves and then over those that oppress us. Because if you win that battle grounds, then you can win any battle. And if you gain that peace than the Jana is in your heart before you attain any likeness of Jana in this world, or Jenna in the Hereafter, but it takes a sacrifice. And I know all of us right now are thinking about the ways that we can help and there is nothing like that can help. And there is nothing like there are in the last third of the night that can help. And that comes from you as an individual. Build the individual in

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Mecca, build the society and Medina think about better think about her clean, go back to yourself and say you know what, even if I'm struggling with my five daily prayers, I'm going to struggle with one night a week, two nights a week. And then you're not just only not a source of sin to the OMA, you're actually a source of strength to the OMA as well. May Allah subhanaw taala give us all the ability to stand up and pray at night. And may He inject sweetness into all of our prayers. And may He put success in the prayers that we make and may He allow our prayers to be a source of comfort and security and victory and goodness to us and to the world around us to our OMA and Reza to our

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online Philistine to our Ummah all over the world. Allah Amin Akula Cody Harada was tough Lalibela Come on, he certainly must have been faster fill in a hole for him.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen are going to learn a lot I mean want to ask people to limit screen a lot most of you are selling Mobarak and adekola sitcom Mohammed and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while early he was looking to sell him to see him and cathedra Allama filet mignon Are you not well Muslim in one Muslim out here Eman? Humble and what in a custom year on a Caribbean Would you Would that what Allahumma Fitzalan our hammer? Why for Anna Willa to Robin alumna and Fuson our inland Tathra and I will tell him that then akuna minal ha serene La Mina caribou and Kareem went to Hibbeler alpha five for ANA Allahumma fiddley YT Dena Robert ham Houma Kamara, bonus yulara Robina

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habla naman as well as you know the reality and Kurata Aryan Jana limiter Karina Imam Allah one sort of one and masala fina Philistine Allah one sort of one mistake that I've seen a few Philistine Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah how are they finding and men could be in a few Philistine Allah Han Solo whom Allah I do we cover I do we him Allah who also if one and most of our fina FEMA sharekhan are the one know how to be la Maricel Islam or misdemeanor didn't know Szybko Academy with m&r under the law Malika Vitamina datamine Regina was one and they named Sadie mean everybody Allah and Allah here I'm gonna gladly Alexa, what he did put about 100 fascia when one curry would bury your abdomen

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Allah come to the Coronavirus Corolla half Kodachrome wash guru Valentina is one of the Corolla he Akbar Wallah who yeah Anwar Matheson Arun. Welcome Asana

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