Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J01-010B Word Analysis Al-Baqarah 53-59

Taimiyyah Zubair
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What if and when? Also recall this blessing attina We gave a Taner This is from Hamza TA. Yeah, attire T is to come and atta is to give Okay, so who gave? We gave our tainer? We give meaning Allah subhanaw taala gave to who to Musa alayhis salam when he had gone for the appointment? What did Allah subhanaw taala give him Al Kitab the Book? What is this book? It is the torah, right and Al Kitab This is from the root letters CAFTA but one for con and the criterion for con This is from raw cough, same route as for Acuna because for con is what it is those teachings which help you distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. So some say that Farrakhan is actually just

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describing Kitab Okay, which is why the data is in parenthesis. So it's a description of Kitab so we gave to Musa the book and criterion the book which was the criterion and it can also be understood as something separate. Lila come so that you all data don't you all obtain guidance that they don't this is from her that Yeah, remember the word wanna cancel Motorin and they're not Wanzhou obtain guidance so that they don't you will obtain guidance. What if and when meaning also recall this Allah Musa Musa Ali Salam sadly call me he to his people remember the word Allah, masha Allah Now you're very familiar with this it's a known word cough while lamb is the root so Musa alayhis salam

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sadly call me he to his people Lee means to okay and he means his and comb is the word people have Well me and calm is nation people so he said to his people yeah call me all my people remember this word? Yeah yeah Bani Israel in all children of Israel so here yeah call me all my people. Now where did the mic come from? We know that it is implied over here because yeah call me is actually call me okay call me but it has been abbreviated to simply yeah call me shorten to call me with just a customer and this is very common so he said all my people in a coma indeed you all in amines indeed calm you all. Ludlum Tom you all wronged while I'm Tom same route la Lam mean? You all wronged and

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Fusa Calm yourselves and first is the plural of the word knifes knifes means self and first plural selves. Okay, so you have wronged yourselves how big jihadi come by you're taking Hamza ha. That it the harder we read earlier it the husband you all took that is a verb This is a noun in the hall you're taking. So you have wronged yourselves by you're taking allergic leather calf. So what should you do now? Fair to boo soul now you should Tubu ILA to boo look at this word. This is an imperative feral amor ta Wow. But is the route so turn in repentance Illa towards baddie equal your originator buddy, who is your originator? It is Allah Zildjian. Right. And Betty is from the root letters ba

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Ra. Hamza, okay. But which means to create, to originate something. So Allah is the originator of everything. And notice the use of this name over here, because you are worshiping the calf and the calf you made. In fact, you should be worshiping the one who made you batty, ie comb your originator. So turn in repentance towards him. And how should you turn in repentance? Repentance is not just okay, Toba, Toba, verbally, a person just says I'm repenting. Okay, that's not sufficient. Toba includes taking certain steps to write the wrong. Okay. So for example, if a person has committed theft, Toba would mean that a person has to return the items that they stole. Okay. And

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then for certain crimes, any there's no returning things. So for example, if a person has killed someone, how do you mend that? Or for example, if someone has committed Zina, how do you reverse that? How do you write the wrong so for certain crimes, there are punishments, okay. And those punishments become a means of purification. So tubo Isla berry EComm repent to your originator. This Toba includes taking the punishment Okay,

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because that punishment will right the wrong that punishment will purify you, it will set things right. And what is that punishment fuck Cthulhu and full circle this is the punishment that you all kill yourselves open to law. Again this is an imperative and this is from the root letters off to learn how to kill or Cthulhu you will kill Who do you kill unfocus yourselves and force again is the plural of naps, okay. Now enforcer calm this can be understood as literally your own self, which would mean suicide, all right, or unforced can also means each other, okay? Because someone from your people is basically your own. Someone from your people is basically your own and full circle

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yourselves meaning your own people. So basically people of each tribe, okay, so members of one tribe will kill those from their tribe who worship the calf fucka, Tulu and full circle you will kill your own people. I will tell you what this means later on in deceit Valley Kung highroller con that or you all is better for you all are in the bad econ in the sight of your originator, any carrying out this punishment is better for you in the sight of Allah, even though it seems so harsh and it seems so difficult and so painful, but this is actually better for you for Tabara Aleikum so he turned in mercy upon you all remember when taba is used for Allah subhanaw taala it comes with the word of

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Allah. And it means that Allah soprano thought has given the person the ability to repent and that Allah subhanaw taala is accepting the repentance of the slave. So Allah has turned in mercy upon you, meaning he has accepted your repentance because in the who who at the web of Rahim indeed he he truly is the extremely Accepting of repentance, the Ever Merciful and the word tabber and atossa both are from the root letters ta well BA and a Rahim from the letters Raha me. What if called Tamiya Musa and recall when you all said call Tom cough Wow lamb Kala, he said call Tom, you all said. So you all said oh Musa la nuit Mina laka we will never believe you. Now. Lemnos Mina, this

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word LAN, okay. It always comes with a verb, just as the word lamb that also comes with a verb, okay, and it's supposed to be together you don't separate these two. Okay, now lamb gives a meaning off did not end learn is more emphatic. It gives meaning of never. So learn note Mina we will never believe ever ever. And note me now as you notice from the letters Hamza meme known Lemnos minute laka laka now remember, I'm sure you've noticed this, that verbs on their own carry certain meanings. But when verbs come with certain prepositions, then the meaning slightly changes. So Amen Am I gonna be like You mean una Bill IB okay you me no no bill AB they believe in the unseen Amana

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with be gives meaning have to believe in something to have faith in something.

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And am Anna Lee lamb gives the meaning of affirming someone. Okay? Meaning to affirm them to do their to stick to listen to them? To say that yes, you are right. I accept what you're saying. So this is why we've translated this together la nuit Mina laka we will never believe you. Meaning we're never gonna listen to you. We're never going to affirm you. You know, whatever that you were saying. Had that until Nara we see Allah Allah gelatin openly. Nara is from the root letters raw. Hamza? Yeah, blah, blah to see. So we're never going to believe you until we see Allah openly. Who is saying this, the Bani Israel eel and Jarrah openly Jehovah is when something is said or done, you

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know out loud or openly, publicly so that it can be heard it can be known. So basically what they're saying is, we want to see Allah in front of us, then we're going to believe you. So when they made this demand for a ha that como Sarika, then the punishment came upon them and what was that 100 como Sarika the Thunderbolt sees you all 100 Calm Hamza, ha. That same route has it together. So what seeds do you have? Sorry, ricotta Thunderbolt. We have done this word earlier. The plural form solaric

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We have done the plural form mean a celebrity right? So this is a singular form Sarika solid rain cough so the sorry called the Thunderbolt cease do meaning it's fell upon them causing them to die what antem while you all come soon you will look on turn loon again known law raw meaning they saw the Thunderbolt falling and it came upon them and they died somewhere then birth now can we resurrected you all bow Alright sir is the root Bartha literally is to raise up. So for example in the Quran, the word is used for even the sending of prophets, right who Allah the birth of Il Omegon that he is the one who sent you know among the Amin the unlettered people a messenger. So literally

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Bartha used to raise up and then the word is also used for resurrection. So this is why the primary meaning is given but the contextual meaning is given in bold letters over here, and that's the one in bold is what you have to memorize. So thermal Bharath now calm we resurrected you all so they died because of the thunderbolt and Allah subhanaw taala gave them a new life mimbar the multicam after your death motes, literally they had actually died because of the Thunderbolt meme, while ta Mote Lai la calm so that you all touch Quran you also gratitude that Allah has given us another opportunity. Cian Kavre will Ilona la come and this blessing also that we cause to shade upon you

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all one level now this is from lava lamp lamp will is shade okay and while Lella is to provide shade, so Allah subhanaw taala caused or he provided shade to the Bani Israel in the desert. Okay, with what with trees with buildings No there was nothing in the desert. So especially Allah subhanaw taala sent Allah man the clouds in order to provide them with shade. And hello ma'am is from the root letters line Meme Meme. Okay, it is said that Allah meme is used for white clouds because you know, gray clouds dark colored clouds, they are remind you of a storm or they bring heavy rain, but white clouds that are just in the sky, you know, they simply provide shade.

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Okay, so you don't have to memorize the word white, but you can if you want to, you can just listen for synthesis. So we'll Ilona alikoum Aloha ma'am because to shade upon you all the clouds one Zona meaning we caused the clouds to shade upon you all one Zona and we sent down known ze lamb We sent down our les come upon you all and remember NAS Allah is to literally come down from above. So Allah sent down from the skies. So this is heavenly. What did we send down upon you l mana was Salwa the man and the Salwa What is man what is salwaar some say man is do. Okay, and Salwa is quills. That's what the Bible says. Okay, so men and Salwa, but there's other interpretations of this as well, so

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it's simply been transliterated. So we sent down upon human and Salwa Kulu you all eat Hamza calf lamb a color to eat Kulu This is imperative Farrell all of you eat men from Play Uberti good things for you back to the plural off by yerba okay but you both means something good from the letters for the verb something good something clean something that is suitable something that is wholesome, feeling beneficial. So each of the good things which good things matches up an outcome what We have provided you all it was a canal from raw ze cough remember what my mother was up to now home unifocal so Rosa canal whom we provided them was a canal comb we provided you all so each of the

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good things which we have provided you all one that and not Lola Munna they wronged Us. Okay. Wha Lam? Meem they did not wrong us. Us as an Allah subhanaw taala Well, I can but can will they use to enforce our homea will the moon they're wrong themselves now and Fusa home means themselves and hillbilly Moon means they're wrong. So they used to wrong themselves. How do they wrong themselves. In the Bible, it has mentioned how they were only allowed to take as much money in Salwa that they needed to eat. Okay, but what happened is that they took extra out of greed. Okay, they weren't allowed to store any at another point that we're told to collect all of the money, all of the do and

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not let it you know, just sit

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and they did not listen to Musa alayhis salam. So Allah subhanaw taala tested them because with each blessing comes a test. Right. So when they disobeyed Musa alayhis salam, they did not wrong Allah subhanaw taala they did not cause any loss to Allah, but they actually caused loss to themselves they harm themselves what if and when also recall this blessing cool now we said again PAF well lamb is the root when we said oh the hello you will enter that ha Lamb The huller to enter with the Hulu you will enter feral amor or the Hulu had Hill Korea enter this town now had he means this and Hadley he is used to point to something that is near remember that Lika is for FAR and Heather is

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for something that is near Heather is the masculine form had the E is the feminine form. So why is the feminine being used over here because had he is referring to Acharya okay and the TR at the end indicates feminine so it's a feminine word. Not that all the inhabitants of that town were women, but rather just the word Claudia in Arabic is a feminine word. So enter this town this town which is right before you right in front of you. It's so easy for you it's so accessible so easy for you to enter this town and once you enter it for colo then you will eat again Hamza kefla And by the way Korea this is from the letters of raw ear and the word literally is when things are consolidated in

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one place. So Korea is basically a population okay meaning a place that is inhabited by people. So enter this town fucko then you will eat Hamza calf lamb eat from what men have from it meaning from the food which is in that town and eat heifer wherever she told me you are will sheen year Hamza rather than abundantly raw rain that now you will notice. These words are familiar for Kulu minha Hayes Washington Radha remember what Allah subhanaw taala said to Adam Allah his center Wakulla and eat both of you eat right in Jannah rather than high associate Touma so the words are the same, the order was different. So each abundantly you know from this town from the food that is in this town

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with the Hulu and he will enter when you enter this town that you should enter how enter Alibaba the door meaning the door of that Korea and it doesn't mean it was a small door, but it can also apply to the word gate. So as you enter the gates enter through the gates of the city, how should you enter Sudan as one's prostrating Sudan is the plural of the word Sajid. Sajith is one who is making Sajida such that is prostration and this is from the root letters seen Jeem done. So enter through the gates, prostrating Lee basically. Okay, well, Kulu and you all say meaning, at the time that you're entering through the gates of the city, you all should be saying at that time, HIT button,

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the word HIPAA, which basically means forgiveness, meaning enter with humility, your posture, make such that to Allah and on your words should be expressing your need of Allah's forgiveness on your tongue. So Kulu Help button and when you do this, no Fiddler calm Hatha Yoga calm we will forgive you all your sins, no fear, McLean, foul rah. We will forgive you all Hatha Yoga, calm your sins. Hatha Yoga is the plural of the word cuddly. Or Hatha, okay, which basically means error or sin. So we will forgive you all your sins, and the sins can be deliberate on purpose and they can also be unintentional some make a distinction between these words. But basically since we will forgive you

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all your sins was sent as you do, and we will grant increase. Now Hatha Yoga, Hatha Hamza is the root wasn't as you do and we shall give an increase to ze Yeah, that is the root. And if you notice this letter seen, sometimes you will notice this letter coming in front of a verb. So it gives the meaning of not only soon, this will happen soon in the future, but it also gives the meaning of certainty. So we shall grant increase to L Marcin in those who are good with excellence, meaning we will increase their reward, we will increase them in blessings in good things, but this will be only for those who are more sinning and Marcin is the plural of the word more sin. Okay, more sin is one

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who does Air sign

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And, and Ersan is from her seen noon. Okay? Her son is beauty Your son is to beautify. Okay. Meaning to make something beautiful to do something in a beautiful excellent way, you know from the same root his word hasna well Allah Hill Asma UL Husna what does that mean that Allah has names which are not only beautiful, but they're also excellent, have the best meanings. So more sin is the one who does airson meaning who does good with excellence? Ferber della so what happened when they were supposed to enter the city for bed della Lavina wala mu, for bad della, so they changed now but the law Technically, yes, it's from the root letters. But that lamb the big deal is to change something

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to alter something or to replace it with something completely different because that is what happens when you change something it's no longer what it was before. Now, but the law technically is he changed okay. But the law means they changed, but the law is referring to who Alladhina wala mu. Now this is plural. So, basically the doer that is outside, like here but dela. It comes in the singular form as well. So you will say they changed, okay, because it wasn't just one person who was a Latina Lola mu changed. So Aladdin Allah mu those who did wrong. Okay, they changed. What did they change? They changed the word HIPPA that they were told to say remember the word HIPAA? They changed HIPAA

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into a learn into a word. Okay? Which word that was later. Other than a lady that which P LA LA home it was set to them. Okay. P La La hung off while lamp same route. So what was set to them? HIPAA was set to them, but they changed it to something different. They changed it to hindpaw. hitop means forgiveness. hindpaw means grain. Why did they change it? They were mocking they were ridiculing the instructions that were given to them. So they changed it. And when they changed it, and they entered in an arrogant way for Anzahl. Now then we sent down no known ze lamb so we sent down so meaning because of what they did. We sent down Allah upon Alladhina wala mu only those who did wrong. See

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those who changed the word what was sent down upon them. The reason we sent down a reason or raw Jeem ze a foul punishment. This is basically Raja is to shake. All right to shiver. And when you see something really foul, something terrible, you shiver like it grosses you out. And this is why it's translated as a foul punishment. And some say that ridges is the same as rich, rich, it's filth. Okay, so filthy punishment, foul punishment. And some say that it is, you know, punishment that is experienced in the body. So they were struck with severe illness, okay. And in severe illness, what happens because of the fever, a person's body is shivering, or because of their heavy breathing,

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they're coughing again, their body is shivering. So we sent down a ribs, Meena sama from the sky,

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Allahu Akbar, a foul punishment from the heavens from above was sent down to them. And this can mean yes, it was decreed, of course by Allah subhanaw taala but also the source of it was from outside of this world Bhima can we have sukoon because they used to define the disobey, you have sukoon far seen puff and remember, first of kin we read this word earlier, and which is literally to cross the limits. So they were instructed as to how they should enter the city and what they should say, but they defiantly disobeyed and because of that, a foul punishment was sent upon them from the sky.

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All right. So these are the verses Inshallah, that we will be covering, briefly intercede, And Alhamdulillah a lot of meaning I tried to cover within the word analysis. And from that a lot, a lot of words are repeated, many words are new. But again, if you remember the meaning of these words in sha Allah, it will be easy for you to memorize. Now let's listen to the recitation of these verses. And then we will begin to proceed. And as you listen to the recitation, make sure that you stand up all right, stretch a little bit so that you know you can also feel refreshed worth of seat Bismillah or even Edina.

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So when you listen to the recitation after going over the words and the translation, one thing I would encourage you to do is I'm sure you spend time reciting the verses. Also make sure that you listen to the verses, okay? Listening to the Quran is also a very, very important because we learn by reading, whether it is that we are reading in our silently, quietly or in an audible voice, but we also learn by listening and the more you will listen, the more you will be able to understand the verses and recognize the words and remember the meaning. Chava Baraka lofi calm

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