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so it can walk from A to like or a cat or Smilla will hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while Ali he or sadhvi woman who Allah La Molina myInfo now on fina Bhima lantana Inaka semiology Buddha, Muhammad niao to becoming me lionpaw will be Nyasha when I've seen Leticia. Where do I live SMA or Bonilla to SuperLumiNova it had Atana Hublin amulet Ankara in the content will have rubbish Rafi soldering Wessely only one of the time we listen, you've probably got to be I mean, Hamdu lillahi, Rabbil Alameen. This is our third week of the topic of time, management. Balance, time is an issue that we all human beings living in this day and age are an issue for everybody. The

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communist world, we all here, I don't have time Subhanallah young and old, five year old, seven year old 2017, all the you here, they don't have time. And every time you think you have time, it find out you have less time Subhanallah although it's still the 24 hours, and then you look at some people and you find them have way more things to keep them busy. But they are. They don't say it, and you have people have less than this, but they say it. So it's has to be something not tangible. It's not something I I can hold it in my hand, it's something about the way I look at it, it's something about changing to get to the management or to the balance laptop, or a laptop, often these

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don't, don't do not be injustice in just to the scale and the scale. It's something and this is what we're going to share today, Inshallah, it is something I see, or I feel or I look at, and something I don't see. And I don't consider, and I don't look at Subhan Allah subhana wa this is if you look at this, and I'm going to take you through it today inshallah inshallah practical points in how I will be looking at time in my day, in a very different way. Because a lot of us majority of us, there are things we can change. If I am a mother of three or four, I can't change this. If I am a father, who works two jobs a day, I can't change this, I need that. And I'm specifically saying when

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I need that if I have five or six children, and for a lot of the time, I will need to do more than one job. Or if I am a student and I have to pay my tuition, then I am studying and then I am working. So there's a lot of things we can just say don't do it and leave because reality then we're not looking at reality. When we talk about the topic, we need to look at everyone involved in this topic. Yes, there is people who Allah subhanaw taala gave them less things to worry about and less distractions, and they will have more time. But even sometimes these people you will hear them saying I don't have time.

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So let's start Bismillah if you remember, two weeks ago, we talked about and I will want you again to remember this near Matan Maha moon, and if he must know Adam, or Sahaja were for all two blessings, the son of Adam Mabuni he doesn't know the value of it are so hard to work for all health and time. So number one, and we discussed this in detail two weeks ago, time is a blessing. So when I have time, I every minute I am having his time. And every minute I'm having is a blessing. Number one, number two would have some Basile said and taught us and he said you have Nerada in the ManTech in a mentor young you our days is either beyond the hammer Babak, when one day go one day, and part

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of you has ended. So these two things, let's keep this and again the fact that the kratom found more money let's keep reminding ourselves because with reminding ourselves with repetition, the short law the law, the the topic that the basics will be well known and engraved in us. Then last week as Hamdulillah blanning Maybe a good number of you joined us for the last one. We saw practical realities of woman, young and old and grandmother and professionals and mothers who have an a loss pantalla bless them with this balance. They didn't

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not find that it's impossible. And this is one of the reasons we shared this woman with you. Because if, as I have said this many, many times to myself, if they can do it, I can do it. This is the basic things you always look at if a human being can do this, that means every human being, and I'm talking about healthy human being can do it. Now, let's come to what today?

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How do I do it?

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So that the examples we shared with you last week, and what we learned in the first week reality, when I am in my day? What do I need to do? So the time will be a blessing, not only the time is really a blessing, but I feel it as a blessing. And I see the blessing or the blessing of time in my life. And most importantly, is not in my life only is in my IRA. That's the whole idea. When we talk about time management is not only the 24 hours in the day, that I am going to be able to do many things, but what about my Acura? What about my Acura how much of my time today that I have used gone, how much of that time that was there it was a blessing for me here and most importantly

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blessing for me here. So we're going to bring this together that I will use the time in my dunya as a blessing and it will bring me a blessing in my in the hereafter

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and let's look at that with Nilla.

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Ceremony quite lovely catch please forgive me with sometimes my cats of how Allah comes in the middle and it's totally a distraction 100 near Las pantalla for the giver Serbian. So this Minato command I want to share with you number one singing to an imam Shafi in some of you may know it and I've seen it in Arabic and I've translated he used to say I want to kiss safe in Lompoc. PAHO ad hoc way, they're limited enough. Secondly, happy Shahadat, Kevin Belpre let's translate and walk to a safe time is like a sword, a sword a long time apart, if you are not going to use the time chocolate, sliced it, meaning use it, that time will chop you and slice you

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if you are not going to be using the time properly, that time will not use you properly. And then he said and the second one is very important in limiters on NAFSA Kabil, how shallots can be valuable, if you are not going to keep yourself busy with what is truth, beneficial for this life and the hereafter, it's going to keep your busy, what is harmful botlane not pleasing to Allah, something not good for me here and the hereafter. So let's get this number one.

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Number two, before I come to the practical points number two,

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the human being in general, you and me and this is one of the lightest people said this. He said human beings time, or the human being in general, in his moment, in every moment of the day, is living in one of these four conditions.

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Think with me, the human being in every moment of the day is living in one of these four in one of these four. And what is these four? These four he said either this person, me, you all of us either living in a state or a minute of blessing or a minute of test and tribulation or trial or a minute of obedience or a minute of disobedience. Let's say it one more time. If you look at yourself

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In every moment of the day, in every time of the day, I am in one of these for either I am in a NEMA in a state of blessing. For example, I'm eating dinner, that's a state of blessing.

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I am driving to work Hamdulillah I have work and I have a mean to get to work. Or I am in a state of test trial, woke up sick and lost my job. somebody in my family is sick I received a bad news.

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Or as to or I am in a state of obedience to Allah hum delayer blog when I am in my saga, I am in my liquor and I'm in my reading my Quran, I'm taking care of my parents, I'm taking care of my children, or I am in a state of disobedience. May Allah protect us, looking at her arm, watching her arm saying something how? Why I'm saying this in these four parts of my time. In each one of these, I can use it as a way of getting closer to Allah spawn, tada. And the balance will come.

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What How's that, if I am in a state of Miyama blessing, and I need I need to be in state eternally grateful to Allah subhanaw taala, then I have used that moment, that type for my

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the balance I'm eating, I'm eating I need to eat. But that eating turned to a state of action of worship, and it will be for me in the hereafter.

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What about if I'm in state of being tested, sick, lost, somebody lost my job, not feeling one. Right? I need to be in a state of patient. And that's an act of worship will get me close to Allah.

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What about if I am in a state of worship, I need to be in a state of obedience to Allah spawn Tada in a state of gratefulness to Allah subhanaw taala he made me obey him.

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What about if I am in disobedience of Allah, internally, and externally, I would immediately follow it with asking Allah for forgiveness. And that's changed to also close to Allah. So bringing me close to Allah spawn, tada.

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This is extremely important in my day, because again, as I started in the beginning, the day is only 24 hours is not going to be 26. And it's not going to be 48. And even if Allah willed, and he can do that, if he will make it 24 Or he will make it 48, we will still say we have no time.

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Because the issue is not the time itself, the amount, the issue is me how I am looking at it, and how I am using it. So I am in my day in for one of these four states, everything going my way. Everything is great, ungrateful, everything is not going well. I need to be patient, I remind myself that will bring me close to Allah, I am in a state of obedience to Allah subhanaw taala, I need to be grateful to Allah that he and I need to see what blessing Allah gave me. And if I am in a state of disobedience, I will return immediately to Allah with repentance, and this will change. So let's take these four in the beginning.

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Reality What do I need to do in my day? One by one, and I'm going to take you through seven or eight points, practical points. How do I reach the balance in my time without changing a lot? A lot of things, even if I can change, number one, number one, which I think I've mentioned it quickly in the first week.

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And this is one of the cornerstones if not the cornerstone of this religion of Islam.

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And it is intention and Nia

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intention, the famous Hadith that many Muslims know about some of the know very well. And our Swati salatu salam said and this is an imam Muslim and say you know Omar narrated this hadith, in the mullah manual beneath were in demand equilibrium Manoa

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and coyote JATO de la hora slowly furniture to what you know liking what I saw a woman cannot to draw to really Dounia you say to her, Oh Ma, young Kapha Pooja over it and kappa finish

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Yamaha God. Say now more said this famous Hadith

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narrated this famous Hadith from Ross Wallace auto Sara wordly. Now remember this worldly

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deeds will be judged and rewarded based on their intention. Why did I do that?

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Why did I do that it will be based, judged and rewarded. I am praying but not for Allah. That's bad deed. I am cooking to please Allah subhanaw taala to feed my children, that's a good deal in the Malema novanet Make sure anything and everything you do in your day has an ear, you will have to make it you will need to train yourself and I need to train myself that everything you do has to have an ear, you will like it. And that's easier. Look for the knee and it look for an intention to please Allah. And you don't like it, but you have to do it. Look for an intention in it to please Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And where?

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How was that? And I think I shared with you also last time, for example, I have to go to work, I don't really like to work. I would love to stay home and live a lot of people like that. Or I love to work that the work I am working right now is not something I like, I don't like to do this job. But I have to go to this job because I need to take care of my family.

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Right? Now this is something I have to do I have no choice. Let's make it something for me good for the hereafter. I'm not going to say teach yourself to love it. I don't love it. I like it. I don't enjoy it. But I'm have to but I have to because I need it, then at least let's make this that's something I don't like in this dunya let's make it beneficial for me. The Day of Judgment when I am in front of Allah, how is that? How was that I'm going to the work. And Allah knows how much I don't want to go to work. And I said the Allah I am. And I really mean this, You Allah, I am going to this work. And I don't want to go to this work, but you talk to me for Swati saw to set up the person who

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go to work, meaning earn his own money and so he or she does not need anybody. Anybody right way better than someone who stay worshipping Allah spawn Tada and have no income. That's an intention.

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Now the work the work you are doing it now provided the work that you're doing is halal is pleasing to Allah, there is no need, there is no good intention and pleasing Allah subhanaw taala when

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it's, I mean, there's no reward from Allah pantalla when the work I am doing is not pleasing to Allah, but I'm talking about most of the jobs will do. So look for intention in everything you will do. Because at the end of the day, you and me when we will be in front of Allah subhanaw taala it's a skill it's a skill

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and I and you want from an taco let mozzie know, we want to have our skill heavy, those who their skills will be heavy. And how do I make the skill heavy and there is only 24 hours in the day. And I have this and this and this and this to do and I don't have that much time left for my extra act of worship to make my scale heavy. What are you doing, make it for Allah renew your intention, look for intention and look for more than one intention in one deed, then this will become heavier. So number one is intention.

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Number two,

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everything you are doing

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make it for your Acura which is related to the first one. And I'll share with you this very common dua. We know it but it's actually a Swati salatu salam used to say it a lot. And this is say Dennis has narrated this hadith in Bukhari and Muslim and he said can afford while Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on Berner Artina for doing your Hassan or Phil accurate. Your Hasina working out of a knot.

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Yo la, give us give us attina Give us bless us for dunya Hassan Good, excellent what Phil Irati hustler and in the Alpha Hassan look at the balance. This is do our Swati Santosa

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This is the balance. You're gonna say Allah Dounia pit Aphrodite Hassan. Although Subhanallah This is actually a verse in the Quran

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it's in 201 verse in Surah Baqarah it comes at the end when I was talking about hedging.

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Right? fader Aledo monastic, a conference call, laconic Riku Abba eco, our show Decra when you finish your what you need to do in hajj, the monastic de Word the act of worship of Allah of how do you

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remember Petko la ha remember luck? I think critical other econ as you remember your parents are assured that the crop even more then comes this

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family Nassima your home Robina Earth enough dunya some people will say y'all wanna give us in this dunya in this life, one level feet after a T min. Rob Anakin F Dunia Am I that will fit 30 Min. is not coming with I think it's not sleep.

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Yeah, well I mean, how many a whole that's what I want to say this woman who may have or have been acting after dunya hustle or fill affinity has hasn't been working out.

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And some of them will say your Allah give us in this life. Good and accurate, good. And save us from the punishment of the Hellfire. That's malice. That's malice. What is has an Indonesia scholars went on and on and on in it. What do they say? They say Hasina is money, wealth, hasn't his children has an is knowledge has an is health. Hasler is Hanauer sustenance and the aroma.

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Join this all and this is where it comes to hear. He said, anything, anything header that Allah gives you in this life that you enjoy, and will take you closer to Allah doesn't happen.

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Anything you do in this life had that is lawful, pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala takes you closer to Allah subhanaw taala that's awesome. So number two, is make everything you do make it Hashanah. That's what I wanted to share with you. So when you have children, right, instead of complaining and I'm running around, and we are running around, and we are getting tired and exhausted, but keep reminding yourself and this is where the balance comes in. I can't change this I have to take care of them. But change the way you look at it in a way have been adding Dunia has and he gave it to you already make it feel after it Hassan

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make that so tired and you're just came from work and then you have to go to the kitchen and prepared the food and you're so tired and the children once many things of you in between just take a breath and says Urbinati nothing vinyasa waffle Aphrodite Hassan walking out of your ma give us good in this life and look around you and you will see it because sometimes we don't see it we're so involved in it that we don't see a reality of it. And then look at it says your Allah often accurate you have

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the balance everything you do, you have you have naked for your akhira and the blessings is gonna come.

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So that's number two.

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Number three, and this is actually the title of

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today's topic, we if you have seen the flyers, justice

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and law top the ocean is what akinola was knowable. precisely when I took tsunamis, and I was a business over to Rihanna. I thought the whole film is

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the topic, what is a lot of powerful Nizam praqma. Right. Do not tilt the scale.

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So there's a skill

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lappato don't overcome, or don't tilt to the scale. What is tilt, tilt the skill skill usually seen COVID When you go and buy anything, the old days, right? They used to have two sides of the scale. One you put wherever you are binding and the other thing is the weight and you want them to be the same. So when you pay the money, or when the person who's selling you when he takes his money, it's filled up often knees don't make this heavier or this one is heavier.

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And what is it time is 24 hours. I don't have more than that. That

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What I have left of the orphan visa is

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make it equal.

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What is equal dunya and an athlete. This is the whole idea. This is why people get so frustrated, because at the end, they say, I don't have time for myself. My Salah Allah knows two minutes, I don't even remember what I said, at the time was a lot of a shock comes in. And I see and I hear this from a lot of woman,

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like by the specially working woman with children and has to take care of this and that, or a woman who doesn't

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work, but have this and that many responsibilities. She'll tell you what the end when it comes for salatu Lakeisha. Allah knows I don't have time, or the man. And I see some of my friends, their husbands work 1216 hours a day. These by the time they come for site have a shot, nothing is left from energy to focus. So how can I make that offer Nisa that the whole idea of the scale is to make the 5050 Dunya my life and my Ophira everything I have in dunya cannot be all and also cannot be all accurate. I'm talking about actions. I'm not going to do anything in my day from morning to evening. I am going to be praying or fasting enough. Come to a hadith of rasool Allah salatu salam, well, I

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am going to be fasting and I am going to be reading Quran. I'm not going to be seeing people I'm not going to be working. I'm not going to do anything. No. Because Allah put us in this on this earth. They know and we are an orb. We need to flourish this earth and we need to be like a farmer. Farmer. So it's doing sitting home doing nothing, just worshiping Allah, that's not our deen. This is not what our soil is sort of surrounded. And this is not for the Sahaba did. And these are the examples and I'll share with you this hadith. So you see the balance from the words of Swami Salado sir. And the Hadith goes like this. So it is love towards our heart being center would be dead. There are

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Swati salatu. Salam bras and manly Pharisee have a great Sahabi. And I would add another great Sahabi. And he made them brothers. And this was very cool. Make them like brothers. And this is very common in that time. So Sandman, visited a Buddha, right? Close friend. And he saw his wife

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not dressed well. Does not not I wouldn't say not clean but not dressed. Well. He said nope. Tethered meaning it's not. She's not like, Well, exactly when we dressed. And he said why Masha? Inoki why you're like that. She said, a hook up with the height of Indonesia. Your brother of the day has no interest in this life. No interest in this life.

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Then I read the document. And he brought food to say Nestle man. And he said eat. So you know said man said I'm not going to eat unless you eat. And he said I'm fasting.

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And he said, I'm not going to eat until you eat.

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So I would do that eight. Then the night came in and then say NASA man went to sleep. And then as you want to sleep, he saw

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I was standing not sleeping standing in Saara and he said no. If you're not going to sleep, I am not going to sleep. You go to sleep and then we together would wake up and we would later and we will make the night Syrah. And he did.

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And then Siena, Selma, so this to our data save now we are in the Euro mechanic.

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I want you to memorize this one. Because this is the balance this is how you bring your time in Europe because I highly have your Lord has a right upon you. That's number one. Number two, well enough seeker I rake up and you're nervous, your body, your soul, your spirituality, your health, your mind alayka has a right upon you. When you pick it up and your family has a right upon you for articulate the happy for you give every one that has right upon you. Give them the do right

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or sorry then

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So even in cinema King to the Swati Assad or so with dub dub, and they said this to him, they said that's what happened. And that's what Sandman said. And also risotto said, Look what he answered. He said saw the Sandman. Sandman said the truth. Sandman said the truth balance. Lien fcwc Leon BKR Laker number one,

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when NFC garlic and your neffs has your right upon you, when you actually Gallica have got balance, meaning I cannot be working 20 hours a day, and I'm not sure I'm talking about the job. I'm building my career, I need to make this much money all this I want to buy that and then the rugby Callie is not there or was happy is not fulfilled, your nefs Hawk was not fulfilled and your family is not fulfilled. Balance, Angela Tatro from reason. This is extremely important. Extremely important. 24 hours a day. Reality it should be 888 ate, ate and ate and ate and the eight hours is part of it is sleep. And that's an FC karika because you have to rest part of it from this age. If you struct all

00:31:26--> 00:31:33

these eight or less, you will do something for yourself that you enjoy pleasing to Allah.

00:31:34--> 00:32:28

Something you will do to enjoy. Because if you are not gonna, as we say recharge you we will not be able to do even our work with worship. Our worship is not going to be done properly. The next layer of be Kalika, don't forget this one. Because sometimes the other things comes in and around mecanica is the last one. Your Lord has a right upon you your enough sense right and your family has right. So we have intention. Make everything you do for the accurate everything Allah gave you use it for use it in the right way that please Allah including your knee. And don't forget the balance, balance. So you're going to tell me, Well, I have to work 12 hours a day, I'm gonna say yes, but not

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seven days a week. You have Saturday and Sunday, or maybe two days a week you are off or one day a week or everybody has a one day at least off

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by choice, you're going to work seven days a week, then then an exam the scale is not not straight. You have tilted the scale.

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We have to have this to please Allah to please myself to please the people around me.

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Number four.

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As I said,

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every mundane thing, every daily action we do look at it as a Word act of worship. I am conducting everybody to get all the points together. And I'm sharing another Hadith with you every act you do during your day, whether you are doing it or it is there. Go and do it. It's a daily action. I'm not talking about salah cin reading Quran I'm not talking about this. I'm talking about daily things. I'll share another Hadith with you. And Ebihara you are the Allahu Anhu part this is also in and this is feel Buhari or Soiree. Salatu Salam said, Could we sit down a minute Nancy Alayhis Salam.

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Every human being right there is a compulsory look at the word compulsory sadaqa charity to be given on every joint of the human being, every joint every joint of the human being there's a compulsory saga, I have to do as a as an act of gratitude to Allah

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subhanho wa Taala in every day, the sunrises that's the heavy in every Sudan in every joint of the human being as a sadhaka. The human being has to do it obligatory as a way off

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as a way of gratefulness to Allah. Point number four, look at every action, daily action that you may not be doing. Or you don't see that as something look at it as an act of worship. And I'll give you some examples in this hadith, Saraswati salatu salam this hadith is saying every joint in the human being there is an obligatory charity about the human being every day on the sunrise. What is this job? What is this y'all saw

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Whoa, look at this one's number one. Yeah, the Robaina thing is how do

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you treat two people with justice? You treat or to judge justly between two people. That's an act of charity. Have you ever thought of this? You have two children, your two children, they are fighting. Can you look at this action? And this action is an act of worship, and you will get rewarded and you will get charity if you deal with them with justice. Not because this one is the younger or this one is the older or you like this one, or you don't like this one? No, you treat them you. If they are quarreling or there's a disagreement, you will judge between them justly that Sasada that's an act of charity.

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The balance remember at the end of the day, I want to my good deeds scale heavier. That's an act of charity. Number one, number two. What are your logical Aladar? Betty?

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New idea? Oh, you're Fatwallet hematol Shonda, you help someone look at this one. And help a man in riding his animal at the time of Roswell. So it was in this case in these days, his car, right? You help someone with his car, whether the car is not working, he needs help, or he doesn't have a car and you go and pick him up or pick her up? Right? Charity as long as you do it for Allah subhanaw taala don't expect anything from that human being you're doing it for a while somebody call you and says Guess what? Can you please come and pick me up? My car is not working this morning. Don't have on path and say all why they are calling me look at it. Yes, my balance a loss send me something so

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I can do an act of charity. Your Allah don't get for you and don't expect anyone to say Jackie No, hi. Don't look for it. Allah Who said so that's number two. When Kenny Matoba he was on the on this is a free everybody can do it. As Kevin McLean bussola good word. What is good word? What is good word? Anything you say that's pleasing to Allah subhana wa Tada. Anything you say that will make the person in front of you happy without lying without exaggeration. And Karema just alkaline May Allah dua for the person in front of you kitty McClay you saw the charity. Right? Well, kudos to her Isla salatu sada and every step you took to go and play, sign up charity so that the masjid is further

00:37:47--> 00:38:17

from your home and you're going for Salah even once in a day or once a week. Charity. The further your home the more charity and the last one. This one only Allah will see you. We will need to wear mirrorball, Adana Peretti Sada, you're walking, and you see something on the street, that may hurt somebody, and you removed it, nobody's looking at you. You're probably the first time or the last time you will be in the city or in this road.

00:38:19--> 00:38:19


00:38:21--> 00:38:40

So number four point, look at the daily actions you are doing. Or you may say, Well, I didn't throw it on the street. Why should I worry about it? Look at it. It's your opportunity. It's an obligato rissalah good word to somebody justice between two people sort of

00:38:41--> 00:39:38

time management what is time management is the way I look at how I use my time. I can change things, but I can change the way I look at things and the way I use the things. And also risotto Salam said the same thing. In a different Hadith. He said mammy Muslim, younger is Wallison. oh Israel Rosa, Ron, for yaku Minho, pion Oh in sand. Oba he Matan. elcon Allahu these are the this is a moment of hurry. So what is this? This is specially for anyone who loves gardening and don't get upset when your garden and you have the fruit and the animal comes and take it. Remember this hadith? He said no Muslim. plant a plant? Right write plants? Yes. You're also awesome. No Muslim, plant, a plant or

00:39:38--> 00:39:40

plant a tree a

00:39:41--> 00:39:52

human being will come and eat from it or an animal is going to come in and eat or a bird will come and eat from it. But a charity for him or her

00:39:53--> 00:39:55

how many good deeds we can do in a day.

00:39:57--> 00:39:59

Why we are not using it? Why

00:40:00--> 00:40:40

complaining about there is no time. To especially for those of you who loves to garden, loves to garden, right is something you will enjoy. That's Nevsky garlic hub, you use this to make to feel better. And it's a lot of people loves it and it's a good exercise also. And then at the same time, at the same time and this is very common. When you have any if you have vegetable garden outside or food garden, or even flowers, you're going to have animals come and eat fruit. Don't get upset. On the contrary, remember this hadith in Allahu sada It is an act of charity for him or for her.

00:40:42--> 00:41:32

So the point number four in the practical balance practical and the balance, that ordinary things in the day, look for it. Now, this is a difference from the number two, you will look for these things is not the things you have to do. Things you have to do change your near. Put any and everything you have to do. And sometimes things you have to do you never thought that these are good deeds, but things that you don't normally take it in consideration, or you don't think that this is important. Well, no, they are. I've cut him a favor. Good word. How are you this morning? Alhamdulillah as Kenny McLean. I'll have instead of saying good as usual Alhamdulillah as Kalamata Eva,

00:41:34--> 00:41:36

right? Let's come to number five.

00:41:38--> 00:42:17

And also actions. These are all actions. Don't belittle any good deed. Don't belittle any good deed, meaning any good action. And I don't want to use the word deed because you got to think only of acts of worship. No, don't belittle any good action, you will do Roswaal risotto Samson, this. Look at that, not to have your nominal model fish, I don't belittle any good deed, nothing, even even if that good action was you will need your brother with a smiling face.

00:42:18--> 00:42:32

As simple as this. So you wake up in the morning in your home. Right? And you are tired and you had a rough night or you have so many things to do today and you're so busy. Remember this hadith. Remember this hadith.

00:42:33--> 00:43:26

Greet the people with you in there in the house with a smile. You don't feel like it. You're really overwhelmed with what is happening. But you remember this hurry, because it's a charity. Also, he said lead to happier and then Mao fish dope. This is a good deed. And my hope is a good deed. So don't belittle this thing. This is time management. What are we talking about time management is that I do not think that by the time the day has ended. I have done things for myself and for sure for my affair because I feel I'm running around and this is the examples I am giving you that during my running around. If I changed my focus and I learned these things, I am going to be able to

00:43:26--> 00:43:32

continue doing the same thing I'm doing but my scale is way more more heavier.

00:43:34--> 00:43:47

Number six which is extremely important six and seven is the most important. Number six Do not waste Do not waste

00:43:48--> 00:44:02

your Albany Adam, who was in at a commander Columbus did work Hulu was horrible 1234 In Nolo Habermas Rahim Allah so this is water out of

00:44:03--> 00:44:04

ebony Adam

00:44:05--> 00:44:09

Kulu wash Rabu eat

00:44:10--> 00:44:21

and drink one after and Sonia bunny Adam children of either who number one who was INETA commander clean Masjid dressed beautifully when you are going for

00:44:22--> 00:44:26

mosques on scholars tells you when you are going for SINAP

00:44:27--> 00:44:33

who is yet to come dressed properly. Beautifully. Perfume yourself if you're in the house.

00:44:35--> 00:44:55

What could we need washroom balance and drink. What are 234 Don't waste why Allah is a sorter of the height 31 Why in the whole life of Hebrews revealed he does not like those who waste he does not like those who are wasteful.

00:44:57--> 00:44:59

So what is number one thing we waste

00:45:00--> 00:45:00

It's time.

00:45:01--> 00:45:13

Time. I spend hours on my phone these days, hours on the phones, flipping between this and this and this and that.

00:45:14--> 00:45:15


00:45:17--> 00:45:43

Instagram, Snapchat, tick tock, back again, YouTube. And I'm not talking about 30 minutes where this is part of your relaxation. This is part of giving your neffs its help and what you are watching is pleasing to Allah and talking about ours. WhatsApp text messages forwarding making groups who are adding people to sleep for last 234

00:45:44--> 00:45:47

money versus time.

00:45:48--> 00:46:11

We most of us are so aware of not wasting money, but very few looking at time that we are wasting it. And what did we say in the beginning today? We said the Abner Adam in the chaos as it has an imbecile he said son of Adam, your few days. One day leave part of you left.

00:46:13--> 00:47:02

And the best way not to waste time is Take yourself make a schedule. Make a schedule and the schedule has the balance the full balance of Ross Juarez AUTOSAR what what he told us meaning there is time for Allah. There is time for myself. There is time for my family has to be make a schedule if you cannot make it without a schedule. And I'm not going to say from eight to nine but that any specific time that you have to say every day, I have to have a time for myself. I'm the time number one for all was pantalla and I need to have time for my family. And you really have to stick to this. Most of us what what we do is we

00:47:05--> 00:47:15

do one on the expense of the others most of us work over ourselves and family or family on the expense of us and and

00:47:16--> 00:47:59

work or myself and my time and my enjoyment and on the expense of my family and definitely on last pantalla don't do that. Divide them. Divide them. Allah has lived upon me. My neffs has right upon me my family has right upon me. balance, balance it either your parents, I'm sorry balance it daily, which is better than you get to the habit. Or if reality this is not possible. Then maybe that work will have the both during the week than in the weekend you balance with your family. But none of them is on the expense of Allah subhanaw taala

00:48:00--> 00:48:29

none of them is on the expense of Allah subhanaw taala left 234 Don't waste don't waste when I am doing too much for one of these three I'm wasting another thing is extremely important. When you are doing a task. If the task the average time for doing a task and I'm just giving an example is 30 minutes. If you are doing this task in one hour you're wasting

00:48:30--> 00:48:42

your wasting, I've seen people does things takes hours and that thing can easily be done in 30 minutes with the same quality with the same quality.

00:48:44--> 00:48:46

Don't that's a waste that's a waste of time.

00:48:47--> 00:49:06

If I if normally for example this recipe and in these days any recipe you look online you will see prep time prokta Subhan Allah Prophet time because they know everybody is worried about their time. So if they say the prep time is 20 and I need it in 14 minutes I wasted

00:49:07--> 00:49:37

so look at your time and put like a banner, a banner or a reminder that you sent yourself last 234 Don't waste and one of the biggest things we waste is time because Allah is going to ask me remember we said this in the first part one of the series and only he FEMA of Now Allah is going to ask me what did you do with the time I gave you? What did we do in it? Allah is gonna ask me what I'm going to say Allah wasted, I was born.

00:49:39--> 00:49:59

So law trust refer last but not the least. And I call it priorities. Priorities. No balance is going to come to my life unless I prioritize what is important. What is very important, what is important what is less than

00:50:00--> 00:50:06

important, what is okay? What is absolutely not necessary?

00:50:08--> 00:50:13

Now, as we say this, the question is,

00:50:14--> 00:50:19

who put the standards for priorities? It's Allah subhanaw taala.

00:50:21--> 00:50:28

We are Muslims. We have to go to the source. And I'll give you this, this verse The SWAT will enhance

00:50:29--> 00:50:46

and SWAT will nor Allah Subhana Allah says region laterally him to draw to whenever you're on and the Krylya he was upon his sloty What is the Kathy half on a omen that Allah Buffy Hill Holloway other song

00:50:47--> 00:51:18

Regina and human being is not meant that only it's translated as men, but in general meaning men and women human naturally him they will never be distracted. T Jonathan what are they on T Jara is basically a trade that is basically job whenever you are selling and buying trade, job profession laterally him they will never that job or profession will not distract them.

00:51:19--> 00:52:15

Regina laterally him teach Allah to Allah beyond and Krylya remembering Allah what economy Salah performing Sana, we're talking about the obligation. Waiter is a can obligate obligation, why Hapuna Yeoman, that the allowable fee, he'll put a war of Assad, they are so worried about a day where the hearts were tumble, and the eyes will change. That 100 Trumbull change up and down priorities, what is your priority? I think this is the best question and the most important question, when we talk about balance, balance what and when time management, managing what and managing my time for what? And this is the answer. Because at the end of the day, you and me after five or 10 or 20 or

00:52:16--> 00:52:18

100 years,

00:52:19--> 00:52:24

that the oldest person I think is one or four or one or seven, and we are done.

00:52:25--> 00:52:26

And we are gone.

00:52:27--> 00:52:30

And there is the eternal life.

00:52:31--> 00:52:55

I need to prioritize that everything I do in this life has to be for us. And nothing distracting me from that. Nothing distracts me from that and alasa that clearly is what will drama. Yeah, you handed in it I know the Slotomania drummer, first sow erotic reality whether will be

00:52:56--> 00:53:33

a loss and this clearly in the chapter of the drama Friday, and this is where the Friday for the men is an obligation either moodier to selectively Yeoman Juma when the call for the prayer of Friday has been called What do we do first how we radically left on say, walk, walk and not too bad but walk with with intention, walk with energy and walk quickly to South Korea, Iran to the remembrance and Allah was only there and leave leave

00:53:34--> 00:54:01

the trade or your job that take a break basically for Sally Adicolor whether rubella and then three now Cody at Asana, when the Salah is done, what do we do? For the odd Salah prepped a woman on the left is awful on the other woman from the Go back. Go back to this world and look and enjoy the life and go back to your work.

00:54:02--> 00:54:23

What is not telling me? I cannot do two things actions in one time. There is one I can do I have I can have multiple intentions, yes. But at the moment I can either speak or I can go and see a patient or I can go and deliver a patient. I cannot do it all in one time. So which one I choose? That's the priority

00:54:24--> 00:54:59

at the moment at that at this moment. What's the priority for Allah's pantah This is time for the Lord what is the priority to I perform sila, this is time 130 is the time for example I start seeing my patients in the office. What is that priority seeing my patients after I do the obligation? I cannot be praying for one hour during my job but because I want to please Allah and I'm looking for my alpha and then I do not give my job right time. That's not a priority. The scale is not just but

00:55:00--> 00:55:25

Priority is number one is the pleasure of mush pantalla and the please the pleasure of Hamas pantile. I remember very well, I heard this from one of my patients, and it's a panel lunch and she said, the meaning of during the work that she started missing her salah, and she said the Torah, there is no Baraka in Age of the tour take me from my sweater, and I lifted

00:55:26--> 00:56:13

priority, don't you ever, ever, and that's one of the tricks of shaitan we talked about it for weeks ago. That's one of the tricks of shaytaan how he comes to you and to me, and change the priorities and make me and you look at this thing more important than that pleasing Allah subhanaw taala and when I say priority, I'm talking and I'm referring to obligations, the obligations that if you look Asana, Allah gave us 100 hour window hamdulillah but I cannot not pray at all at work, I see people and say this to at all I come home and I deal with all the five why, why priority and the more I please Allah subhanaw taala the more he will make baraka and blessing in my in my lifetime. And the

00:56:13--> 00:56:20

last thing I want to share with you is this beautiful do have also led salatu salam when he said

00:56:21--> 00:56:24

the meaning often in dua is

00:56:29--> 00:56:30

my bare Community Member It

00:56:31--> 00:56:41

was not the job of dunya Kabara homea What am I BIA Mina? Y'all law don't make this life is the

00:56:42--> 00:57:28

mafia Amina most the knowledge that the most we know is about this dunya and the more we know about the dunya we are happy well after Gianna dunya I'm sorry, what I try to do number one at Kabbalah Homina don't want to make this life his domain what he what are my beloved Amina not is the only knowledge we know is the dunya Yeah, let the child do yeah Kabbalah Homina whatever, blah blah. I mean, don't we don't want that. We want the balance. We want the balance we want along like this. Okay, gentlemen, look at the other dua of Rasul Allah Santosa look at this Aloha, my name is Luca and Jeanette Makabe rehab recording Muhammad YAHWAH I asked you for gender how everything singing

00:57:28--> 00:58:23

NDT actions that will get me close to the agenda. Wow, do we can not an icy curfew eg refuge in You from the Hellfire everything seeing an action that will get me closer to it? Bass balance summarize what we learned today. Intention, every action every Monday, anything you do, look at it, how I will make this an act of worship. And it could be don't waste. Prioritize. Don't belittle any little or a good deed. Don't belittle any good deed or any small d don't look at what did I do? You don't know in the sight of Hamas pantile Zakon Allahu ala spanic a lot more behind the shadow and yet I still feel called to bully. So Allahu Allah say, you know, Hamlet went over, he was heavy and Jemaine I

00:58:23--> 00:58:39

asked was pantalla that he makes us of those who listen to the words of admonition all of us myself number one, and follow it and I seek refuge in Allah to remind you of something and me myself. Don't follow with your BME salaam alaikum warahmatullah rahmatullah wa barakato desert Lecrae