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The speaker discusses the importance of failure as a driver of success and how it can lead to personal and professional growth. They suggest that failure is not a complete lack of success, but rather a result of a single failure. The speaker emphasizes that failure is a result of a single failure, not a complete lack of success, and that individuals may choose to pursue their dreams based on their growth mindset.

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Failure is never easy dealing with. However, if approached with the right mindset, it can yield wonderful results for a person. Failure is part of the journey. Failure is part of the growth. One single failure cannot measure up a person. Some of the most successful businessman today, when they started off, they made silly mistakes. They made big blunders, but that did not deter them. That did not stop them. They took it into their stride. They learned from their mistakes, and they became better businessmen. And as a result, today, they are successful. No person is born as a genius. No person is born as an expert. We all try and we all fumble, we all make mistakes, but it's part of

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the journey, take it into your stride. So it's either the fixed mindset, or it's either the growth mindset, the person or the growth mindset, doesn't see failure as the be all and the end all a person with a fixed mindset, on the other hand, view failure as a decisive moment in their life. And they tell themselves, Well, I'm not cut out for it. It's either I'm good at it, or either I'm not good at it. And if I'm not good at it, I must move on in life. But a person with a growth mindset will say, I can get there. I can get there with persistence.