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The speaker discusses the controversy surrounding the actions of the Jews and their followers, including the use of the word Islam and the use of the word "has" to describe their actions. They also mention the loss of their profits and the use of the word "has" to describe their actions. The speaker suggests that the actions of the Jews are a setback for Islam's reputation and the world.

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When are you going to be interested?

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When you're in that pitch dark hole

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Are you going to be interested in

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when it comes to are you going to be interested in

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is that when you're going to be interested while it is too late to be interested in, you're gonna say, wish that I was interested

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that day it's too late for you to be interested.

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So we should take heed and understand that this is what caused the Jews to receive less anger. They only accepted that which they which appealed to them and they rejected that we should not appeal to them. Let us not be like that. The commands of Allah says you have to obey it whether you want to or not, not whether you want the like this. You don't like this. It's not luck shopping here. You know our customer to Islam. You are slave to Allah to Allah.

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He that guy locked the supermarket This is all I can accept this I'll take it this is too hard to leave it

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to Jews change the word of the Almighty Lord. They changed the word of the Almighty law by adding white the lady in our pounding the truth in order to divert to what they wanted

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were in minimum in their woman the minimum that for econ

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were in minimum level a coil masana who knows this?

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Well in Amina, Houma la hora con el buena LC Neto home Bella kita BB de boohooman, el keytab

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kita waiuku.

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E woman who am entering delay waiuku lunala line got it. Well, homie Allen, indeed is a party of them. That is to the word of Allah, the Book of Allah with their tongues and they say, this is from the book of Allah, but it is not from the book of Allah. And they say it is from Allah to Allah, but it's not from Allah to Allah.

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Allah, Allah Wa La quwata illa Allah we look at today

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How have we resembled them in this fashion?

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How many people today have distorted the word of Allah to Allah by changing the attributes. For example, I love that Allah has clearly mentioned in the Quran, that he's got a hand. Others come and say now he hasn't got a hand that means power or means might or means whatever mercy. This is an example. Well law he This is changing the word of Allah, Allah, Allah in its essence.

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We as Muslims, the brothers and sisters, we must affirm to Allah to Allah, whatever he has affirmed for himself, whatever he has affirmed for himself without deleting, changing Miss, misinterpreting and asking how we say whatever Allah has put, we say, we accept

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and do not be, do not fall in a trap to the devil like days those people have by changing by asking, how by deleting by playing with the word of the Almighty Lord, if he says,

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we say, Man or Allah, Allah. We did not say or rock man, Stoller.

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Allah did not say that.

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He said, Man, what do you start with we say Allah, Allah largest our how Allah Allah Allah we leave it at that

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another one of their actions that they did was the murdering of their profits

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will do it better Allah him will de la to Alma scanner to a bed will be allowed to be mean a law that it can be unknown can react furuno ba De La Jolla, Ca tolonen been a bit ad hoc and are covered with humiliation and misery. And they do want to them solve the Wrath of Allah. Why because they disbelief. They disbelieve in these verses, and they kill the prophets and justly

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one of the most horrific scenes, the killing and slaughtering of their prophets. They killed a lot of the prophets. Yeah, zaccaria, Jeremiah, Danielle, and many others. Not only their profits, they even attempted to assassinate him.

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Our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they told him one day to stay beside the building.

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While while he was waiting for them, they climb the roof with a big boulder to crush it over the profits head.

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So I'd love to send you a bill

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with the revelation to learn

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of the wicked scheme. When Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam received a revelation. He stood up feticide in a word left and came back with an army. And this was the reason why burning no deer were exposed from Medina.

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Likewise they claim after all this that they are the Beloved of Allah and His children, as mentioned in the books that three Jews came and sat with Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So, Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam invited them to Islam. And while he's important to Islam, and warn him that was rough, they said, Well, you told us this for a while you wanted us about Alice RAF? We are he's beloved and his children you know scare us we'll call it to do one

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cool funny man, you

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know, begun

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to don't bash on me, man. Hello, the Jews and the Christians said, we are the children of a line the loved ones of us. So then why does he punish you for your sins? You are none but human foremost is creation.