Benefits Of Seeking Forgiveness – – Recite & Reflect #29

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Subhan Allah, these ayat highlight the importance and the power of the stock far.

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People think that if I commit sin, you know, I have to repent. Well, that's not the actual way to look at. It's the far it's the one in itself takes us closer to Allah subhanaw taala and it makes us purify. Again and again. And that is what Allah subhanaw taala when he says he's got far, which means he's a Perpetual Forgiver so we might commit mistake once or twice, multiple times. Allah Almighty is definitely there for you and me to forgive you. We just need to make Istighfar constantly and what's the price the compensation of doing this perpetual forgiveness is Subhan Allah, Allah will send down showers, rains, beneficial rains, he will make an increase in our wealth

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and children and the LMR him of Mala they say that if you want any increase in anything, make sure you do intense so far. So stop for Allah Allah them what are to the lake, he constant forgiveness from Allah subhanahu wata Allah and inshallah you and I will find increase in everything in our lives.