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Feiz Mohammad
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the evil actions of the Jews and their desire to keep away from their surrounding society. They also talk about the potential consequences of the US-NAK war and the potential consequences of the globalist agenda. The speaker emphasizes the importance of protecting one's identity and the need for protecting one's position in the world.
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The Jews the creatures, they took gibreel alayhis salaam as the sworn enemy, they did not enjoy and good North with evil. They challenge a prophet to show him Allah in this world. And they were Indeed, indeed the most evil of people.

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We learn from these great verses and greater Hadith.

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Why Allah to Allah put his anger upon them. Not only do we learn from it, but we must understand the true must take heed and try to keep far away from them. Because today in our time in our society, they are surrounding us. They're trying to control us, they have summon their nations against us, and it is nothing but a sign of the hour as our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that the nations will summon each other against you. As those 18 was summoned each other to their dish.

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One of them said oh prophet of Allah will be will be few on that day said now, rather you will be a lot plenty like the firm of a stream but Allah Allah will take away from your enemies hearts fear of you, and will place one weakness in your hearts. A man asked, oh rasulillah What is this one what is weakness? He said, Love of dystonia, and hatred of death, love of dystonia, and hatred of diff. We are alone Muslims worldwide are plenty. But raise 100% Mauritania is 100% and man is 100%. Qatar is 100% so he is 100% you got Libya 100%. The Western Sahara 100%. You got Somalia. 100%. You got Yemen over 90%. Algeria over 90%. You've got Sudan over 90% Jordan over 90% Morocco over 90%. Egypt over

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He knows that emeralds over 90% of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey over 90% Gambia and Senegal over 90% Niger and Chad over 90% and a lot other countries over 90%

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just as our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prophesized

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that the nations have summoned each other against us.

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Whether they are communists, Zionist Christians, the unbelievers the brothers and sisters, especially the juice there on the top have never ever ceased injecting in juicing in us.

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poison in order to destroy this own

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what the karate room in allyl kita below euro una comida de manneken feral COVID cofound en hacer didn't mean any unforeseen I mean, the ultimate ob and Allah homologue many of the People of the Scripture, who wish that they could return us to this belief after belief. Why out of Embrey from their own selves, after CLI proof had become manifested in but enemies decreases we must be very, very careful. Today there are only

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focusing on military warfare.

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They are attacking the Muslims in a secret subtle way, whereby the attacked, does not perceive himself being attacked. He becomes a victim without even knowing.

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Look at the majority of Muslims

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whereby they have been poisoned in their thoughts, in their actions in their ways in their living in their dress, in their manner in their sleep in their 18 everything.

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loving what the enemy wants it to love and hating what the enemy wants it to hate. And this form of attack takes boy TV media publications, internet, vaccinations, even in this fashion, general education, secular curriculums and so forth by these avenues channels. They wish to deviate the Muslims in attaching them to what they want them to be attached. Look at the so called coalition against the war against terror. coalition Masha Allah the whole world the sun and the nations have summoned each other against us. The whole world have summoned each other against the Saudis

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have they not? In a nutshell, Allah bush is traveling from country to country to country signing treaties

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With his strongest enemy

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pure Tom,

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he went to Germany. Likewise over there, people who would never ever look him in the face, and now they're signing, why? Because they won. They won. All of them are summoning against us, open your eyes and reflect,

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open your eyes and reflect. We are in a time where the signs of the hour had become manifested. Have a bead, while law what is lifted the hour is basic. Because all the sciences have appeared the minus signs, nothing is left except major. And as soon as one hits, they all follow each other. Thus the establishment of the * do you not think that you are living in a world that you're going to remain forever? Do you not think you are living in a country which you are loved? which you are held boy

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this is gonna backlash on every single one of us. And Elena's best when and how

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