Straightening The Rows In Prayer

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Follow the Sunnah: Straightening up the rows in prayer. Hadith.160 Riyad-us-Saliheen

Valley Ranch Islamic Center.

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engagement, civic engagement this society is very important so please sign up and attend the program that's going to be next weekend inshallah

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smilla Ramallah

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and alarm Brahmin

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Salah Sleeman kathira Ma Ma Ma. Ma Ma Rahim Allah azza wa jal Chiquita Muhammad Allah Suna we're still in the same chapter that save God in the Sunnah. And we have a very short Hadith but very powerful, very important something that you practice every single day if you come to the masjid and you want to be paid attention to if you'd like to save God soon now if you practice Make sure to pay attention to this and what is that? Is Abdullah and Amanda we have a sheet of the Allahumma consommateur sorella his sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a whole lot is a winner so fufa come out I live Holly Phantom La Habana Mooji the Messenger of Allah Salah Sam says in this Hadith, new rows,

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inserted new lines and Salah

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or Allah would create decision maman Zoo which means last five will create this discord and fitna, not Allah will create that but eventually fitna will will be created amongst you.

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The professor sustained that a simple instruction such as lining up in Salah, make a new line straight in Salah that is so valuable, so valuable that if we don't do that on a regular basis, is going to reflect on our relationship with each other.

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Which is true, right? Remember when you line up in the salon, and then someone is, you know, unruly and just gonna have one step forward one step backward. And you try to turn this person in or out and they don't want to listen. How do you feel?

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Like oh my god, I'm gonna need this guy.

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And then the next time you see him, every time you look at this person, they're messy, what do you do, you're gonna print somewhere else, because I don't want to be next to this guy. Imagine if this happens with 1015 people in them.

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And everybody has the same perception of these 10 other 15 people and so on what happens in the community, we will never have that love among ourselves will never have that sense of community together. All of this because somebody did not follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for lining up and so on, and making the line straight and so on. In other narration for this Hadith, the Prophet sallahu wa salam ala rasulillah, he was supposed to fulfill the prophecy awesome, he used to make sure to straighten up the lines and the rows of the Sahaba and Salah had taken and so will be held up

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as if he's straightening up, you know, all these yonny all these errors, you know how when you when you put the pencils, for example. And sometimes, you know, you kind of like straighten them up completely to make them all at the same level. So the professor said, I'm making sure that he's actually stood up the people making sure that they're all great completely, and then had a da da da Cunha and Hassan Maharaja. Until one day he told hamdulillah that's it. They're they're going to be doing it regular right now. Like, what are we thinking or massage right one time, second time. Third time. I have to keep saying this every time we're gonna pray. We think we don't have to because at

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hamdulillah people they're going to listen to Pattaya and naka de la until one day the professor said and when he said that hollows and people wonder he came and we stood up for him. We're getting ready for Salah for our Rajaram daddy and Sadhguru he saw a man on the line who was just was kind of popping out which means he's a little bit forward from everybody else. bacala eva de la. He gave him like an instruction you know, your servants of Allah. That is a woman also for come out live Holly. califano. La Habana UI comm is you must return euros otherwise Allah subhana wa tada will make a fitna or at least a fitna will arise amongst you.

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And again, we don't really look at this instruction to be that sees the law it is you know even instructions of the Sun of the prophets of Allah said I'm not so many people pay attention to but imagine the sun of eating with the right time like we discussed earlier, right? Everybody does that. Imagine the sooner of coming in or out from the masjid with your right foot and left foot afterwards and so on. Imagine you follow that example Little things like this. Now imagine if you keep consistent with those little things that would reflect on one of

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the major things

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because you created consistency right now. And all your purpose or desire is what to follow the example of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu

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that's your reason.

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And if you do so, obviously, the whole model community will be disliked one person we all be like one thing one theme one group. But once we start following different exam different models, we get divided Allah subhana wa Tada. Arabic creates unity among us any question?

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Can you straighten the land during Salah, meaning if someone is coming forward? Or back? Did you pull this person in or out? The answer is yes, you can gently remember gently,

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they are a thing, if they don't come near you or they don't accept to move this lever, you did your part. However, what about me moving into the line? Can I do that? The answer is yes. Why do we move we move all of us towards the center of the line. Those on the right side, they move to the center of the line, there wasn't the left side to the center of the line. So if you're standing on the other side of the person, probably you would be the person who needs to move, not pulling the other guy.

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And some people might be they have a specific foot in the muscle other they don't move in Salah, because for them and this might invalidate their Salah. That's a misconception, really, it's this misunderstanding. Because this movement is for the Muslim to solve for the purpose of, you know, perfecting the Salah, and therefore it should be fine. What about moving from one line to the other, like someone in the first line, you know, had to leave for whatever reason, they broke the window, there is some bleeding wherever. And now there is a gap in the first line, or the line in front of you the move to gap to bridge that gap? The answer is yes. Whatever the people in the back row did

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not move forward to bridge that gap or close that gap. What do we do? Those are in the same line, they're responsible to move again towards the center of the line to make that gap all the way the sign online.

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How do we stand on the line and we should stay on the line Usually, the best way to do that is actually shoulder to shoulder. That's the best way of doing that. Because Mashallah people have different foot size.

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If you're going to go by the toes, someone is much over in 12 or 13

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not going to be able to match for the match by the shoulder. And then the three two should be fine here and the measure will go by you know the toes on the line. I know there's a dilemma Muslim Amato versus, you know, heels. Yeah. But that's, it's for the purpose of organizing the people, those on the line is easier because people can see and can feel when they stand up for the next rocker versus keeping trying to check you know, their heels touching the line or not. Or even keep looking probably maybe underneath their feet between their legs to see if they're on the line or not. That's distraction, so that's easier. However, when we say toes on the line doesn't necessarily mean you're

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on the line. That's an estimation. You go by the shoulders.

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And if that means that your toes going to be a little bit forward or back because your shoulder is matching the soul of the person next to you It should be fine

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Yes, follow one

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touch in the field. That's okay.

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That's okay. That's okay. The other hand the progress Allah says Oh how I used to do that actually some some people that used to Mashallah I do exaggerate that but that is that over over the justice for implementing the hell command? Yes.

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Question. The salmon Okay. Now

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started tomorrow. Charlotte, Allah who didn't pray if he's not going to put on your shot at Six Flags Russia, he is going to be at 845 inshallah, starting tomorrow. Now. Yes.

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I agree with you. But the problem with that is when people stand up for the second and the third and the fourth Rakhine salon, it's distraction, they can't see the line. And if you're going to put a call out, that's another distraction even.

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So basically, how do you sir? So basically, how far how wide your feet should be?

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How would you How would How would your feet should be when you stand and salon simply, I know I know what you're saying. simply make the width of your feet, the width of your shoulder. That's as simple as that. This is the measure if you open your feet, the width of your shoulder, your touch with the foot and shoulder to shoulder easily. The problem is that some people

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They think that the gap between your feet needs to be only for four fingers. And when they say four fingers it becomes too tight.

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That becomes too tight so you won't reach the foot to foot. Some other people didn't know to to kind of cover this gap or close this gap what do they do? They go over the shoulder size and then for a crease that again that gap between the people not

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shoulder to shoulder yeah shoulder to shoulder Yeah, it should touch non shoulder shoulder should touch actually the professor lasagna said and the head is a lot a lot of support a lot of America and Robin Don't you want to line up before you load like the angels do with this time before they load us? Of course Ursula the professor Sam says that they stand up you know, for our for our they are so tight, they show the shoulder and they fill the first line first you know first they don't start another line until the front line is full completely. So that means we keep it you know shoulder to shoulder that doesn't mean to squeeze in just to be comfortable now

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okay Mashallah while there was no line on the ground on the

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Okay, the Salah is fine if they curved the line you know behind the Imam that's fine as long as the person who's praying is not the curve doesn't go all the way in front of the man.

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If it goes up from the amount that comes from numeric

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it doesn't matter that if the summer is taller you're not going to have to measure to the shoulder right away. But estimation that the touch shoulder the shoulder this the arm will be the arm sizer Allah

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Star Wars stuff even though the savannahs of Africa, yes.

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well, it's not so much about the Salah. There is no doubt about it, but it's from caminata Sala which means it's basically the proper sermon in this hadith he was saying, if you don't do so, that's going to cause fitna amongst you so the other mothers say this is actually a sham, which means it's a it's a command for guidance, not command in terms of you know, make it binding in that sense. So it's open you want to do it you get the reward you don't do it.

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You're gonna cause problem.

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and if it doesn't respond

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your font does

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that that's true. Actually. Actually, we do that every Salah here, we instruct the people handle as much as we can.

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it's just like fasting teaches us servant perseverance. salaat is order and system and people they can't conceive the meaning of it really and truly, it will serve a lot of purpose for their life is like my locker