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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Josephine Amara so today inshallah

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we will go over the pillars and the mandatory actions of Islam right because we finished with hodza Last time

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we will also go over Alhaji Allah dahi and Haji offerings and of higher sacrificial animals amendment of pradana rockin Allah said in his book along the water can alohomora up off the pillars of Amara Earth off the pillars of hombre artha. So, what are the pillars of ombre and you know the difference between pillars and conditions and mandatory actions, but what are the pillars of aamra in the honohan very mazhab for them that shows here in this book that it is only thought of like he did for Hajj and he did not include sigh he did also here and ombre and did not include sir as a pillar, however, sorry is a pillar in Amara according to the authorized position of the hanratty

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McNab and the medic he and Shafi Muslims, and the Maliki and Shafi mothers, it is not a pillar only according to the Hanafi madhhab and this view that

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no Kodama, Rahim Allah chose in this book of the Hanbury Muslim.

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So bottom line, the majority said that set off and sorry are both pillars of Amara

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harem is always a pillar or a condition. When he does not mention a harem. It is not like he's saying that your Amir Amara will be valid without any of Amara without the intention of Amara, which is the head arm.

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But he is talking about her arm has prescribed from the knee apart from the head arm side, her arm as prescribed from the forearm side that is obligatory

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and not a pillar to make around from the harm side but around per se, the very intention of Hajj or Umrah per se, which is according to the majority and action of the heart, the only the only thing that is required is the action of the heart and according to the HANA fees, it must be accompanied and corroborated by the statement of the tongue, which could be anything to indicate that you're embarking on Hajj and Umrah preferably tell beer, the baker lahoma hatzalah Baker lahoma hayama works so.

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So, then consider that the the pillars of ombre according to the authorized position of the Hanbury method would be wrong in the sense of making the intention far off and that is by consensus. And so are you also which is the position of the majority that salya is a pillar? So is a pillar only the Hanafi skin do not consider it a pillar but the America Chavez and honeyberries do embedded in the authorize the view will not the view that the chief mentions in this book.

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Then he said well why don't you buy two ha ha masa you will help it's mandatory x or Hamza and shaving the hair. It's mandatory x or I'm sorry, he means about a haram haram from them he thought because Haram is certainly a pinner according to the majority order condition according to the HANA fees, which doesn't make practical difference they all require the old demand that hampered the validity have had

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so but around permanently fraud is an obligation in Amara that if you do not do you can sacrifice and your Amara is still valid. say he mentioned Salah year because there are two different positions in the Hanbury Meza, one that does not consider site to be a pillar and one that considers it to be a pillar, and they are certainly very strong positions within the mother. So some of the books will have Sally as a pillar, some will have saya as an obligation, some would have say as a pillar in, you know, sort of

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quite in accordance with the

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sapphires and Maliki's and some would have it as an obligation accordance with the HANA fees.

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Then I'll help is the is the third obligation which is saving or shortening either hardcore tuxedo for sure saving or shortening of the hair. The shafa is considered to be a pillar,

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but the majority consider it to be an obligation. So he says here for months

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carageenan lamjao lamea Tim and osako ellaby f1 leaves out any pillar his right which means his nutsack is not complete without it his hot or aamra are not complete are not valid without it.

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Then he said woman Tara kawaji Benza Barra will be done, and whoever leaves out any mandatory action must compensate for it by an offering because if not best segment Tara cache and Vanessa P. Vanessa and Vanessa Kiyotaka video her akademin wherever forgets or leaves out part of the Nosek and obligation of the New Silk,

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let him

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offer sacrificial animal or make an offering.

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And then he said, woman Tara kosuna, 10 fellas a lie, there is nothing do from one who leaves out as soon as preferable act, there are a lot sooner. So everything that is not considered, why did he not name the sun and have had an ombre in this book, he said our Canon camera was about 100 ombre, he did not say his 100 ombre, because he had already given you the description of the perfect hajah in the previous chapter, the opposite of had. So that is the chapter on the description of Haji, which is the perfect hedge of the Prophet saws or anything, you know. So

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anything that was mentioned in that chapter minus the pillars and obligations is certain. That's it. Anything that's mentioned in the chapter of the description, minus the fetters and obligations is certain, whoever leaves out the Sunnah is not liable. There is no expiation, there is nothing that is required. Is that smart to leave out the sooner? No, it is not. Certainly, I mean, if you will compromise the obligations, then you prioritize. But no, it is not haram to develop discipline, but it's this is your season, this is your opportunity to get closer to Allah to do the best way that you can be you never know if you will be able to go back. So you just he said just don't leave

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anything you try to do it as perfectly as possible.

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In addition to this, well, there is always that concern that the sooner that you think is something that is considered in a different manner of an obligation, or the words of the to consider is that you're just considering to be considered a pillar in a different manner. So he tried to do things as best as you can.

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And then the shift said woman lumea could be out of a hat tala alpha j Yamanaka, difficut, Fattah will had, he who does not stand the thought of until the beginning of the dawn of the day of sacrifice, Yamanaka day of sacrifice, misses the heart, if you are did not have the ability to stand up out of anytime between the tragedy of the ninth and the tragedy of the 10th according to the honeyberries.

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We said, according to the Hanafi is it's from Vodafone mega trip to Fiji, according to the Maliki's. But anyway, according to the Hanafi honeyberries and suffers from fraudulent effects from federal denial of the

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chance if you miss

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you know arafa during this when do your heart is invalid, your heart is invalid and this is called the Flower Flower and the

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but the window that you will have to catch out of within for the HANA fees is the height of the nines. And I mentioned this because these are important things. A lot of the nines until fetcher of the terms. The window for the Maliki's is from negative of the ninth and 10th of the tense so all of them will want you to stand part of the night would want you to wait until sunset to be there at arafa after sunset, even by a very short while once the sunsets you can proceed to sleep make sure that you're there and arafa

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after sunset, that's it.

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So what if you missed out Asha, he says failure to handle Alberto often was a un her haidian

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in Ghana.

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he must remove his run by performing too often side and he must slaughter and offering cheap or good or better, if he can afford to do so. And he must make up this had had because Allah azza wa jal Amata Allah complete Hudson hombre

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Allah, that is the one thing that they would require for you to make up if you did not finish it, even if it was not an obligation, even if it was not an obligation. So, whose fat was this all Miranda topspot were to have borrowed money last word when he missed. When he came in, he said, You know, I missed arafa and he told them to make off and say and remove as a harm by this stuff. And so I so like the pillars of ombre, and to remove as a harm. And if he had brought with him offerings, he would slaughter them. If he not then then it's fine. So and then he must make up next year, then he must make up next year.

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He says then we're in after a nurse for aka foofy radiographer exams aliqua Infanta, Vatican fr en Min homefacts Fetterman had,

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if the people as a whole are in counting and stand on a day other than the day of arafah that had is valid. If only a group of them does does that they miss the heart

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because RFI Oh my priority phone

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that is the rules of

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the rules of power,

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then the person can think they can apply for what the rules are for himself if he can exit through.

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If he can exit through, toe off and sorry then that is part of the rules of the boxer the boxer was prevented from RFR but he was not prevented from elbaite then he can change his heart into a camera and make that ombre and

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you know go to elbaite mega dolphin site and make an ombre but unlike for at the master does not have a makeup

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unlike for the Mossad does not have to make up but part of the rules of Masada if he was prevented from proceeding to arafa, but then he was allowed to proceed to Mecca, he can go to Mecca and make the offer and shave,

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you know, exit from his ashram go home. And the difference between him and the one who

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who missed the heart is that he's excused from makeup because it was beyond his control.

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So, then going back to

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going back to

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here, so going back to Okay, so if if the entire if the if the calculations were wrong for everyone and the everybody stood at RF on the eighth or the 10th

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they just missed the day of out of every everybody you know, it will count because the Prophet said the artificial majority phone out of his his on his on the day where you stand out of in some reports and this is this is something that

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is like a hardship for the entire HUD community. Therefore they have been exempt from this. And then if everybody is doing it on their own day here are not liable because everybody's doing it as a small group of people that have missed or it is the only you have missed then you have missed HUD and this fat will have armor to her bottom that is what will apply to you.

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And then the chief said was the hub booty man had jazz era two waves the hub woman had this era to cover in the visa la sanlam covering Sahaba the Allahumma It is recommended for the person who performs Haji to visit the grave of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his two companions are the Aloma

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then it says here under Babel howdy heya well how do you want sadhana to letter G boo in Lebanon? What here to have Domino sadhaka TV family how the how the adult Hey our son and only become mandatory if one makes a vow.

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The Hardy no tarson and only become mandatory if one makes a vow. So happy adult Hey, higher as his son for every one except for the prophets of Salaam it used to be binding on him. But as high as Santa for every one of the Prophet Mohammed was according to

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The position of the forum is

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that it isn't soon had the not all the heavy is certainly

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not all the heavy as soon as some of the heavy is obligatory, he's me he's talking about the voluntary how the becomes obligatory when you make a vow. When you make nasm or a vow to slaughter an animal for if something happens then it becomes obligatory because of the vow. Because you know,

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because fulfilling the vows and obligation, but there is heavy of the Nutan howdy of Tron, these are obligatory correct?

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Are the Tron Tron if you make the Moto Tron, it is obligatory. And then there is it's not the Howdy, but it is the expiation, the fadia for the Missouri committing a forbidden act of harm, or missing an obligation of Hajin. Amara, then there is a failure, it's not happy, it is failure, it's expiation, these are all obligatory, they are not certain. What is certain. So now in terms of haddie is just to the site to slaughter at mustard haram or to add mustard that haram whether you're making Hajj or not make it Hajj people to use the making

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for slaughter at the mosque or haram whether or not they are making Habs but have the in the technical sense is this one of the motto, and Karen

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and the one that the voluntary one for the the the pilgrims who pilgrims

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then so he said certain allottee that what he had to have done a Minnesota TV ceremony has sacrificing an animal is better than donating gets value sacrificing the animal is better than donating its value. It's It's It's the concept of in kind donations in kind donations sometimes force people to receive charity that they may not particularly desire, but it is good for them. It's like the welfare system you have you have coupons to go buy food. Because if you're not given those coupons, you may take the money and buy something else that's less beneficial for you. So

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sometimes in kind donations, and that's what the majority says, concerning the Catholic faith, for instance, that the donation has to be food, not money, although it is acceptable to be money and money according to the HANA fees. And this was in front of me also in honor of Northern Aziz before that. So it is not, it is not

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we're not talking about the permissibility here, but we're talking about the point that the viewpoint of the majority who said that this is this has got to be food. They said this because the prophets Allah, some of them prescribed in food. And he said that rationally also, this is a time where you want to make people

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have when you want people to have plenty of food. So after Ramadan, you want to enjoy the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala and having plenty of food and you want to make sure that the poor are not hungry anymore, and they have enough food. So in kind donations do have a place and this is one of the places of in kind donations, it is better to do to slaughter than to donate the value of the money. Certainly, if he you know,

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the poor would be accessible, and your sacrifice will reach them. But if they're if you have no access to the poor, or you fear that your sacrifice will not reach them, or like in the old days, when when there were a lot of sacrifices during that time have had and maca and a lot used to go to waste before they started to take them to like those

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big coolers and distribute them to different parts of the Muslim world. But in the old days, it used to be a mess, you know. So in this case, certainly donating the value would be better than slaughtering because slaughtering here will serve no purpose other than the sharing of blood. So donating the value would be better but that's not for the obligatory he had that is for the voluntary HUD when the SEC said after FEMA and a been some backer some alghanim. So he's talking about haddie and he's talking about okay at the same time, the rules that will apply to the animal for Hajji are the same rules that apply to the animal for pay. Have you heard of heya are pretty

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much the same thing when it comes to the animal that you will sacrifice

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What is the, the offering

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that you slaughter at the, you know, as a Haram, because of tomato,

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or Iran, or the fadia, the expiation that you will slaughter because of missing an obligation or committing a forbidden act. Or if you made this obligatory on yourself or by an ad, or if you just wanted to give had the app and hat on, and you did not make had you made if you did not make the metro you made a fraud, but he still wanted to give howdy to

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the poor people in adhara. And Altair, the same rules for the animals will apply to all the above.

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He says we'll often see him as a bill from Albuquerque from Montana, we used to have Wooster, Ohio was this manner. The best of them are camels, then cows, followed by sheep and goats. It is recommended to select for it for the heavier or higher.

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The best and the fastest, the best and the fastest. Okay, so abs are first why a bit are better than Docker. Because the prophet SAW some of them said, Man, when he was talking about coming to a jamaa man address, sad Ola. terranova monitor itself is sunny Africa and Navara. Whoever comes in the first hour as if he sacrificed a camel, whoever comes in the second hour as if he sacrificed the cow. We know from this that cameras are better than cows, but it is also culture. So if no, people in your place do not eat

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camels, you probably want to slaughter a cow. In this case, if you want to slaughter something big for your hair, for your hair, if you want to slaughter something bigger than a sheep or goat, then you slaughter a cow because that is the food that is what people sort of like more.

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Because what matters here is is is the feed the people because when they justify that a cat camel is better than a cow, although both what counts for seven people. And a cow is like a camel in all the rulings. Because while in nominal burden, aren't they just like button, aren't they also button the backer

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so the rulings of canons applied to the rulings of Baka all the time. But the like I said when they tried to justify this, they justified this in part because of the camels.

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Having more meat, they're bigger, they have more meat than cows. So but if that meat is not edible by the people in your village or the people in your hometown, then you probably want to sacrifice cow. Some of the scholars also said because cameras taste better and that would be controversial.

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it's recommended to select the Select for the best and the fattest that's for sure what I would do lol jazza Amina Annie was a human masiva

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nothing less than a Java for Java have the sheep or the saniya of others will suffice

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because the prophets of Salaam said letter was in a line Yasser Allah

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bad way I'm just gonna die. So don't slaughter except the misunderstanding is the same thing.

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Keep in mind, this is a very sort of complex issue.

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So let's just go over the hanahan Valley which happened to be at the same time the Hanafi one and if someone insists to look to listen to hear about the malakian safaree

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we will still not

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cover the medical stuff because it gets to be like too much in too complicated.

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So a plus h according to a plus h

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it is six months.

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For sheep

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it is one year

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for goats.

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It is two years

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For cows

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and it is five years.

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For camels

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all of these are called funny

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or misdemeanor.

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felony means a seniya are the front teeth

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when they fall out, the Capitol become is called funnier. The front teeth when they fall out called senay. The fallout four cows when they're two years, four cameras when they are five years, four goes when they are one year in Java

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Java Amina button sheep is six months old. So the prophet SAW sent him said lattice battle Illa

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illa musen Ilana for Aleykum for bajo de Vaca Mila, so don't slaughter except Tiffany or Musa. Except if it is, if it's hard for you, then you can slaughter a six months old, you could slaughter a Java of a dog. Now, this is by agreement of all scholars, all of them except to this when it comes to all of these animals, they say by agreements and he only would be acceptable.

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The format that I have will also accept the Java of the sheep. The format that accept Java of the sheep have been husband has not he says funny also the sheep, but the format variable will also accept the Java of the sheep. The problem is, the problem is they don't agree on the age of the Java.

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The Maliki's and that is why it is safer that we slaughter a one year old whether the sheep or goat. Although in the Hanafi unhung very matter of six months old sheep would be suffice. The Maliki's would consider the Java to be what one year old. They said that it's just turned one, the saniya well past one year of age, but the Java just turned one. The sapphires would also agree with them, except that they say and this is their own definition. Now, what does that

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mean to them as law is the proverb from Java, it means that the front teeth fell out. So just according to the shafa is also one year old, except if if the sheep lost their front teeth as early as six months old, it would be fine.

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Okay, let's just try to figure out what we need to do.

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It is best we can because

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we agree that Java and will be okay. We agree that it will be okay but then what is the age of Java and the prophets or something also said let's have a lamb sinner don't slaughter acceptable same as any year

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except unless it is hard to then you could slaughter agenda have done which is you know this in other reports the prophets are some of them said that Java however with Java you use to our Java to C or Java users, you may notice the woman who tortoise xeomin, who's funny

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that the Java will suffice in place of estany. java will suffice in place of the city. That is funny. That is why the HANA fees on ham bellies do not have any problem with the six months old sheep.

00:29:03--> 00:29:36

But is it still prefer that we slaughter a one year old sheep? It is preferred why because if you slaughter one year I'll show you a laugh flf meaning that you will be fine according to all of them, according to the forum is that you will be fine because the honeyberries or hafeez will not have any problem with you slaughtering Allah as 13 months old sheep and the mannequins will find this appropriate and the chef has to find this appropriate. So if you want to be on the safe side is not a one year old goat or sheep.

00:29:40--> 00:29:42

Not even goats goats.

00:29:43--> 00:29:53

So that is why I said we're not going to talk about the sapphires and Maliki's because goats for some of them have to be two years old. But anyway, did you remember this?

00:29:54--> 00:29:56

So it is one year old goat or sheep?

00:29:57--> 00:29:59

Two years and some said three but

00:30:00--> 00:30:01

Two years.

00:30:02--> 00:30:30

Because one, isn't it, it is about, it's a little bit subjective, because it's about when your teeth fall off or fall out. And that is to some extent subjective because different cows have different times where there is Fallout and different farmers, they have their different thoughts. And the prophets are seldom used the language that is flexible, because he did not designate ages. He talks about, you know, developmental stages

00:30:31--> 00:30:53

of the different animals. So that's why they disagree, but just remember this, and if you can get to do this, that would be great. Because most of the people are not doing it that even. And that would be violation of agreement, if you like it, because most of the back in Egypt in

00:30:54--> 00:31:25

you know, in those places, they fatten up the cows faster, you know, and they you know, so like a one year old, the cow for instance, they will consider this to be fat enough, or a nine month old goat, or like a five months old sheep, they'll consider this to be fat enough for attire because the government's like about how big it is. But in all honesty, that will be in defiance of all the former that

00:31:28--> 00:31:31

will be in defiance of almost consensus also,

00:31:40--> 00:31:40


00:31:42--> 00:31:42

six months.

00:31:46--> 00:31:47

So if it's six or seven months,

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know that they they designated ages. And that's the qualification of others the idea of coding the codified Chania, because now, it is not any more the profit zone of is not designated ages, but the scholars of the Messiah have thereafter designated ages to facilitate this issue for us. Because nowadays people may not be well versed or they may not be well acquainted with a different with what is today Yeah, what is musen and what is this? And that was part of the purpose of the qualification of Sharia is that people do not understand the terminology that was used by the prophet sallallahu

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so just remember to, you know, be on the safe side, it's better to be on the safe side with anyone mousy mela husana with anyone even my camera Allah who hunts wasini woman Al Baqarah. Madam senator, we did the same thing that we said here about the canopies and hand bodies when it comes to the ages of the different animals. What would you do, sir, on where Hayden was better now Al Baqarah on Saba one sheep or goat will suffice for one person in a camel or a cow, or buffalo will suffice for seven because the jabber and

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Al Baqarah well, banana and Saba. So jabber said that we slaughter it when we were in the middle of the prophesied of Southern one camel or one cow on behalf of seven people. So what is better to slaughter one sheep, or one seventh of a cow? One sheep is better than one seventh of a cow because it's cam mechanic, you know, it's like an animal by yourself. But once again, the purpose here the the main objective here is the benefit of the poor. And if in your particular place, people like beef more than lamb, and then sharing in one cow would be better than slaughtering alone by yourself or sheep by itself.

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When I took on our albena our well a large fat and Latina turnkey well our de la and voila, voila, Marina of Hello, while Marina Bay in Morocco, y la la la la de vida XL cornea.

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The following will not suffice and obviously when I the animal and the mercy to the animal that has no bone marrow, or fat, an animal that is obviously lame, an animal that's obviously sick, an animal that has lost most of its horn, or ear, all of these animals will not suffice because the profits This is the aside from an oddball, the one who lost most of its horn. All of the four others have been mentioned just like this by the prophet sallallahu Sallam in a hadith that is reported in a sauna. The added to it a lot, but one lost most of its horde, or most of its here, but the sick the mrca

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The sick, the MS hated, the lame and the one eyed animal, all of them are not sufficient for of hair and not sufficient for attire. What to do Gemma what Batra what fussy woman SOHCAHTOA? How horrified are calm madness via the following However, once suffice and accurately horns animal, an animal that doesn't have horns just born like this,

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an animal that has lost most of its theme, because that's not consequential that would not decrease the value of the animal,

00:35:39--> 00:35:53

an animal that has been castrated, because that is even preferable, because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the hubby kept training Accra naini amla, Haney module eight and some reports module a meaning you know, castrated or

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one form of castration.

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But, but it makes me it makes the animal fatter because it takes away the male hormones from from the sheep. And if you take away the male hormones, the animal becomes heavier, fatter. And also who becomes

00:36:20--> 00:36:55

you know, the meat becomes better, you know, if you take away the mid hormones, so that's why I say is not only permissible, but even sometimes is considered recommended. An animal whose ear has been slit or pierced or has less than half of it cut off. So the piercing the slitting or cutting less than half of the year would not cause the animal to be in sufficient still sufficient. So these are met these may be considered the facts, but they're not.

00:36:57--> 00:37:03

This qualifiers for the animal, the animals still qualified to be out here.

00:37:04--> 00:37:13

I will just take five minutes and finish this so that when we come back we will start at the time of slaughtering.

00:37:18--> 00:37:52

He says was so natural able imagine markkula to her userra was upheld bhaker weligama Allah subhanho wa akula and evatik Bismillah Allahu Akbar Allah them have them in whether it is the Sunnah to slaughter a camel by stabbing at the junction between the neck and the chest. While it is standing with its left four legs tied in to slaughter cows and sheep on their sides and to say Bismillah Allahu Akbar, Allah Hama, minco Allah which means In the name of Allah, Allah is the Greatest or Allah from you and to you.

00:37:53--> 00:38:38

Because this is how the Prophet sallallahu Sallam slaughtered midnight and slaughtering for camels it is stabbing here while they're standing was their left for leg tie. Now, if we can give them something to calm them down, and to decrease the pain for them, that would not be a bad thing would be a good thing would be consistent with the recommendation of the Prophet saws along with the bathroom vaccines, in the like at about Santa Fe, Allah had prescribed kindness and in everything in all matters. And part of this, if you when you slaughter, then do it with kindness, do it with ourselves, do it with perfection, while your head that hadoken Shatta. wale you, you're a heavy

00:38:38--> 00:39:18

hitter who let each one of you sharpen his blade, so that he's not torturing the animal when he tries to cut while you're at the hospital and make the animal as comfortable as possible, you know, give comfort to the animal. And part of the advocates of this is that you don't make the animal see the blade and all that stuff. So that was the instruction in the process of love. Now, if we can have techniques by which we can further diminish the suffering of the animal, we can use those techniques. If we can give the animal like a shot, that will make them sort of

00:39:22--> 00:39:59

like a little bit less less aware, or in less pain, when this happens, then we give it certainly a shot that will kill them will not be appropriate. But we're talking about a shot that will numb numb them, not kill them, and then you slaughter this. This would be sooner or not. It would be really consistent for what he already had that will make his animal comfortable. That is how we're making the animals comfortable now. So it is not about the forums. It's about the meanings purposes, and so on the

00:40:00--> 00:40:13

The purpose of the intent of the Sharia here is to make the animal comfortable. Whichever way during the time of the prophet or salon, they could not really put them to sleep. You know, they, you know, there was no way to do this

00:40:15--> 00:40:26

before they slaughtered them, so they had to arrest them and they have to do all the possible techniques to make the MMA more comfortable without numbing them.

00:40:29--> 00:40:48

And then he will say Bismillah, which is mandatory, Allahu Akbar Sana Allahumma have a min colac this is from you and to you. Also, his son is the professor. So let me say this. Now aside from the cameras everything will be laid on their side and slaughter. Only the candles will the

00:40:50--> 00:41:07

matter will only apply to the cameras. Finally he says what is the hub Borneo is baja Illa Muslim in Sabah has a hippo half an hour after it's recommended that only a Muslim scholar is it, it is better if the person making the sacrifice, slaughters it himself.

00:41:08--> 00:41:23

And because it is a quarterback, it's an act of worship. And if you train yourself to do it yourself, then that would be a good thing. Because sometimes also, you know, life is the hero.

00:41:24--> 00:41:26

Five is not always

00:41:27--> 00:42:04

sterilized. And sometimes you have to do things that are like this. What people what people do nowadays, you know, with overconsumption of meat Nowadays, people don't feel any guilt, because this is being done by someone else and some factory and it is contributing into mass production. But if we're doing it ourselves, we will be even more appreciative of the meat, respectful of the animal less waste wasting of food will happen, if we're doing it ourselves. The fact that it is being done in factories make us more wasteful, and more insensitive.

00:42:06--> 00:42:25

And it's not really helping. So if you if you do it yourself, this is it will also teach you to be merciful as much as you can. And to strike that balance to strike that balance between practicality and compassion. You know,

00:42:27--> 00:42:45

animal protein is important for health and for people's well being according to the vast majority of nutritionists, the vast majority of scientists, the vast majority of humanity consumes animal protein. So that that is something everybody knows.

00:42:46--> 00:43:08

Now, how do we go about this, and that is the idea of the bipolar unity of Islam and recognizes the the two ends it recognizes the body and the spirit. It came to regulate human life in every regard and not shy away from regulating an area because it is uncomfortable. This very idea of, you know, war,

00:43:10--> 00:43:15

and Islam regulating war. You know, I just heard Jordan Peterson say that.

00:43:17--> 00:43:19

Part of the reason why he can't really

00:43:20--> 00:43:29

reconcile Islam and the Judeo Christian tradition is that he believes that the prophet SAW Selim was a warlord.

00:43:30--> 00:43:46

Or he thinks that the Prophet was known as a warlord and he's finding great difficulty reconciling it. And, you know, despite the fact that he's very intelligent and very, very intellectual, that is the intellectual dissonance that is the inconsistency that is just appalling.

00:43:48--> 00:43:52

What, you've never read the Old Testament, you know.

00:43:54--> 00:43:57

You've never read all of the Joshua and metronomy and every

00:43:58--> 00:44:55

word What is that? You know, where do you find that the four and kill them all, including the women and the children and keep only the virgin women as concubines. That is Moses years. How what Judeo Christian versus Islamic you can't reconcile because we're dense crazy as alpha that is hypocritical to the point of no return. Like when someone says this you fear that these people are like too blind that you can you can even just bring him back although you don't lose hope ever. But it is just like it is it is completely inconsistent, completely inconsistent. The idea here is that you know, the Jesus peace be upon me although there is mention of, you know, Warren's fears and sores and New

00:44:55--> 00:45:00

Testament but Geez, peace be upon him came to infuse spirituality in the more that was actually

00:45:00--> 00:45:22

distant he did not come to deny or demolish or abrogate the law that was existence he came to infuse in spirit spirituality in a law that was existent and Islam came with a complete message, complete instruction, that was that combined between the spirituality of the the New Testament and the

00:45:24--> 00:45:32

laws of the Old Testament, it just combined between them seamlessly and, and you will find this

00:45:34--> 00:46:07

throughout the Sharia is combining the two together. So we will slaughter animals, we will eat meat, but when we do this, we have these regulations and these advocates in handling the animal and be showing mercy and being compassionate as much as we can. But it will not prevent us from doing what we would have to do at the end of the day because Allah subhanaw taala created those things for us. So Allah next time, we will start by the time of slaughtering

00:46:10--> 00:46:29

when it comes to how the end of here and we will go over the resignation of animals for slaughter and the division of the meat afterwards and the etiquettes of the people who intend to make attire and also Next time we will finish the chapter on our people

00:46:32--> 00:47:04

because that's the next chapter and that will you know if we if by finishing the chapter in our paper, we will have finished all of the book of Hajj and hombre and inshallah we will talk next time about who's leaving and who's staying and we may suspend the classes after next time. There is a class next Saturday but we may suspend the class path for next time for those of us who are going to hurt others particularly Welcome to political home insurance.