Feiz Mohammad – Tafseer Az Zalzalah 05

Feiz Mohammad
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What is that we're all caught Murphy what the * let what are the nuts the rugby have a hook that stretches forth and cast everything that is in it it becomes empty and it listens and obeys the orders of the Lord and it must do so.

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You're mad my eating has gotten so washed 10 li euro on the day when man will proceed in scattered groups to be shown the dates that will proceed in scattered groups to be shown the deeds.

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Horse Shan avisar Oh, yeah, yo, yo, Nah, man as Desi can now homie Gerardo? Tasha.

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They will come with humble eyes from the graves as though the locusts spread abroad. And we know Lucas they usually stay together. But at the same time, they almost fight each other. They hate each other. Because they have got dum dum insects so that when they hear each other it's fall down.

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And man, come on, they have judgment that will come like that. That will be everywhere scattered everywhere. Naked uncircumcised barefooted as I just said get naked. They'll say each other. He said the affair is much much more stronger on that day.

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How would they be the culinary in mean whom Yama even shot no Giovanni on that day, everyone have enough to be careless of others that will not care about the neighbor. Every single person on that day will be busy with his own problem. Am I gonna live in eternal bliss? Am I gonna live in eternal damnation.

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It's not an easy situation.

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It will be the greatest day that you will go through.

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It will be the greatest and the most fearful day. Why not? When it's going to be man, a person's life will be decided on that day.

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It will mark a new beginning for each and every individual. And this new step will be Eva like I said, eternal bliss. Allahu Akbar Lama.

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Our eternal damnation. There's no third, it's either molest paradise.

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There's no other way around it.

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There's no in between.

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and the unbelievers on that day. There will be an extreme grief when they know and they see that they have lost the everlasting life or bliss of all the blessings of paradise. It'll just increase the grief and the remorse and the thoroughness

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when they see paradise in front of their eyes, but they're not going to enter Paradise, and then they see the torment right in front of them. Oh

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no. anelli COVID Ratan akuna Minal singing

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he should say the unbeliever when he sees the punishment the torment.

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I wish I had another chance to get back to the surf. So can be a man the good people. The good doors.

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Oh, cool enough soon. Yeah, ha serata Allah for to vision builder. We're in to lemina salary. Oh, let's say

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our grief to me. Well, to me, how beautiful, ungrateful I was to Allah to Allah by not obeying His commands. And data was among those who mocked the Quran, the Prophet and the faithful believers

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and the faithful believers and then he will start biting his hands. The caffeine that day creatures, brothers and sisters that carefree that day will begin to bite his fingers his hands he will lose control while law he will lose control in a state of bewilderment. He'll be confused shocked stunned,

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will be lost.

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And he will say

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verse says, Oh yeah, oh my

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god. Yeah, cool. Yeah, late. I need to have tomorrow. So Lisa de la

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la la Motta Halina

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Annie, what can I show you on? Oh, Lily insane.

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The Apostle Boyd is at his hands. Lola says he will say a wish wishes to my wish.

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wish for what after what? After you won and you rejected

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wish that I had taken a path of Muhammad Sallallahu Holly, and he will sell them well to me with that I have not taken apart for so and so. Indeed, he has misled me. He has led me astray from the

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mind that the Quran and shaitan who in reality that history is ever a deserted to men and our of neat is deserted to man in our of neat

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fun they miss Carla Dora Tina hi Ron Yo, Mama Yama muscala de Ratan Sharon Yarrow. And if it doesn't atoms weight of good to see it and if it doesn't atom is white of evil show see it and atoms white

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nice puddle how insignificant tell tribute to us is an atom an atom, which is smaller than a particle of dust.

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And he cannot see we are living now on earth. And around dust is billions of particles of dust which we cannot say only if it is exposed to

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sunlight, dust cannot be seen only if it is exposed to sunlight. And that atom is smaller than the dust, even through the hope of the most powerful microscopes in laboratories, laboratories, laboratories, we cannot say that, that's that atom, an atom decreases an atom.

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How small is that attending, and that atom

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whether it is itself or similar, in white, good or bad will be folded in front of the man on that day and shown to him. Thus, if he's done good, he will receive good. And if he's done bad, he'll receive that which he deserves. And there is nothing parallel or similar to it in measure in a lot of this world. Except one thing. Nothing parallel or similar to this measure in this world except one thing. What is this thing? It's a beautiful thing, which we must all have to believe in heart. To believe in heart for a while, like brothers and sisters that believe in heart is sensitive even to the atoms the weight of good or bad

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even to the atoms weight of group and in other words, I believe that has not seen anything insignificant.

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No matter how small the scene is, he feels Allah He will keep away from it. He will keep away from it.

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And if it's good, even though it's an atom's white, he will approach and do that good

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