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The segment discusses the confusion surrounding Islam's easy or complex religion, with some suggesting it is a monster and others suggesting it is a "monster." The speakers also touch on the idea of finding the right way out of the hassle of life and the importance of practice and understanding the church's rules to avoid unnecessary harm. They also discuss the importance of fasting during crisis times and the concept of "weAKily" as a result of people thinking about things.

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seminar Rahman Rahim Al hamdu lillahi Naghmeh do we want to stay you know under stuff you don't wanna study we're not middleby He want to tow a kilowatt Lee he went through the bid lovely, lovely meme and surely and fusina women see RTR Marlena and yeah de la Huhtala Philomel the Nila woman Yulin filler her the Allah shadow Allah you know hitting the low Idaho nursery color or shadow and Mohammed Abdullah who will sue you Hello Adina Amador Tapachula haka to party he went out and more tune in level and two Muslim on Yohannes Sakuraba Kamala D holla Paco Minassian Wahida wahala caminhadas Jaha well best Amin humare Jada and Kathy are on one isa What's up Allah Allah de Tessa

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Luna behavioral or harm in Allah Kana. Alikum rocky Abba, you Hello Dina Amira tough hola hola Kulu colon studied ustelecom Arma Allah, we offer locum Zulu back home when the youth were in la hora Sula, who forgot the first fellows in our Lima from my bed. The brothers and sisters as Ramadan dawns upon us, I wanted to start this hotspot with a conversation and inshallah Tada This cultiva is actually based upon two things. One of them a Facebook post that someone wrote that I leave for the and Inshallah, another one where someone asked me it was actually a non Muslim asked me yesterday, a very interesting question. They said, you know, how come your religion supposes itself to be or

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portrays itself to be an easy religion, a religion that is doable, a religion that is pragmatic, or religion that anyone can follow, but it's always the hardest. And I said, Well, what do you mean? And this person says, Well, you know, fasting for other people, when other people fast, they don't have to fast as long as you guys have to fast and they're able to eat, eat bread and drink water. And, you know, in many cases, in the case of Lenz, for example, you're able to simply fast from something of your choosing. So for example, you can choose to fast from chocolate, and everything else is okay.

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You know, in your religion, you have to pray five times a day, it's not open. Whereas, you know, in other religions, prayer is something that's organic, it's when you feel like praying, and so on, so forth. And subhanAllah, it brings up a very interesting question. Is Islam an easy religion to follow or not? Are the rulings of Islam practical or not? And is Islam a religion to be judged, you know, on the basis of its rulings and its laws? Or is it to be judged as a whole? Meaning that the ease or difficulty of a religion how do you scale that how do you make that judgment? Is it based upon the legal rulings the outcome of the religion? Or is it based upon this entire package of which

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the rituals and the laws are a portion of it, but not the entire package of Islam, not the entire package of the religion as it's been given to us? So first and foremost, this concept of Islam being an easy religion, Allah Subhan, Allah to Allah He tells us in the Quran, you read Allah who become holiest, whether you read to become a law Rasul, Allah says that He desires for you ease he does not desire for you hardship and Subhanallah interestingly enough, that if you read the law will become will use whether you need to become a nurse that Allah desires for you ease actually comes in connection to fasting after Allah Subhana Allah legislators Ramadan upon us Allah subhana wa Tada

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says, He desires by that ease, okay, by the by the legislation of Ramadan itself and by the legislation of the excuses and the licenses within the fasting of Ramadan for those that are unable to do so. So it's a principle in our religion, that Allah subhanho wa Taala you read Allah will come with your you read the world, you have FIFA uncom Allah wants to make things make things light upon you. Well, holy call in Santa Barbara and we were created as weak beings. And there's a very interesting Hadith from the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which can be interpreted in two extremes and of course, in the correct understanding of the pious predecessors, so So la sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam says in Allah terracotta Allah, Verily Allah subhanho wa Taala you have bow and arrow Casa Rosa so who Allah Subhana Allah to Allah likes that you take his ease and Rojas or licenses that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has given to you excuses that Allah has given to you legislations to make things easy Allah likes that you approach those that you accept those come out your headboard and Twitter as emo the same way that he likes that you that you approach and that you apply the things that Allah subhanaw taala has legislated in this religion that requires sacrifice. So it's just as beloved to Allah subhanaw taala when you do the things in the religion, that give

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you ease and that give you a you know, that give you a chance to relax and that that excuse you from certain

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obligations, the same way that ALLAH SubhanA wa, tada likes that you do the things that require heavy sacrifice that require, you know, some some level of difficulty and obviously that level of difficulty varies with the ruling that Allah Subhana Allah Allah has revealed, oh camera Jaco and Twitter, model Seattle. And in the same way that ALLAH SubhanA, Allah hates, that you do the things that he's prohibited. So it's a very interesting Hadith. And it's an abused Hadith as well. It's one of those Hadith that's abused, that Allah loves that you take advantage, essentially, of the excuses that he's given to you. The same way that he loves that you apply the obligations that have some

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sort of difficulty in them, the same way that Allah subhanaw taala hates that you approach that which is prohibited. And this notion, this concept that's been highlighted through the Quran and the Sunnah of this religion, being a religion of ease, is not something that simply textual or conceptual but something that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself applied, and the prophets like Selim had to sometimes check the overzealousness of his time. Because it's natural, that when something becomes very important to you, and when you play something as the means of your salvation, that you're that there is a tendency to become overzealous about it. There's a tendency

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to fall into self righteousness, there's a tendency to apply the extreme. Right, even in the time of the Prophet sly Saddam, the very famous example, that a man came looking for the Prophet, slice alum, because he was in a state of Geneva, he needed, which means he was in a state of ritual impurity. And he needed to do Holson. He needed to basically remove himself from that by taking a shower. But he had a wound. And by doing ghosts, what he was going to harm himself. So he goes to find the profit slice, and I'm in study, he finds two companions, and they say, you know, he's waiting for the prophets like some to finish doing what he's doing to finish the Salah, to come to

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him and to answer his question. And those two men say, just go ahead and ask us and we'll give you the answer. And they gave him the answer, that even if it's going to cause you hardship and harm, you need to go there and you need to wash yourself. And he does that and SubhanAllah. As a result of that he actually passes away. And the prophets lie Selim was so upset by that that was sort of lost why Salam said the famous words but I know Katana Humala like they killed that man may Allah subhanaw taala destroy them. How could you do that to a person, do not be hasty do not do not put people into difficulty. Because of the religion the religion is not is not meant to put people into

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a sense of difficulty. Rather, there's always an excuse when the excuses needed we have an entire legal theory a bottled ought to be lots that necessity makes things that are usually prohibited excused in those moments, right. I'll Masakatsu charge people to see it when there is hardship when there's severe hardship that it naturally gives way to something that is easy. This is a part of our religion. We find it with a ruling of fasting ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says woman Kana Maria Alana Alana suffer and determine am and that whoever is traveling or whoever is sick, then they can make up those days and other times, we find it in regards to the rulings of liberal and Salah were in

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will do Allah subhanaw taala said if you lack water to young Mehmood, then you have the you have an option to not not have to use your drinking water if that's all that you have, and not have to go out of your way, you know, to find water. If it's if it's something that's that's practically impossible. Instead, you have a way out. If you can't pray standing up, do you just say I can't pray, no, you pray sitting down. You can't pray sitting down, you pray laying down. You can't pray while you're laying down using your finger use your eyes and you are not deprived of the reward from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah in any way whatsoever. Now, if you choose to pray sitting down in an

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aphylla prayer and a voluntary prayer, then the reward is half. But if that's something if that's what your ability allows you to do, and you will put yourself in hardship, then Allah subhana wa Tada wants you to take that excuse. He wants you to exercise that excuse so that it can be of ease to you. Right? Don't kill yourself, trying to pray, pray the way that Allah subhanaw taala allows you to pray. Allah subhanaw taala says in the case of a person that's unable to find that's unable to find halal meat and when I say halal meat, I mean, you know what's universally halal meat meaning you're somewhere and you know, you're you're in a place where you cannot find anything to eat.

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That's haram and you're and you're finding yourself in difficulty and you're going to starve. Okay? Allah Subhana Allah to Allah that says, I'm told whether you know better than when I didn't for that if that if that's the case where you're in that situation. There is no sin upon you if you ate something that was Mater you know that

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There are obviously categories there as to what's allowed and so on so forth, but you eat something that's already been killed before that's already dead before slaughter, or something of that sort, it becomes excused for you. In Hajj, ALLAH SubhanA. Allah to Allah makes it easy for people by not legislating it upon the one that's financially and physically incapable of doing so. And even within Hajj. Look at the beauty of it, the Sahaba said, that we came to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Hajj. And you know, when anyone asks the prophets lie Selim to do something out of sequence, or, you know, to get themselves out of a difficulty, the prophets like Selim constantly

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answered, If Allah How much do it and there is no harm upon you. It's okay. Because the essence of the Hajj was still preserved, the Hajj was still preserved. But it became a difficulty upon some people to do certain things in sequence. Some people had to go earlier to other stations to leave was Delhi for early the elderly, and the women and the children. If I want to have Raj do it, you have to do so it's fine. There is no sin upon you. So that is a part and parcel of our religion, this entire concept, that within the religion, there is ease, Allah does not put us in difficulty. However, Allah subhanho wa Taala does not make this an open door to abuse and alter our religion,

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the way that we see fits. Because if a person started to say, it's hard for me to pray five times a day, I'm just gonna pray three times a day. It doesn't work that way. You know, it's hard for me to fasten on my bond. You know, instead of fasting until motherhood like we do with our kids, we let them fast until the voter awesome, we're gonna start fasting to vote and Austin, it's too difficult to fast until, you know McGraw, the sophistication and the beauty of the legislation from a lot His Messenger slice LM is that it already contains all of those excuses. And you know, and times, you know, where there's exception and a person has to escape some form of harm, and a person needs to

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find some sort of ease. But what we find is that our religion is meant to bring this closer to Allah subhanho wa, Taala And subhanAllah. The the genius of it is that it took things that we do on a daily basis, and it made them rewardable matters, you know, subhanAllah some religious scholars and I'm not talking about Islamic scholars, read some religious scholars, I've actually heard this argued, would say that Islam is the only major world religion in history that actually made marriage a rewardable think that actually put Ajit in marriage that actually put Hassan in marriage. Why because marriage was looked at even in the in the Abrahamic tradition before, before the legislation

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of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam before the coming of the Prophet slice alum, or at least now what's looked at as Abrahamic tradition, marriage was looked at as a way, you know, as a last resort marriage was looked at as a way to get yourself out of committing Zina committing adultery, if there was no other way for you. Right? Otherwise, celibacy was preferred, right? So the covenant of celibacy and things of that sort, that's something that has a basis in those traditions and those faith traditions, and obviously, in the Eastern religions, the concept of, of keeping yourself pure, and you know, and obviously, there are extremes within every single culture and so on so forth. But

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Islam was a religion that was able to take something that is natural to us desire and to channel it in a way that was pleasing to Allah subhana wa Tada and so only forbid from us that would that which would become harmful to us as individuals, and that which would harm societies. It's the genius of our religion. And you know, sometimes the Sahaba they wanted to go a step further and the prophets of Allah who I think it was salam was the one who told them to accept this religion, the way that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has given it to us, it is beauty in its ease, it is beauty in its sacrifice, it is beauty and however Allah Subhana Allah, Allah and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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have given it to us. So for example, the concept of culture of actually doing two icons instead of four of shortening the prayers, you know, there is narration Sahih Muslim from yalla and omega. He says that I came to know how powerful the Allah I know this wasn't his pilaf and I said to him, Allah subhana wa Tada says Lisa Alikum, Juna Juna Han and texel salata in Clifton, and you have to you have Tina como la nina Cafaro, that there is no harm upon you if you shorten the prayer when you're afraid of the disbelievers trying to harm you. And he says, * I mean a mass people are safe now. So is it permissible for us to do Kasana? Can we shorten our prayers now? In almost all

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the Allahu Anhu answered, He says I dipped him in that I jumped him in. He says that I was surprised from the same thing that you were surprised. He says facades rasool Allah He Salalah it was

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LM and Alec so I asked the Prophet SAW Salem about that what you're asking me for Karla sadaqa Sadaqa Allahu Wa alaykum *able Posada kata Subhan Allah beautiful words. He said this is a charity that ALLAH SubhanA huzzah Allah has given to you, except his charity, except the gift that Allah subhanaw taala has given to you, except that charity, which is why when you travel, it's actually more beloved to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah that you would shorten and accept that charity than to pray the full prayer because Allah Subhana Allah to Allah desires for you ease Allah gave you something to make it easy upon you. And Allah is Allah O for Rahim Allah is forgiving pardoning

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and Allah is generous, ketene benevolence, he wants you to take these gifts that he gives to you. Now that's not of course, the same as you know as going through and doing what an Imam and now we Rahim Allah to Allah called it TBR ro has in his book and mocassin he said it teba or Rojas, which is to seek the easiest opinion

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when there's a difference of opinion. So for example, today, you'll go you know, what you want to do? The Hanafy opinion suits you so I'm gonna go and follow that opinion, then tomorrow, you know what I really want to do this way. And you know, it's easier for me, so I'm gonna go and find an opinion and whatever method and whatever school of thought from whatever scholar and I'm gonna say, that one suits me today. And you basically go and you find the Rojas in each 30 school. And you basically take the easy one, the easy opinion in every school, and you make your own school of thought, the easy school of thought, right? The math hub of ease, right? I'm just gonna find it

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wherever it is. And you know, and at least a person who would do that in the past would do it between a Hanifa and Malika Shaffir. And now people do it with unknown scholars that they find through Google, right? Just find the easiest opinion to apply. That's going to allow me to do this. And that's going to say this is halal for me, independent of evidences independent of correctness and say that the religion is easy. Can you read the law because yesterday, Allah wants ease for you. That's not what this is talking about. Because the RO has that Allah and His Messenger, Sly Salam are talking about the licenses the excuses are things that Allah Himself has prescribed. Okay,

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there's a difference between that. And things that are the easier opinion the easier license, the easier, you know, the easier way out the loophole that you can find in a *y discussion, there's a huge difference between the two. What this is referring to is the inherent ease in the message of Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the fact that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah does not want us to place unnecessary difficulty and burden upon ourselves. And that's where you find the statement of Esau the Allahu Taala and my my four year old Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Bina Amrhein in left our a subtle humor, the prophets like Selim was not presented with two

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affairs two options on anything, except that he always chose the easier of the two man Um, yeah, couldn't if man, as long as there is no sin inside of it, as long as there was nothing that was that was wrong with it, as long as there was nothing that was harmful with it, she says about the Allahu Taala and that either can or if mankind other than nurserymen, that if there was some sin, within the easier option, the prophets lie Selim was the farthest person from it. Meaning these this what the prophets lie Selim used to do, is if there were two clear cut Halal things in front of him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he took the easier of the two, but the Prophet slice and I'm also told

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us to do what to avoid a shovel huts, to avoid doubtful matters to avoid the gray area in the religion. So this is when you have two things in front of you that are both permissible, both clear cut permissible from Allah and the messenger slice Salam, you should always choose the easier of the two. And we find that within our fasting and with Ramadan coming up all of the concessions that Allah subhanaw taala has placed there and all of the mercy and everything that we face, not just in the laws, but in our human nature to be mistaken as the prophets like Selim said that if a person was to eat or drink by accident on the day of Ramadan, you know, you don't have to go and make that

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day up if it was by accident. Okay, instead the Prophet slicin I'm set to continue your fast and he said that the food and that drink was a charity. It was a sadhaka from Allah subhanaw taala. And Allah made it easy for you, but what if i What if I did it 123 times? Okay, I'll go right over the allotted time that it was interesting narration it's a pretty funny one. He says that or there was a man that came tumbling right up. And he says I'll smack to saw him and fidget to Abby. So a gesture and devil comes up.

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Hold on. Well, that meant that I kind of had to severity. So I went to my dad's house, it was a day of Ramadan. I saw bread and meat there. And he said, so I ate until I was full. Meaning I didn't just take a bite and say a stuff that Allah was fasting. I ate it all. And then I realized that it wasn't Ramadan. Rather, it was him fasting. He said, Then I realized that I was fasting. He said, so I went out. And he said, I set a stop for a lie kept walking. And what happened? What I told the law and was said, you're fasting is okay. He said, But then he said, it's not over. He said, Then I went out and I saw someone that was serving milk from his goat. So I took a sip, and then I drank the

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whole glass. And I remembered I was fasting after that, I will enable the law and who said it's okay. He said, then I went home. And he said, My wife was you know, she had some water on she was putting water so he said that I drank the entire, the entire glass, he said, Allahu upon luck. Allahu Sokak. Allah is the One who fed you. And Allah is the One who gave you something to drink. He said, Yagna he and tell them through the sea, and he said, a person he said, you know, Oh, son of my brother, you're obviously not used to fasting. You obviously don't understand what fasting means, right? Whereas Subhanallah he forgets it's not just a sip of water or a cookie, right? He's eating

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and forgetting. But you know what? The Sahaba of the province my son is saying Allah is the One who fed you. Allah is the One who gave you something to drink. Can you imagine if on Leila took during the last 10 Nights, especially the odd nights, you go to sleep, and you have the intention. You set your alarm to wake up at 3am and to go and you know, and to pray and catch that which is in the masjid or pray on your own, and you sleep through it. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says men at toffee rasa who were who again we only Acoma where you're slowly minute late, whoever goes to sleep, and he has the intention to stand up and to pray something of the night for Allah to it now,

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but his eyes basically overpowered him meaning he just couldn't open his eyes had to us by her until he woke up. And it was morning time. You know, that miserable feeling. I think it's happened to all of us maybe on the 27th or 25th or something of that sort where I'm going to wake up and pray but you were so exhausted you slept until fidget or maybe even after feds are so lost like someone says cootie Bella Huma now Well, I can I know who sadhaka Oh, Allah has written for him everything he intended. And the sleep was a charity from Allah subhanaw taala. Allah didn't want to see you in difficulty. Allah gave you a gift those few hours of sleep. Were from Allah subhanaw taala that

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doesn't mean watch movies until 1am and say I'm gonna wake up at 3am And briefly, I'm relieved because it's an odd night means you went to sleep and you really had that intention, sincere intention, but Subhanallah your body overcame you it overpowered It's okay. Well, so last I saw him says you have the full reward. And the sleep was a charity from Allah subhanho to Allah. And there's one more Hadith I'll share with you all. It's from Salam Ave Sahar will be Allah Tada. selama says, quantum run asleep woman and Isa Mala Mala, you'll see the lady said, Look, I was a young man. They used to love women in a way that other people did not love women, meaning I really, really loved my

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wife and I had strong desires. He says Falon ma da La Romana 52 And we'll see Bumrah Marathi shaitan, Utah that will be he sets you Toby Irby, Utah that will be he said that I was when Ramadan came. I was afraid that I was going to touch my wife and it would you know it would it would be something like a regret that would follow me and I'd be in trouble. He says for Valhalla to minha Hazza uncle has Yun Sarika shadow Ramadan, he said that I basically I put her in the hot which was like a temporary form of divorce, so that I wouldn't touch her during Ramadan. Like that was His strategy was to temporarily divorce his wife or to put her in a you know, to treat her, like his

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mother in that sense, right? Whether it's technical or linguistic, their intimate differ in this hadith. But the point is, is that I said, I'm not going to touch her. I'm going to stay away from her. He says, Dana, he had to Dooney that Leila, either to catch Shefali minha che on furlough. I'm Albert and Zota. It says that, you know, one day she was serving me something at night and he said, I saw something from her, you know, something appeared of her. And he said I couldn't control myself. Right? And so he says he became intimate with his wife and it was a day of Ramadan. He says, dilemma, US battle courage to call me for about 100 He said, I woke up and I told my people what

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happened. I told my home, what happened? My tribe would happen. So they looked at me and they were like, Oh man, you're in trouble. You're ruins. You know what good is gonna come from a person who became intimate with his spouse and Ramadan. Like they were looking at him like we don't want to know you right now. You know you're in trouble. And you know me

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lot, you know, may Allah protect you, but you're in trouble, meaning they were very taken aback by the crime. So obviously that scares him even more, right? So he said to them, you know, quantum Shuna you know, Rasulullah sallallahu and he was telling my son, you know, come walk with me. Let's go see the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam cannula like they said, No, we don't want to go with you to the profit slice of them. So he said, I went to the profit slice and I'm by myself. He says that according to who I told the profit slice and I'm what happened for Carla and Tabitha, Selim, he said, Did you really do that? Oh selama call to NRB dark era Sudha Allah He mandala team. He said

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Jada's lot twice. I messed up two times, not just once I actually messed up twice. He said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam we're gonna solve it on the umbrella he Falcom fee amount or aka Allah, He said, But you know what I'm content with whatever Allah has decreed for me. So go ahead and give me the punishment I'm ready for the punishment. So the prophets like I said, I'm fine. How did it work other he said go free asleep. Call to Allah, the Bertha will help not only Karaca button via sir, I swear by the one and whose hand is your soul, the one who sent you with the truth. So the only neck that I own is this one. I'm not capable, freeing asleep. See, somehow he said, Give me the

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punishment. And now you're saying well, I can't do that one. So the prophets lie Selim says for some Shalini Matata behind. So fast, two months, consecutive. 60 days you can't free a slave. Go ahead and fast. 60 days, Carla. Well, he said he says quite a while I'll slip to Ludy a slip to Illa, muesli up. He said wasn't it fasting that caused me this this this mess in the first place meaning if I couldn't control myself for that one day, 60 days is going to be a disaster yada Silla. So the prophets lie Selim says for aqua and westcon in Tamil Baneasa Tina Myskina he said, you know, go ahead and feed 60 Poor people with a container of dates. He says to the profit slice on whether the

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Bertha will help Laqad Bitna wa Shaney mal Anelka said we went to sleep last night and we didn't have any food, meaning I'm poor than everyone else. So the prophets lie Selim says fun Pollack de la Sahibi Savoca. He said, Go to the person, you know who's in charge of the subaqua from vendors, right? And he says, Let him give you that container. Let him give you that container for up to MC Tina Myskina and westcon go ahead and feed 60 people and keep some for yourself what could enter where he Iloka Bucky yet, go ahead and save the rest for yourself. Subhanallah his punishment ends up being that he gets to bring food home.

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So he goes back to his tribe says follow Jared to Isla call me he said I went to my tribe, according to a jet to her and Docomo Blake was so Rocky. He said when I came to you people, I found constriction, poverty, and a negative opinion meaning negativity. He says, but when I went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says we're just to enter Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ACERA Well, personally, I found the Prophet slice alums opinion to be not only good, but to be one that gives prosperity and expanse and compassion Subhan Allah, and he said, I have some charity for you all. So he gave them some of the charity from the West that the prophets lie Selim

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gave to him. That concept, that notion that Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa salam do not want to see the believers in suffering and in pain, and that our religion inherently contains within it the concessions and the ease so that Allah is not punishing us but rather, Allah is bringing us close to him. Subhan Allah to Allah is