Riad Ouarzazi – The World of Jinn #4

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a situation where a man gave a cure to a woman and they say out if you see something. The master of the business is reporting to the master of the business, and all students are reporting to him about what they've done. The group is trying to figure out who triggers these fights and who does so, and they are waiting for opportunities in markets to trigger fights between them. They are trying to figure out who triggers these fights and who does so.
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Can they be seen my brothers and sisters?

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No they cannot be seen. And this again they take the form of humans or animals

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because they can take the form of humans and they can take the form of animals who will explain them and something will be by giving some examples of certain animals that they that they take the shape off. So they as I said, we they can take the shape of humans and we gave some examples, like Cilacap nomadic, like the men who came to Oklahoma for the long run. And also they like to take or they can take the shape of animals.

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cats black, they like the color black, apparently so like black cat, not necessarily a black cat that a black dog is a is a genie

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Scorpion snakes, okay.

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As well, in Medina, right, the Prophet says to them, when he said that in Medina, there was some you know, there was some he heard that there was some group of jinn. And he says, If you see a serpent of a snake in your house, don't kill them yet.

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Tell them to leave three times.

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Tell them to leave warn them three times. If they don't come out, know that it's not a gene, it's a snake then kill them. Symbolic. So he warned the Sahaba says oh companions, if you see a snake in your home, warn them before you kill them, warn them first. Say Come out, come out, come out. If they don't come out three times. Know that they're not as in it's an animal then go and kill them.

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So they can take the form of snakes they can take the form of Scorpio scorpions, black, whatever, not cat dogs and horses and also they'd like to take the form of animals.

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Even though Tamia Allah Allah, He says that the Zin may lead people astray by appealing in the form of saints

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and righteous people.

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It did happen

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and I was surprised to read and see stuff from people who saw apparently there's a I can go to YouTube you can read a bunch of things about this, you know, people who claim that they saw so and so flying

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they saw the ship and then then the ship by name, they saw the ship flying

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on the fly

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that's probably shaytan flying on the chin. So

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there was a friend of one of my students came to me once you know some time back and he says my mother saw a dream and a very, you know, bright man come in and you know, he had a long white beard and a mama and everything. And he came in he told her tell Aziz to shave his beard, in his dream in her dream, tan your son as his dad have done as he used to shave his beard. So she will come he says I sold this man you know, it's maybe I don't know, you know, he says shave your beard is my mother that's a that's a time is trying to fool you is trying to fool you. So they may appear in form of sense to actually take people and draw and drag people astray. Careful.

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So again, can they be seen we said technically they cannot be seen unless they take the shape of animals or humans. Right.

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And there are some categories of gin or CRP to watch out of and here I put some in I put six categories to pay attention to

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there is one kind of one kind of general what kind of shaytan that's appointed to whisper at the time of Salah you know who this one is? For example Hassan

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you know this one's been pointed to come and whisper to you

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at the time of Salah so that he makes you you know forget about how many other cats you've prayed or maybe to the member your ear what you've lost or to remember what we know the money or your or your or your job or whatnot. So he only comes you know and and whisper to you during your prayers. The Prophet gave us the cure to this you know, you know prior to Salah I says to say out if you see this if you feel this whispering happening. I will be lemons

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three times

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You know spit air dry air don't shower the brother in the system that you know it just just you know dry air like this either for themselves even themselves you might have an apology but I guess some people they do it continuously

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and then

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he becomes a that's that's really what's worse but becomes worse wasa by this one but actually I may have said this he you know, I don't know what these people who was whispering to this guy, but he says Allahu Akbar he hit this guy next to him the other guy he said sorry, in the middle of the prayer, sorry, the other guy said it's okay.

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Is that a communication of the sada Subhana Allah? This is not shaytaan whispering This is awesome. Yeah, some humans. Oh, sorry. I think by the way.

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Yeah, some humans.

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When they got together, come floating to get the Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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Abuja and the others got together to complete an upload into Tolkien, the president who was with them

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in a form of overshare.

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From nudged

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and he came in and everybody was actually, you know, throwing ideas about working with this magnificent ideas as per them to you know, get people from every tribe and to go and hit the prevalence of them wanting children say,

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you know, you're the man, you're the man, I did not think of this even shape I didn't think of it. You're the man you just a great idea. shape, I couldn't think of the idea of abortion, abortion is you know, the muscle shopping.

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So to just to tell you this some time, there are humans who are watch the entire thing.

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So the man, the man who whispers at the time of Salah, the one who likes to separate between husbands and wives, as has been reported in both Bukhari and Muslim. When the the master of shopping the big man comes in his gathering, and all his students, small shopping, they come reporting to him about what they've done, or they come and they report to the shaitan. So this guy says, I met this man committed adultery, I met this man do

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get into usury. I met this woman though.

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I met this woman in the movie, I made this, I made that and they just they he's taking reports from his direct reports from his people. And then once a man comes and says, I was able to make a man divorce his wife.

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He says, You heard a man Come and sit next to me.

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And he brags about him.

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The shaitan

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who succeeds in separating between a husband and his wife.

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That's why my brothers and sisters, those who are married.

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at the time when you're maybe having some sort of conflict, while arguing sit down? And Sharla tada insalata I'll, I'll try to give you an anger management course,

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on how to deal with anger.

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When you have in when you're in such you know, angry moods.

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And then because the shaitan is in your back, go Go tell her and he tell him and she and he tells her, don't be quiet, reply back. Are you going to stay quiet? No, don't stay quiet. Tell him give him some cursing.

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And this and that. No, doubt him if he's a man, tell him to divorce you

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as a man. And then he divorced her. And this is a crime.

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When you told him to divorce you He did? No, it wasn't me. It was actually somebody was telling me to say yeah, then you have to be careful my brothers and sisters.

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Seek a diffusion of license from the shape

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is nothing but from the shape.

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Because that's what he's trying to do.

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To make you separate, separated, you know from from each other. Do not fall in that trap. The trap of the shape time.

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There is the other gene or the other shaytan who triggers fights in markets.

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There are those who are just specialized or specialized and go into markets and they just sit there and waiting for people to come and trigger the fights between you know, people in markets, the one who beautifies lysterfield people.

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It's only a white lie.

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Lie. It's just It's okay. I had to survive. I had to lie. So the shape that comes until you have to

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