Feiz Mohammad – Tafseer At Takathur 04

Feiz Mohammad
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a story of a king's visit to a kingdom where a woman has a difficult time finding a suitable dress. The king uses a salute and a boastful speech to encourage the woman to leave the reins of the horse. The woman refuses to travel to the kingdom and decides to live in a better life without the worry of the Lord.
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Episode of Akin. A lot of balls have heard the story before, but it's a very nice story.

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I came

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once to make a tour of his kingdom kings got a huge kingdom.

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So huge. He has the right to get to the end of it.

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So it is keynoted for his dress to be brought to him. They brought him the first wrist, the second dress, the third dress. No, no, no, it's not good enough. It's not made out of gold or silver pose. I want the best. And at the end, I brought him a dress that there was no other he had to accept it.

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He will

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bring me a horse. The first horse the second horse, the third horse, the fourth or fifth. The last horse he chose and he because he had to choose wasn't good enough for him.

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Initiate on the occurs through his mind with vanity.

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He mounted the horse no abstentions way very sort of boastful way manner.

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started riding his horse. He's infantry, his army followed him out of pride and arrogance did not even look at him. This man's thinking of himself that he's the only one spoken on Earth. No other

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as he's traveling on his horse, his armies behind him. A distressed person writes past him dressed in rags, a peasant poor person. looking person is salutes the king said I'll aka Moloch

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the king looks at he will use a salute.

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You rags distressed looking. You salute me, the king.

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He raised his head and turns it away.

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The person again said our Malaika Monique

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the Clintons.

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The president the poor distressed looking person grabs the bride of the horse and pulls it towards him.

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Salah Malaika Malik

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here rebukes him the Malik the king. He rebukes him and commands him to leave the reins of the horse.

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whereby the peasant says, I have business with you.

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I have business with you. It's not a matter of the business. It's a heavenly business here.

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He's not gonna ask him how much am I gonna earn if I clean your farm

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is a heavenly business.

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The king said, wait till I get off the horse. No, now I'm gonna have business with you. There's that time for you to go off your horse and I'll go off my horse. It's time now my business between me and you.

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He grabbed him close to him and said, I am the angel of death.

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I have come to command your soul to the almighty lord.

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The King mumbling stammering his face to impale. Let me go home let me go home settle my affairs. Say my members of the family

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entities hand into his body and extracted the soul at that very point. The King filled with light.

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boastful, arrogant King.

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Did you take anything within?

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The same distressed person went past another man. A pious man.

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salaam aleikum?

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Wa Alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. The man said to him, the father didn't have your wives on a horse traveling to his destination.

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He said, can I have a word with you? You sure may have words. Hello might have been

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a voting close to him and said, I am the angel of death. Ah, hello.

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Where have you been all my life?

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I've been waiting for you all my life.

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The angel have just said to him, do you want to continue your travel your journey? He goes no travel is as good as traveling to the Lord

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allows the panel

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This is my travel.

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You have cued me from the suffering of this world.

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He goes, is there any way you would like to die? You would like to meet your Lord? Are you able to do this? Because yes, I have been commanded to do this.

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And he does allow me to perform will do evolution.

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Initiate prayer.

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And when I am in frustration, take my soul.

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So he did. He performed Ludo prostrated to the almighty Lord, and then the soul

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was extracted law.

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If you look at these two examples,

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you know, which one would you like to be?

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A lot.

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I'll come with

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the mutual rivalry of piling up of all the things diverted from the path of the Almighty vote.

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Passion, passions for piling up and more and more and more, makes people heedless of them things that are more important

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than making heedless of the Almighty Lord Aldana of the air for the hereafter. And the very reason for your creation which is the worship of

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the only concern himself in raising the standards of living acquiring money, no matter how they acquire it, whether it's Hallo haraam, they just want more wealth and more wealth and more wolf so that can increase the physical enjoyment and the comfort in the life of this world. But I do win

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