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The speakers discuss the importance of preserving Islamic identity and using terminologies in daily life. They stress the need to remember "na" and "hameless" in order to protect their Islamic identity. The group discusses the negative impact of recent protests on people's lives and the importance of finding a way to prove actions. The T historic event, which is a powerful virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual

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In Al Hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah, Nina

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Marina, Maria de la.

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Deena, Vanessa to Allah. Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah Mohammed Abu

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upon your

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man you're watching

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up Bailey

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Wakanda tada

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insha Allah Allah moutoku sakalava molana Albanian wasa Cora pseudo NaVi Yun Karim. Allah daddy kameena shahidi in our circuiting, you know, Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen respected all of my brothers and elders, as Muslims we know it is our duty to Allah is that we continuously perpetually preserve our Islamic identity. This is the duty of every believer and in part of preserving our Islamic identity, it will be of vital importance it will be of paramount importance that we preserve Islamic terminologies in our life in our day to day activities, the likes of Alhamdulillah Allah Subhana Allah Masha Allah insha Allah, it is indeed said and unfortunate and tragic. That gradually

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whether we realize or not acknowledge or deny the word Alhamdulillah from the tongues of some people is facing away or being substituted by I'm finding a

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few years ago I was in Australia, I spent three Robins there. You speak to an Australian the common way of answering How are you No worries.

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So you start speaking to some of our Muslim Brothers, how are you? No worries.

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It might look trivial. It might look insignificant. But let me tell you, the hadith of Libya, Kareem sallallahu Sallam says,

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When a person sneezes, as Muslims, we have been taught immediately to say Alhamdulillah if you are in a gathering of non Muslims first say Alhamdulillah and then by all means you can follow the procedure was a custom provided it does not intervene on Islamic principles by saying excuse me, or sorry, or my apology, or I beg your pardon. Whatever the custom is, whatever the word is, you will first come in with your Islamic way, which is your duty to Allah Alhamdulillah. Now via krimson, Allah is unsafe and orthos You mean Allah, that sneezing is from Allah. So when a person sneezes, he praises Allah. And then immediately when he has praised Allah, those that are around him have been

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taught that this man has praised the law. Now you invoke Allah's mercy on him and tell him your hamaca law, which they say, God bless you or May you be blessed. We say your hammock Allah May Allah shower his choices, blessings upon you. Let me a crimson Allison says in the Hadith,

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that person who after sneezing does not say Alhamdulillah then all Muslims that are sitting around him, don't say your hammock Allah for him.

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If he doesn't have the decency,

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of praising Allah, on the snare of Allah, and the reason for referring to a sneeze as a bounty of a law, it creates freshness in the body, while yawning has been referred to the acts of Shepherd because it creates laziness in the body. The point I'm highlighting here is that the enemy of Allah says if he says Alhamdulillah then reply him and make dua that Allah Masha Allah mercy upon him, but if he does not say Alhamdulillah then do not say your hummock Allah.

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Now this is the way a believer should conduct himself that at every instance these as I mentioned in preserving an Islamic identity, it would be of vital importance that these terminologies are preserved in our homes from childhood a child must be taught when someone a Muslim greeted, you don't ever say I'm fine. How said a lot, but whatever it cost you. In fact, this only has been based and referred to as dormitories, there's a lot. Today I want to focus my entire topic on one word of these words in there is in Sharla. I've just touched on the importance of using these terminologies. But the focus of my topic wants to be on one word and that is inshallah, the benefit of using

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inshallah and the harm of neglecting and omitting the word inshallah, in our discussions that we carry my that I recited before you a typical situation of insomma

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some kuffaar of maca came to me a creme de la to send them after they were sent by the award of maca.

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Go to Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam and ask him three questions. If you can answer these three questions, then he is a prophet. And if you cannot answer it, he is not a prophet. So they came to Libya Kareem salario salaam and they said, Tell us the reality of the soul arona can you row Buddha row may not be the soul, the human roar, that it comes in the body, and in the person is loving, and in the soul departs. We don't physically see anything departing. Yet after that no organ or limb of the body is functioning. So what does Islam have to say about the human soul? How does Islam or Muslims or Allah define the soul in the Quran? First question asked him. Second thing asked him

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the man who travels the East in the West, and Allah gave him a kingdom and an empire, his boss is the world.

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What knowledge do you have about this? Now that you've had the knowledge of these things, in the light of the Torah, in the divine scriptures, and this is how they told the Cooper that go and ask this man, if he can answer this, then you must know he has divine knowledge. He has divine knowledge, he is a prophet. And the third thing ask them ask him about the Seven Sleepers those people's the Cave of the Seven Sleepers who slept for three centuries. This coupon code happy that today we've got something we're going to ask this man and by the looks of it, he won't able to answer and then we have sufficient proof that he's not a newbie. They came to me via creme de la to

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sell them and they posed these questions to the visa lottery we send them to the lottery we send them very commonly said you come to me tomorrow and I will inform you

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they went away.

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And in the process nebulous Sarah made a commitment that he will inform them without saying inshallah.

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The next day when this kuffaar came on the appointed time, then I had no answer. He thought gibreel will come as is the usual practice of gibril. When Cibrian will come, I will pass the question on to jabril. In turn, it will go to Allah, Allah will reveal the answer and I will answer the levy of Allah did not saying you saw a lot because of we did not come is that prefer came on that time, gave them an opportunity to now express that you are false. You are fabricated, you're an imposter. You're a liar. On your word that if you can't answer you're not a prophet. Now you don't have the answer. It gave them an opportunity of accelerating, intensifying the opposition. This is creating

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much pain, agony, restlessness, uneasiness, anxiety in the heart of nebulous term. It says Okay, come tomorrow comes tomorrow. No debris will come in no revelation kuffar, your would rejoice in expressing their happiness The man is defeated. He is done. We cannot answer our questions.

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to such an extent that according to one rewired, they started passing and leveling accusations. And they said it looks like the lord of Muhammad has forsaken him and abandoned him.

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And this was creating so much pain. Now, Allah does not want to see the pain that you've been experiencing. But at the same time, the need to discipline his levy about the importance of insha Allah

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rewired suggests from 15 days up to 40 days gibreel amin does not descend. Celebrity overnight is the restless. And after he the 15 days was the difference of narration 15 days or 14 days in between debrief I mean defense and it descends answering all the questions. He answers the question about the soul in the form of Quran answers the question about the man who traveled the east and the west answers the question about the Seven Sleepers. And in that same chapter in Zurich, of which we commonly recite on Friday, one verse which I recited, Allah admonishes Allah warns, cautions alert is maybe malata colon nerissa Niva danika illa Allah Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in future, don't

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ever make a commitment. Don't ever promise anyone is that you will do anything until you don't attach it with my name and say pending on the permission of Allah. depending on the age of Allah, I will be there if Allah so don't ever made this error again in your life.

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This is of course the kindness of Allah, that he hasn't deprived us of anything by not saying insha Allah. When nebbia Creme De La Salle did not say it once by mistake. The price of that was to discipline to be a Kareem sallallahu wasallam because navion is sometimes my therapy it was done by Allah Himself. That took 15 days there was no revelation. In Muslim city if there is one rewire

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that say you can ask for a man or you can set law to fund and later we commonly speak about and people asked this question about the aspect of polygamy in Islam

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yojna psara in Islam restricted polygamy is permissible amongst the many answers that the owner might have given 100

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So is that the Navy of Alhaji Mohammed Salah Islam is not the only prophet that had few wives. In fact, according to the three wives of Muslims, which even the Torah and other divine scriptures will admit and acknowledge that today monteray salam had 100 wives

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and industry why he one day pledge and he said, tonight, I will sleep with every wife of mine.

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And every one of them will conceive. And every one of them will give birth, as Susan Muslim said, If every one of them will give birth to a male child, and all 100 of those children will then become soldiers and warriors of Islam.

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Can we imagine the physical strength of a Navy to say the bet was 100 spouses in the duration of one night.

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Nevertheless, he also did not say insha Allah,

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the result of which was not one wife conceived. In fact, somebody won't say one conceived, but she had a miscarriage and the child died. Then every over law explained in this incident said I swear by the grantee over law heads when a man said in Salah before consumated and before relation and before sharing the bed, every wife would have conceived and a child would have been born to from from every woman and every child would have become the warrior of Islam.

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You and I have underestimated the value of inshallah in our lives.

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In Bani Israel, there was a merger that took place. So Bani Israel noted for the deviation as the nature to rebel, they came to Mossad, a salatu salam and they told Musa almost this person has been murdered in our community, and we need to identify is a murderer. Why not? You ask you Allah, if he could buy a revelation or some other way revealed to us who was the murderer? Musashi starts with some tonal law or law. These people have a case of murder in among them, and they want to know who the murderer is. How would we go about identifying the murderer? Allah reveals the verse while Carla musala told me in La Jolla, Morocco dakara con una voz de la de an akuna Minami Gianni, Allah told

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Musa Musa tell them to slaughter one cow. And after slaughtering the cow to take a piece of meat from the target from the dead cow and strike it on the dead man, he will stand up and admit that so and so has killed me and then he will die again. masari salatu wa sallam told them that interest lies the cure of what you want. You want to know who is the murderer? Allah says slaughter a cow. And they take a piece of meat from the cow, strike it on the dead men and you will have your answer he will stand up and admit and acknowledge and confess ways kill him. But he is started throwing question upon question almost. Are we asking you Whom are you talking of slaughtering cows? What's

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the link? What is the logic called? What? Are you mocking us? That's the exact translation of the if we asked, Can you tell us who is the murderer? Are you telling us to slaughter cows

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for an akuna Minal Jacqueline, I'm only conveying the message of my Allah.

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Those of us that feel that Islam runs on our logic, Satan alone he used to say Islam was based on my logic or your logic. Then I would have told you when you wear those leather socks, and it's time to make Messiah logic will say you must make myself the bottom part because that's getting dirty but my Navy said make myself the top part and not the bottom part. Amen. You pass in really nice to watch he's facing boo.

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Boos Elisa Sanchez mlsa slaughters account.

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Now look at the nature of money you're trying

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to attack.

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Nicola Mina Johnny catalana Rebecca up Lana Mahi omocha you told us to slaughter a cow. But you did not tell us the age of the cow.

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Carla in Abuja, Kaduna. pakora to Lhasa

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Avenue Marina sonica. Petaluma to Maroon It's so sad that we don't know this is the first chapter of the Quran Surah Baqarah. In fact, the reason that the first chapter after pseudopodia has been labeled bacara has been labeled COVID after this incident

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machale salam asked Allah they asked in the age of the cows, Allah said Musa children, the more they asked the motorcycle I will make it mustn't be young, it mustn't be old, our non binary of middle age, but tell them to do what they have to do Don't

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miss Allison comes back to them. Allah said it must be a cow of middle age college on an article up in Lana man oh no ha amasa you told us the age but you didn't tell us the color of Allah. They are asking about the color palette in Nagoya Kyoto in Napa karatu.

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novoline he comes back. Allah tala says

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The cow must be of middle age must be yellow in color. MSP bright, conspicuous yellow which is striking to to those that are looking at it

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they come back to meet up almost as many cows that are middle aged and are yellow in color. Country explain a bit more college owner of the car up Atlanta Miami in Al Baqarah Tessa baja Nina, we're in NA insha Allah hola Machado. This is the crux in the point that I'm speaking about in this incident almost tell Allah He must give us you know full detailed, full explanation and you know if you can one time tell it to us properly inshallah We hope this time we will find a cow. On the third instance they said in sha Allah, the Messiah city in the right. If they had not said in sha Allah, they would have never had the trophy. It was at this juncture when they said inshallah Allah and

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gave them the ability, and Allah revealed to them the third condition that it must be a cow that is used for farming purposes. Now because they made it difficult, it became difficult for them, they started looking for a cow, you'll find a cow of middle aged but not yellow in color. They'll find a yellow cow but not middle in age. They'll find a cow was middle aged yellow in color, but it's used for farming purposes. Finally, they went around looking and what they are wrong, allow us plan including the favor of another young boy who was obedient to his mother. They finally come to this young child who had the cow and Allah was dictating the description of the scout knowing that these

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people will be depthless this child will make his pride because of his kindness. Allah was going to give him the flavor to get our lovers. One side they are rebelling one side Allah is opening the sustenance of another young child. The point I'm saying is finally they come to this boy, this boy looked at their desperation. He said how much gold input in that crowd and is the price of this cow.

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They were desperate. They said heavy that men who own one cow overnight grow 100 cows who say the reason of this was because of he was kind to his mother. The point that I'm stressing here is that the Quran says on the third instance they said insha Allah it was because of them saying inshallah they accomplish their task. they spotted the cow took the piece of flesh from the counter, strike it on the dead men, the dead man stood up and he said, You know who has killed me It has been my own nephew who killed me with the greed of money. He brought me in this jungle. He killed me so that he can claim access over my wealth. He said this and he died.

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Another incident just two three and I'm only speaking of the word inshallah, the predicate of the word inshallah. In fact, when machale salat wa salam was traveling with us or even a noon and we commonly say to someone tells us over the fall, be there Don't worry,

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brother, Satan, it really allowed us to say, our rock to rock baby. Firstly, as a me, I recognize the power of my Allah. By the breaking of my firm intentions, I pledge. I make a firm resolution. But I see things don't materialize like how I plan I realized there's some other been controlling my method. I intend, I commit, I promise, I pledge to things today when I stand up it's a different day. Something else goes ahead of me how I had planned my day the agenda I had before me, and what the day materializes to be something else. We commonly say I'll be there you'll see me there, don't worry. And before that, we have gone down.

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masala salatu salam, incidentally salam, when they embarked on this spiritual journey, masala Salaam and his nephew, Dr. noon, and Allah told him the take with you a piece in a basket take with you a fish and the place with his dead fish hops out in a miraculous way. That is the place where you will find literally some coincidence in his company and learn from him. masala ceram told his servant that look Yeah, this is what I have been told by Allah and I've been given the instructions is that wherever the fish hops out, in the surroundings of that place, literally Salaam will be reciting. They went they came to a certain place the Quran speaks about this Messiah restaurant put his head

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down to relax. You save noon the servant that is observing everything. Suddenly he sees the fish hopping out of the basket jumping into the water. He looked at this he was amazed and he remembered masala serotonin wherever you see this, you must tell me so he said no, no, no problem. moosari salami sleeping, I don't just talk. When I get up. I will tell him when he gets up I will tell him he also decided to relax and instead of to sleep, when they got up. Look at the harm of not saying inshallah when they got up

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this person forgot to say and we I slept really well. It made me mad. As simple as that. All excuse often is, you know, I'm justified. So please don't get upset. I forgot I'm a human. It's coming to us. It's a human thing. And all the arguments there. Yes, it is common we don't deny. But if we can couple it with asking Allah to aid us inshallah we'll stop making too many mistakes. We'll be more particular much more punctual on our time. He did not say in Salah they got up they resumed the journey. They want for one additional day. Then they finally got sold.

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tired and exhausted. That muscley salatu wa sallam said this fish is not opting out. Why didn't you bring some of that fish? Let's eat. Tuna vedana alacati Latina amin safaree na na Saba when he said take out the fish. You said noon said in not in LA in LA Raja own a lava but you know yesterday we slept, you will slip in the mouth. I promise you the fish hopped out of there. Now they had to work one day going extra one day come in extra. The reason for this, the commentators write a very delicate point that when Mozart cautioned us that you must tell me, he said no, that there's nothing serious Oh, I don't forget, I made a mental note is done. The result of that was it costed them

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working extra one day and coming back. I end with one incident. We know it is our belief that your chosen modules that is caught in Magog are behind a wall which was constructed and erected by Volker named the Quran speaks about it. And prior to Tiamat they will make their appearance on this earth they will come barging through, and they will cause such chaos that the Hadith speaks about it they will kill Mexican loot. In fact, after that they will they will direct the arrows towards the sky saying that we have killed the inhabitants of the earth. We now want to kill the inhabitants of the sky, allow it and return those arrows stained with blood falsely convincing them that you have

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succeeded in your endeavor.

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This wall has been birthed by Cornell and just to cut a long story short when he came to this place, and he seen these people and on the other side there was another group of people. Those people looked at this kingsville carbonate and said that Allah has endowed you with such a kingdom. There are people living on this side of the road by the name of the arduous module. They are really causing mischief, and they come they kill. You don't want to erect the wall we will pay you so that we can safeguard ourselves against the evil. Zukerman said I don't need your money, but you can physically assess me inshallah I will block this input such a barrier that these people will have no

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access to you. He then the Quran explains this mama can nipping up before you run silently and only this wall was then burst and Zocor, named with the permission of Allah for such a solid wall, that your jewels and modules are trapped behind this wall. Libya Kareem sallallahu Sallam says every day this is our belief in the authentic Ahadi. Every day this nation comes to the to this wall, which was erected with steel Bible Karnail and they start opening and they come so close, that they had the final leg of breaking through and penetrating. When they get to this point. They say that it's too late. Let's go back the next morning we will come this is false that the world says we have

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conquered every piece of land and we have discovered every piece of land so there is no piece of land on the planet Earth. We're so and so people could be reciting because our technology has reached every piece of land. Nevertheless, they come to this point. They say that we have only so much left. We will break it tomorrow and they withdraw and they retreat and this practice is continuing for months and years. Libya Kareem sallallahu Sallam says they will not succeed prior to Tiamat on the appropriate time, when Allah has decided for this speech to take place is that they will come and they will do the very same thing break through the last layer left then they will say

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inshallah tomorrow inshallah tomorrow we will break it that day they will come succeed on the grounds of inshallah break through and the Quran says they will come back in on this earth. What's our Akina Yama he moved up bobbin wonderful puppies sorry pajama. Gemma after it will be you know all the final signs of Tiamat. In essence it will be through the birth of insha Allah it's now a debate between scholars are the Muslims that will then say this inshallah or is it all there are non Muslims yet through the bracket of insha Allah they will get this benefit that they will succeed in penetrating and coming into this world we make twice as Almighty Allah give us the tofi can the

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ability to use these terminologies in our day to day activities. Insha Allah Subhana Allah Alhamdulillah to continuously praise Allah Baraka with Allah in every aspect of our life, and to do away with other phases and other forms of greeting. Yes, we are greeting a non Muslim by all means, but I'll set a Muslim Christian, a Muslim, a Muslim setting in a Muslim restaurant, trying to impress one Muslim with the ways of West how said the owner of the restaurant is a Muslim, the main eating is a Muslim, the person is trying to impress is a Muslim and even what know what find what works for candidates who are impressing a Muslim Filipino Muslim, hello, hi. Yes, you know, Muslim,

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or non Muslim by all means, but when it comes to wearing ourselves, you will find so many other communities, so many other people that they can meet in the center of town, they will be surrounded with different nationalities. They will speak their language they will create in their language, but others it is time that this woman honors and reveals the terms and identity in the symbols and the signs that Allah has given us. Who knows, preserving and revere in these symbols of Islam inshallah, we'll keep on

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our children and our generations of Islam may have left America with Allah give us the trophy to reflect their Islamic identity verbally practically in every aspect of our life.