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The speakers discuss the issue of seeking refuge in Allah's creation, which is not attributed to Allah but rather to his ability to create evil things. They stress that individuals cannot claim the creation of evil and that anyone who claims to be from the evil of the creation should seek refuge in Allah's absence. The speakers also mention the use of sh Harting people and the need for people to be safe from evil acts.

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So we studied Billahi min ash shaytaan regime.

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regime has been a member of Him who will be wrong Bill firelock. Call he say, I seek refuge in the almighty Lord, I seek refuge no mighty load of Daybreak I'll follow up in Arabic terms mean daybreak, you can actually take it as mean in a vaster sense, where it's all the creation with reference, as it breaks out throughout life throughout the life. So I seek refuge in the almighty Lord, Lord of the daybreak men shall remain HELOC from the evil of that which he created of that which he created. This is in conjunction with the Hadith by a Muslim on the authority of hola Tobin to Hakeem that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Whenever he went to a place he would say,

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minus 11 Zenon for call out to be Kadima Tila Hey,

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Matty Michelle Rima hurlock, lamjao raucci, Jr, Holloman manzi Lee Derek here, the guys to place this is relating to all of us, here that goes to place to a dwelling, and says I seek refuge in all those perfect words, perfect words.

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The place that you draw, you're going to go in, nothing will harm you, until you depart that place so you're seeking refuge from what but from the evil of those creatures that you have created. So nothing will ever touch you while being in that state in that place until you depart. Now we've got to understand a very important issue here.

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We are not allowed islamically to attribute evil as Allah's creation. In other words, the creation of evil is not attributed to Allah to Allah. However, the creation of the courageous is attributed to Allah to Allah and able to him to the creatures. In other words, you are not allowed to say, I seek refuge in Allah from the evil you have created, that is haram. But you say I seek refuge in Allah from the things of that which you have, from the evil of the things of that which you have created. In other words, it is not allowed the brothers and sisters we've all seen this many times from a lot of sisters and brothers. They say what aliquot is evil, Allah did not create anything at

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all for the sake of evil. I will double lemon delic. Allah created everything in good and for great wisdom. However, in creation, there is evil. For example, you get a person there

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is that a creation of evil? That's a normal person. No, but in that person, you might commit something that is evil.

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So Allah created that person, but it did not create the evil that this person is doing.

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Is that understood? So we are not allowed to attribute able to almost creation, but we attribute the creation of creatures to Allah and evil to the creatures and we should seek refuge in Allah and at all times from the evil whether taken place or not taking place, for example, things that have taken place like disease, injury, accidents, possession, magic, the evil eye,

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epilepsy, schizophrenia, and so forth. Anything that has taken place, we seek refuge in Allah to Allah alone, believing of our utmost belief that he and He alone is the only one that can cure us from this evil. Likewise, we take We seek refuge in Allah from that which has not taken place.

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That's what we say all the time. I would have been there I would have been there is this a common sign?

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Whenever you go wherever you go, I would have been there I would have been lemming dedic mean you know, seek refuge in Allah to Allah form that

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you are actually asking the almighty law to protect you, to put you in a state of safety to safeguard you from approaching that evil.

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So things that have not taken place like shark or Kufa or superstitions or innovations or major or minor scenes, so anything always seek refuge in Allah to Allah don't think you're always safe you're not safe. Because the shaitaan Don't forget is trying to target you is always focusing on you. And when you send us his troops, he won't send any person any any being to you. He was brought his team to you are powerful one if you're strong Muslim, and the weak one if you're not even a Muslim, because even the non Muslims have Shelton at all times, the more stronger you are

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islamically the stronger you're gonna get from those devils, the stronger devil you will get, and so forth. And the strongest ones were the strongest test and the greatest test was to him, the prophets of Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah.

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So we've got to understand the devil is always working very hard on you. That's why you always should seek refuge in Allah to Allah, whether you think you're safe or not. Whether you think you're safe or not always seek refuge in Allah to Allah and in any place you go. Whenever you get to a place always say our old will be calling in late.

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Timmy sorry mahalo. I seek refuge in almost perfect words, perfect words from the evil of those creatures that he has created.

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When when Sheree hos you can either walk up and from the evil of the darkening as a beans, the dark. Have you understood that? In other words, we seek refuge in Allah to Allah from the evil from the calamities that are at nighttime in the night. And we all know that the night generally the crimes are key acts of wickedness are intense. People it's the people at nighttime find that horrifying.

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itself the night. Why Because today, a lot of people