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The transcript describes a serah in a snowy field where the host is walking in a snowy field and the host is walking. The serah is a record of the history of Islam and is a sign of the importance of showing one's abilities to receive forgiveness and being recognized as a Muslim. It also highlights the importance of remembering who Islam is and how it can be used to connect with animals. The serah is a record of the history of Islam and is a sign of the importance of showing one's own abilities to receive forgiveness and being recognized as a Muslim.

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smilla rahmanir rahim

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and I started in Ohio and I stuck with who I don't mean to be here when I took karate. When I was we live in Shoreham fujinami say, Melina, May.

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Allah Who am I? You do?

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Wanna show La la la? La sharika ohana shawanna Muhammad Abdul Rasul.

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Allah will happy Bashir on one of

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the Yoni Lola TVs and he was he Raja Maria, from abajo por la da da da da da Amano Toppo la casa de

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una 11 to Muslim

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lokaal Yeah, Xena Amano Davao Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. At the UCLA Hello Kumar vida como una forma eutherian solo

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nazima balena Vienna Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam as the whole as easy get Allah. Allahu Allah Mohammed inshallah Allah while he while he was Avi was alum, kosher ohmori Manasa to have a

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visa visa in Walla Walla Walla in

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my dear brothers and sisters, it's a joy and a pleasure to be in Chicago after many years, the last time I came here, I drove up here from Louisville, Kentucky.

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And this time, I came slightly faster.

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And to see this to wake up this morning and see all this load is absolutely beautiful picture postcard view from the window of snow covering the roofs. And it's like icing sugar on a cake on the green trees. And then the sprinkling of a few of the dead leaves from fall on the snow. Absolutely amazing. So hello end.

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And then I thought to myself that if I was taken up by this beauty of the vision of the slaw, and if I just walked in there as I was dressed,

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then I would probably not be able to make it here to the machines because I would have to be in a hospital because if I just walked in there, then I understand the meaning of ice and snow in a very experiential way.

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So what protects me What must I do, which is what I did, which is to put on a big jacket and put on a hat and put on shoes and stuff. And then when I go in that condition into the snow, I can enjoy the snow, but the snow does not have me.

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The reason I'm saying this is because of course it was a thought in my head.

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But because this is the nature of this union

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the dunia is like this. No, it's like a beautiful, alluring, very tempting, very delicious picture postcard view.

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But if you just walk in there without protection,

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then it lands you in hospital. And if you don't get it there, then it'll end to somewhere else.

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So just like you and I wouldn't walk out no matter how nice the world looks, we would not walk out into ice and snow without proper protection. If we are in this world without proper protection, we come to the same roof. Now what is the protection of the world? The protection in the world is what Allah subhana wa

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told us the iron which I decided in the hole by which we're in. Yeah you and the de la mano de la hochkar Ducati

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while at 11 00 believe

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have Taqwa of Allah subhanho wa Taala as it is his right that you should have his cell phone.

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Now you will notice that I did not translate this as the usual way it is translated fear Allah says he should be feared.

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The meaning of the word is not fear. The meaning of COVID is fear.

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The meaning of taqwa is dukkha is to be concerned

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about the displeasure of our lives not fear of Allah, it is fear of displeasing Allah. And why are you afraid of displeasing Allah? Because we love a lot of animals than now what is my goal for this? My I have two that I personally use for this is that fear is a negative emotion fear excites hatred. It excites anger, disgust as a little child who's going to school does not like a teacher if you're the teacher. So do you hear the teacher? Yes, you obey the teacher. Yes. Do you

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The digital No, why do you obey the teacher because the teacher will be

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but what it allows rather say about the values, Allah subhana wa levina hamano a shadow, hopefully, Allah said Verily and the believers, the love Allah subhanho wa Taala and they do not just love Allah Subhan Allah any old way they love Allah, Allah more than anyone and anything else in life. I shall know Belinda, the home of Allah is she did a shed.

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So how do you put these two things together?

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That concept is this beautiful concept in Islam of taqwa is not fear of Allah. It is fear of offending the one I love the most. So the more I love Allah The more I will fear to offend Allah Subhana Allah and this is my jacket in the snow. This is my protection from the dunya dunya invites me to sin medicine or I can't do that because it opens a lot of nanotech.

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How do you love somebody you don't know?

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Getting rid of somebody you don't know.

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So who is Allah?

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There are two ways and do things we need to do. To answer this question of who is Allah? One is to listen to the introduction of Allah subhanho wa Taala because nobody can introduce Allah the way aligned himself geladeira

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and this introduction, we listen to that, in order to get the law and the glory and the majesty in the magnificence of Allah subhanho wa Taala into our hearts.

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We just worship Allah.

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And then

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we listen to and we reflect on the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah that Allah has given us.

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I talked about the snow and the beauty of the snow I tried to describe it.

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How? Because Allah gave me ice

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because Allah subhanaw taala gave me eyes Allah subhanaw taala gave me glasses.

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I looked around and gave me full color vision

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thanking Allah for his blessing. So how did this himself Hello Hamza said How will I English a Bama? rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Allah

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Hi You can

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say no no, no. This

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be a shower in the hole. We

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he him

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home while he told

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me he

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was here

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what I oh he was ohama

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around the

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monocle Moto

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usually go

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use a b o with

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D These are a hierarchy Bismillah

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Allahu Allahu o swana the lamido allow me to

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go on.

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Demand remind myself when you read the Quran of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and not just read it for the lives of is a given in July it will happen to read it for the purpose of understanding who allies the purpose of knowing who Allah is not merely because it is an intellectual thing to do, but it actually and really to connect with a lot of animals Allah diligent. inshallah, we'll look at how that is

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We run to making sure of Allah Subhana

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Allah Allah Allah kumala a Muslim for suffering in the world

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala l mursaleen. Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa he was at he was lm the Steven Kaziranga here for my Ba ba ba ba ba ba ma you got the whole US alone Island nebby Yeah.

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He was selling the Sleeman llamas Allah Allah says Allah Mohammed, Mohammed kamasan

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Majeed along with Mohammed Mohammed Guevara tala

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McConville, Walla Walla hierachy, the number one rally of the alarm on was my

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mighty sisters we talking about? Who Allah is how do we recognize a loss of anovos Allah jealousy? And I mentioned to two things one is to reflect on how Allah subhanho wa Taala introduced himself and to reflect on that and to ask yourself, what is my connection with Allah? Allah Subhana Allah daughters this in the surah which is a record of the, of the of the Salah, without which Allah is not valid, which is Surah Fatiha, Allah subhanho wa Taala daughters how to ask him

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he cannot, he cannot stay before saying anything a Serato mustafi isn't a service the game is the law. Before we come to the

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to the path of steadfastness you introduce yourself to Allah subhanho wa Taala know you, we created you, but this is the other of the whole of Allah, that when we go in there, we don't we don't just walk in there we introduce ourselves, how do you introduce yourself? Use your ally of yours iaca nabooda stay in I don't worship anyone other than you. I don't ask for help from anyone other than you. I need help. Where shall I go? So I came to you. All I give me because I am asking. We've made because only you can give.

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You are my witness that I don't ask anybody other than you.

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This is an introduction iaca navodaya gonna say when you say you're gonna do you're gonna stay, keep this in your heart. You are not a stranger to Alice vanowen

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nobody is a stranger to you as a Muslim.

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You have a right? To go before Allah and to ask Allah subhana wa jal with the daughter, that Allah will give because only he can give.

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reflect on what Allah has given us. This is the second part

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reflect on what Allah has given us and

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a man came down to the power of a lion and he

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said an hour was talking about sugar the lion said Look at me. What do I have to be thankful for? Look at me I'm poor I'm Jesse. Dude, I'm hungry. My clothes are gone. I'm not well, I want no work. I've got no money. You want me to tank What what?

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Can you urinate? Can you pass water without pain? He said yes. He said that.

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As the one who has urinary tract infection, what he goes through

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to reflect on the glory and reflect on the Namath reflect on the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala. Let me tell you what Allah told us to reflect on in a general sense, and then I will request you and I remind myself, let us reflect on the individual specific blessings that Allah has given each one of you and me in our lives.

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Hello, Sarah alumna Dr. Lila

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wall Jeeva.

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Walker upon

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whoa, whoa

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whoa, whoa, boom.

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was in denial.

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We'll call this will.

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I won't translate any of this desire do not need translation you know the higher

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This is the general Namath of Allah subhanho wa Taala that He has given all of mankind the whole world and especially as Muslims. But I request you my brothers and sisters reflect on the specific names that Allah gave you. Some of them have names,

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the names of your parents than Indigo children, the names of your spouses, the names of your friends.

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thank Allah for them.

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How many of you

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in the huddle today, because July is a time where the acceptance How many of you in the huddle today,

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ready for the forgiveness of your parents?

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I'm not asked you to show for a show of hands.

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How many of you prayed for the forgiveness of your parents? How many of you prayed in the huddle for the forgiveness of

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this is what

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they give their life for you.

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Their blood is in your veins

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they dedicated their entire lives so that you will survive and you will grow and you will become something

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did you pray for them?

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That today

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let not from today, a single day pass as long as you are alive, that you do not pray and you do not seek forgiveness for your parents and your grandparents. Shall I to do that. Will you do that? inshallah. inshallah I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make people to create people in your life, who will pray for your forgiveness for their lives and in their life and

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I asked a lot of Arizona gelila will be pleased with you and never to be displeased. ask Allah to accept your coming here I asked Allah subhanaw taala to fill your heart with no and with with Sasha and

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I asked Alexander to fill your lives as Baraka, I ask Allah to give you whatever you ask with apphia so ask him and ask Allah subhanho wa Taala after giving you what you asked, we are here to give you from his generosity and grace so that you are absolutely astonished at what you get asked to protect you from all his disobedience in this life, which is the biggest masiva introduce away a lot of metal then ask Allah to protect you from that in this life. And I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to protect you on the Day of Judgment I asked Allah Subhana Allah to give you the shade of his hours on a day when there is no god except as Carlos Ronald Bella could be Korean right in your locker that

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you will meet Mohamed Salah Ali while he was abusing them on his house algosec where you will meet him and you will take the water of closer from his blessed hand inshallah. I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to decree and write in your cup that you will cross the surah with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and enter genital for those who La la

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la la la la la la la hayama

00:19:48--> 00:19:52

Wei de la and Han in fact a well known Carnival belly yeah it

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was cola

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although yesterday will come

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lies the snow