Waleed Basyouni – Is A Wife Required To Contribute Financially

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of having a man or woman contribute to one's finances and health insurance, as it is not only their responsibility to make money, but also the woman is responsible for the rest. They caution against being overly optimistic and overly negative of women, as it may lead to divorce and even death. The speaker also mentions that women may need to fulfill certain commitments in their contracts, but they do not want to be overly negative of them.
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You know how it's mostly upon the man to be the financial provider for the family?

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What about in the case of where the woman actually makes more than a man? What would you say about that type of situation. And mother presents q&a with Sheikh Khalid, asuni Very good. First of all, is not mostly it's solely

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a man is responsible financially for his wife, if she wants to contribute, that's nice of her.

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As for woman making more money than men, or the man, I mean, that's fine. Again, it's got to come to the man is that something, if that person have a kind of loss of steam feel offended by that, you know,

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that's something he needs to consider. But it doesn't should not be. If you make more money, I'm happy for you. And that means Sharla, both will be having a better life. You know, even man is responsible for the necessities of life, and the basics of expenses in life. Other than that, both should share and wife contribute when I said solely to mean that she doesn't get read at all. But they might choose to have a bigger house a better cars that are health insurance, you know, a better

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more vacations and stuff like that. So

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no doubt, as long as this woman doesn't come across as an arrogant person, or she's going to use this as a tool, the character trait will determine if that manage I will be engaged in or not. Also, for a sister who makes a lot of money, be careful, because the last thing you want for your husband to stay home, and he find that you just making the money and I'm going to stay home, I'm going to play a game all day long. You know, or, you know, I'm just you go work, and I'm just going to be relying on you. And I found people like that, and it ended up usually with divorce.

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So just always to be taken in consideration. Good. Good question. So just as a follow up to that question, if a woman is making money, is it allowed to be an expectation from the man to, like expect her to also contribute? Or is it just like, purely out of her own will? Like if she wants to just keep it herself and spend on whatever she wants? Is that okay, it shouldn't? Like my question is, is it allowed to have an expectation or is it just out of the goodness of her own heart?

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Very good question. If there is a anything mentioned in the contract, that if you get married, if you get work, if you work, you do 123 You contribute that? Yes, she has to fulfill that. But if there is nothing in the contract, she's not obligated. Some of the said she might she should. But I don't go with that opinion. I think that only if there is something mentioned in the contract.

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