Fatima Barkatulla – Why Do I Need A Family Vision

Fatima Barkatulla
AI: Summary © A woman named Fatima Baraka talks about her family's struggles with parenting and how society values parenthood to a degree. She encourages parents to write their family vision statements and help them navigate through difficult times, and mentions a free webinar on the topic. She also mentions a new course for parents to join and guide them through the process.
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Brothers and sisters, this is your sister Fatima Baraka tila. And I'm here to tell you about

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a webinar that's taking place on Thursday at 7pm. That's Thursday, the 15th of June at 7pm. And it's a free webinar called the Islamic family vision, blueprint. Now, I know that raising a family and

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being a successful family is hard. It's not easy. And I know how hard families work. And I know how hard you're working in order to make your family a success.

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But something that happened to me really opened my eyes to the importance of having a family vision and a family vision statement. I was in a park with a young mom. And we were just watching the kids play. And she was telling me about some of the issues that she's facing.

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And then suddenly, her eyes just became overwhelmed with sadness, and she just blurted out, sometimes I wish I never had kids.

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That was really shocked when I heard this. Because

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for a mother to get to the point where she says something like that, either means that

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she is so overwhelmed that she has said something unthinkingly,

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that she doesn't realize the value of the precious children that she has in front of her and that her role has been so devalued as a mother,

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that she finds the storms that inevitably come with any work that we do in this world.

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She finds the songs too hard to,

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to overcome.

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And I believe that the reason for that

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is, is both of those reasons, number one, that society has devalued Parenthood to such a degree.

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That, you know, sometimes we don't feel that sense of fulfillment as parents, even though we're doing the most important job in the world.

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And at the same time, we fail as parents to think about and to formulate a family vision that is compelling enough to help us weather those storms. You know, when you have a company, for example, you have a vision statement. And that vision statement really helps the company to navigate through difficult times through important decisions that need to be made.

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Three times when the company might be off track, right? It's something that all of the employees and the management can,

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can gather behind, right can really back and it acts as a sort of North Star, doesn't it, helping you to kind of

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remind yourselves about what the what your values are, what's important to you as a company? Well, I think families are more important than companies.

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And I want to help parents make family their finest project. And so this Thursday, Thursday, the 15th, at 7pm,

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I'm going to be helping parents like you to actually write their family vision statement, by the end of the webinar, I want you to have the first draft of a family vision statement that's really going to serve your family, it's going to bind you together as a couple. And if you're a single parent, it's going to help you

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to talk to your children about what's important, you know, and gather them around a vision that they can buy into, they can even help formulate.

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So 7pm Thursday the 15th. Please join me for this free webinar, when you register, and the link is going to be in the description or in the comments below. When you register at raising believers.com/webinar that's raising believers.com/webinar When you register for free, you will immediately receive a workbook and when you receive that workbook, you can even start formulating your family vision right now. And I think you're gonna really enjoy doing it because it's taken a lot of research for me to get this workbook together.

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But it also includes Islamic and Islamic ethos and Islamic guidelines. You know, because the prophets themselves they had been

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students for their families, right? Just think about Ibrahim Ali Salam. He made dua, and the fulfillment of his dua was the coming of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam right? Who is one of his descendants, of course. Ibrahim Ali Salaam. He said rubbish under name okay masala tea woman Maria T Robina Taco Bell Robina Philly Willie Whalley, they are well, meaning yo, Maya como ASAP. The first part of that why he said, Oh Allah make me an establish of the prayer. And my progeny as well, my children and their children make them establishes of the prayer. That was his vision for his family, right?

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What's your vision for your family?

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Join me on Thursday. And we will formulate that vision, something compelling, something powerful, something that is genuinely meaningful to you and your family that you can really get behind. And if you're a couple, it really helps cement your relationship. And Charlotte, I truly believe that.

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So go to raising believers.com/webinar, you'll immediately receive the workbook which you can start using straightaway. And then when you attend the webinar, you will I will help guide you through that workbook and through the elements of formulating and crafting your family vision.

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And I'm also going to be announcing the new course for parents which I think you'll be really interested in.

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Join me on Thursday. Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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