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Mandela hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah and to be in Karim Allah he have done Asana to automata slim. Rubbish. rocklea Sabri were silly Emily 100 rock that Emily Sani of Coco Lee, my brothers and my sisters sent Mr. De Kumara to LA he will work out.

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So hungry law as you can see we are here on the inside of the Islamic community center of Milton will hamdulillah and we will be in 30 minutes from now calling the end for salata McRib people will start coming in very shortly in sha Allah, the volunteers are already back, they're just doing some final last minute things, and then getting us ready to actually begin our solder. So this is going to be the very first time that we have a congregational prayer taking place with the community here within our mustard since the 13th of March. So it's been a long time. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to put Baraka and fade in every single thing that all of the community members have done to

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make this you know moment and all these times that we return to the masjid a time that is blessed, and also a time that is never taken away from us ever again. And so we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to allow us to continuously come to the massages now you'll notice for those of you that are tuning in, you probably usually don't see this view. In the videos we usually don't you know record from this side, this is the gym area.

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Basketball net is just over here. And so Pamela what we've done is, you know, we've taped off the floor you can't really see it in the in the video, but there are

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blue strips of tape that mark the spots of where every person is to stand in prayer hamdulillah you know, we as as we've always learned in our Deen the importance of being patient and the importance of being steadfast. And we know that you know from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and we see this habit of the Allahu anhu narrating what made the hair of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam turn gray, and is mentioned sort of hood out to her, the sisters sutra hood and its sister sutras as in the sources that are related to it, that touch upon is Tacoma, that touch upon being steadfast and I wanted to remind all of us before we just let the livestream go,

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I'm going to actually inshallah try to livestream throughout the entire Sala. And as people come in,

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and the reason for this is, you know, just to share this moment with all of you who are not able to come out to the masjid and so if any of you are online watching and you want to share this moment with your friends or family, please do send them the link of whatever platform it is that you're watching from so that they can you know, come on and and watch that as well. Check with a foe is going to be coming in to lead the Salah, the prayer in sha Allah and I've requested that I be his oven today. So in sha Allah will be calling the oven today in sha Allah to Allah for Salah to the market of insalata Elijah. But remember my brothers and sisters, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam, you know, in the multiple times or the countless times that we've mentioned how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stood at night and he was crying and he was asking Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, you know for forgiveness. He didn't really need to do that, like we as as those who live on this earth and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam lived on this earth. You know, he didn't. He was promised paradise the prophets and messengers of Allah subhanho wa Taala were promised paradise but we see that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was busy and so far and would constantly be asking Allah for forgiveness. Why do we think that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam would be doing that? When he's someone who's promised paradise? He's someone who, you know is Muslim, he didn't really do anything wrong in his life. He didn't even have like a jet helia phase that he was, you know, worshipping idols or anything of that sort. He was pure. And we know that his hearts was washed up in alayhis salaam the angel came at a young age when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in a young age and you know, open the chest of the prophets of Allah, Allah He was send them in wash the hearts of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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you know, if his heart was pure and his heart was clean, what was he doing asking for forgiveness? And why was he constantly added? And you know, what's really interesting is my my brothers and sisters, is that Allah Subhana Allah shows us that even in someone who is promised paradise, he continued to push forward to do what is right, showing us an example of how to be showing us you know, the way to live our lives showing us that he's a human being like, we are

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Of course, he is not just a human being he's a prophet and messenger, someone chosen by a loss of time with Allah, someone who's pure, and lived a life of purity and didn't commit the sins that you and I commit on a daily basis. However, the prophets have a long way to ascend them, despite not having, you know, been in that category like, like, like you and I, he still was busy in asking for forgiveness more than then you and I write more than us. And so that's that's something to motivate us to show us that the steadfastness of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, upon the deen and also, you know, to, to hold on to the truth and holding on to what Allah Subhana Allah wants was a

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huge and integral part of the life of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And so we need to continue to do this. My brothers and sisters we need to continue to seek the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Adana, we need to, you know, remember the example of Prophet Nuh Hyundai his sent him when he told his people for food to still feel warm back from India who can have a flower, he advised his people you know, seek forgiveness mercy mosquito from Allah subhanho wa Taala because he's the owner of this right in the EU Canada, city center, la comida, Aurora, Allah subhanho wa Taala showers us down with blessings and mercy and forgiveness. And you know, lots of things come to

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us from the sky. And of course, rain is falling and the rain is giving us the health that we have, right because we need water to survive the nutrition that we get from the food that is planted or that grows from the seeds that we plant and so on, and allow us to handle it and makes it such that the more we do is still fun, the more things he gives us in our lives. So this is a time to not only just remind ourselves of the importance of being steadfast, but it's important for us to also

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it's important for us to also also remember that, you know, we as as believers that Allah subhanho wa Taala need his forgiveness, right, we need to be forgiven. And we need to constantly ask him a little bit distracted. Obviously you can see what's happening back there.

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humbler, everyone's got their masks on. You know, the brothers are getting ready to putting brighter stickers on the spots there haven't been Illa

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and so my brothers and sisters you know, as we get ready for the reopening of the masjid, we have to remember to reopen our hearts to Allah subhanho wa Taala many of us throughout the month of Ramadan, we opened our hearts right and we cried our hearts that we poured our hearts out to a loss of hanaway to add, since the month of Ramadan is gone, it almost feels like it was a long time ago. Right? If we think of it, it feels like Ramadan was such a long time ago as though it didn't even happen. Even though it just finished. It feels like such a long time ago, like it didn't even happen. Which means our hearts we're not really in truly opening them up to a loss of cannaboids ad

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if anyone feels like, Oh, you know, it's such a long time ago on the phone. But really it wasn't. That means that we maybe have disconnected ourselves from the constant and regular connection that we had with the loss of Hannah with Anna throughout the month of Ramadan. So my brothers and sisters, you know, be sure to seek forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala because the more that we do, the more blessings Allah gives to us. Right? knew ahead of his Senate, he taught us that and the example you see so that it can liberado indeed, from the Amani world anywhere from genetically adrenochrome and how Allah subhanho wa Taala increases our wealth and when you look at it, the

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things that we want in this life, we need wealth to to to, to achieve them, right, of course, the help of Allah Subhana with Allah, but everything comes at a price, right? And so we seek the help of Allah Subhana which Allah while at the same time seeking out the provisions that Allah has given to us on earth that are held on for us to seek out. So we constantly do that my brothers and sisters, and we make sure that at any point in time in our lives, when we feel disconnected from Allah azza wa jal, we make sure that we turn to him.

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In so far, in seeking forgiveness, the more forgiveness that we seek from Allah subhanho wa Taala, the easier things become for us in life. And this is a prime time right now. In fact, while we're listening to this, we should be saying stop federal law. I stopped at a law, I still federal law, maybe the form that you're looking at and watching from today is something that you use to commit to how long earlier today, maybe the computer or the TV that we're watching right now, or the monitor that we're watching from, maybe we used it earlier today to commit how long or to look at something that was held on or to buy something that was held on or to speak to someone who's hard on for us.

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And so the tool that's in front of us that we may be using to seek help and Miran is from Allison and with Anna could also be

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could also be something that people use for how long and so we need to shift that we need to switch that over. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to say yeah, Macaulay Well, curoxen can be allergenic right to call out to a loss of Hannah Montana, the one who mckinleyville pulu kulu, the one who can change the hearts a bit, make firm my heart funded via Allah Dena, upon your deen. And so we need to make sure that as the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, his heart was washed and cleaned and purified. Our hearts need that cleansing constantly in the cleansing of our hearts comes through is still fun. So while we're sitting here, we should, you know, be saying I still fit a lot.

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I still fit a lot think of what you did earlier today, I still think of what we did yesterday, maybe a mistake that we did that we forgot to ask for forgiveness before going to sleep, and simply say, I still couldn't think of the way that we mistreated our parents once and we never sought forgiveness, I stopped for a lot. Think of the time that you you know, came to the masjid and damaged something or you went to someone's house and you broke something of theirs and they never found out about it. I still feel a lot we seek Allah Subhana which is forgiveness, right. And by doing so, lots more blessings will come to us. We spoke about it earlier today in Chicago. zedan netcom, right. When

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you're thankful to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, He increases for us. And so we need to be people that are thankful to Allah azza wa jal, and he will definitely most definitely increase whatever it is that we are looking for in our lives, if we're looking for more wealth, you'll give us more wealth, if we're looking for better health, Allah subhana wa tada will give us better health, if we're looking for ease and comfort with the health and the hardships that we're going through a loss of handling data will give us the ease and the hardships that we are looking for, through the hardships that we're going through. So every single thing in our lives, my brothers and sisters

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needs to be connected to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And through the hardships that we face, we find our connection with Allah and look at this, like, Who would have thought that three months of our lives, we would not be able to go to the masjid, who would have thought that for three months of our lives, you know, we would not be able to pray in congregation Who would have thought that for three months, none of us would even want to go three weeks. But here we see, three months, we didn't have Salatu Juma available in our communities in our masajid for the community to come and to attend. And so none of us thought that, but through that hardship, hopefully we saw that weirdness to a loss of

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cannibal attalla. Instead of you know, going for July, maybe we sat with our family and we educated them a little bit. And that needs to continue. Don't let this pandemic pass and we go back to a regular lifestyle where we start to drift away from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Remember that the more

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firm our connection is with Allah, the better it is for us in this life in the hereafter.

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And so I'll leave it at that inshallah. Jana, I'm going to leave, you know, a few minutes now for questions. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask. I do know that some of you have typed some things in there and I haven't been able to read them properly. So if you can just re type your questions in the chat area. And know that we are going to be opening up the masjid in a few minutes for the congregants that are outside so that they can come in and, you know, sit down in their specific spots that are marked off or the specific spots that are marked off for people to attend. Now, if you look behind me, you'll see that the brothers are

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both the brothers are joking around and trying to put red stickers on my mouth. So I stopped her from talking.

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No, no, no, no, no.

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No, we're only gonna be here.

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It's a no question.

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Just do it, just to run it.

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Oh, yeah.

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And so yeah, that's, you know, the brothers are getting ready back there and a few sisters as well. They're going to be checking people's temperatures with a thermometer that they basically just pointed at our heads and it checks the temperature. If anyone has a fever, they will not be allowed to come in and join the congregation. Everyone needs to have their prayer match with them. Everyone needs to be wearing one of these as well. So since people showed up, I should probably have put mine on.

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I was here all alone. So didn't really put it on before.

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This is the new the new look. Right. The new look I was saying earlier. So Pamela is very hard to keep this mask on because my beard keeps pushing it up into my eyes. And so if anyone has any solutions or some way should I braid, maybe I should braid my beard or put in a ponytail but no one dare suggest cutting it off. I've never shaved and I don't plan on

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Ever shaving in my life? So I'll come very loud. But yeah, this is the new look. And the brothers will be coming in soon. I really want to take you over there but I think there's too many devices for me to carry in my hand. So I'm going to leave the live streaming on. I don't see any questions coming through. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to write them in there. I see. Hannah Chaudhary and Aretha Silvana and looking at a shallows like all the sisters on Facebook, and then we have handmade by Julia on Instagram on the mustard accounts. profit but I see Hudson's and I'm ready Come to all of you money. I'm Hussein cenomar it from what's up data Shazia or que Shazia.

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Okay, so someone here says,

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send them where should I register to attend motive prayers? Well, the moment of prayer is already full. But the place to register his online and you'll see right after that comment of yours Khalid that someone typed in the the link that you can go to you just need to go to the masjid f dotnet. Right the mustard app dotnet to register for the attendance of prayers here at the Asana community center and open

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a lot better for us is opening up the garage door already.

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And I'm assuming that people will start to flow through so I'll just let this roll for a little bit Charla and then I'll be right back. And if anyone comes over to steal my phone, there'll be recorded, I seem says How does it feel to be in the mustard with more people after a long time, it actually feels very strange. It was very strange and very weird. Kind of get used to the quietness of the masjid and the loneliness of being in the masjid and the ability to actually be here all by myself. But you know what, when you think of how beautiful Ramadan is with all the people in the masjid, you just wish for that to come back and inshallah everyone will be able to come back very

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Handmade majority it says we're on our way to the mustard handler so excited to be there soon after a long time kids are super happy. I hope you did register

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to attend and if you registered Hello, you'll be allowed in you have to register to come to the masjid for any of the prayers so please don't you know just leave home and come over thinking you're gonna bribe your way through the door ask and I'm not saying you just saying generally to anyone, please do register before coming out because we don't want people to come and show up at the door and then return back. And it's a lot of work a lot of work and a lot of preparation a lot of time went into making the mustard ready for tonight. So please do

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make throughout for for all the volunteers who have put in a lot of time and a lot of a lot of their energy and a lot of their own finances to to make this happen for today. I know some sometimes we need certain things like some disinfectants and stuff like that. And

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you know some of some of the volunteers they just pay for it themselves because they want the agenda. They want the reward so Alhamdulillah you know that's a blessing from Allah. I'll leave this rolling I'll be back in a few minutes. You can continue to watch and stay on we're going to be calling you then shortly I think in about 10 minutes 12 minutes and then

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people should probably be coming in any minute Charla

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this will be your spot. So you're standing there you put your mat here. You can just keep your shoes right next

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to people second foot.

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Okay, so I mean if two people are interested

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I can put the shoes on the side, right? Yeah, just keep them right behind you.

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Yeah, so even just this is the first

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to talk to you about

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All right, check it out all of you. These people don't know that they're being live streaming so it is what it is. I'm actually going to turn this a little bit so you can see the

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Should we just keep it

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for having it the waitlist

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We're just going to wait a couple more minutes.

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Remember reasons first of all a little bit slower the entries coming in

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the registration process. Also because a lot of people and I used to be early for this setup notify people that come early to get a discount. But use this time wisely. This is a time you know after the

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goes away. We go back to

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a lot.

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aloha law

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sit down

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first of all

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nice to see sort of

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a blessing from a muscle

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congregation what we're going to do after every single slot just allow you to

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whatever for a few minutes as

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requested Dawn's days to prepare some prayers here so finish up the

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rows that are on the side in front rows can be first

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person beside you is done

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Santa Monica Allahu Akbar cattle so that was that

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Alhamdulillah we look forward to seeing all of you back at the masjid soon in sha Allah does that from a lot of faith and for logging in and we'll see you soon, but a lot of people must send mid Kumara to Lahore Gotta catch