Fatima Barkatulla – Tammy Peterson & Where Do Women Get Their Status From

Fatima Barkatulla
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the idea that women are in a supportive role in society, as they support their husbands and children. They believe that women are being pitted against each other and that a woman is a part of her success and status. They also touch on the idea that women are valued and that success is something that is all about oneself.
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From my point of view, I see her as,

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like you said that she was a champion of his

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ideas. And in her place as his wife, she supported him, she supported him,

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she made sure that he had what he needed to go further go further in his work. And, you know, this is this is,

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this is the same sort of

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this is actually the same sort of thing that is cherished in tradition in our traditional society is that the mother, the mother and wife is in a supportive role. And, you know, he's not going to your husband isn't going to

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be as successful if you're not in support of his effort to go in a direction that is inspired, hopefully, by, by the Good bye, God. And so, you know, the, and as you know, women have been in this role since the beginning of time, to support our children and to support our husbands. And it's not as if she didn't go along with him. You know, she was she was a part of what he was doing while she was alive.

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Yeah, absolutely. I think we've forgotten in our society, largely, we've forgotten that that is a good place to be or that place to be.

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I think, sadly, in our society now, women and men are pitted against each other. Yeah, so we're in competition. It's like we're competing with each other rather than being on the same team. And rather than see it seeing ourselves as being complementary to one another, right? Because that that idea that a woman support her husband, and vice versa, that idea doesn't diminish her status. Do you know what I mean? No, in fact, doesn't tend to tell what what improves her status. Other than that, really? Oh, you know, because men, men, their status, they find their status among other men. So there, there will be a man who's who's put to the shop, by the other men, but women? How do we find

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our status? Or how have we found our status? And that's what that's a curious question. Of, of

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something that we need to meditate on? is definitely where does Where does our status come from? And historically, we've been wives and mothers. And our status comes from our place in our families and in our societies, in our communities. Yeah, you know, and absolutely, and it's, it's an honored position. You know, that's a that's a place of honor. That's a place where we were always valued. And unfortunately, I think we've lost that now, you know, like, the idea that your success has to be something that is all about yourself, you know,

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right, you know, and we're always in that supportive role. We knew how to support so we definitely know how to support ourselves. But if we're supporting ourselves and we're not supporting our husband and what happens to our husbands, if they're not having that support anymore, you because it's not easy to go out in into the world, and to make a difference all on your own

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