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Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The "one who" in English is used to describe actions and events, and the "has been" or "has been" in Latin is used to describe emotions and thoughts. The "one who" in English is used to describe actions and events, and the "has been" or "has been" in Latin is used to describe emotions and thoughts. The "one who" in English is used to describe actions and events, and the "has been" or "has been" in Latin is used to describe emotions and thoughts. The importance of avoiding sharing all forms of worship and adding a sweetener to thicker worship is emphasized, and the need for everyone to share their experiences to make others feel better. The vicar of Islam will bring together all leaders to discuss the best way to achieve their goals.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi nine are all human a shape on your body is Mina your man Bismillahirrahmanirrahim? Yeah. Hello Manos guru Maha

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Casimiro was a bureau who will call out them I'll see you all to Allah. Further koroni ethical commercial only Well, ad tech for sort of Hola. Hola Lin, by the respective brothers and sisters. Firstly Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. We're here to discuss about dhikr and how in particular they could can bring us closer to Allah azza wa jal. Now what is the vicar they could literally means remembrance. That's what it all means just remembrance. They can is whenever my mind your mind connects with anyone or anything where we are in that vicar, we are in the liquor. So, if you you know if at any moment everyone's got some form of decadence going on in their mind. So some

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people they wake up in the morning and then they could for the day is gonna be University, University, University University. Some people they're thinking for the day is college, college, some people it's exams, exams at times, some people is money, money, money, money, money, and some other people wake up in the morning and they're like, Honey, honey, honey, honey, in everyone's got something that's on their mind that's keeping them occupied. And that's your decal, you're connecting up with that thing or that person, and that is us. Zika that's keeping you occupied. Now, they could have Allah is very different. Liquid Allah when we're in the Dhikr of Allah is very

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different. Because what we're doing is, we are now connecting our minds with Allah Now, don't forget, vicar of Allah is basically when the mind the mind connects up with Allah, that has to be, you know, there's a massive process that takes us takes place inside us, it changes us as human beings, when that when that actually comes about, it changes us, it transforms our insides, it changes our spiritual heart whenever we get into the Dhikr of Allah. And now I'm gonna give you different types of zikr that are there in this you know, that we can do. However, first, it's really important to note that some people think that they could is literally when somebody's got the Simha

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are the taxpayer and the rotating the beads, and the saying some words like Subhanallah, Alhambra and so on. Some people think that that is the the only time we do this. But that's only a portion of zikr in our religion, and I want everyone to understand this quite carefully. They could is in every form of worship we have in our religion. So let me give you an example. When we are in Salah, when I'm in Salah when you're in Salah, Salah entirely in its entirety is dhikr of Allah. So when I've said Allah Who at work, that is the Dhikr of Allah is the Greatest Subhanak Allahumma and from there when I start to praise Allah, and so the fact that I'm praising Allah, and then from the ruku, so

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100 Ghana Alvim, my Sustainer My Lord is so great, he's so wonderful, it's so great, what I'm saying that in ruku what I'm saying when I'm saying Subhana Allah, Allah is all the Dhikr of Allah, right down to the hair salon.

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Allah, we are mentioning the name of Allah, it is a total form of the wicked. So the wicked is in every single time we stand up for press, liquor also is in many other forms of worship. So just a note on that please, those of us who have been in a, in a way of just doing our salah, like you know, very, very fast without without, without remembering Allah, you know, we've got to really think about us, you know, sell what we're doing some some people like Allah when Allah when Allah when Allah says similar no longer loves just getting over and done with like, just just get to the end of it, that that deprivation of liquor doesn't make it the best of worship that we would have,

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we would have we would have made it and if you look in the if you look in the Quran, it says autonoma or here la Kameena Kitab your happiness Allah Allah has told us, Allah told to recite the book, recite the Quran and he said Akemi salah, establish prayers in a Salah Tana And fascia you will want to go salah is the thing that will prevent you from sinning from obscenity and something which Allah finds foul. Salah will prevent you from that but then Allah says one ethical Allahu Akbar, the vicar of Allah is greater. What does that mean? Why did Allah mentioned that? This is in surah Elanco surah 29 and number 45, Allah azza wa jal it says what are the Kulai Akbar? The vicar

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of Allah is greater meaning that in your Salah when you do the vicar of Allah when you connect your mind with Allah, that is the biggest thing that will stop you from sinning and stop you from going towards found things. There's a massive process that happens when we use the thinking in the right way. And Allah has said in the Holy Quran in surah Taha Allah said, Well, I think the salah deliberately, Allah said establish a prayer

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As for my remembrance to remember me, so the whole of Salah is supposed to be for the Dhikr of Allah. When we are for example reciting the Quran Do you realize that the Quran is entirely advocate of Allah? Because Allah azza wa jal has even named the Quran zikr in Surah number 15 Number nine, Allah azza wa jal, he says, he says in Zilla, Nicaragua in LA Hoolahan if you want in that verse, Allah never said I revealed the Quran though he's talking about the Quran. Allah said I revealed the vicar I revealed the reminder I've revealed the thing that will make you remember me. Allah has made the Quran An easy way of remembering Allah and an easy way of taking a reflection Allah says in

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Surah Surah number 54 is 17 Allah says wala cada yes sir Mel Kuro analytic diffie hellman mod decade. Allah says I have made the Quran easy as a vicar as a remembrance as a reminder as a way of taking lessons from the Quran. So each time when we read the Quran, you'll see every every other verse you'll see the name of Allah azza wa jal there you will see the name of ROB in there you will see, you will see that Allah ends the vessel. Allahu aligment Hakeem, Allah is the most you know, he knows everything he is most wise. Allahu Sunni, or Massoud Allah is the one who hears everything Allah is the One who sees everything. These are all forms of making, always making us remember Allah

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so the Quran is entirely addictive. So so far, Salah is entirely physical Quran is entirely liquid when we're making dua to Allah azza wa jal if you're making dua to Allah and if you're if you're saying, Oh Allah give me this, give me that he making that dog

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but the mind is absent. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, he says lie up but Allah Allah does not accept the Dora min Albena Rafeal from a person whose mind is absent. So a tip for you is whenever you make an dua, if you've got into a habit of making the same dua over and over again, it's become robotic for you, after Salah please try and change the order of dye that you make, you know, move the Rabbana attina First or something or another alumna next or something or move when you're saying oh Allah give me this, give me that try and change the order of the things that you ask because you want to force yourself to think I am asking Allah because if that part is missing, then the DUA

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won't be accepted so they could a dua actually is is a way of of remembering Allah azza wa jal was supposed to remember Allah to make a dua accepted another form of they can look every single day better has got Vicodin so let's say for example fasting we're fasting right now. So how is fasting easy could anyone tell me how do you do fast how do you do this while you're fasting? Anyone? Anyone

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so these are doors that before we before you start fasting before you know after you break the fast but No, I'm talking about something else.

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How we do zikr where we fasting is I'll give you an example. You walk in the kitchen, right? And the kitchen is a place of food, the place of drink, okay? You go and you look at your fridge mashallah you frigid actually looks pregnant, Pasha, Allah, Masha, Allah, you look around you look you open the door and things are falling out. I'm saying and you look inside of the solid food and someone's drinking every single thing is saying to you

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right but you can't you look at the table top you look at the dining table you see that there's a lot of food out there but you can't drink or eat in the month of Ramadan because Allah is watching me that's the thing but it's not about food and drink in Ramadan in Ramadan is supposed to be about my eyes, that I'm not going to see something haram because I'm fasting for the sake of Allah. I'm not going to hear anything haram and fasting for the sake of Allah. I'm not going to walk towards haram because I'm fasting for the sake of Allah. So Allah is watching me alive. Watch me, this is the vicar of Ramadan. I'm not going to backpack I'm not going to say anything wrong with my tongue.

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I'm going to be weary of what how we're using my tongue. This is the vicar of fasting. So when you do so much of that Allah says in the Holy Quran Surah Baqarah. So number two is number 183 When he told us Yeah, in your hand ladina Gutenberg equals what Allah said that oh, you believe I've made fasting further on you basically in the month of Ramadan. At the end of the verse, Allah said the purpose of fasting is Latin Latin debone, so that you can gain something which is called Taqwa what is taqwa Taqwa is when I've got so much dhikr of Allah going through my mind, Allah is watching me, Allah is watching me, Allah is watching me. Allah is listening to me. Allah sees me, Allah hears me.

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When I've got so much of that running through my mind. Then the opportunity of sin comes I find it difficult to sin. Because Allah is watching me that is taqwa. That is the whole reason why Allah told us to fast. So the vicar of Allah in fasting continues knowing that look, I can't do all these things because I'm fasting for the sake of Allah. And that's why

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Allah Allah Allah has been says if somebody just merely keeps to just staying away from just food and drink in the month of Ramadan, Allah's Messenger SallAllahu wasallam Says law Allah does not have any need of a person who doesn't stay away from false and idle talk and lying in the month of Ramadan. They don't

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Stay away from that but to stay away from food and drink Allah, Allah is message says Allah has no need of such a person staying away from food and drink. Meaning that you're the purpose of fasting is that we control we let we learn how to control ourselves and our desires, we control our anger, we control our emotions, through fasting because it is constantly telling us Allah is watching May Allah is watching me, I can't do this, I can't do that. Anyway, so far I've told you there is they could in Salah there is they could in Doha, there is they could in when when reciting the Quran there Ezekiel will be fasting and of course when we do the tsp of Allah so there are certain phrases

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we have been encouraged by those by Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam to say, as much as we can many phrases, I'll say some of these in this in this talk. But when we do that, we're also in the vicar of Allah. Now, in having said that, there are four different levels of liquor, and I'm going to go through the different four levels, each level is going to get higher than the last, okay? And each level, the new level I'm gonna mention is going to be better than the previous one. So, as I'm saying this, I want you just to say the phrases will be so you can remember what the levels of the Quran so the lowest level of record is, when the tongue is moving, but the mind is absent. What did

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I just say, when the tongue is moving, but the mind is absent. This means that a person is for example, they are you know, saying something in their Salah like Alhamdulillah Allah means that tongue is moving with the praise of Allah, but the mind is totally absent. The tongue is moving by saying Subhanallah Alhamdulillah but the mind is absent. For this you will get reward but you won't be drawn closer to Allah you won't grow closer to Allah you won't feel that closeness to Allah azza wa jal okay, but you will get the reward in I don't know if you've seen some people they they sit down with a with a pair of beads Randy and they start to rotate the pair of bees and as

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Emma's know do Isla, and they're still they're still rotating and talking to someone. At the same time. I'm kind of thinking that what in the world is going on? Right? What are you What are you doing, because the thing is, when we are in the Dhikr of Allah, we're supposed to have our minds connected. Now, don't get me wrong, you will get a reward for this type of thing. And so anytime you've done some dua, you've actually stood in Salah, you've done some tear out of the Quran, but your mind wasn't present with Allah, you will still get the reward. Don't get me wrong, you'll get the reward. But you won't get the process the main purpose of our vicar that we do in this religion,

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that main benefit you won't get. So now, that was the first level, which is the tongue is moving and the mind is absent. The next level above that is when the tongue is still so the tongue is not moving, but the mind is present. Okay, so the example of this is that I just merely think Allah is watching me. I'm not moving my tongue with anything, but I'm just thinking Allah is watching me. Or I'm thinking I'm just thinking of Allah's creation. Right? So for example, I'm thinking of the stars and I'm amazed that you know how Allah created all that all of that. I'm looking at the mound in the ocean, I'm looking at Allah's Earth, I'm looking at the clouds, how Allah has suspended them in

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midair. And I'm looking at how Allah azza wa jal has created so much of his creation, I could be sitting with a pomegranate in my hand, just opening up and look at it looking inside and saying how wonderfully Allah has designed that program inside. Under thinking of that I'm in the vicar of Allah. I'm now in the second level of zakat, I get reward for this. And I also come closer to Allah through this. And I also have a massive process happening inside, which I'm going to explain to you in a little while as a huge process that happens. So let's quickly go over the two different levels. What's the lowest level when the tongue is moving, but the mind is absent? What's the second level

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the higher one?

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The tongue is still, but the mind is present. So you know, you're just looking at it at something amazing Allah, it's crazy. How many of you have actually, you know, stood in front of a mountain of thought or thought just thought wow. Subhanallah how many? But yeah, hands up.

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The rest of you get a passport and get out of you know, get out of London and start traveling. The thing is, when you're in front of something like that is is amazing. And you look at something you think, wow, Allah is so magnificent, now you're in the vicar of Allah. Okay, now, we're gonna go a higher level, this one is even better. This one is the third level when the tongue is moving, and the mind is present. Okay, would I just say, when the tongue is moving, and the mind is present, so here is when I'm in Salah for example, I'm reading Surah Fatiha and I'm also just thinking Allah is watching me what I if you know the meanings of Fatiha, if you know the meaning of Subhanallah, Ling

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and salah, you're thinking of exactly what you're saying or by the lease. You just think I'm in front of Allah, I'm praying. So the tongue is moving to handle the loving and I'm thinking Allah is watching me or I'm thinking that you know, my lord, you know, he's so wonderful, the most great Subhanallah Belaz him

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Okay, or I'm reading my Quran and I'm doing it just for the sake of Allah, I'm thinking of Allah azza wa jal, or I'm doing something the sphere Subhan Allah, Allah hamdulillah and I'm thinking of Allah, Allah Subhan Allah means how wonderful, how amazing how glorified how perfect Allah is Alhamdulillah Allah I'm actually thanking Allah but I'm also thinking of Allah at the same time my mind is not absent, or I could be making dua my tongue is moving and I'm thinking I'm saying this to Allah directly, my tongue is moving my mind is present. With this you get reward and you have a massive process happening you certainly start growing closer to Allah. And this is you know, this is

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really good zikr Okay, any form of worship, tongue is moving man is present, you've now got you know, you've got a lot of reward and you also you're also drawing closer to Allah, the highest level is the fourth level, okay is when the tongue is moving. And the mind is present. And also I'm saying it from my heart, and I'm doing it with a class I'm doing with sincerity. I'm doing it just for the sake of Allah. This is the highest level of the cup, okay? So we can sometimes do, they can in a gathering with others, that's fine. But when you do vicar alone, when you are remembering Allah alone, and when you're doing it just for Allah sake, and nobody knows and you don't want anyone to

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know about it, this is the highest form of liquor and in fact, Rasul allah sallallahu Sallam has told us at that moment, if you were to shed tears, then you're guaranteed to have your place under Allah's throne on the Day of Judgment. So he had little Muslim, okay, record Allah Hollein for five of Aina a person, male or female, they remember ALLAH in secrecy, and then they shed tears out of you know, love of Allah or the fear of Allah, they got emotional, alright, and they start to shed the tears, they have got a place under the Throne of Allah on the Day of Judgment, okay, it's a very, very close position you have trying just just remember Allah and become emotional. But this

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happens when a person is no secret and person that person doesn't want anyone to know about it. Now, today's world is a very, very terrifying world because a lot of our iba ends up on social media, which which shouldn't, we shouldn't. So for example, you know, people who are doing tawaf by taking selfies selfie camera behind me, Yo, bro, look where I am, you know, my bro, you're in your entire life. You're in a room rock. You know, why are you why are you advertising your bathroom to others? There's people who start their salad tell someone else take a picture of me while I'm in Salah Imams and look so coolmath want everyone to see how I look. Allah looks at our hearts and you spoil your

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worship when you start to spread. You know, when you start to share it with others. It's not right. There are people even if that time, you know all phenomics eating poor people across the world giving you a lot of Aina giving a lot of evil. I haven't I'm telling you, right. I don't know why you want to do that to share all of that. There are people who don't have those kinds of foods. It's not nice always to share all of that across the world. But you do if that is bad, right? You don't need to share every form of worship out there that you've got. So you spoil it when you start sharing with others, but nonetheless what it is is we're not supposed to tell others we're

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advertising just for the sake of Allah. I remember when I was in Imam many years back in a masjid and this uncle used to come sometimes the masjid early in the morning comes and he's got it. He's lightnings he's holding his back. And he's got bit of you know, back pain or something. So somebody says Uncle was am i Are you okay? Fajita? Are you okay? Yeah, I just did too many records of the 100 last night and my my my back that what in the world? Boy? Why you advertising your tahajjud in the masjid? And is a serious thing. I was like, I'm sure why you're advertising your tahajjud early in the morning to all the other Muslims and I did too many rockets like two minutes. Okay, Uncle Take

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it easy. Next time minute. Where are you? Like, where are you adding the rackets in the coming in advertising in the masjid. But then you end up in Ria, which is showing off and you spoil your older brother anyway. So now I've given you four different levels of decay. Let's quickly go over them. So you remember them? What's the lowest level?

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When the tongue is moving? Mind is absent. Okay? What's level number two Haiwan.

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The tongue is still the mind is present, aka was a high one. The tongue is moving and the mind is present. And what's the highest one? The tongue is moving mind is present. And we sing it with sincerity is lost from the heart. Okay, that's the highest level now you've got one more thing to add to this for your own goodness, which is you can add a sweetener to thicker, thicker or any form of worship. You can make it a little bit dry or you can make it enjoyable. Like when we recite the Quran for example Rasulullah sallallahu never told us to recite it just just as we recite you read the book now. He said put a tune to it right so you don't say then the conductor will rip you don't

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you say the nickel kita moolah.

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He Who then is not 30 So you put your own tune to it. Now any form of worship that you want to put a tune to it, the welcome put it put it especially when you do the vicar of Allah azza wa jal when you in Salah when you say like when engage yourself just think I'm even if you're even if you're reciting just on your own, just in your mind, just think of a beautiful tomb reciting to Allah, it electrifies you're a badass. So in your in your sujood in substance one of Allah, Allah, Allah just say just think of this Subhana Allah BL ALLAH SubhanA rom BL Allah Subhana Allah, it electrifies the Habad just by thinking of it, think of your favorite party when you're standing in Salah and as if

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you're reciting like your favorite Akari it will really Electrify Your Ibadah Okay, the same way when we sit with the spear in substance Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Subhan Allah Al Hamdulillah whatever you can say Subhana Allah you want to have known in Subhan Allah

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Subhan Allah He wants to hamdulillah Allah Subhana Allah He want to handle in Are you adding a true it's a sweet now of vicar. All the four levels you've got and plus you could just sweeten up okay, it's like you know, you made it you made a whole cup of tea for the water, you put they in a tea bag and they put the milk and all that and then in the end you put the sugar there that's what gives you the taste. Okay, so you want the taste of liquor I'm sorry, some of you think a cup of tea cup of tea in Nanda Ramadan.

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So what you want to do is you want to put the sweetener of your liquid which is your personal juice. Now some of you are going to be like well, I don't have a good job.

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I'm like, you know, Mr. Broken voice. Good should look Allah's name. You're gonna judge you on your tune, though you got a broken tune, though. You've got a broken voice, though. You're not so melodious. Don't you're not so great in saying it like that, like somebody else. Allah will not judge you on that just like right now you're fasting. If some of you were to talk to the guy next to you, they probably dropped dead because of your bad breath.

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But Allah does not judge you on your bad breath. It's not like you know you fast the whole whole day man seven faster but because of the bad breath you get one out of 10 You know, like, it's not like that. Okay, you're not gonna get justice on your bad breath. Why am I saying this? Because the Hadith Buhari says well, the hadith of bajada says, law Hulu femicide, the bad breath of a fasting person in the month of Ramadan, their bad breath. Allah detects it, just to make us feel good. Allah detects it, like the sweet fragrance of musk hadith of Sahih Bukhari not that Allah doesn't know we have bad breath. Of course he knows it, but just to make us feel good, can make us feel good.

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Rasulullah sallallahu says, in that authentic hadith, Allah will treat your bad breath as fragrant of mask. Why? Because he sees the sacrifice behind it. He sees what we tried to do for him. We ended up with bad breath by the way, anyone who has any bad breath, I'm going to give you a quick way of getting rid of your bad breath. You ready for this? Nobody said yes. Because y'all got bad breath. This is though in fact, in fact speak right now everyone's going to be dead in this whole quick thing is miswak swag from the Bronx Allah salaam, we pick it up okay, the miswak that you've got brushed your teeth and then brush your gums which is the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

00:23:19 --> 00:23:22

and then stick your tongue out is the Sunnah a lot of people don't know about this.

00:23:24 --> 00:24:02

And you brush the top part of your tongue, you drop brush your gums, okay? Why because there's a lot of thick saliva on your tongue on your gums. And when I say gum, you can brush everywhere in your mouth with the soft miswak a stick and what it will do it will take all of the this sticky saliva from within your mouth. That's your bad breath. And you try and do that you say you will have no bad breath. Okay, this quick tip for you to get along with Shala let's get back to the the topic which is four levels of liquor and then you put your sweetener which is you are now putting your voice to it. So you can say whichever one you want. You can say

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Subhan Allah you will Hamdulillah you will.

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In Allahu Allah

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Subhana Allah you wouldn't have known in us.

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In Allahu Allahu Akbar, guys, if you join me that you wouldn't go to hellfire. You know, I'm saying, like, Come on, guys, just chill out. And so you're like a bitter with? Look, I'm not here to start a cult. All right. I'm not here to say I'm guru Hasson when I waved my hands to the right, you will wait to the right when I wait to the left your right to the left. I'm gonna match you whichever direction I want to take you in. There's no there's no you know, movement. Starting here. It's me teaching you about what the can is in our religion. You will find your own tune in your own time when you sit down. All I'm doing is giving you one method. This is one method. This is one way of

00:24:52 --> 00:25:00

doing it and this battalion This is a reason of trying to educate you and that's it. That's the reason why so please join me it's not it's a one off so it's not going to

00:25:00 --> 00:25:04

become a Buddha. Okay? So behind Allah you want to Hamdulillah you are

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in love.

00:25:09 --> 00:25:45

I've just said that. Oh Allah you Subhanallah you are so perfect we'll handle it. Oh Allah I praise you and I thank you for everything. La ilaha illa Allah Allah there is no other God besides I'm just telling you the one and only, Allahu Akbar, Allah, Allah, You are the greatest. I put that all together. And I said that to Allah and Allah other than another phrase well I hope Allah Allah I have no way of staying away from sin. Wala Quwata there's no way of me doing any good deed illa biLlah except through you Oh Allah Allah Allah the Most High allows him the most great so, so Mahanama you want to handloading you wanna

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model economic

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boom what?

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Ali Ali Subhan Allah you will have known in

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Ma, ma

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Walla Walla Walla, abou mother.

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In law, Honey, how are we now what do you get in return of this day? You said this phrase Okay. Allah's Messenger SallAllahu Sallam has told us that if you say the phrase Subhan Allah he will hamdulillah who Allah Allah Allah Allahu Allahu Akbar, once sahih hadith of Muslim, if you say once, in return of that, it basically these words are more beloved to Allah than whatever the sun rises above. Which means you get more than whatever the sun has seen. Alright, wherever the sun touches, whether the sun rises above you get more than that. So my sisters, you just got from that one phrase, not only your own goal and the goal of these systems you got the goal of all these sisters

00:26:50 --> 00:27:20

right? In fact all the goal shops out there they're all yours just for saying that one phrase in fact, I mean, they just throw inside the whole gold suit because when the supermarket inside there as well right, throw that in there gold bullion as well. My brothers you've been after your fast cars right? All the Bugatti is in the world. The Ferraris Porsches in the world, all the best cards that you've ever wanted in the world throw them all in a baggie all in fact throw the whole of Dubai inside as well. Right so the whole of California inside there as well. All the markets that are out there, the stock markets whatever they were throwing all inside, you've got more than that throw all

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the holiday destinations in there the holiday homes that you love, or the places that you would love to have gotten you love to go to all those in the dimensions the beautiful places the islands wherever you want to go. Allah has given you more than that just by saying once Subhan Allah you will Hamdulillah he was

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in number one love. Now the next phase what are our core dilemna What do you get for that? Rasulullah sallallahu has been has told us and Hadith of Buhari la how La Quwata illa biLlah is a treasure box from the treasure boxes of Jana. For that we just received an entire treasure box that is full full treasure box with all the all the you know precious stones in there. Allah will give you that just saying it once just for saying Subhanallah once you get a tree in Ghana,

00:28:12 --> 00:28:19

I just heard nobody Say Subhan Allah for that you're thinking Sheikh What am I going to do with the tree? Oh, I'm going to do with the tree

00:28:21 --> 00:28:28

a tree which you don't know what that tree is and that's why you start the Subhanallah Gabon tree is

00:28:30 --> 00:29:12

a tree Russell was ALLAH has been described in a hadith he says that the roots of all these trees in Ghana that made of gold. And you can see that the fruits are hanging exactly where you want them. Y'all reclining you just just do that the fruit is just when you want it. The server gives you the second fruit from the same tree and you say this is in Hadees you say to the to seven Hey, why are you giving me the same from the same tree? You're giving me another fruit? Man's getting spoiled in the nine I'm saying like Yeah, so the seven cells can taste it and the person taste the fruit it's more delicious than the first fruit. Imagine when we've gone through this whole of this world. We've

00:29:12 --> 00:29:53

gone through hundreds of years of the grave will come up on the day of judgment and we go through 1000s of years and then we come to the bridge of hellfire we'll cross all of that we're now at the doors of Jana is so big the doors and Allah said our Baja car is summer you will have the width of that of that door Allah Oh the width of that Jana is gonna be like like the like like the the width of the heavens and the earth and the door itself has been explained in the hadith is from this earth to the sky that we see that's how big it is in a separate Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu it says that the fragrance of Jannah can be detected from a 500 miles away we smelling the fragrance mean you all

00:29:53 --> 00:29:59

of us inshallah Bina will be there will be there inshallah inshallah. But the big regrets that every single one will have

00:30:00 --> 00:30:24

And perhaps the last one said every person will have this regret is as we approach in Jannah and we see what people got in Jannah we haven't entered denial. We see it from a distance wow that guy got this for that. I got this firsthand that guy got this for light I love that guy got that for Subhan Allah will be handy. That guy got that for is still far this guy got this for Salawat numbers when they see the amount what people have got from the Vikram Allah azza wa jal.

00:30:25 --> 00:31:00

We all come to regret. Why didn't I spend more time in the dunya more time in the world during the vicar of Allah, my friends in the grave doing all these decrees not going to help us on the Day of Judgment, it's not going to help us only on this dunya in this world, it will help us now once we enter janma that feeling inside us of missing out on someone Allah will take it away, Allah will take us take away something called again, which is the competition we have between ourselves, which is the thing that gives us our jealousy, Allah will take that away. So don't worry, my friend if you entry in Jana, and you got more than the next man you're in fifth dose, you can rest assured that

00:31:00 --> 00:31:37

that guy from downstairs from Jenna tomorrow is not going to come tonight and rob you. Like you know I'm saying you're not giving like oh my god man who is missing? Oh my god who took it and you're not gonna you're gonna be all right. Okay, Allah will take that competition that jealousy out will be fine in Jannah Bismillah but we will regret why didn't we do more dhikr of Allah and connect our minds more with Allah in this dunya now there is a map of Allah azza wa jal anytime we call him anytime we call him Allah is always responding back. Now look, Allah knows us anyway. But he says this in the Holy Quran that go Rooney at Gurukul mush, Guru li while at four O Allah says you come

00:31:37 --> 00:31:43

into my remembrance, you do my vicar. I will do your remembrance I will come to you.

00:31:44 --> 00:32:21

Imagine you do Salah la vida Salah you do you fast Allah, Allah never fast you give sadaqa Allah Allah. Allah never does any of that. He doesn't do any of that. But you do the vicar of Allah, Allah will make special mention of you what does it mean that Allah will do you vicar, Allah will be in your in your remembrance, it means Allah will give you special attention. Allah will give you guidance Allah will give you mercy Allah will give you specific you know something very special special way of remembering us with kindness with mercy and so on. This is what Allah does. And Hadith Buhari explains it further. Allah says in a hadith of Guzzi in Buhari Allah says and are in

00:32:21 --> 00:33:08

one near buddy be I am as my seven things need to be my slave the way my slave thinks me to be. I am I will be according to that. Well, and Mr. Howe, who either Karani and when my seven my my seven remembers me when they are connecting their minds with me when they're remembering me do my vicar. I am with them. When they remember me, I'm going to ask you right now to say this just to call Allah azza wa jal and say, Yeah, Allah will ya Allah Ya Allah Who yeah, like I won't be calling Allah. Ya Allah. Allah. Allahu Allah. Ya Allah. Allah. Allah. Allah. Yeah, La Jolla, Allah. Allahu Allah Allah. You just said that right now my brother mask What's your name?

00:33:09 --> 00:33:52

Yeah, say Allah said yes side. You said Yeah, Allah Allah said your side. What's your name? Oh, they're just in Allah said he is seen. Allah said Yeah, Fatima. Allah says Allah said yeah Mustafa. Allah said yes on so so and so whatever your name is Allah to que name the hadith of Buhari explains in the Quran even FC he the Karatu who feed FC when my servant but my slave remembers me in their mind, I will remember them in my exalted being, I will remember them well in the Quran. aefi Mala if my seven remembers me in a gathering that come to houfy Mela in highly min, I will remember my seven in a gathering better than that, which is the gathering of the angels. Were in the Hadees continues.

00:33:52 --> 00:34:35

We're in Las shipborne. If you move fine move towards Allah one spans when Allah says to cut them to La Hera. Allah says I will move one accident towards my seven we're in Dhaka Danna la mera if by seven moves towards me one arm then to cut them to La Kibera I will move to arms full towards my seven by an attorney Mattia, if my seven walks towards me, I tell you to who have Voila, I will run towards my seven. What's happening in the process of the of this ticket. When my mind connects with Allah, my, my tongue is moving with Allah's remembrance is Allah is drawing closer to me. Not that Allah is not closest, Allah is already close to me. Allah is already close to you and I'm gonna

00:34:35 --> 00:34:51

explain that to you in a little while how Allah is close to me. Okay, but I'm gonna say to you right now is we don't feel the closeness of Allah though Allah is close to us because of one major thing that we do one thing that we did, Allah says the Holy Quran, we're not

00:34:53 --> 00:34:59

worried. I am closer to the human being than his than his or her own jugular vein. Allah is already close to us.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

But why is it that I don't feel the closest of Allah? Why don't you feel the closest of Allah is because of the sins that we have committed, minor sins create mindmap minor barriers between us and Allah, major sins create major barriers between me and Allah. And the only way of getting rid of those, those things. Those barriers that we have is through the vicar of Allah, Allah Buddha, the companion of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, he says that every stain has gotten remover and the removal of the stain of bad deeds and stain of sins is the Dhikr of Allah to actually connect our minds with Allah azza wa jal so no matter how sinful you're feeling, my brothers and sisters, be in

00:35:37 --> 00:36:11

the Dhikr of Allah standard, Salah connect your minds with Allah do do I connect your mind with Allah and your move your tongues and saved from the heart? Do you trust me say the phrases to try and connect with Allah read the Quran I'm trying to keep the mind thinking that Allah is watching me all the time. And then the more we do this, the more it removes the sins remove the barriers, we start to feel the closeness of Allah that is the big process that we have. That is now now in place whenever we do in the vicar of Allah correctly. I've got a lot more to share with you. But I'm going to ask my brother son to come to the front right now. He's gonna talk to you for a few minutes. I'm

00:36:11 --> 00:36:22

going to share with you quite a different few other Africa that you can do and something personal you can take with yourself as well and do on a regular basis and earn much reward for the Accra, Zack machaelle see in a few minutes

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